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  1. The story while it's pretty much just who's who and when they met is to the point, it does suffice given the nature of the group. Only two of your goals have real timestamps when you should have three or four and your first goal 'gain a foothold' makes little sense. Where and how would you an establish a foothold? It's not like you are assaulting Normandy. The next goal then jumps to a goal not due for over a 100 days. Given it's a complex recruitment goal that's fine, but you need at least two other short or mid term goals to counterbalance that. Fix those goals and we should be good to go. 

  2. Unfortunately this group will follow the same path as @Elk's farm group earlier this lore and be outright denied for the following reasons. Every group needs a clear purpose  and this group possesses none and if anything just appears to be a Black Roses V2 reincarnated. The majority of the goals speak of a code that is not expanded on and seems to assume that any reader would know what the OP is referring to. Only one of the goals is actually SMART compliant and that goal is one of the goals deemed invalid. The lore centers around one character and simply states that one man recruited some friends and they started to travel around Chernarus and. I would usually cut some groups some slack when it comes to this, but the majority of your roster are experienced members here and some of them have even made groups this lore and know our expectations. Groups must have a lore that explains how the group came together over multiple paragraphs and what they are trying to do. Groups need several attainable goals that are almost unique to that group and don't follow the old lore pattern of simply being gun toting neutral cowboys. They must have a clear and unique purpose and this group has failed in that regard, when considering the roster, it really shouldn't have. Take what you have just learned and feel free to try again with something different. 

  3. I realize there hasn't been a real need for any LM's in quite a while, but with .63 coming very soon, Major being on an ever longer indefinite leave, and my own presence being questionable for when school starts again, don't be afraid to either bump you LM app or simply submit a new one. Here's some things that we're looking for. 

    • An experienced roleplayer
    • Someone with a relatively clean history
    • Someone who has a good base knowledge of world history, and keeps up with current events
    • Someone who is creative
    • Someone who likes to write
    • Someone who can write with proper grammar 
    • Someone who likes to read
    • Someone who can judge without a biased opinion, even if they do harbor bias
    • Someone who can be active on a weekly basis
    • Someone who knows there won't be anything preventing them from playing for extended periods of time in the near future (military deployment etc.)

    Remember to include some of your writing. In this setting, it  truly is more about quality than quantity. We need to see that you can write a fluid story with proper grammar. For my own application way back in September, I included a 3 page fan fiction piece about Metro 2033. It's preferred that you write about something somewhat related to DayZ or the apocalypse but not required. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, Despacito2 said:

    u wot. thats my channel my guy

    fuck me sideways and pour hot coals on my bacl. My bad my man, the video is formatted so well I thought it was a big time YouTube! Props to you! 

  5. Try as I might I can't find anything even remotely off about this group thread except for one thing. You make it very clear that y'all have located and started building up a camp, yet your first goal is to find a suitable place to live permanently. Have y'all or haven't y'all found and made a camp? This needs to be answered and revised accordingly. Thanks. 

  6. This is group has and is still suffering from inactive syndrome which is a real shame considering this group used to be feared and respected. It's not too late to bring that back but that will be impossible with the current activity of the group. Therefore I've taken the liberty of removing some dusty skeletons from the group and I've also continued to unearth a disturbing practice of having people on the roster for weeks who for whatever reason cannot log a single hour. This has appeared to have happened multiple times and need to stop. Get your members back in game or risk being cut down to size. Thanks.

  7. As has been expertly pointed out this group's activity is seriously slacking. This fact has been pointed out multiple times in the last months and the majority of the group will need to turn it around or this group will be put under. 

  8. I personally wasn't expecting anything with Fallout 76 being just introduced, but I'm happy to see it nonetheless.  However, as Mexi has stated, this is still very far off and I look forward to maybe seeing an actual trailer and possibly even getting a real name at E3 2019. 

  9. I appreciate all the good feedback that this has been receiving. I've had this project on the shelf for quite some time now and I'm really trying to introduce a group that has never really been seen in this DayZRP era and might not nessecarily follow the same old Chernarussian Vs Russian conflict or even the Slavic vs Westerner conflict either but something completely different, but we'll let the rp guide us and jus t see where it goes. 

