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  1. Thanks! Was looking for a forum section to advertise to play with others but couldn't find it, probably just blind :P!
  2. Returned after too long of a break, found out 0.62 got released and I want to head back into the game and RP my guts out. 300+ hours on Dayz, 100+ on this server. Looking for someone with equal experience, thank you!
  3. I just checked and the file got corrupt, so I don't have it. Sorry.
  4. Blizskowic Rund POV: I was running from Lopatino to meet up with Louie and try to get a car to work, all of a sudden he tells me there is a guy out of nowhere. I try to get there as fast as possible as I know meeting strangers is never a good thing. Half way there he tells me there is even more guys and he might get robbed as he is feeling intimidated. I finally reach Sinistok and try to find them, I keep my distance while observing the town and finally spot them. They didn't do anything too suspicious or threatening so I take my chance and relocate to a better position. While relocating my friend says they are robbing him so I decide to stop and asked him if he wants me to open fire. He replies with No, I wasn't far from the desired location so i decide to run it, just before I had the chance to get ready I hear him get shot. I have a recording of the whole thing but the only thing that it could help in would be the fact I see them. Everything else was the talking we included in our POV. If it is that necessary to upload I'll do it but if it isn't I wont because I don't want to deal with the whole process. Thank you for understanding.
  5. Whoever was the hostage that died meta gamed and that's what we're talking about now. You didn't mention your friend talking after he died and why is that? Also no i don't have "some kind of memory loss" but I NEVER SAW ANYONE of you guys so i didn't aim "straight" at you. Like i said i was scanning around and maybe you thought i aimed at you but I never saw anyone. This is the last time I'm saying anything, my guys proved they didn't commit any rule breaks and your proof shows your friend meta gaming so I'll let the admin submit the verdicts. I don't know why you're so obsessed about changing the topic of this post. The post is for the guy that shot OP and then the second guy that killed him. If you want to report someone make a post. Not here.
  6. The video u have provided shows little evidence of that, however it does so metagaming on OP's part talking while knocked out as he himself said Stop changing the subject. If you would like to report the OP then make a thread, otherwise stick to the report that is made on you.
  7. Firstly, we were trying to identify you. It seemed your melee weapon was a sword but obviously you didn't and I figured it out once I had more time to identify it. But I don't know if you have some kind of memory loss because I clearly said that I killed you because I saw you aiming straight at me, not that you looked like some guy. I would have started to shoot the moment I saw you otherwise.
  8. I recommend increasing the gamma of your monitor to see anything. No it's not even slightly close. He looked like he was searching for someone, then it seemed like he spotted us and I was certain when he was looking directly at me with his rifle looking like he is about to take a shot. Nothing close to you walking up to Tim and checking his pulse to which you replied with killing him. Also keep in mind that I did that while the entire thing was going and we were looking around to make sure that we don't get ambushed, you killed Tim 15 minutes after the whole situation. Alright first of all no I was not the one who killed tim can you please make sure ur facts are correct before u accuse of something. By me saying "You" I mean your party. Also it's hard to remember who's who in a post when there is 6 different guys with different names.
  9. Are you able to provide video evidence ? If any other parties involved have video evidence please be sure to upload and post as soon as you can. It's incredibly dark and you can't tell anything. Got any known way to increase the gamma of the video?
  10. No it's not even slightly close. He looked like he was searching for someone, then it seemed like he spotted us and I was certain when he was looking directly at me with his rifle looking like he is about to take a shot. Nothing close to you walking up to Tim and checking his pulse to which you replied with killing him. Also keep in mind that I did that while the entire thing was going and we were looking around to make sure that we don't get ambushed, you killed Tim 15 minutes after the whole situation.
  11. You were wearing very familiar clothing in comparison to the group that engaged on OP and also we couldn't see all of the members of the party so we were looking around, me and Joel had our sights on you for a long time until you started to look in our direction with your rifle. We didn't want to wait if you were going to shoot or no. The moment you looked straight at me with your rifle risen I opened fire. Ill be able to upload evidence in a couple of hours but I don't think you'll be able to see much since it was pretty dark. Ill try to lighten it up post-process.
  12. Thank you for the logs, but we took down 2 more people before the server restarted, which were part of the group. And the hit log that put Tim unconscious for the first time before the server restart.
