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  1. PCJames

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    As usual your posts reflect a fantasy dream land where Tomeran is still a LM, Kovars Market is still around, and we're playing the mod instead of standalone. I would have loved to put forth some of the scenarios you mentioned but with this community and this game, none of those would ever be possible. Instead we had to resort to those events which according to you are a no go. I'm sorry if it wasn't up to your hyper ideological standard but it's what we had to do and we got almost all positive feedback about it. If you had a problem with our events then you should have pushed forward an event or two of your own other than the simple 'Open Air Market at Kovars' or post some constructive staff feedback instead of bitching after the fact. It's time to come down to reality, and if you can't then maybe you should leave, again. Because this place will never be able to satisfy you like it once did.
  2. PCJames

    • PCJames
    • Gaylaxitive

    I'm finna about to report you for all those times you gatted me on 420 with your rp character's name. 

    1. Lyca


      You should tbh. Bad Galaxy!! 

    2. Gaylaxitive


      Listen, it wasn't me someone else had that name... 420 sounds like a bad trend with the youth...

      Idk why lyca is calling me bad after all that ERP...

    3. gElmo


      Calling in Battle Baby for his full and detailed PoV.

    4. Lyca


      ERP is life. :D 

  3. PCJames

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #CloneWarsSaved Thread

    I was a never a fan of the addition of Ashoka but I've always been a fan of the prequels and the clone wars so this is still very much appreciated!
  4. PCJames

    I'm back after 5? years

    Nah, we out here.
  5. PCJames

    Blois here...

    Welcome and good luck on your app.
  6. PCJames

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    There's already several threads regarding Beta. Here's the most popular one.
  7. PCJames

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    So long Darra.
  8. PCJames

    • PCJames
    • Kain

    I'm fucking supporting you on your fucking appeal.  

    1. Kain


      Fuck man, that's fucking great.

  9. PCJames


    Here's another Arma 3 Chernarus map. Albeit it doesn't exactly follow our geographical lore it is neat as it adds both Utes and another island in the South, and a whole new section of the map to the East along with a really cool nuclear power plant. 



  10. PCJames

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    While I did vote yes, I fear that our efforts here may be futile. I'd like to bring to light three recent suggestions where the community voted yes and both would be easy to implement or one case keep the same, and yet the opposite of the community's wishes occurred. Regardless, if the LM was reinstated for some reason (which by looking at Rolle's answers to Mexi on ask the admins doesn't look like it will happen regardless of the poll) it would need to be given much more power than it had before. Back during the mod the LM's were on the same level as admins and they were able to spawn in anything from arma 2, create RCON messages, and archive groups on a whim. Our most recent LM team had none of those powers yet the staff description for LM still stated that it was to be on par with being an admin. Why was the position watered down so much over the years? Being a shell of what it used to be, being LM was tough as in order to do almost anything you had to bug another 'higher up' staff member and get them help you. Therefore, unless the position is amended and allowed its full power, then it's really not even worth bringing back.
  11. PCJames

    My Watch Has Ended

    I do still plan on posting that country by country update soon. It was delayed because of a death in the family of one of the contributors.
  12. groovy tonyRP

    • groovy tonyRP
    • PCJames

    you didnt deserve this

    1. PCJames


      The community didn't deserve this. 

  13. Mexi

    • Mexi
    • PCJames

    What I actually want to say would likely get me removed from the community, unfortunately.. But I'm sure you of all people understand how silly this is.

    Thank you again.

    1. PCJames


      Feel free to steam message me it. I truly appreciated your message. Thanks. 

  14. PCJames

    My Watch Has Ended

    Hello all, I was notified earlier today that my position was no longer necessary and that I was to be forced out of LM. For better or for worse I understand the decision if it is a little disappointing. I was never the most visible staff or the one who did the most work, but I did take all my work very seriously and I hope the stuff I did that was visible to the community was at least appreciated. It's hard to think that I had been in staff for seven months and in that time I was able to work and hangout with many great people, most of which are still with us. I'd like to thank the staff team, past and present, for assisting me but even more importantly for simply doing their job. A lot of what staff does, especially the moderators and support is never made public and therefore goes unnoticed. I'll end this staff termination thread with a very short list of thank you's. @Major-What can I say, you always were the top LM and in some way, you probably always will be and we both know I never would have joined staff if you weren't in it already. I look forward to that beach trip @Taryn-Although we didn't work with each other for all too long I came to count you even after you changed positions. You will make a great GM. @Dvlinhb @Kain @Mademoiselle -To the next generation of LM's, I'm sorry it had to turn out this way, but even if y'all aren't apart of staff, you just as well should be. Keep doing what y'all doing, and only good things will come. And one final thank you to everyone who helped with any event or simply just sent me a lore questions on the forums. That might seem petty, but every time I could do my job and help someone out made me feel really satisfied. This is LM PCJames, signing off, (from staff)
  15. PCJames

    The Order

    I'm a little confused on what this group is supposed to be? Any reader who glanced at your goals would think this is another iteration of the UN or simply another good matured medical rp group but the fact that you only have one doctor and almost everyone else is simply security has me thinking otherwise. One doctor being surrounded by grunts does not necessarily make you a medical rp group if only person actually has medical expertise. Just consider any scenario where the one doctor isn't online and won't be for some time. What exactly are the 'security' supposed to be doing?