  10. mainpic.png.1e8cca0e5fb92affdfbe68322fef9ba4.png







    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [Russian National Unity (RNU)] is Russian born nationalist organization that advocates for the preservation and advancement of the Russian ethnicity at all costs.  Founded during the collapse of the Soviet Union, RNU is heavily against all forms of communism and sees it as the main force that destroyed the once great Russian Empire. In the eyes of the RNU all countries that were once apart of the Russian Empire and subsequently the USSR are inherently Russian even to this day do not recognize their sovereignty. The RNU sees the modern Russian administration as weak and having strayed too far from the ideals that were the foundation of the Russian Empire; the most important of these being the Russian Orthodox Church. Up until the outbreak the RNU sought to reintegrate all rogue nations back into Russia and attempt to radically change the government back to the powerful and respected country that it used to be.  

    The Manifesto of the RNU




    Fundamentals of the 
    socio-political concept of the 


    1. Basic Provisions

    This document of the All-Russian Public Patriotic Movement Russian National Unity (hereinafter RNU, Movement, Organization) reflects the official position of the RNE on the most important contemporary socially significant issues and issues of relations between the Movement and society. In addition, it establishes a set of guidelines applied in this area by the Council of Commanders and by all members of the RNU of the RNU.

    The nature of the document is determined by its appeal to the needs of the Russian Nation on the historical territory of Russia and beyond. Its main subject is the fundamental worldview, national and social issues, as well as those aspects of society that remain relevant for the entire Russian Nation today and in the near future.

    Russian National Unity (RNE) is the All-Russian Public Patriotic Movement of the Russian Nation (Russian People), based on the principles of the Orthodox tradition and the Russian national ideology.

    The main goal of the Movement is to ensure a worthy future for the Russian Nation, and at the present stage - the return of the Russian Nation to the geopolitical positions lost in the 20th century and the determining role in world history.

    RNU forms a national movement on the basis of common origin - blood relationship and national character - kinship in spirit, based on adherence to the Orthodox tradition.

    RNE considers Russia as a single state of the Russian (Great Russians, Malorossians and Belorossians), as well as Russians - other non-Russian indigenous peoples for whom the creation and protection of Russia have become a historical tradition and for which Russia is the only Fatherland.

    1.1 Nation

    A nation is a community of people, having a common blood-related origin and a common historical destiny, which determine the commonality of language and territory, the economic way of life, culture and the national-psychological type - that is, the national character. RNE denies the definition of a nation as a purely civic concept, a formal affiliation with the citizens of the state.

    A nation, like a separate human person, should be considered in three aspects - biological, mental, psychological and spiritual. In the biological sense, a nation is viewed as a population of a human species, a collection of individuals adapted to one biological environment and having complementary parameters. Representatives of the nation have stabilized hereditary traits, including external ones. Similar biological parameters suggest a similar genetic structure. Consequently, there is a real opportunity to determine the national biological parameters of a person by its genetic structure.

    In the mental-psychological aspect, the inalienable features and attributes of belonging to the nation are belonging to the Russian linguistic and cultural field, as well as to one of the Russian national-psychological types.

    In the spiritual sense, belonging to the Russian Nation is determined by the man's faithfulness to the Orthodox tradition.

    If the definition of belonging to a biological population is possible on the basis of measuring the genetic parameters of the personality, then the spiritual and spiritual levels can not be expressed through single-valued criteria. Therefore, with respect to a specific person, a set of factors will be decisive, including the level of his self-awareness, his way of life, priority values, behavior in critical situations.

    By default, RNE considers a Russian person belonging to the Russian biological population to be a bearer of Russian culture, who speaks Russian and professes the Orthodox faith.

    1.2 Nationalism and Patriotism

    Nationalism is a conscious and active love for its Nation as the fulfillment of the commandment of God about love for one's neighbor, including love for one's family, fellow tribesmen and fellow citizens.

    Love for the Nation is not limited to the desire to ensure its material well-being, but is based on Christian principles. The material well-being of a nation is only a means to the successful fulfillment of its historical mission ("Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." (Mt 6.33) Nations that make the goal and meaning of their existence exclusively material welfare and power over other peoples inevitably take the path denying the truth and abandoning its own historical mission.

