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  1. The Vale of Shadows

    I'm not going to lie, I've never been one for cannibals of any kind but your story is extremely logical. I look forward to your rp. Awesome job guys!
  2. Black Bear Garage

    Congrats, I haven't met y'all in game yet, but I hope to soon!
  3. Thank you Rory, I hope people take advantage of this guide like they should. And as always, great graphics!
  4. Severograd Victory [OPEN COMS.]

    *Boris is shamefully gorging down some good liquor when hears the radio. He starts to laugh his off and then while trying to sound serious he speaks* Bounty hunters in mass in Chernaurus? Not only that but they are all working together? And it almost sounds like they aren't even doing this for payment they are doing it for some sort of self righteousness which is the complete opposite of what a bounty hunter does? And to top it off they big dick their victories their 'victory' over the radio? *He laughs hysterically to himself* You have to be the worst bounty hunters that I have ever heard of, I can understand why Allah wants your heads *He puts the radio down and continues drinking his good drank*
  5. The Hounds

    Is this group still active? Only one member has played in the last week
  6. The real reason the zombies took over so easily...

    As if the mod wasn't already legendary enough
  7. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    It won't be long before the last blip on Dayz's cardiac scanner flat lines. The DayZ devs have killed the patience of even the most loyal of fans. We need a new platform but it's not like side projects actually ever take off.
  8. PCJames

    I can't seem to update my bios to save my life so now I have a $350 i7-7770k just collecting dust while my trustworthy i5 strains for every frame. 

  9. The Prophets

    I'll leave more formal feedback later so here's my raw first impressions. Where are the pictures? Using the 'they are coming skin's excyse is very poor. I would never, ever post a group thread without proper graphics it just looks terrible. Is this supposed to be a hero group led by a bounty hunter? Bounty hunters by definition kill people for money, they aren't anyone's friend Virtually all of your roster was whitelisted in the last week. A. You all need some real rp experience before you join a group. B. The retention rate of newcomers is and always been low that combined with the state of the game/server makes a bad combination. Therefore this group may be inactive in just a couple weeks time. Why are you called The Prophets? What are you prophisizing or are you not even prophets and thats just a word that you thought was cool? I would archive this for a month, get some experience on the server and then go for it.
  10. GM [Open]

    *Boris would be cleaning a filthy truck. He would wipe his brow with a disgusting rag when his radio sounds. He listens to the man and then speaks with a Chernarussian accent* What exactly did you expect to find at such a place? Even before the infection Green Mountain wasn't too popular. It's no place for any man to be taking a leisurely stroll sounding off on the Radio *Boris sets the radio down and takes a seat on the cold hard ground*
  11. Just saw the new trailer. The film looks very good but I just hope that this film has new elements that haven't been in any of the past films.
  12. See Ya Boys

    Your posts always made me laugh. You will be missed.
  13. PCJames

    I swear it's the same 7 people who show up in these DayZRP streams. 

  14. PCJames

    Bladerunner 2049 was fascinating. If you were a fan of the first one, then you owe it to yourself to go out and see it.