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  1. Get out of jail card idea

    As long as they aren't some of the real bad apples, it's been over 3 months, and they want to get in so badly that they are willing to make that donation, then sure they can get it in; on final.
  2. Worst Fears

    I'm also very frightened of large dogs that are chained up and are trying to get at me. I feel like I'm just a very appetizing snack to them and I shudder at thinking about being having my flesh ripped of me while I'm still conscious.
  3. Worst Fears

    It's strange, I'm not scared of the act of dying. But I am scared of the eternity afterwards wherever it is.
  4. Worst Fears

    I'm scared of eternity because the human brain can't comprehend the concept. Everything has to end, right?
  5. The Masonic Knights

    Aspiring mini LM here to give you some constructive criticism Firstly I'm going to reiterate the religion issue. Chernaurus and Russia are heavily Eastern Orthodox, it would be incredibly rare to find any true Catholics in the Eastern Hemisphere. I mean incredibly rare. According to Wikipedia there would be less than 1% of all Chernarussians who would identify as Catholic. If there's only about 300 or so active members in this community, then we're looking at only 3 catholic people. The Knight's Templar was around about 800 years ago. They would travel hundreds of miles to go fight the heathens. But in this case, your characters are already in the 'land of heathens' and they seek to protect believers and convert non Christians. However the authentic Knights of the Templar went to kill non believers and there are actually many records of them slaughtering women and children. Therefore if you are trying to create a hero group, then the Templars may not be the best route for you. Thirdly, I've done thorough examinations of all four of your characters and none of them make sense for your group. No where in Ty's backstory does it say that he ever went to church, much less being a Christian. Also nowhere in Ty's backstory does it say why he's in Chernarus. Why the fuck would he be in a country like Chernaurus and why would he want to 'save' the people. Andrew Moffet is a crazy man. Although he's born in Chernaurus, and his ethnicity is Russian, he has a Western name and a western wife? How does that make any sense? If he's in born in Chernaurus why is he in the Scott's guard? Is he Scottish, Chernarussian, or Russian? Because there seems to be a case for all three. Also there's no mention of him being Catholic or even Christian. Dominic Ryder is Irish, Native American, Scottish, and English? Did I read that right? He must have very diverse grandparents. Because he's stressed he's looking for a quiet country, so he moves to a country where a civil war is taking place? And he knows that? Why wouldn't he move to Figi, or Norway. Somewhere where it's always nice. As it seems to be a trend now, there is no mention of being a devout Christian in his story. James Edward is a crazy, atheist, Lunatic. He's arrested and he's sent to the Chernarussian prison? What, that prison is for Chernarussians and he's from Scotland? He's also described as evil and is not religious in any way. How do any of these men, especially the last one fit into a group that seeks to protect other Christians when half the members aren't even Christian themselves? Finally, I know you know this but it's very important. Your logo's back ground needs to be transparent. I would highly advise putting your subtitles on graphics, it makes threads look so much better. Why is there so much space between each line for the lore? It makes it difficult to read. I would replace the picture of the castle. It really just looks like it was put there just because it's a picture. Either put up a picture of a castle in game or maybe some modern day Templar. I like the idea of a religious group but this needs a lot of work. I would advise that all four members make new characters that revolve around being heavily religious. I would not use the Templar's name because as it stands, you would be doing the complete opposite of what the actual Templars did. I would then heavily revise the thread with what has already been stated. This is just my constructive criticism but I believe it's in your best interests to do all these things to help maximize the potential of this kind of group. Thanks and good luck
  6. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Is this group still active? Only two members have been in game in the last two weeks.
  7. Story Time!

    The thread was closed because there's already a forum game like this?
  8. "You have no active character or it is not set to public view."

