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  1. Cracking open a warm one with the boys!
  2. So 2 weeks to a month?
  3. I currently have a 6th gen i5 and it runs DayZ like a greyhound. Unless you plan on playing games more demanding than DayZ, I would go for the i5.
  4. PCJames

    I've never understood why Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is regarded as the worst of the franchise. Besides the whole Calypso portion I think the movie is great. The final battle is truly epic in my eyes. But maybe that's just me

    1. Stiflex


      Every movie is amazing, haven't seen the newest one though.

    2. PCJames


      I've heard the new one is just plain average. 

    3. Spooky88


      I watched the last one and i'll tell you straight away that its not something that will knock you of your feet.

  5. I would support this, except how are staff going to prove this? Unless the accussed just admits to it , then no one will ever get punished because of lack of evidence.
  6. Welcome @yoyohaloreach @Dale Gribble @Rei @KittieWriting, happy to have you all aboard!
  7. Well worth the watch, that Shaboo fella was hilarious.
  8. Entry #3 5-24-17 It had started one day, that miserable, creeping, sense of loneliness. The friends I once counted on, and had almost started taken for granted were absent from the camp for days at a time. I didn't know where they were and I don't like that. With a group of this size I liked the feeling of being in control, of keeping tabs on all six members. But I had to remind myself that these people, were their own and it was not my place to control their every move. Nevertheless, I was starting to feel lonely. One day, out of the blue, I received a radio transmission from a mysterious voice. The voice wanted to meet me, and my people. I was immediately skeptical, but also I desired company. Like a fool I gathered all my things and started to set out to our rendezvous location to meet a complete stranger. I was walking on a road south of Gvozdno when I saw a hunter lodge. I decided to take a quick peak inside. The sight inside was quite shady. There was a man crouched over a dead woman's body. "Woah, looks like there's been some bad business here. Look, I don't want any trouble, I'll just be on my way" "Oh, really, it's fine" The man stood up and walked out of the hut with a smile. We exchanged small talk and he began to ask me about if I had come from the direction of Severograd. I said that I had and he then subtly asked me what my opinion of the people who lived in Severograd were. "Well, the ones I met seemed normal, but one of them was quite a freak" The man's entire demeanor changed and he immediately raised his gun and I just knew where this was headed. "Guns and axe on the ground NOW!. Think you can call us freaks huh! We do not take kindly to those kind of insults!" I quietly did what the man said, I had no ammo in my guns and I had obviously struck a serious nerve with this guy. Out of the woods came another man, presumably a friend of my captor. "Take this man into town and teach him a lesson" My new captor lead me at gunpoint all the way to a church north of Severograd. He asked me many questions, about myself, my group, and my plans. I gave him half honest answers that I knew would satisfy him. We arrived to a church surrounded by armed men and women who did not seem to be happy to see people. "Ah, we have another guest for out little 'party'" Inside there was another hostage, bound, and facing the wall. I was told to crouch near him and I was quickly restrained. One of our captors approached the other hostage, took of his shirt and started carving into the man's back. I turned away in disgust as the man let out several cries of pain. I used to be like this, the ones pointing the guns and carving their dominance into others. But I knew that that feeling of dominance never lasted long enough and you always needed more and more until there's nothing left. The attention quickly turned from my fellow hostage to myself. They asked me exactly why I was here. "Well, it appears that I struck a wrong nerve with your friend back there. About a week ago I travelled through this town and met a man, wearing a clown mask, he said his name was Boris and I made a remark that this man was a..a freak" For some reason my captors didn't seem to know who this Boris fellow was and whatever punishment I had in store was diminished from possible execution to just receiving a scar because I had travelled through the town unmarked. For whatever reason my fellow hostage was drawn to the power that my captors held. He wanted to join them and to prove his loyalty he would be willing to break my neck. My captors seemed to agree and started to untie him. "Don't you think it's a little strange that he's so eager to get on your good sides? Some men will say anything to get out of situations such as these" I remarked. "Say" said a gravely voice, "This guy has a point, alright we'll let him mark ya, and if he's truly serious about joining then will give him a job that he can do" They untied the man and gave him a knife. I knew what was coming and I prepared myself. They took of my backpack and ripped off my shirt. "Make it pretty, I want to be fucking impressed when you're done with this piece of art" said the gravely voice. The pain was sharp and continuous. I let out a cry of pain and continue to groan until this arduous process was over a few minutes later. Judging by my captors responses they were not very impressed with the outcome. "What the fuck am I looking at?" "Is that...is that a fucking flower? What the fuck" "Yes" said the other hostage, "It's a rose" Great, I had fucking scar depicting a rose on my back, but that was the least of worries as my captors reclosed me and decided not to treat my wound. Realizing that it would be very beneficial if I befriend this group I posed a question. "Uh..I have a group, a group of people that depend on me. I can obviously see the power that you possess and I want to be on your good side. What can I do to secure passage through your beautiful town here?" "Oh we will get to that" They explained to me and the other hostage that there was a group out there, known as the Renegades. These people want them dead or alive. They then quickly let me out, on my way out I told them to tell Boris that I was sorry. I received that same blank face when I said the name Boris. Odd. I don't know who these Renegades are, or who leads them, but it's imperative that I find them. They could be good people, or they could not. It didn't really matter. I needed them and I would whatever is necessary to deliver them to Severograd for the betterment of my people.
  9. Tis a shame. o7
  10. *knock knock* Anyone Home?
  11. *James is trying his very best to fall asleep but his radio stops him from entering the Twilight Zone*. He listens to the imbecile before responding* 'Dom sounds like an idiot' *James starts to laugh heartily before he releases the PTT*
  12. This is a great idea Tony, call me an uncultured American but I really do enjoy playing that Southern USA guy, and this just makes sense. +1 de moi
  13. *James is taking a walk through a pine forest, taking it all in. He traces his hands among the pine needle. His moment of tranquility though is interrupted by the continuous squawk of his radio. He takes it all in and decides to speak his piece* "I believe the conversation has strayed far of course. Louis, listen, I don't why, but I know for some reason you seek me. I know that you sent spies to infiltrate my ranks and gather information of my whereabouts. Needless to say the snakes have long been rooted out and dealt with accordingly. I happened to visit the 101 camp shortly after the raid. I have to say the carnage was quite impressive, however your men did not occupy the town rather 101 had come back to reclaim it. I don't know what you want with 101, and quite frankly I don't care, but my people and I want nothing of it. Take care, I have a feeling our paths will cross in due time. As for you 101 listeners, I do like y'all, I really do. But you should be ashamed of yourselves. That's a bad showing. For your sakes, y'all gotta get to a shooting range" *James releases the PTT and continues his otherworldly walk*
  14. Now you are just insulting the community that you worked so hard to get into? If you don't like here, please leave, we don't want people with that kind of attitude.