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  1. SurvivalistGamin

    VOTE! SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH - 20th Edition, September 2016

    Hodgie has my vote
  2. Brandon Wilt POV: We initiated on the OP. Jack White was killed while attempting to bring the OP into the church. I had told the OP and the other hostage to go prone and do not stand up. The OP had said he needed to be bandaged so I told the other hostage to care to the OP. I had said before the other hostage went to bandage the OP; do not stand up or we will shoot. The other hostage had finished bandaging the OP then suddenly he closed the church doors and had told the OP to run. Dex Day opened the doors and I said do not stand up. The other hostage stood up and so did the OP, so I started to shoot at them for not listening, knocking Tim Green unconscious. Then the server reset and never saw him again. I stayed in the area for a few minutes then left.
  3. Of all my time in this world, I've only met kind and nice people at Green Mountain. I'd say that is the place to go to find people who respect you.