    Patriotism is a love for our Fatherland. In the biological sense, the Fatherland is a territorial-state decoration of the population's habitat. In the mental and psychological aspect, the Fatherland is the cultural and communication medium of the nation's existence. In the spiritual - the earthly Fatherland is the prototype of the Fatherland of Heaven.

    Love for the Fatherland is manifested in the readiness to protect it from enemies external and internal, labor for its benefit, care for its arrangement and preservation, including through participation in the affairs of state administration.

    1.3 The Orthodox concept of "restraining," the Autocracy, the Russian National Dictatorship

    The Orthodox teaching says that the "restraining" is the Emperor of Rome (for the apostolic time), and at a later time - the Orthodox Autocrat. In a broader interpretation, "restraining" is the master who brings before God the responsibility for the nation's fulfillment of its historical mission. In the present conditions of the ever-increasing apostasy (universal deviation from God), the almost completed destruction of the traditional Christian world order and the intensive preparation of mankind for the adoption of the Antichrist, the question of the fulfillment of the historical mission of the Russian Nation becomes particularly urgent. At the present historical stage, the Russians are the only nation that has the opportunity to transform itself into an environment from which a "restraining" can occur.

    Unlike other types of power, the Orthodox Autocracy is a power derived directly from God. The autocratic power, as having come from God, is responsible only to Him and can be limited only by His will, with which it must strictly conform.

    In the 20th century, as a result of a coup d'etat prepared and implemented by Russia's external and internal enemies, the "deterrent" was destroyed and the autocratic power was replaced by a succession of foreign anti-Christian dictatorships, which continues to exist to the present day. Throughout this period, the national self-consciousness of the Russian people has been purposely suppressed, and its most active bearers have been and continue to be subjected to all sorts of repression, including physical destruction. For this reason, the social order existing in Russia today excludes the possibility of an immediate restoration of the Orthodox Autocracy. In order for this to become possible, a temporary, transitional form of the social order is necessary, capable of providing favorable conditions for the restoration and growth of the national self-consciousness of the Russian people. Given the whole gravity of the situation, it can be confidently asserted that such a transitional form will be the Russian National Dictatorship, carried out by the most worthy representatives of the Russian Nation.

    2. The state

    2.1. Requirements for the state system

    The state is a mechanism for ensuring the vital activity of the Nation. The main requirement for the Russian state is to provide the most favorable conditions for the fulfillment of the historical mission of the Russian Nation. The present state system is not traditional for Russia and in no way complies with these requirements. Moreover, it actively promotes the destruction of the Russian Nation as such. In fact, the existing state is governed from the outside, with the mediation of representatives of former Soviet nomenclature and alien clans. The State of the Russian Nation must have real, and not declarative sovereignty and be governed by its own national interests.

    2.2 The principle of class representation

    The modern artificially introduced principle of separation of branches of power into legislative, executive and judicial branches is vicious and reduces the effectiveness of the state apparatus as a whole. Universal suffrage for elections of representative and executive branches of government is an immoral phenomenon, generating a mechanism of total deception of voters and concentration of alien and hostile Nation forces in the power structures.

    In natural conditions, nations are represented not by political parties and organizations, but consist of social estates and social groups that support the vital activity of the national organism. National-state structure should ensure the representation of all social classes and social groups of the Nation - workers, peasants, entrepreneurs, clergy, military, civil servants - in government. The representative structures of the nation state must assume the resolution of the contradictions arising between estates or social groups, by adopting an optimal and mutually acceptable for all estates in the interests of the whole Nation. These same structures should also address the crucial issue of the optimal quantitative balance between social classes and social groups, which should contribute to the solution of the tasks facing the nation-state. Estate representative offices should ensure the optimal distribution of economic and business responsibilities between the regions of the state. Selection in representative state structures should be carried out according to the principle of national proportional representation.

    2.3 Territorial structure and rights of compatriots abroad

    The nation lives in certain territories that are part of the state. In administrative terms, the territory of the state should be divided into regions on a territorial basis, taking into account geographical, climatic, economic and other conditions. The presence of national entities with the status of regions within the state is categorically unacceptable, since it causes separatism. In this connection, it will be expedient to raise the issue of the reunification of the lands of the former Russian Empire in the Russian national state, both by diplomatic measures and by military force.

    The Russian national state must take upon itself the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of compatriots residing abroad. One of the priorities of the Russian national state is the development and implementation of a set of measures for the repatriation of Russian emigrants, previously forced to leave the country because of the inability to engage in professional activities or political repression.

