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  1. PCJames

    My DayZRP Spring Break has started early. I'll return in April. 

    1. WesternRP


      take care

  2. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I like the addition of group wars; No more awkward who can iniatate first wars.
  3. The Pedlars - OPEN RECRUITMENT

    Hello @Dan, the overall theme of your group, while simple, is quite charming. I would also like to add that your grammar is exquisite and I found zero issues. Unfortunately there are some small things that need to be worked on. Goal number #2 is quite perplexing. Is your group of friendly traders going to be seeking bandits and delivering justice? Or are they rather going to refrain from giving certain bandits the good Samaritan discount? Would it not be better for business to be completely neutral and not openly pick sides? How exactly do you plan on going about goal #3? Does spreading trade mean multiple trade posts or perhaps you will have a traveling salesman? Some clarification would be appreciated. For goal #5, is your home and the secret base of operation separate or are they the same thing? Why exactly is it even necessary to have a secret base of operations? Finally, the majority of your group have not been in game in months. This group will not be approved until all members are active in game. Other than that the group looks great. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks.
  4. Res Publica

    Hello @Sylva, the graphics and overall layout of your thread are very nice. I like what you did with the hyperlinked member pictures. I also admire the intent of this group. However, there are a few issues that need to be addressed. While your background is a nice personal narrative for Alex Riley it explains next to nothing about the creation of the group. Remember that group backgrounds should not be a back story for any one member. Also, where is Plato or any of his teachings present in your group lore? Considering you have goals and even the title about The Republic you would think it would be mentioned n the group lore. You need to explain why the group is using an ancient text as the foundation of their beliefs. Your last two goals seem to contradict one another. You want to be isolationist, but you also want to establish a rp hotspot? I'm afraid you can't have both on this server. Along the same lines, goals 2 and 5 seem very similar. Is your home to become the hotspot or are they to be separate? If they are to be the same then one of these goals should be cut. Lastly, what exactly is your group? After perusing your thread it isn't very clear what your group wants to be. I understand what it wants to be on an OOC level, but IC'ly, what is your groups identity? Your goals and group lore should reflect this. If you have any questions or need help, let me know. Thanks.
  5. Sandline International

    Hello @Luke Dowsett, the overall premise of the group seems promising but I found several flaws that need to be rectified. Your roster spreadsheet is neat, but all group threads are required to have a roster that has links to each individual member's profile. One paragraph group lores are not acceptable, the expected number is at least three paragraphs. There are numerous grammar mistakes, primarily capitalization, that need fixing. I'm a little confused on your first line of your group lore, " to help fill a spot for the end of cold war era" what does this even mean? What would need filling after the Cold War? Why would the Ukrainian government contract a company to gather weapons from any country, especially one that it doesn't share any borders with? On top of that, why would they care once the infection has started? This directive needs to be modified. The timestamps by your goals should align with 'days since infection start' timer on the homepage Why does your group care if I'm wearing an American hoodie? I thought y'all were being contracted by Ukraine? Why would your group ever want to secure American guns? Wouldn't, if anything, you want to secure Ukraine guns? I thought they were the ones to contract you, not America? Regardless, Ukraine is in no shape to pay you, and you have no real communication with America, so why keep this fruitless mission alive? Why would your group, a PMC group being paid, want to setup a government? What's in it for them? If they are intent on taking all American guns then how can you expect people to follow you and obey you? Your final three goals aren't really goals but rather a group policy and should be labeled as such. Overall this group need some work, but I'm sure you can make it the best group that it can be. If you require assistance, don't be afraid to reach out. Thanks.
  6. New Lore with Beta

    I've been a long time advocate for the 20 year time jump for quite some time. I've even started to write an unofficial time warp lore simply dubbed 'Chernaurus 2038'. Basically the premise is 4 warring factions: a large bandit clan on the northern highway, a neo-Nazi Chernarussian group in Zeleno, a communist state in Cherno and Elektro, and finally a 'peaceful' democratic settlent in Berenzino. These four groups have recently all signed a armistice but no one expects the peace to last long. Chernaurus 2038 has been heavily inspired by the Metro Universe and past and current groups in DayZRP. I'm doing this for my own entertainment but maybe I'll release some of it when its ready. Regardless, I'd like to reiterate that there's no plans for a lore wipe or a lore jump for BETA.
  7. The Common Folk - The Children of Falk

    Genji hasn't been in game in two weeks and she hasn't even been on the forums since Saturday. She also made a status update saying that she was leaving the community Friday so unless she shows some consent publicly I would remove her from your roster.
  8. How do I delete my group directory?

    Only admins possess the power to delete group CP's. It will be done shortly; no sweat off your back.
  9. Socialist State of Zagoria

    I really like what I see here. Keep it up!
  10. The Sojourners

    Is it still your intention to rp this group @Mr. Blue? Many of your members including yourself are not playing as your group character or are not playing at all. Allow me to remind you that playing as a different character does not contribute to group activity.
  11. SSZ Propaganda Thread

    *Shamefully posts old unappreciated LM thread*
  12. HOI4 Old World Blues game

    Speak of the devil, I just got this mod yesterday. I would love to play a MP game of this.
  13. Radio chatter rules changed

    Glad to see these finally implemented, especially the second portion.
  14. The Black Roses

    Hello @XxGrAipYyxX, here's my feedback after doing a couple read overs. There's still some grammar issues especially regarding capitalization. One more thorough read should do the trick. Goals one, three, and eight are pretty much universal among all groups at this point so I would just remove them but it's up to you. Somewhere, in your case probably in a spoiler, you need to have all your member's profiles linked. Overall I'm very confused as to what your group actually is. Initially I was getting a mercenary vibe, but then you start talking about a coalition, and finally you you end with cowboys. Trying to be all three would make your group appear very generic. At least for the time being you should focus on one direction and go full throttle. I look forward to your changes. Let me know if you want any help. Thanks.
  15. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    If you are as below average as I am then hmu @ PCJames
  16. Mark's Media Thread

    Nice looking pics! Looks like a good time.
  17. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Bye, bye, hmu on steam when you feelin low.
  18. Proud Parents Thread

    @GalaxyI expect a post here from you in about 8 months.
  19. Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    Hey @Taryn, your group's activity is ok. You have a few members who haven't been in game in about a week and one who hasn't been in game in over three weeks. I would get in contact with that member and find out whether they can become active or not. How are your goals going? Three of you goal's timestamps have elapsed and you need to either remove them if you accomplished them or update them if you are still working towards completing them. Is the group being received how you want it? Are you encountering any obstacles to you and your group's rp? Please make these changes and answer these questions when you can. Thanks.
  20. Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    On first glance this looks good, but I would definitely center those pictures.
  21. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Very well, let myself or any other Mod+ know if you want to come back. /archived
  22. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Grimnir has a point, you were asked to update your goals a week ago and they still stay the same as they did day 1 for this group. Therefore considering you've already been given a 7 day period to change your goals and you have failed to do so, this group will be force archived in 10 hours unless they are changed. Thanks.
  23. The Sojourners

    Hello @Mr. Blue, it's been a couple weeks since this groups approval and everything seems to be going smoothly. I just wanted to remind you that a couple of your goal's timestamps have expired so you need to either replace them or update them. Let me know if have questions or need help. Thanks.
  24. The Embers [Open Recruiting] [Active]

    Welcome back! Please make sure that all the members on your roster are still onboard and then update the roster the accordingly. Everything else looks great.
  25. Lore Wipe

    Lore wipes occur far and very few in between; we do not plan on having another Lore Wipe anytime in the foreseeable future.