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  1. Andrew Anderson was born in 1986 in northern Norway on an island called Senja. He was born into a working class family, his father was a truck driver and his mother was a nurse at the local nursing home. His father had a little cabin up in the mountains near a small mountain lake. Andrew and his father spent much time up at the cabin, most of the time was spent on hunting and fishing, but his father used the cabin also to make moonshine. Andrew would also work with trucks so the choice was easy to make when he was on high school. So after two years in school and two years as an apprentice, Andrew could start as a car mechanic in the same company his father was co-owner and truck driver in. Andrew helped to drive cargo vehicles as well, and he did like it a lot. Time passes and the company continues to grow on long-haul assignments especially to Russia, Takistan and Chernarus. But in 2009 it broke out civil conflicts in Chernarus, which made it all the more difficult to get to deliver cargo close to or in Chernarus. And after the war many drivers would rather not go to Chernarus because of bad roads and high crime rates. Andrew had to take many of the deliveries with his father because of his father's health. In 2014 the company received a contract for delivery of boat parts and fishing equipment but this trip will prove to change the life of andrew dramatically. The drive down to Chernarus posed many obstacles for Andrew and his father, problems with the truck and paper problems on the border between Russia and Chernarus and that no one from the company in Berezino met them. Andrew decides to remain with the delivery container and try to make contact with the company in the meantime his father is going back to Norway with the truck. Andrew makes contact with the company but it took him almost two weeks, but when he goes to the airport he does not get hold of a ticket because of all air traffic has been stopped by the Chernarus government. Andrew also learn that all borders are closed. Two years later, Andrew still trapped but trying to get money to secure a safe path back to his family.