    3. Nationality and citizenship

    During the reign of anti-Russian forces, the gene pool of the Russian Nation suffered great damage. RNE considers restoration of biological quality and protection of genetic purity of the Russian Nation as one of the most important tasks. Forcing any form to join a mixed marriage or bond, damaging the gene pool of the Russian Nation and leading to its erosion, must be stopped.

    A person born in a mixed marriage, eventually begins to feel a painful feeling of not belonging to any of the nations of his parents, which can lead to harmful consequences, both for the further development of the individual and for the genetic well-being of society. If the parents of a person are representatives of different nationalities, then his nationality is determined when he reaches the age of majority by the nationality of one of the parents. And the main criterion is the state of mind of a person born from a mixed marriage. A person born of a mixed marriage, one of whose parents is Russian, is considered Russian, if he is brought up in Russian national and cultural traditions, is a patriot of Russia and an Orthodox Christian.

    From the RNU point of view, Russian citizens should consider all Russian people and representatives of other indigenous peoples of Russia, regardless of their place of birth. They can not obtain Russian citizenship or are deprived of it. The Russians and Russians committed grave crimes against the Nation and the Fatherland.

    RNU believes that all representatives of non-indigenous peoples of Russia - foreigners, regardless of their place of birth and time of residence on the territory of Russia, can count on receiving Russian citizenship only if they recognize the undoubted merits before the Russian Nation and the state. RNE considers it inadmissible participation in the work of authorities of foreigners and persons deprived of Russian citizenship.

    4. RNE and religion

    The most important factor on which the activity of the RNU is based is the Orthodox tradition. In the current situation of universal deviation from God and the increasing fragmentation of formal Orthodox jurisdictions, the RNU does not consider it possible to force any of its associates to adhere to a particular jurisdiction. RNE stands against the violations of St. canons and the heresies that have spread among the believers, but does not render a final judgment on the question of the grace or lack of grace of certain church structures declaring their belonging to Orthodoxy. The solution of this problem lies in the conduct of the coming Local Council, which will become possible only after the establishment of the Russian national power in the country.

    The RNU believes that the heretical propaganda of "the God-given power of all power" is an act that contradicts the traditions of the Orthodox Church and entails a threat to the spiritual and physical security of the Russian Nation. Freedom of activity of non-Orthodox religious confessions, communities and individual ministers of religion should be ensured only to the extent that it strengthens the spiritual forces of the Nation. Any activity of religious confessions, communities, sects and individual clergy, aimed at eroding Russian national identity, weakening patriotism and national unity, must be prosecuted.

    5. RNE and the law

    Behavior and actions of people are subject to legal regulation, which is the content of legislation. The law provides for taking measures to enforce compliance with the law. The sanctions envisaged by law for the restoration of violated law and order make the law a pillar of society until the fundamental principle of the right is violated "do not do to another what you do not want yourself." If a person has committed an unrighteous deed against another, the damage done to him can be compensated through the suffering of the offender or through pardon, when the moral consequences of the act are assumed by the person who faces the criminal.

    Fundamental principles of relations between people, authorities with society, institutions with each other national law manifests itself according to a specific nation moving in history. Therefore, in everything that concerns exclusively the earthly order of things, the Russian person is obliged to obey the laws, no matter how perfect they are. But when the fulfillment of the requirement of the law threatens the interests of the Russian Nation, presupposes an act of apostasy or the commission of another crime against God and neighbor, the Russian person must manifestly or covertly oppose the violation of the ordinances and commandments of God, guided by the apostolic principle "must obey God rather than men" .

    6. RNE and politics

    Today, the Russian Nation was in complete isolation from the legal political life in the country. Any political public associations of Russian people are persecuted as extremist, which makes their participation in the activities of official power structures impossible. RNU, being a political organization of the Russian Nation, can not but participate in the political life of the country and therefore reserves the right to exert political influence on the processes and work of the authorities in the country in all the ways available to it. Members of the RNE have the right not to advertise their membership in the organization, but they must strictly follow the organizational discipline.

