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  1. The DayZRP Quote Wall

    WHY IS YOUR FINGER IN MY ASSHOLE?! - Brayden Taylor, 2016
  2. Your worst death in Dayz?

    http://plays.tv/video/57e0567858203a6766/rip When you found out late that it wasn't hyperthermia but hypothermia, then you manage to get yourself a fireplace and the ONLY guy in the vicinity doesn't have a match. Sadly it didn't record my mic but what I said was: Do you have any matches man? To which he replied "Sadly I don't have any." I then said 'Fuck' and collapsed and died. D:
  3. New Contests

    I really like the idea of a Newsletter, what could be done for example is that every group (whether official or in group ideas section) could send in a summary of what they've done/achieved in this very month. This allows new players/people looking for a group to see what kind of activity certain groups have. I think it also can make joining a group more attractive! However, I don't really think this should be a contest but more an opportunity for groups to promote their selfs in order to make people interested.
  4. Dan Backslide's Assorted Media Thread

    I'll try it out when i have time, working on 3 other things one personal, one semi personal, and another request each of which are going to take alot of time to themselves. What i'm basically trying to get across is request accepted but don't expect anything speedy fast (however as it seem's relatively easy i might work on it a bit between my other projects ;3c) its ok sis!!!
  5. Dan Backslide's Assorted Media Thread

    You don't really have a very good reference pic to go off of for him famii : This! Skully bandana and black radar cap. :>
  6. Dan Backslide's Assorted Media Thread

    please make me a dank Brayden Taylor doodle :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. Dan Backslide's Assorted Media Thread

    make me dank doodle pls
  8. My PC Lags Now!

    If windows 10 you can always return to a previous build. I had to do this once too because it started fucking around with games and performance. Guide: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/go-back-to-an-earlier-build-of-windows-10
  9. Real life picture Thread

  10. * Brayden Taylor has been listening for a while to the radio, he waits for a moment of silence and then presses the 'PTT' simply leaving a hysterical laughter. Then the PTT is released.
  11. tattoo parlor

    You could also roleplay making tattoos with an improvised tattoo gun (for example using an electronic toothbrush)
  12. Open Frequency..Coyotes [107.8]

    * Brayden gets informed regarding the open frequency, he grinds his teeth after listening to the chatter a while, then finally pushes the PTT himself. * 'All fun and games boys, but let's not forget that one of you got taken down whilst his friends left him to die, he was the single person who had the courage to shoot back and I took his life for that. His 'friends' didn't bother helping him. You call that a pack? I don't think so. You guys should be loners if you care so much about yourself but not your group. But hey, it only makes it easier for me to deal with the problem here. So Barry, why don't you pack up something real good because our "pack" is ready to hunt ya down. Ha-ha!' * Brayden swaps frequencies, not bothering to listen to their response and continues his radio chatter with his female 'friend'.
  13. What do you listen to ?