  13. Bliszkowic Rund's POV: We see a large group in Stary so we decide to check them out as we wanted to trade for some supplies. Before we all went in we sent our friend Tim Green, disguised as my brother. We are sitting on the North end of Stary Sobor in a large green house. I lock both doors to make sure no one charges in. We listen over the radio while Tim goes out and speaks with them. Couple minutes pass, we thought they were a civil group but they revealed their true faces when we see that they rose their guns and my friend is telling us over the radio that they are robbing him, I order him to not enter the Church at any cost. We identify who's who with Joel and start to take shots. We tried to communicate through the radio but there was no reply so we guessed that he got stripped. My friend is lying on the floor before the church but we don't see any blood so we guess he's alive and probably making something up as an excuse of entering the Church. Couple minutes later I see a man, that had is hands up while my friend was getting robbed to what I figured was a second hostage, walk up to him with a bandage. We see that he is trying to bandage Tim but the moment he finishes he closes the door and runs for it. My friend stood up but didn't move, we see the door open very fast after it being shut and my friend instantly shot. We can see that he was hit unconscious and not killed. Then the server restart came, we still saw our friend bleeding on the ground but no sign of life from the enemy party. All of a sudden he gets up, and bandages himself and moves away from the sight. Me and Joel relocate North-West of the town to some hill with trees, we see Tim walking towards us. All of a sudden a man familiarly dressed as one of the enemy party members walks up to Tim, without a word. We see him get really close (Checking Pulse range) and then kill him after my friend asked if he was involved with the people near the church. We instantly open fire, he gets hit but runs. We hunt him down and kill him.
  14. I am willing to talk this out as it seems like a honest mistake. I will be on the DayZRP TS after work in a few hours and will be willing to talk my dude. If you need the room where I'll be I will give it to you. I really appreciate it, Ill be sitting in Room 3 waiting for you.
  15. My POV: Me and my two friends were just running around Stary until we hear a lot of shots, so we decide to investigate. We see a large group of players some surrendering and some with their guns raised. We were outnumbered so we decided to leave the place. I see that it's getting really late and I have been receiving desync waves all night so I decide to get in some cover, hide and disconnect. All of a sudden my friend shouts that 2 members of the party we just saw are heading towards us and my friend said to run, I didn't see how far they were so I decided just to run until I hit another treeline and log there. I start desyncing incredibly hard the moment we enter this huge empty field. My friends are saying that they are shooting at us when I'm just running. I couldn't see my friends which was probably due to the desync. I thought I was far from the situation as I didn't hear the shots either, I went into some bushes and logged out as my game was in no state to RP and I was incredibly tired. I'm incredibly sorry if this was an actual act of combat logging. I didn't know anyone engaged on me and I didn't engage with anyone.
  16. Firstly, holy crap I thought I was perma banned and that scared the living crap out of me. Secondly, sorry for the delayed respond. Lastly, I would like the case to be closed
  17. We had a verbal discussion with Boston, he gave us an apology and we appreciate it. We decided that both parties did a mistake yet we still were the victims, therefore we want a punishment to still be implemented but not actually receive a ban. Therefore, if it is possible the members of the listen Suspects that get the verdict and are gulity to recieve a rise in their warning levels but not an actual ban. If this is impossible then just please close the thread. But before you do wait a couple hours for Brad to enter his POV. He wasn't part of our group and he never did anything to get involved. He was just a bystander that got killed and he might write a report on this forum on that.
  18. As far as we knew you weren't Larry's friend, you said that you didn't know any of us and wanted to establish the situation as you were "being shot at". If you said that Larry was your friend the entire situation would have been different because then I would have thought he was simply running to you. From our point of view you were a complete bystander to the whole situation and all I did was solidify our safety by warning you not to follow us anymore, you complied and the deal was done. We thought Larry was spying on us and all we wanted was questions, it didn't even touch our minds to hurt him, on why he was following us and if he knew why Lyca was being chased by 2 men as we were worried about her as she said herself that she was low on ammo, you even increased my speculations that she was in danger as you said you were shot at. We didn't hear no gunfire and you came exactly from the way Lyca went to. Once we spotted Lyca on the road, I saw Tim and Brad run to her probably to ask if she was ok. I stayed with Larry to make sure this situation is solved and that he doesn't run. Also as you said that "your escort of Larry and obvious intention or plan to rob him". One question, tell me in what shape of form was it obvious that we have the intention to rob him? We didn't order him to do anything. I think an "obvious intention" would be us pointing our guns at him screaming to get on the ground and then proceed to cuff him and either rob him on the point or move him with force to another location, but it was the other way around. We came up, asked nicely and calmly why he was following us. No guns pointing. Then once you came saying you were getting shot at I felt uncomfortable standing in the middle of a road so I took us to a more secure location. The moment Larry would have said a single word about leaving we would have let him go. I even asked if you knew Larry and you didn't reply. Also since Cody said that you were all in the same teamspeak, did none of you see that none of us was hostile or aggressive, we were kind and helpful. When we met Lyca we asked if she was ok and if she needed anything and even offered to trade. We never threatened Larry, we told you there is no need to get hostile and we want to be friendly and I'm pretty sure that when Tim and Brad went up to Lyca, in their final moments, they were asking if everything is ok. I think there is something wrong here. I think that you just wanted an excuse to kill some people.
