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  1. gizmomec

    Possible KOS/Invalid Kill rights, possible false ID

    James king: So me and the other guys listed above ran into ratnoe and notice a man in the road. We spoke for about 3 minutes and I then saw another man edging from bush to bush as if he was going to try get a clear sight on us. I was worried the guys might initiate on us so ran up the hill with 3 people following me. I went up and questioned the man why he was doing it. He gave some stupid excuse that was something along the lines of gun shots were in the town which from what I was aware there was none. I therefore dropped an initiation to question the man further and search him for a radio to figure out who he was with or if his excuse was legitimate. All of a sudden the guys in the road started getting shot and I imidiatly got sprayed down by someone In a bush about 200-300 metres west. Which as far as Im aware (correct me if I'm wrong) you cannot hear in game talking from that distance so I believe some metagaming might have happened on their side. He never spoke in game as if on a radio either. Obviously as stated above the guy who shot us was in a bush. So the guys left alive were looking for someone in a bush. Which meant Pep is no means in the wrong In play3rFTW's POV he states he was in the same TS so would have known. Exactly what was happening and what he was logging into. So it's by no means peps fault for the misID. In my opinion play3rFTW should have either gone the other way and not walked into a known active firefight or Atleast walked in the street making it clear to my allies that he was not part of their group and not part of the fire fight. Instead he acted hostile and edgy as he was hiding in bushes. Another point I would like to add is we were 5-6 men strong and they had roughly 3 people. I believe in no possible outcome they would have left that fire fight with all of them alive due to our fire power. So maybe some sort of NVFL as well
  2. ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Background █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ As a child James King was very quiet kid. Growing up in Camden, London he was in a rough area and constantly pressured with Drugs, Alcohol and Gangs. Crime was rife and a year would not go by without his house being broken into. His dad was a gang leader and very aggressive towards him and his mother. He would constantly come home drunk, Or High on some sort of drug. His mother had a kind heart and worked every hour she could as a cleaner. His father would regularly lock him away in a cupboard inside their flat whilst he dealt with Gang related business. He witnessed his father stab a man to death once through small cracks in the cupboard door, He father regularly went out the country on drug runs and smuggling illegal weaponry into the country for money. Of which him and his mother saw non of because usually it would just go on his booze and drugs. He was completely broken by the age of 10. His school life was little to non. He left school at 14 with no achievements or grades of any sort and he had no hope. He was going nowhere and was a nobody. Slowly he started to integrate himself into a local gang called 'Grey Gang'. The gang was involved in multiple stabbings and shootings and by the age of 18 James had killed 2 men of an opposing gang and involved in multiple drug runs across the world and was pretty familiar how black market trades happened. James was not done. He was going crazy slowly. It was 1st March 2010. His gang had captured this woman from a gang named 'terrorzone' in a large debate over territory. She was young around the age of 16 but yet a big asset to the opposing gang and grey Gang knew they could get good money out of her. The Mafia contacted James and was interested in the women and gave a number in 6 figures for her. This was the start of a career for James King. He left the Grey Gang and started to heavily integrate himself into the black market. By the age of 25 he had sold and transferred over 30 people across the UK and a further 10 across the world and had been involved in multiple large 6 figure black market deals involving drugs and weaponry, Making Millions and Millions. Mostly were for 'Sexual Labour' They liked to call it. Some was for forced Labour alone. At the age of 26 James moved across to South Zagoria which was a law torn country and thus was very easy to get away with most things. And along with the fact he had developed quiet a reputation for himself across the UK. A lot of his trades globally were to South Zagoria and he heard the black market was a very large business and so moved out of the UK and flew over the South Zagoria. In the beginning things were easy. But things turned cold quickly. One situation. Two month before the out break he had captured 2 people and came back a week later and saw one dead and another covered in blood. The one alive was going mental. He was absolutely insane. The dead one was not 'All there', it seemed parts were missing and then he saw the human bones in the corner. This was the first time James was actually taken back by something, He was lost for words and completely a wreck. Yet some what he was comfortable, he felt a strange sense of happiness and almost as if it was the norm. The outbreak became public knowledge and he did not see it as a negative. He saw it as a positive. He had heard he was already being searched for by local police and saw it as an opportunity to lie low. CDF was completely gone. NATO was gone and even the UN had evac'ed. It was perfect. He stayed quiet for a month or so. Scavenging in the woods and avoiding people. Although he accidentally bumped into a guy by the name of James White. Ex NATO he described himself. Both were scavenging in the woods and stayed with each other for a few weeks. Both got to know each other well and James White explained what was happening within south Zagoria. He explained if there is one thing you need to know. Stay clear of any military organisation, NATO especially. James King saw this as an opportunity. He knew so much and no one knew him. It was perfect for him. He had had enough of the large scale Mafia black market deals and wanted to stay low. He went to a small fishing village by the name of Berezhki where he would lay low untill he deemed necessary.
  3. First of a series of short videos based on my character James White and the events and characters he comes across and is involved in. This is a short Pilot episode I made. I will be posting more
  4. I never said I ran it IC. Have you read the 'whose role play have you enjoyed'. I see about 5-6 comments on how good our RP was especially around our little mini event we did around a court trial scenario. We went from having no one like us. To having 30 people in our compound the other day. Thats half the server. If no one liked us we wouldnt have that sort of reception at our compound. Yuri and Castle run the group IC not me to clarify. I am just backing up everyone on here. Read our lore. We are not NATO but instead the former NATO soldiers forming together. It is not NATO and you have no say in what we do. If the LMs decide this is a re-brand they can say. Lets hear their opinions before you start trying to archive a group that is not your group
  5. How? This is not your NATO. This is a different group and different lore and different ideas. Its based off NATO. But not NATO. So therefore please do not take this as your own as it is not. Your lead the group poorly then followed by banks leading the group poorly. We have run this group IC for a few weeks now and just creating the forums now. See you on the Server Kids
  6. Yeah oh god. Maybe you'll think differently if James White comes meets your character IC again
  7. We are not begging. Just annoyed people are not giving us a fair shot at this and instead criticizing the group without even seeing us IC. If you meet us IC and create and opinion then we are happy to hear it. But seriously give us a break. And don't knock this till you see it IC
  8. Rory, Trust me, We will be coming back stronger than before. We are a large group with good military RP and we all have military RP experience. Give us a few weeks and hopefully we will be large again and known for good reasons. Just wait and see
  9. Well, Literally like 2 days ago we had 30 people in our compound, 15 of which were civilians. We are liked to a certain degree. And if we are not we can change that im sure
  10. This time will be better trust me We have good stuff in the works. We now have stable command and trust me. If it fails this time. We will go home
  11. Trust us. The New and improved NATO will have presence. We have good things in the works. Just be patient
  12. If we stop. Then Dayzrp will turn into the old law where it was just bandits everywhere
  13. gizmomec

