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  1. PCJames

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    Perhaps I'm mistaken but aren't age requirements for groups not allowed considering there's already one to play on the server in the first place?
  2. PCJames

    Return of Mod?

    Honestly the Arma 2 Mod needs to stay dead. It's 5 years outdated and everything you could want from that game can and has been ported to Arm3 which is already started to show its own age.
  3. PCJames


    The mod has only recently been revived. Therefore all those skins that you and me both bought only amount to a simple username color change. Sorry
  4. PCJames

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

  5. PCJames

    Return of Mod?

    Considering our SA server usually has 0 players, why not? Why complain about more variety?
  6. PCJames


    When you realise you cant even be paid good money to get in game...

  7. PCJames

    What happened...

  8. PCJames


    Remember the days when having RP in your name meant something? 

    1. Eagle


      It never did mate.

    2. Farmer-BorisRP


      Gotta be nice to some whitenames. 

      More and more of the og rp boys have died

    3. Eagle



  9. PCJames

    Platform Switch Discussion

    Beta will bring some people back but even then people will get bored quickly and dissipate sooner than we'd probably like. It's too late for DayZ.
  10. PCJames

    The HighwayMen

    Group logo?
  11. PCJames

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    I found a plethora of areas of concerns that you should consider changing. It's always cool to have a theme video, but I promise you that it's much cooler if it's an embedded video so people can watch the video from the DayZRP site. In order to further understand the cracks in the group, one must look at the character backstory's themselves. Vladimir Makarov's backstory makes little to sense. The VDV were sent to maintain the forced quarantine between Chernarus and Russia. On top of that it wasn't just 5 guys who were sent, it was roughly 50 people. The revolution that is also mentioned is also a fantasy. All those errors mentioned are repeated in Yuri Reznov's story. To make matters worse when friendly community member @Kainbrought initially brought these issues to light with much more detail, no effort at all was made to remedy these poor character pages. Finally Merek Cernek seems to be lost in this group. Was he not a rabid nationalist hellbent on eliminating all communists in South Zagoria? It would take years to re indoctrinate someone in a different ideology if that person had been a nationalist his entire life and killed many men in the name of anti-communism. The backstory is only one paragraph. When I was in the staff the standard was 3 paragraphs but considering the admins haven't touched one group since I was around anything might go nowadays. The backstory is filled with many strange twists and unnecessary facts that make the backstory as confusing as the purpose of the group. If Vladimir wants to help this doctor to cure the infection then why steer his group down a dark path? Wouldn't the doctor stand more of a chance of being successful if they stayed a hero group? Why is it important that Wolfgang and Vladimir got drunk together one night? That fact seems kind of just thrown in there for no reason. After stating that Vladimir was in Nordic Battlegroup you say he was considering joining. Was he in Nordic group or wasn't he? Why was he frustrated with the peace they were trying to create? Did he not just spend lots of time helping a doctor find a cure for the disease so that there would be long lasting peace once the outbreak subsided? Where the fuck did this idea of Robin Hood Socialism come from and how come all of sudden every member in Vladimir group share that? I would've understood pure banditry as it had been alluded to previously, but nothing about socialism has been mentioned. Then the backstory just concludes one paragraph later. Every single line before that essentially just established how Vladimir met every single member and a line or two about what he individually believed and then there's two lines actually devoted to the creation of the group and what it stands for. There really needs to be more depth added to the creation of the group and what it stands for and less about the life of Vladmir. The Red Book is neat touch A feel as if 'declaration' the wrong choice of words and should be replaced with the word 'code'. Look up the definition and declaration and hopefully you'll agree with me. You mention in your goals the town of Krasota. Is this even a town in South Zagoria or this a name you plan on giving to a town of your choice? Again where did these communist ideas come from? Anyone who read your backstory would be as confused as I am especially considering there is a hard core nationalist present on the roster. This addition of communism is the weakest point of the group as it has no real foundation anywhere but if this just another communist group then why don't just join the PCC considering your values would be in sync. Overall the group leaves me very confused. Some of the goals are neat and I like the idea of the Red book and the Red Code but this needs a lot work. Good luck.
  12. PCJames

    The Faceless Organisation (TFO) - Open Recruiement

    This group appears to be more dead than the server population. The majority it's members haven't been game in the last month nor have they even been on the forums. "Hey Old Yeller, let's go outside real quick, just you and me"
  13. PCJames

    80-100 player servers

    We really need to justify even having a 60 player server before we can start to eye something larger.
  14. PCJames

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    Lore wipe or time warp; things wont be drastically different. -1 from me.
  15. PCJames

    Video Game Nostalgia Thread

    Medal of Honor: Airborne This was the first real shooter I ever played. Anytime I hear the signature theme music it takes me away back to the days of PS2 singleplayer and split screen only gaming. Minecraft: This game was my gateway into multiplayer gaming and although I don't play it anymore, I can only remember good memories about this game.