    Recognizing the impossibility of interaction with existing state institutions, the RNE allows for targeted cooperation with individual representatives of such structures when it facilitates the fulfillment of tasks serving the good of the Russian Nation. One of the directions of the political activity of the RNU is interaction with the society in the spheres of spiritual, cultural, moral and patriotic education and upbringing; development of social programs; protection, restoration and development of the Russian historical and cultural heritage; science, including humanitarian research; creative economic activity, as well as in other matters that bear the unconditional benefit of the Russian Nation.

    7. The attitude of the RNE to property

    The property status of a person in itself can not be regarded as a testimony about whether the Nation is suitable or unsuitable. RNU does not define the rights of people to property, but believes that every person should have enough money for a worthy existence. At the same time, the RNU cautions against excessive enthusiasm for the collection of material goods.

    The RNU recognizes the human right to property and condemns the encroachment on it. The RNU recognizes the existence of diverse forms of ownership: state, public, corporate, private and mixed forms of ownership. RNE does not give preference to any of these forms. RNE condemns the rejection and redistribution of property with violation of the rights of its rightful owners. An exception can be such a rejection of property on the basis of the relevant law, which is conditioned by the interests of the Russian Nation.

    8. War and Peace

    Recognizing the war as evil, RNE obliges its members to participate in hostilities, if it is a question of protecting the interests of Russia and the Russian Nation, about restoring trampled justice. In the current post-Christian system of international relations, it is difficult to distinguish an aggressive war from a defensive one. In this regard, the question of supporting or condemning the RNE of various military operations requires a separate consideration whenever they start or there is a danger of their beginning.

    9. RNE and international relations

    The RNU recognizes the international principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity as the basic ones for the protection of its legitimate interests by the Russian Nation. At the same time, the RNU does not consider legitimate the existence of a number of state entities that arose as a result of the destruction of the Russian Empire provoked by external forces. The RNU believes that all unequal treaties concluded at the expense of the Russian Nation must be recognized as invalid or radically revised.

    Welcoming international cooperation in the cultural, scientific, educational and informational fields, the RNE denies the principles of anti-Christian globalization aimed at building a system of international relations, involving the complete destruction of national states and the abolition of the very notion of state sovereignty. Since international financial structures are the main vehicles of globalization, the RNU does not recognize and does not consider it necessary for the state to fulfill international financial and other obligations arising from economic activities aimed at involving Russia in the global economic system under construction.

    The RNU believes that loans received from other states and international organizations, and not used for the benefit of the Russian Nation, must be repaid directly by those who received them.

    The RNU believes that the territory of Russia, its subsoil and natural resources are the inalienable property of the Russian Nation and can not be the subject of purchase and sale, and also be conceded according to international treaties.


    Fundamentals of the socio-political concept of the RNU's RAS are recognized as a guide for all structures and personnel of the organization. On the basis of this document, the leadership of the RNU of the RNU develops guidance documents on various issues. The document is compulsorily included in the educational process as part of the ideological training program for RNE members of all categories. As the state, political and public life changes, new problems that are significant for RNU appear in these areas, the basics of the socio-political concept of the RNU-CAP can be changed and improved.



    Witnessing the devastation of the Russian economy and the ensuing chaos fostered by decades of communism, Alexander Barkashov founded Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo in October of 1990 in an effort to restore his homeland back to its former glory. The new group was very attractive to those who also saw the failure of communism and the recent the decline of Russia and wanted to see major change in their country. By 1993, RNU was already the most populous Russian nationalist group in Russia. The group started to publish a newspaper called the 'Russian Order' which spread their message of Islamophobia, anti-semticism, nationalism, anti-communism, and support for the Russian Orthodox Church.  Thousands supported their radical message and entering the new millennium RNU claimed to have over 100,000 members. After repeated attempts at becoming a large political presence and consequently being banned as an official political party, RNU started to provide military training to many of its members in an effort to still hold influence, if not politically, then by intimidation. These paramilitary forces fiercely loyal to RNU were known as the ‘Russian Vityazi’. (Not to be confused with the Russian Vityazi of the Russian air force)


