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    Roll Fucking Tide

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      Oh yes james, roll tide. You see Georgia's incoming class tho

  2. The Embers [Open Recruiting] [Active]

    I think you might be overthinking this, all you need to do is make your goals like what you have for goals 1 and 2. If you still want my advice lemme know.
  3. The Embers [Open Recruiting] [Active]

    @th3inory , your lore is much better and an enjoyable read if you are a military buff. For the goals that don't have it, you need to add a timetable for them. Thanks.
  4. Goodbye.

    I'm sorry to hear that. We only spoke a couple times but you seemed like a chill guy. Take care.
  5. The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    Welcome to the land of the approved!
  6. MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    Urite my b, @dawsonpark
  7. The Last Light

    Considering your group is unique in that each person has explicit goals made public so everyone can see I feel that there isn't much I can do for you. The SMART goals are meant to only be applied to groups as a whole; not necessarily singular characters. If you feel that this is unfair, then you should take this up with your group leader. If you have any further questions or concerns please let me know.
  8. Prapor Vlkodlak [Recruitment Open]

    Hello @Grimnir , you need to update your goals to align with the new SMART ruleset. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  9. The Damned

    Hello @Jack the Ripper, you need to update your goals to the new SMART ruleset. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  10. The Last Light

    Hello @Mademoiselle , while your goals are very plentiful and of good quality they need to be given a time goal even if it's simply 'ongoing' as per the new SMART goals. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  11. Viridian

    Hello @Eddie Sorella , you need to update your goals to align with the new SMART goals. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  12. Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    Hello @Para , you need to update your goals to align with the new SMART goals. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  13. MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    @Law you need to update your goals to align with the SMART ruleset. You have 48 hours to do so. Thanks.
  14. Ellie Bradford

    Allie Bradford-Ellie Bradford “Life where all is given is a life worth living” Straight from birth Ellie and Allie Bradford were best friends. From the very beginning the two girls were fed from a silver spoon by their recently divorced father; Percival Bradford. Percival only wanted the best for his two little “angels” so he gave them whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. Percival made a point to send his two girls to church every Sunday and enrolled them in a private ‘Catholic’ school. In both middle school and high school both Ellie and Allie ruled the school popularity wise. They always had the nicest cars, the hottest boyfriends, and the craziest house parties. To everyone they were a 10, but to each other they were best friends and each other’s number one rival. In order to to maintain their party lifestyle, the two girls decided on UCLA for their college education. “Time does not last as long as you die” College was much more difficult than either Ellie or Allie could have ever imagined. After only the first week they were failing most classes and their father started worrying. However, regarding the social scene, the girls were right where they wanted to be. Although they were roommates and had spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on dorm decor, they hardly slept in their own beds and the walk of shame became a morning routine for them. While it was very difficult for him to do so, Percival finally had to get onto his daughters and tell them to shape up or face the consequences. Ellie and Allie had never been disciplined before and they really took their father’s disappointment to heart and started to work on their schoolwork with some earnest. After a few weeks, both girls were able to salvage their grades in time for finals. Winter break was a time of joyful reunion with their father alongside seeing how terrible their old high school classmates had become. The second semester started just as the first had ended; the girls were working hard. But when the weather turned warm again, old behaviors started to resurface. The partying became crazier, and the grades dropped lower. But the girls didn’t have a care in the world, they were living the good life until they weren’t. By the end of the second semester, the Allie and Ellie were no longer even going to class and they failed every single exam. For once his life, Percival was furious at his two daughters who he had once thought so highly of. Instead of allowing their kind of behavior to flourish over the summer he decided to send them on a summer-long goodwill mission to Chernarus. There he hoped they would turn their life around while helping others around. “New lands give new fortune to those who beg for it” For the two girls being in Chernarus was probably the worst thing that could have happened to them. The people there did not worship them, good shopping was hard to come by, and they had to actually work and do something productive with their lives. They couldn’t stand the thought of being around poor people so they opted to simply sort out clothing but their working mentality was abysmal. For every hour that any of the other goodwill workers worked, the Bradford twins maybe put forth ten minutes. They quickly became very hated among the charity group and there was even a movement to forcibly return them back to the states. However, something much worse was happening. South Zagoria was suffering a pandemic on a scale never seen before. Infected people were eating other people and the world that the Bradfords once knew was quickly gone. Inapt at doing anything for themselves, the twins stuck together and relied on the kindness of strangers to survive. However, over time even these kind strangers kicked them to curb and now the Ellie and Allie can only count on each other for survival. “No regrets, ever" Ellie was always the quieter of the two unless she was crossed in any way, this would result in her becoming very upset and going off on a tantrum. Therefore those who knew Ellie always tried to make her happy and she liked that. While she never said it outright, Ellie craved all the attention that she received. She would spend hours getting ready in the morning to ensure that he looked the very best that she could. It was no secret that she wanted to be known as the better-looking sister. While Ellie always preferred to have someone else do the work for her, in order to keep a perfect body Ellie spent a good amount of time in the gym and after her 13th birthday, she became a 'vegan' for life. School never came easy for her but she always planned on just finding some man to support her after she graduated. Attention Boys Vegan Food Rap Music Getting want she wants The finer things in life Disappointing her father Being alone Doing manual work Blood Gross Men Complaining None currently
  15. The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    Just a reminder that for your roster you must include your member's in-game name as well.
  16. The Synaptic Foundation [Recruitment: Limited]

