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  1. Happy to see DayZRP again

    Proud enemy of RSM checking in. Glad to see that you're still alive Morgan. Things aren't the same as you can probably see.
  2. Endeavour's Farm.

    This group idea was already put down by a LM. Maybe think of a brand new idea?
  3. Hall of Shame

    I like the two new halls. I wish they were around much earlier.
  4. It looks like you'll be archiving this shortly but keep in mind that you should hyperlink all your current member's profiles or character pages to your roster.
  5. Paid Staff

    You would have to ask Rolle himself, but generally it's impolite to ask a man about his financial situation. For whatever reason Rolle posted a status update with some banking information and if it was at all true then I can see him paying anyone in the near future.
  6. Paid Staff

    Considering Rolle hat to shut down S2 due to lack of donations I doubt he could afford to pay anyone.
  7. I'm done.

    I'm sorry to see you go Major. In my time here you were probably the most outgoing LM I know. It takes a real man to admit his mistakes and while CR never accomplished what we hoped I dont think anyone harbors bad feelings towards you. You have quickly become one of my closest friends here and I hope we can continue to play whatevever in the future. The community will miss you wether they admit it or not but the current state of the game would drive even the most stables if minded insane. Good luck out in the real world and never hesitate to hit me up or jump in my lonely ts channel. o7
  8. Prison Island Event

    This looks awesome Galaxy. I do hope I can attend as this looks truly unique and fun but alas, Saturday is college football rivalry week, therefore I can make no promises. But good luck nonetheless.
  9. Offworld Operation "Gun Drop" Gorka

    Although I was nit able to attend the event it seemed to be a good time. Thanks to everyone who helped set it up
  10. Obnova [Recruitment Open]

    Ah good, finally another Chernarussian group. Looking good guys!
  11. I appreciate the update Major. It's great as always
  12. o7 Staff

    I'm sorry to see this happen Boston, you were one of my favorite staff members and I had high aspirations for yourself. o7
  13. Death of Quinn [Open Frequency]

    *Boris rolls over from his sleeping position and laughs after listening to the transmission. He takes a swig from his liquor flash and speaks* Aha! The Great "Queen" Guinn is dead!? I'm assuming this is the one that was never seen without an entourage of at least five boys with their hands on their dicks? *Ha chuckles heartily* From what I hear this bitch created more trouble than she was worth. As for her thirsty boys, there's more fish in the sea *Now drunk as a skunk Boris passes out*
  14. Let's switch to Discord

    Honestly, for our purposes, I think TS serves us just fine. While it may be dated, except for the occasional crash it has served us faithfully and I think we should continue to return the favor.
  15. Poll: Should an Arma 3 DayZ styled server be implemented?

    I love Arma 3; always have. But whenever a thread such as this comes up it sparks nothing bu arguments about money and development teams. Until DayZ's servers are put down for good, people here will continue to play it.
  16. I've always been an advocate for FP only but many threads like this have come and gone and people such as myself are continually revealed to be the minority.
  17. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Hello, aspiring LM PCJames here with some points of criticism. Why would a PMC be brought in to guard a simple consul? Surely it would be more convenient just to hire a local PMC group or even just ask for some protection from the local police. After a few months, why is finding the consul even still a goal? If he hasn't been found now then most likely he is dead or he made it to Safety outside of SZ. Even if he was found would Mars even be paid? I would consider removing this goal entirely. Nowhere in the OP does it state how you are to be paid? May I write a check or do you prefer bullets? Why do you want down the Chedaki? Nowhere in your lore is the Chedaki even mentioned. What did they ever do to y'all? I feel like this goal was just tacked on so y'all can be hostile to anyone who supports communism. I would consider revising your lore or removing this goal. Now for the most pressing issue; your group member's characters. Only one of your five members was originally apart of Mars to begin with. Everyone else just kind of joined. Why would these four people ever join a one-man PMC? You state that your group goes through strenuous training but with only 1/5th of your members actually going through this training I think that statement may need to be revised. Therefore it may in your best interest to get a couple people to make characters that have been with Mars since the beginning. I think this would make your entire group seem more authentic. I would strongly recommend that @Play3rFTW be one those to make a new character. I fail to see how a 71-year-old pastor, who worked for Kovar's, and then ran with the bounty hunters would ever join a PMC; especially at his advanced age. At this point, it just seems like he is forcing his character into any group that he wills him to because he has become attached which can make for some very awkward rp. I would run a comb through the lore for grammar, I found a few mistakes. As always with this kind of group stay away from becoming super soldiers or gear rp'ers. While I have never met y'all before, this is the reputation that y'all have. I hope you find these somewhat helpful.
  18. PCJames

    While I was skeptical at first, COD WWII actually looks quite good. Can anyone who has played it confirm?

