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  1. Hey! I'm Lynch! I'd love to join you guys! plz
  2. David grew up a rather happy child in Boston, Massachusetts, raised by his father and his holder sister. He quickly took a liking in bush craft and survival, eventually joining a club in school and even attending survival classes on his own time. His life held no great merits or points of interests until he decided to walk in his father's footsteps and joined the city's police force. His career had flourished, quickly impressing his superiors and being well known in his district. He was well liked and always went out of his way to see that his work was done in the most professional manner. It was only until his father passed that his work and social life started to suffer. He turned to the bottle, knowing no other way to cope with his stresses. When he lost his job, he decided he needed to get away. His love for the woods and being alone brought him to the rather remote area of Chernarus. Here he would keep to himself, living far and alone from all, until one day....
  3. Lynch2512

    Tanoan Crisis concept

    I think this is a really cool concept. I'd love to join in on this and I can help with scripts if needed (Knows SQF)!!