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  1. Svoboda Brigada

    This looks amazing. Please don't archive in less than a month. Please
  2. Ciao

    Hmu with that Arma 3 server when it's up. Farewell Hebi.
  3. A Toast to a South Zagoria

    *Vadik plops down in an old armchair in the lonely cabin that he had spent the night in. In his lap is a map of South Zagoria with certain portions highlighted and random phrases in various languages over certain locations on the map. To his right is a bottle of better than average vodka which he promptly takes a swig of and starts talking in his native tongue* Приветствую моих братьев, если вы это понимаете, это хороший знак. Позвольте мне представиться, меня зовут Вадик Носков. Я признаюсь, что за последние несколько месяцев я не сделал много, но я путешествовал по этой прекрасной стране, определяя ценность людей и групп, которые называют это место домом. И хотя я нашел много хороших людей и групп, я также нашел много темных пятен. У нас есть негры, которые с гордостью идут по нашим улицам, у нас есть мусульмане, стучащие в нашу дверь, и эта страна стала жертвой коммунистического рака. Видите ли, если наши истинные славяне могут слиться, мы снова можем снова сделать это место целым. Если вы согласитесь с этим чувством, тогда давайте выпьем, а потом, возможно, поговорим. *Vadik would take a sip but he would keep his hand on the PTT so it his 'ahhh' can be heard* Moji místní bratři a moji spojenci stojí s vámi. Zveme vás, abyste nám pomohli vyčistit tuto špinavou zemi a vytvořit dokonalý stav pro novou generaci. Můžete být užitečné mnoha užitečnými způsoby, takže nestřílejte. Prosím, napijte. *He would release the PTT and commence gazing at his map*
  4. Cya

    bai bai, you filthy animal. hmu if you ever want to play EFT with some hot garbage.
  5. PCJames

    Remember those rumors that Desolation Redux's Devs bailed after launch day? Well, they are still updating the mod so maybe there's hope?



    Added: Pumpkin and Apple icons.
    Added: More edible food.
    Added: Sounds for door breaking.
    Added: Ability for zombies to break down and open doors (Fixes ghosting through buildings).
    Added: Sounds for generator.
    Added: Portable Light Item.
    Added: Hospital Bed object.
    Added: Hospital Sink object.
    Added: Hospital Gourney object.
    Added: Bike Frame, Bike Wheel, Bike Chain as parts for crafting a Bike.
    Added: Action for crafting a Bike.
    Added: Icon for M500 shotgun.
    Added: Action for opening a can.
    Added: Opened can foods.
    Added: cz750, m4_300, and revolver magazine icons.
    Added: Cutting animations for Shears.
    Added: A2 uniform ports now work for players.
    Added: HiddenSelectionTextures to storage crates.
    Added: Level 2 player house Version 2.
    Added: Skeleton model for body decomposing.
    Added: Land_school_01 object.
    Added: UN Billlboard textures.
    Added: Action to cut / remove zip ties.
    Fixed: Accessory icons.
    Fixed: Weapon effect code.
    Fixed: Broken prop p3d paths in zombies.
    Fixed: Zombie uniforms no longer disappear when they are killed.
    Fixed: Set max zeroing to 100m in m500.
    Tweaked: Accessory mode.cfg's to fix skeleton error.
    Tweaked: House Level 3 preview inventory increased to 8000.
    Tweaked: DSR_Moto physx.hpp to fix duplicate fuel class.
    Tweaked: Painkiller icons.
    Tweaked: Haku was here.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Weapons configs.7:31 PM 4/10/2018
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Zombies configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Actions configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Anims configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Apparel configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Creatures configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Items configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Musics configs.
    Tweaked: Moved weapon animations to DSR_Anims.
    Tweaked: Moved zombie animations to DSR_Anims.
    Tweaked: Changed all player house damage namedProperty to NO.
    Tweaked: DSR_Object splint config.
    Tweaked: Changed 3rd camera position.
    Tweaked: Intro weather and time.
    Tweaked: Flashlight light intensity, distance and angle.
    Tweaked: mk12,cz805,m24,dmr and svd icons.
    Removed: Extra TGA files.
    Removed: Duplicate textures in DSR_Weapons.
    Removed: Zombie uniforms from BIS_Arsenal.


    1. Major



  6. Solntsevskaya Bratva(Actively Recruiting)

    Group activity seems fine for the most part, except for two members who haven't been in game for over two weeks. I'm more intrigued by how your goals are going though. Are you where you want to be? Are you really controlling the flow of information in Chernaurus? What contraband are you transporting and if there are now laws then is it really contraband? Has anyone taken y'all up on your offer of roughing anybody up? Please answer these questions and make any needed changes when you can. Thanks.
  7. The Seekers

    Group activity is starting to wane with many members having not been in game in weeks. Remember that you need to have five active members in order to remain as a group. I would also like to know the progress of you goals. Regarding goal #7, it appears that Ling Long is not in your group anymore so that goal may need to change. Please make any changes as soon as possible. Thanks.
  8. The Black Roses (Recruitment Open)

    Group activity seems fine but it's apparent that the group thread roster needs to be updated as it differs from the group cp. A couple of your members are playing on non group members. Remember that this does not count as group activity and if they aren't actively playing with your group then you may want to consider removing them from the group. I'm also curious about how your goals are going. How is the coalition nowadays? Is it more organized than it once was? Are you actively taking jobs and completing them or has the mercenary aspect of your group worn off? Please make an necessary changes. Thanks.
  9. What would you like to see added to the in game landscape?

    Many of the ideas already mentioned such as caves and sewers would be dope. I would also like to see a high income neighborhood with unique mansions and even skeletons of nicer cars in the driveway. I think it'd also be neat to have a true civilian airfield as NEAF leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. CDF Soldier

    You would be a private or private first class. However if you arent in contact with your superiors then you might drop the rank. It's up to you.
  11. The Solute (Recruitment Open)

    @N-Tox do you have a 5th member? You have 5 members on your thread, but not on your cp. The odd man out hasn't been online in almost two weeks. You have 3 days to find a 5th member or your group will be archived.
  12. The Mountain Men

    Albeit this group is simple, it fills a hole that the server needs right now: hero groups. The thread is fine except for maybe the aesthetics. I would make all the subtitles into pictures like what you have for the first and the last ones. As long as you abide by your hero group goals and ideals, this group looks fine. Good luck!
  13. Bears in DayZ

    Bears fall into the same category as the BTR and little bird that they've 'been working on' for years now. While they would certainly be awesome to have in game, I dont think we can expect them anytime soon.
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  14. The Walking Dead Viewing Figures

    The show's formula has become way too predictable and the the show has morphed into a soap opera. I still make time to watch it, but I spend more time on my phone than actually paying attention.