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    Svoboda Official Propaganda Thread

    Very nice content here boyz!
  2. PCJames

    Svoboda Movement

    Many members in this group are starting to fade away into the phantom zone. It would be smart to contact them before they disappear completely. Also when comparing the group thread roster to the CP there are very clear discrepancies and a couple of your goal's timestamps have since elapsed. Therefore this group thread needs to be thoroughly updated. Please do this as soon as possible, thanks.
  3. PCJames

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    A growing portion of this group has not been in game in weeks with a couple members nearing forced removal inactivity levels. With such a large portion of the group not having been in game in a while, it begs the question, does this group need to be maybe temporarily archived and brought back when its members can become active again?
  4. PCJames

    The Symptom [Open Recruitment]

    The new goals look good, they are still the generic bandit group goals but considering we don't have an honest bandit group right now that's probably fine. The background lore jumps around a whole lot and fails to tell a fluid story. It almost seems like it was three stories mushed together into one with little transition or tying up of loose ends.
  5. PCJames

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    It's within every member's right to remark upon a group's activity or simply question their group page. Nonetheless, the OP can of course choose to ignore them if they wish.
  6. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    Greetings DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 players! It's time another semi-monthly HOI4 game! Currently, I'm eyeing this Saturday and as the week progresses hopefully we can determine a time for the game that works with most people. As usual, post what country you want and a suggestion for a possible mod. In an effort to maybe shake things up I've included a poll for some possible rules into the game. I can see who voted in the poll so if you aren't actually playing then your vote will be null. I fully expect my usuals to signup. Countries PCJames- France/Japan @G19RP - Germany (US RT56) @BorisRP-Sweden @Wyoming- New Zealand (RT56 British Raj) @Pastor-Poland @Sylva-Italy @Clarence-China @Agent Banks& @Zero-USSR @groovy tonyRP-United Kingdom @Quentin-Australia (Iran RT56) @SheepyMcSheepface-Day of @Stagsview-USA/Spain @Stannis-Luxembourg @Gallo-Greece @human142-Hungary/Czechoslovakia
  7. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    TS Channel is up, poke to be moved in.
  8. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    As I said earlier the game is startingat 3 CST, that's 20:00 server time. This should give both NA and EU players time to play. I'll have a TS room up shortly.
  9. Oleg was born to a staunch communist who lost it all when the Soviet Union fell. Oleg's family had known how to work the communist system and had been quiet wealthy because of it. Oleg was raised by a bitter father who taught Oleg how to take advantage of other people and always talked about how communism was right around the corner in Russia. Sure enough it was, in 2009 a Civil War broke out between the CDF and communist insurgents in the Country of Chernarus just South of Russia. Oleg along with many other red sympathizers flocked to Chernarus to help their camrads and enjoyed their early victories in the war. However once the US got involved the Chedaki were eradicated and Oleg fled with many other Chedaki into the Black Mountain where they hoped they would be safe. For years they lived in peace, but they were always weary of any government forces seeking to make them extinct. When the infection hit the newly formed BPR migrated from the Black Mountains back to South Zagoria where they hoped to expand their new communist Republic and take down the evil CDF. After many victories Oleg was allowed into the new BPR Spetznaz and is activitely involved in BPR's activities in South Zagoria.
  10. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    More likely than not it will be me or another NA player hosting.
  11. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    I'll make a TS channel at about 19:30 server time, we'll try to start by 20:00.
  12. PCJames

    Battlefield V

    Here's the trailer that contains some 'gameplay'. Honestly for a number of reasons this looks terrible. I was extremely excited for this game but this trailer makes the whole WW2 setting look like a cheesy arcade game at the local pizzeria. Hopefully they can change my mind along with a growing number of other dissenters.
  13. PCJames

    Staff level system

    I don't really see any point in this. Getting another star under your name doesn't give you more power than you had before and regarding the argument about getting a 'mini-promotion', I feel that it is so much better to get a larger promotion when you actually get more power and a different name color to go a long with it. However, like Rolle said, this is more of a fyi so it is what it is.
  14. PCJames

    *Enters Kabanino*

    Sad to see you go, I wish you well.
  15. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    It should be around that time. Name your country if you would.
  16. PCJames

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    You are too good to me

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      I love you ❤️

  17. PCJames

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    Don't you mean make Svea Rike strong?
  18. PCJames


    Well I recently bought a new motherboard and I will be going to finally get this i7 installed. I'd say there's a 50/50 chance I fuck something up so wish me luck! 

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      Remember to line up the triangles!

  19. PCJames

    Battlefield V

    Perhaps it's trickery but it almost looks like a simplified British Flag on the left and a German Iron Cross on the right. Therefore WW2? Maybe? Hopefully?
  20. PCJames

    Vanguard of the Fasces

    While I apologize for the delay, having a poor attitude will not speed up the process of group approval and will often have the opposite effect. However, thank you for doing as I have asked.
  21. PCJames

    Vanguard of the Fasces

    The goals still need to be clarified. Being clarified in the comments isn't public enough. I would also advise splitting your goals into two sections. One for long term goals and the other for short term goals. The short term goals should be more specific while the long term goals can be a little more vague.
  22. PCJames


    Here's some info on the next HOI4 expansion for those interested. 


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      Reading this is painful

  23. PCJames

    Real life picture Thread

    Some pics from this last week. @Major
  24. PCJames

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    It looks much better, thanks.
  25. PCJames

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    The thread is very well put together and the graphics are very well done. I can only really find a couple things awry in the entire thread Nit Picky Shit that you can choose to adhere to or not The modern mob doesn't tend to deal much arms smuggling. Modern, sophisticated gangs, instead run prostitution rings, deal drugs, run casinos, run internet scams, fix the stock market, and try to influence American politics. If they need weapons for whatever reason, they usually buy them domestically. Even if they were dealing guns, considering most American mobs are more powerful than any Chernarussian mob ever would be, an American mob would never travel abroad for a simple gun deal. They would make the Chernarussians come to them, and if they refused, the Americans would find someone else. The only reason I say these are optional is that the way Tony's original mob was is still possible, albeit unlikely. Stuff you actually need to pay attention to The lore for the group seems to focus on one single man way too much. While the group would most definitely not be around without him, any reader should not feel like they are reading Tony Morretti's life story when they are trying to find out how the Moretti Famiglia was started. Like I said, I realize that this may difficult but it's important to create a balance. Considering you already have so much written down and I wouldn't want you to have to erase any of your work, I would advise that you make a spoiler containing 'Tony's Story' and then maybe have another section devoted to just the group with maybe a little less of every single person or group Tony has interacted with in the last 10 months. Like said, this looks great and I know that it will be great. Make these changes and you should be good to go! Thanks.