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  1. Why Severograd?

    Soon after the LW it wasn't uncommon to find people all over the map but due to declining server population, it's probably for the best if everyone is concentrated around one town. I've never been a fan of the triangle but maybe if the server starts to fill up again the hot spot will move to a larger area. We shall see where the rp takes us.
  2. Chernarus' Got Talent

    Always nice to see community members creating their own events!
  3. I've been out of rp for about a week or so. Decided to jump in tonight and had two good interactions with @Credidred and @Loscham . Appreciated it gents, I hope we meet again.
  4. I'm glad to see this, I've noticed a spike in very artsy character pages and this should help create more. Thanks Red.
  5. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Hmmm, while that is possible, considering SA would actually have to go BETA and the devs have said time and time again that modding wont be available the first Beta patch I think Rolle is going to attempt to bring a arma 2 mod server up and running. Do not forget that he put up a picture of himself on an arma 2 mod server just a week ago on a status update.
  6. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    What are you suggesting...?
  7. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    People have been saying that Beta is just around the corner but from what I can see I won't be expecting it until maybe summer next year. I just hope that our population can hold out until then.
  8. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Looks very nice! I love to see good ol' Slavic groups. I hope we can meet ig
  9. The Vale of Shadows

    I'm not going to lie, I've never been one for cannibals of any kind but your story is extremely logical. I look forward to your rp. Awesome job guys!
  10. Black Bear Garage

    Congrats, I haven't met y'all in game yet, but I hope to soon!
  11. Thank you Rory, I hope people take advantage of this guide like they should. And as always, great graphics!
  12. Severograd Victory [OPEN COMS.]

    *Boris is shamefully gorging down some good liquor when hears the radio. He starts to laugh his off and then while trying to sound serious he speaks* Bounty hunters in mass in Chernaurus? Not only that but they are all working together? And it almost sounds like they aren't even doing this for payment they are doing it for some sort of self righteousness which is the complete opposite of what a bounty hunter does? And to top it off they big dick their victories their 'victory' over the radio? *He laughs hysterically to himself* You have to be the worst bounty hunters that I have ever heard of, I can understand why Allah wants your heads *He puts the radio down and continues drinking his good drank*
  13. The Hounds

    Is this group still active? Only one member has played in the last week
  14. The real reason the zombies took over so easily...

    As if the mod wasn't already legendary enough