    PHE Members training in Hand to Hand Combat

     Over the next decade RNU  supplied their members with military training, military grade arms, and sense of belonging to something that would make Russia great again. By the 2010's, while their membership dipped, they were a very sizable paramilitary force. 2014 brought multitudes of action for RNU and Russia as a whole. The Russian military was pouring into the Crimean Region of the Ukraine and RNU along with many other pro-Russian groups were with them every step of the way eager to reclaim the land that they had lost in 1991. There they were greeted with mostly pro-Russian Ukrainians and RNU's own Ukranian satellite group Partiya slov'yansʹkoyi yednosti Ukrayiny (Party of Slavic Unity of Ukraine) who were happy to be back in the motherland. However, not everyone was so happy to see them and many street brawls and even shootouts broke out in the course of the next several weeks. Quickly the 'country' of the Novorossiya confederation, comprised of both the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, was established with the initial president of DRP being a member of RNU.  After the taking of the Crimea, the RNU realized the power of having satellite groups such as the one in Ukraine and sent Senior RNU member Vadik Noskov was sent to Chernarus with a contingent of men to establish a RNU satellite group there as well.


    RNU troops parade a stolen BTR through a Ukrainian town


    Over the course of the next two and a half years, Vadik worked on locating all ethnic Russian populations within Chernarus and attempted to rally them for his party. He was met with considerable amounts of success and started to work on the next item on his agenda. He needed to get Chernarussian people to support his cause as well in order to have any hope of getting anything major done, so he moved his party's operations to South Zagoria. He figured that people living in Chernarus's poorest region would be more willing to support a much more stable and profitable country such as Russia. Just as in Russia, new members were given routine military training and Noskov started the long process of registering a political party.


    New members of RNU receiving military training in the Spring of 2017

       The coming of the outbreak changed the goals of Vadik's detachment immensely. His men's hearts and minds soared when the VDV landed almost immediately as they hoped this was finally the Russian annexation that they all had been waiting for and this was further seemingly proven when the VDV broke their treaty with CDF and started patrolling south of their designated quarantine zone. However, after the VDV left, and no other known Russian military force entered, it became clear that Russia would for the most part leave Chernarus alone. With new vigor the RNU started to go about the creation of what was once a pipe dream, Novoya Rossiya: a perfect Russian state ruled by a strong, church abiding, government with equal class representation. All would be deterrents to Novaya Rossiya will be eliminated and the sovereignty of Novaya Rossiya would last for generations to come. 



    RNU Members in the first winter after the outbreak




    Determine a suitable location for Novaya Rossiya [Day 370]

    Locate and use a radio tower in an effort to spread propaganda [Day 365] 


    Create Novaya Rossiya (New Russia); a place where Russians can live in relative peace until the outbreak ends and they can help rebuild the next Russian Empire [Day 430]

    Create the local council; a group of people meant to regulate religion and culture in Novaya Rossiya [Day 440]



    Locate and log all Russians in South Zagoria and offer them protection and supplies

    Spread and enforce the word of the Russian Orthodoxy

    Run frequent patrols on the Russian border in an attempt to control who's getting in and who's getting out

    Deport or expunge all those who we do not as see as fit for living in Russia




    'Kapitan' Vadik Noskov - @PCJames

    Proclus Azarov - @Jack Rees-Mountbatten

    Artyom Landa - @Wyoming



    Vitalik Rykov - @RussianPotato

    Nikolai Dimitrov - @Shazzzam



    Recruitment is done through both IC and OOC means. If you are interested in joining the group or have questions please PM @PCJames this application. 



    EU or NA?

    What role are you interested in?

    How active can you be in a given week?

    Are you willing to play a Russian or otherwise Slavic character?

    If you plan on playing a non Russian how does your character fit in into the group?

    Do you plan on creating a character for the group or do you plan on applying with your current character?

    If you are creating a new character please send me the link of the character, if you aren't explain how you character fits into the group. 


    If you are a new or struggling rp'er who wants to play with a Russian or Chernarussian accent but just can't, I would love to help you as it opens up so much more doors for rp. 

    Huge thanks to @Taryn for the graphics!

  11. On 5/10/2018 at 3:21 PM, PCJames said:

     On a different note, the staff team will need to see that this group can be active. It appears that most members in this group have just recently come back to the server after taking a couple long breaks and need to show that they are going to be here for a while. 

    Due to the fact that this group was called out early on as potentially having issues with inactivity and that once the group was approved not one member has yet to step foot in game, this group will be prematurely archived. In the future, please do not waste staff's time if you do not plan on actually playing. Thanks.