    Due to inactivity, this group idea will be archived. Once you have five active members, feel free to contact a staff member for an unarchive. /archived
  17. The Common Folk - The Children of Falk

    Considering the majority of the group have not played in three weeks+ this group will be archived. If one of the active members can wrangle together five active people then contact a staff member to get this unarchived. /archived
  18. The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    Hello @OnionRingOfDoom , the group thread has improved greatly since it was put up. Keep in mind for the future that it's best to post group ideas when they are complete. Looking through your story it is much better and it seems to answer all my questions as it should. However, as I'm sure you know when your character changes morals this drastically, it should not be taken lightly; your character should always act in a realistic manner. This includes staying consistent with your character's morals. Your story does show how some of the ex-fangs have changed their ways however, I would add a section about how some of the members of your group who weren't in the fangs, were drawn to your town regardless of your dark background. Don't feel as if you have to mention them by name, but I just think it would explain your roster a little bit more. The way I see it, if you have to make an OOC goal of 'don't be a meme', then your group is a meme. I would recommend removing that goal entirely. Your IC goals look great, remember to update them as time goes along. Finally, you have many grammar issues in your lore that need to be fixed. Thanks.
  19. The Embers [Open Recruiting] [Active]

    Hello @th3inory, the general premise of the group is neat however one paragraph for your lore is unacceptable. You need at least three good sized paragraphs. Think about how your group arrived in Chernaurus and what they have been doing since day one. You need to hyperlink your group member's profile on your roster and regarding your group goals keep these in mind. Thanks.
  20. The Black & Tans [Strict Recruitment]

    Hello @Ryan Shepherd , the thread looks very good. There are some grammar and spelling issues in the story but considering it's a journal; that may have been added for realism. However, before we can approve this group you need to look through these SMART goals and implement them accordingly. Among the LM team, it's generally agreed that three high-quality goals are ideal. Thanks.
  21. PCJames

    *Rematerializes out of thin air* 

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  23. Group Idea:Class of 2018

    I hope this evening finds you well Kattica/Pussy. I would like to apologize if my post disappointed or even insulted anyone. I usually leave detailed posts with multiple bullet points anytime I leave group feedback however, considering he was just posting an idea with a very short description of the potential group I felt that was not nessecary. I am also currently on vacation and my mind is not exactly on DayZ. I checked the forums and saw this and it peaked my interest because I have thought always thought that a HS or college group would be cool. I agree that I maybe should've thought my quick feedback out a little longer than I did. Regardless, considering he mentioned me and thanked me for my feedback, I'm not exactly too distraught about my reeponse. Nevertheless I will expand upon my feedback. While the lore does say that tourism does increase, it is unclear whether it is referring to South Zagoria or Chernaurus as a whole. I tend to think it refers to Chernaurus as a whole because there are some neat things to visit in greater Chernaurus. The lore clearly states that tourism has packed up, I wouldnt dare say that it is booming. As for the relief effort, I can get on board with this a lot more. When I originally read the post I couldn't help but think of my own senior trip and how I wanted to do something fun and exciting. Releif efforts weren't exactly on my mind. Perhaps my feelings of nostalgia got me and I apologize if they did. While it would be neat to see a HS group in Chernaurus (for whatever reason) I can't help but wonder what their goals would be. With the new regulations we have for group goals I feel it would be difficult for a group such as this to make three non generic survivor goals to push the server's rp forward. However, if wolfstorm decides to go forward with this group then I'm excited to see what he can do with it. Thanks and remember I have a feedback thread for postive and negative remarks.
  24. Group Idea:Class of 2018

    South Zagoria is the poorest region of a second world county. They have no tourist industry and there's more people wanting to get out than get in. While it's a cool concept, it would never work for South Zagoria.
  25. Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    After being robbed by the CLF, I asked the very next person I found if I could join their group without even considering what their group was all about. The group archived a couple days later due to inactivity.