    1. Voodoo


      Its not bad tbh. Story has decent cinematics and with 4 hours in it seems like there is still a few hours to go. Its a typical run here and kill these guys but not the worst story fora game.

      multiplayer is like going back to old COD games before wall running so alot more on the ground and back to basics in terms to kill streaks and weapons. Its still a COD game though so if your expecting big battles your better off with battlefield. War game mode isnt too bad and gets COD into an objective based game but very unlikely to get team communication to plan things out (not like the game squad where everyone talks and plans).

      There is a football style gamemode that i completly recommend, such a fun game mode to play.

      Id say its worth a buy even for PC. Usually COD games die out on PC but i cant see it happening with this game.

    2. PCJames


      Thanks for the detailed response. I think I might give it a shot. 

  19. Back?

    hmmm, now there's a name of days past. Welcome back.
  20. If it's Chernarussian horror stories for Halloween that you seek, check out my tale on the OP. If you wish, you can, of course, have knowledge of this story in game. I hope you enjoy.
  21. *Boris is drinking his good ol' booze when he hears the sinister radio message. He nearly spits out all the liquid in shock. He wipes his mouth with his sleeve and speaks* V žádné podobě nebo v módě neschválím sériové vrahy nebo strašidelné kulty, ale ten muž, kterého jsi zabil, nebyl tím nejlepším z toho, co slyším. Pokud to, co říkáte, je pravda, pak vyčistíte naši krásnou zemi všech těchto cizích útočníků. Mám oči na tebe strašidelný hlas v rádiu. *He releases the PTT and starts cursing to himself about his spilled rum*
  22. The Guild

    Hello aspiring LM PCJames here. I have some points of concern that I highly recommend you take into consideration. I would get someone to look over the grammar for you because it's not up to par at all. If you can't find anyone willing then I would be glad to help myself. A MARSOC soldier such as Alex would never be sent anywhere where a war wasn't present to assassinate anyone. The US/NATO had very good relations with Chernaurus considering Chernarus had rocky relations with Russia. If for whatever reason that they actually sent an operative in (which they wouldn't) why would they kill a CDF officer? If this was discovered (which in your story it was) then the US would look like quite the fool and there would be an international scandal on our hands. Why would the US military ever risk that just to kill a military officer from a nation that they have good relations with? When he is caught he wouldn't be kept in any old prison where there would prison riots he would be kept in a military prison, but more than likely he would be sent back to the US to be court-martialed because the US would honestly have to make it look like he went rogue to save their own skin. Also who the fuck are these other MARSOC guys in prison with him? They haven't been mentioned anywhere in the lore until the point where they break out of prison. What war are you talking about? It couldn't possibly be the Civil War as that would be mean that he was in prison for over eight years which is just completely absurd. If it was the Civil War then this would make your story that they were assassinating a CDF officer even crazier because the US was backing the CDF during this conflict so why they order a hit on someone on their own side? This group of bounty hunters while they make for an interesting group they really don't make too much logical sense. 99% of bounty hunters only exist in two countries in modern times; the US and the Philipines. In most cases of modern bounty hunting, the bounty hunters don't call themselves bounty hunters and they don't actually kill their targets, they simply want to take them in. Let's not also forget the fact that in most countries bounty hunting is illegal and the chances of any government turning to bounty hunter to get jobs that their own special forces could do are very unlikely. Not only this but even in their glory days, Bounty hunters traditionally worked alone or with just a couple people. Bounty hunters don't exactly go around in large groups because for the most part in order to complete their job they need to be subtle and large groups aren't subtle. Finally, why would these guys move to Chernaus for 'better' work? Things in Chernaurus and on the rise and if bounty hunting was still a thing then there would be more work in Takistan where things were still incredibly unstable. Another thing of note is that you state in your second paragraph that most of your members were bounty hunters before the Outbreak however after some checking of your member's characters this just does not seem to be the case. All the member's character pages that I had access to did not have them becoming a bounty hunter anywhere in their background. Some of them weren't even armed forces and just seem to be average Joe's who have joined your heavily armed group. I would consider getting them to make a new appropiate character or making some small changes to their current characters. Take these how you want to. I'm always here to help if you want some advice. Thanks.
  23. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Damn that was quick, nice going guys