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  1. PCJames

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

  2. PCJames

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    I am a man of my word, as promised; an ICBM up for grabs ladies and gentlemen!
  3. PCJames

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    While the idea of setting up a haven has been done many times before, some things never get old especially considering you're implementing a radio station into the mix. We've already had multiple parties try the radio station idea and non of them made it past three broadcasts. Will you be the ones to lift the curse? On a side note the lore grammar and flow is pretty rough, I advise that you get a native English speaker to run through and fix any mistakes. Other than that this looks great!
  4. PCJames

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    For the most part activity is great, however members such as Coda, Aiko, Ellie, and Jester haven't been in game in over two weeks. Yellow hasn't been in game in over a month and he will be removed shortly unless he becomes active. Keep it up!
  5. PCJames

    The Seekers (Recruiting)

    Activity for this group has started to become a pressing issue, members such as Felix Corten, JohnnyO, War Lion, and Steemy haven't been in game in 3 weeks or longer. Neoz is at one week. If these mentioned members do no become active soon they will be removed. Considering almost half of the group are MIA and the leader is playing a non group character, should this group be archived until activity can be picked up? Please make any appropriate changes as soon as possible. Thanks.
  6. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Hello fellow community Hearts of Iron players! Due to the participation and fun from the last game a couple months ago I thought we should have another one especially since the Waking the Tiger DLC added some great new content and systems into the game. Rules will be very lax and will be decided day of. Currently I'm eying this Saturday to play and we'll pick a time depending on the participant's availability. Please vote in the poll above for what mod you would like to play. If you would like to play please comment what times you are available Saturday and your desired country. Because we may be playing Kaiserreich, please specify which KR country you'd like to play if applicable. Participants PCJames - @Centurion - Canada (KR) @G19RP-USA (KR) @Dan-Sweden @LemonRP-Japan @BorisRP-Belgium @APTerminator-(Union of) Britain @Stannis-Australia @groovy tony-Ireland(kr) @Dakotaen @Wyoming-Russian State (kr)
  7. PCJames

    Potius Cras

  8. PCJames

    Potius Cras

    Anyone who has not been in game for over 4 weeks need to be removed. Thank you for your cooperation.
  9. PCJames

    Potius Cras

    Activity is lacking in some areas with some members not having been in game in several weeks. Other members are playing non group characters so you need to contact these members and determine whether they want to stay on the roster. The roster is very outdated and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Thanks.
  10. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    I'm glad that the game actually happened and from what I hear there was a good turnout and people had a good time. I plan on hosting a third game in a few weeks.
  11. PCJames

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Thread looks great, and I love the pictures and overall layout. The individual stories of every single member is a great touch as well. I am a little confused, however, as to why a character such as Nikolai Kirochev would be on the roster. Nikolai was a hardcore member of the communist PCC and even after the group disbanded he has on numerous occasions responded to radio broadcasts in Russian. If your group are true nationalists then they would despise anything communist, and anything Russian. Some clarification would be nice. It could be as easy as adding a few lines to his character page explaining the radical ideological shift or just making a new character. Thanks.
  12. PCJames

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Thread looks great and story is fine except for one little part. The second paragraph of the infection spoiler is a little confusing. When were these two MC's living in this warehouse? Was it before or after the infection? How long were these two groups of men in this one warehouse before they opened the front door and noticed the infected inside? Where were they getting food and other supplies while they were in this warehouse? Please answer these questions when you can. Thanks.
  13. PCJames

    The Riptide Collective (IC Open Recruitment.)

    I never lost faith.
  14. PCJames

    The Riptide Collective (IC Open Recruitment.)

    Considering it's been several months since this group was officially around the lore should be updated with what the members have been up to in the last 7 months along with good explanation as to how your new members, including members of the Russian mob, joined Riptide, and why are they motivated to administer medical aid to civilians. Thanks.
  15. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Game is set for 19:00, look for @Centurion room. If he doesn't have one, then make your own and name it appropriately.
  16. PCJames

    Task Force 88 [NATO group] [ Open Recruitment]

    As far as I'm aware, groups that arent led by a LM have to earn rhe title of Lore Group and show that they can be a serious long term group after several weeks of being in existence. Also, last I checked Sylva's name wasn't pink.
  17. PCJames

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It felt nice getting into rp again for the first time in two months tonight. I enjoyed my interactions with all the Kamenci boys and the OREL fellas.
  18. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Due to some unforeseen irl things, I won't be attending on Saturday. Nevertheless, @Centurionwill create a TS room and get the game organized. What times works best for the vast majority of us? Keep in mind you can join late or leave early if need be.
  19. PCJames

    The Riptide Collective (IC Open Recruitment.)

    Whelp, will the real group that Taryn is in please stand up?
  20. PCJames

    New 0.63 Chernogorsk Rework

    While the changes aren't as extreme as NWAF's, they still look great.
  21. PCJames

    Bila Ruka PD

    It's good to see a heroish group come around, albeit some questionable characters on the roster. These of course can be addressed at a later date. Best of luck!
  22. PCJames

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Is this group still alive? The majority of the members haven't gotten in game in over a week and one member has yet to log in at all this wipe.
  23. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Who will you be playing? Also I can see who has voted and I will only be counting votes from people actually playing, the vote is actually 2-7 KR. Sorry.
  24. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    Oof, I had to remove Nozzy for being a naughty boy. Nevertheless we are looking for more people. Dont be afraid to pickup major countries! We also need someone to host. I hosted last game but my internet is very poor and we could only manage 3 speed. The host needs to have all DLC's.
  25. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #2

    @Rolle you want another go as the Poles?