    You need to create a character here. Make sure that your DayZ SA name matches exactly with the name of this character. Fill out all the blanks and make sure that the backstory has over 300 characters.
  9. The United People of Salvation

    That seems fine, but change change of to for so you seem more purposeful.
  10. The United People of Salvation

    Well that would be grammatically incorrect as United being used an adjective can only be used to modify a plural and there is no plural form of integrity. But you are on the right tea3ck
  11. IT Discussion thread! (Spoilers Obviously)

    I saw the movie last Monday night. Quite the thriller and I look forward to a potential sequel.
  12. The United People of Salvation

    I like the overall premise of the group but there's a couple points of critique that I noticed. One, I think you should change the name. The United is just...boring and overdone. There's been countless dynamics that went by The United or The Union or Unity. Usually when you use the term 'untied' you are uniting against something. In your group's case you are rather hiding instead of actively fighting something. Therefore I think it would be wiser if you made your name something more relevant to the point of your group such as 'The Refuge', 'Respite' or maybe something like 'Salvation Point'. Two, you state in your IC goals that you only want to recruit people within your ranks who are truly good, and truly moral. However one of your members is a member of the mob and on his character page he says if you get in his way 'he will fuck you up'. That does not sound very good to me. Perhaps he should change his character or the group should change its goals.
  13. The Last Light Media Thread

    Nice pics
  14. The Last Light

    I really like the look of this group, it's neat to see that the UN is sticking around in just a slight altered form.
  15. bye staff.

    I'll miss your appeal verdicts o7
  16. Real life picture Thread

    Me with the team
  17. Padalʹniki

    Darkstyle, my man. You have three days to revise your thread. The goals need changing and you need an English speaker to edit your lore. Fix these things and I may very well be on board, and maybe I can convince a couple others as well.
  18. Kovar's Market

    Is Kovar's ever around anymore?
    • PCJames
    • Marcunt

    You arent necessarily wrong. I'll be rooting for you in your appeal.

    1. Marcunt


      I wasn't planning on making one, but thanks anyway.


    2. SillyGoose


      Appeals are overrated anyway. Amiryte?

  19. Bonjour Monsieur/Madame

    Bienvenue mon ami! J'espere que vous vouz amuser!
  20. Endeavour's Farm

    What even is this story? I know you don't live America, much less the South. I do, and this story is just ridiculous. Barn burnings? Barmaids? Gangs walking around town open carrying guns? Do you know anytning about the 20th centruy South? What you are describing maybe took place in the 19th century. And then your Character goes from the South to Chernaurus in one sentence? What? Please completely change your lore, it's historically inaccurate and makes a complete mockery of where I live. If you want some valid information about the 20th century South then let me know.
  21. PCJames

    Nice addition with the 'last played...' under people's name. Now can see who's talking shit when they ain't seen or done shit. 

  22. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    People love pointing fingers at the CDF saying it was super inactive or never made the impact that it should have but there's a number of reasons of why that was so. One of them being what has recently been discussed above. We had a good thing going for about a week but then summer kind of ended for everyone and we had to go back to school or work. We still had a good amount of active people but not nearly as much as we did. Because of IRL issues some people started to disappear and we tried to recruit more people, but we ran into a very disappointing issue. No one wanted to rp as a Chernarussian. Everyone who wanted to join wanted to join as a foreigner and if we had accepted them then we eventually would've had to drop the C from CDF. People seem to have this mindset that they can't be bothered to play anything but their natural nationality because it would be difficult. I used to feel the same way. But a few weeks before the lore wipe I made a commitment that I would play a Chernarussian for the next lore and I haven't looked back. It feels so good to play a native and ya at first my accent was complete shit, but overtime it has gotten to be believable. Unfortunately there's a lot of people who go around saying that there aren't natives around but they aren't willing to try to play one them self. Maybe they should at least try? This is role play. You are supposed to try to be someone you aren't. If play the same ethnicity every fucking time then no wonder you think the rp is stale. Playing as a native opens up so many doors and I wish more people would trey it, but there's too many people with close minded attitudes that the Chernaurrisan rp'er is almost extinct.
  23. This looks really cool. I'm glad the UN isn't just disapearing without a trace. If im not busy then I will hopefully attend.
  24. Padalʹniki

    I like the group Darkstyle and may even consider joining you, but you need some real goals. What are y'all going to be doing when y'all get in game to set you apart? What you have right now is pretty boring and I would definitely change it. Just some constructive criticism.