    To The Free, Proud People of South Zagoria [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *White Listens to the people argue and laughs to himself, He presses the PTT* NATO try eliminate threats to Civilians, Gremlins pose a threat to Civilians which we house in our Installation. 85% of the time we have innocent civilians around our camp which we help medically and mentally and ensure they have food and water. If you have met one of us in person in the last week or so we are different to how we were before. We had two of our highest officers go AWOL and leave South Zagoria and now under new command following new orders. The Gremlins have attacked twice now with no success. They are unable to breach our compound which shows how weak they are and must be. Every time they attempt to breach our compound they put the lives for civilians at risk which survive off of our camp. So do not ever say we kill Innocent civilians ever again because the Gremlins are the ones which put their lives at risk. For everyone hearing this. The Gremlins attacked once when 3 of our men were awake. They attacked with a force of 8-10. They could not breach the compound. This shows their weakness and shows how impenetrable our compound is. They are the ones which kill innocents and crush the civilians in South Zagoria. We are the ones fighting them to ensure every civilian stays alive and healthy. To clarify. NATO, UN and the Rangers are the force fighting evil. Gremlins are the evil. We are here to prevent civilian deaths. And so far have been successful in this. And Rory. NATO help in every way possible. Unfortunately due to corrupt command which went AWOL we have been unable to help as of recently. But we are actively changing and coming back as a strong Friendly force. We have limited medical supplies but will try send personnel up to help you as soon as possible along with supplies if we have them. I am glad you have been helping people and please keep it up. We have your back every step of the way and will support you when needed. I will be in contact with you soon and we can arrange a meeting. *White releases the PTT, walking into the compound and sits at a camp fire and starts talking to some civilian travelers which had stopped by recently*
  14. ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ 13th September 2017 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ A couple of days have passed. Not much has happened. I've slept a lot. We have set up FOB Winterfell with Rangers. Which is something I guess. I do not have my enthusiasm to do anything at the moment. Days blur into one. A few days ago I was speaking to the AWOL officer WO Reynolds. He told me Captain Banks had evac'ed. All by himself. The little pussy could not take it anymore. Hes left all of us alone to fight this infection. Anyway today me, 2LT Yuri, Sgt Dimock and Maxwell conducted some town clearances or local villages near the FOB. Although it was infected it was good practice for when we come into contact with real enemies. We rolled into one of the villages. The eerie silents was unbearable. It was like off a horror film. I was just waiting to get jumped by an infected. I unscrewed my suppressor off my M4A1 and led the patrol into the town. We slowly edged up the road past a few houses. Infected were up the road so I pulled my scope to my eye. Got my breathing correct then took the shot. BANG. A hit. Suddenly a dozen or so infected started running towards us. Gun fire filled the air as if we were holding a firework display. Luckily I had some small Ear plugs in or else my hearing would have gone. I led the patrol further in and we finally made the decision the town was clear so started searching for supplies. Most of which had already been scavenged but we found the odd can of food and a can a spray paint which is always useful and a compass --------------------- FOB Winterfell --------------------- We got back to FOB Winterfell and started making plans to improve the place. We noticed a small generator building which with some fuel we could potentially get working again. Which would provide us power to the building. Also I could run larger radio transmitters and receivers off of it to communicate with bluebird and potentially other groups around South Zagoria. I love the satisfaction of getting things working and moving. Problem solving I guess. Me, 2LT Yuri and Sgt Dimock had a meeting towards the end of the day to discuss tactics and plans for the future. Was interesting. Just hope for more action soon. Its getting boring just seeing the same old people everyday.
  15. I was going to but I have not been active for like 3 weeks and its like a completely new chapter to my character. I thought I would create a new thread. Future entries will be comments on this thread.
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