  19. Server and location: Server #2, East of Vybor Mil Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Mon Aug 08 22:40 (Didn't catch the server time, but I have a time stamp on my recording.) Your in game name: Sebastian Badz Names of allies involved: Tim Green Name of suspect/s: Larry Kirkman, Brad Mitchell, 2 more players that I didn't catch the name. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube] Detailed description of the events: My friend Tim was looting the mil base while I was on the hill just spectating the area. We saw a man enter, my friend confronted him and said hello. He was a doctor and a friendly man so he continued the conversation. My friend asked his name which to he replied "Brad", I knew a doctor called Brad so I decided to come down and say Hi. We talked for a bit until he spotted a female character approach us, we talked, she said her name was "Butterfly" but she was in a hurry to go somewhere and she left, but we realized she was running from someone to what shortly we saw her getting chased, the 3 of us decided to keep a distance but follow. 300m away from the mil base, Brad said he can see someone following us in the bushes on the road connected to the Mil base, we went forward until a little hill was covering us and then hid in bushes. To my expectations he came up and we confronted him. We asked why he was following us, to which he replied that he didn't. We asked for his name and said "Kirk" but the full character's name was Larry Kirkman, then Brad once again see's a player running to us from the direction the woman was running to. He was also spying on us as he laid in Bushes to take cover, we all went up to him and said what's wrong. He told us he was getting shot and was just searching from who it was, he sounded really fishy so I told him not to follow us or we will get hostile. He agreed and ran the other direction. We lead Kirk to some trees and cover and started to talk, but we saw the girl running down the street so Brad and Tim went up to her while I stay and talked with Kirk. All of a sudden I hear shoots from the direction my friend ran to, I asked if everything is ok but he didn't reply to what I guessed he was dead. I clearly see a man running from the area the shots came from and it wasn't either Tim or Brad so I opened fire. But I see Kirk pull out an AK from his backpack and spray me with bullets, I get a shot into him but it doesn't take him down and I die.
  20. IGN: Sebastian Badz We met him in Novy and took him to the woods between Stary and Novy. I can't remember the fourth name, he rolled with us for about an hour and set off. I agree with tuffronics that we failed to ask him if he allows us to scar him because we forgot, I shot him in the leg so that we can role-play that the "meat" got ruined. We did patch him up instantly. I logged out under 30 minutes of notice because I was forced to deal with a problem and had no other option, why the other two logged out I don't know. P.S, Louie won't be able to post his POV becuase he is changing his Internet today and he is very sorry. He rang me to tell you.
  21. We were scouting around Stary and Novy, and we saw Avery. We stopped her, asked her questions and gave hints that we were Psychos. We tied her up and took her to the woods.The part were we told you to perform different actions for example I was yelling to run whereas my friend was saying to stop, we were doing that to create immersion and add more to the role-play to show how twisted we are. I agree that we forgot to ask if you agree with adding perma scars to your character but once my friend said that he will remove your finger and you complied we thought you agreed, also my OOC was because we remembered that we forgot to ask so therefore I said what type of scars they were. Also wanted to point out that my friend saying he smacked you on the back of your head and you passed out and then I punched you was my fault, we got confused and it resulted in bad RP. Lastly, I wanted to say that you didn't respect the rule of waiting 30 minutes after hostile activity because it counts as Combat Logging. (23:40:58 | "Sebastian Badz HIT Avery Wilson by fist into head.") (23:47:17 | Player "Avery Wilson" has been disconnected)
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