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  1. Evan was a rowdy boy young, he grew up with a wildcat father who owned multiple oil company's. He lived on 150 acres of land but never knew the life of a spoiled rich kid, Evan's dad, Vernon, Never pampered him, never gave him a silver spoon, he treated Evan right, but he made him work for what he owned. Evan was a good kid at heart but never showed it with how rambunctious he was, breaking lamps while playing cowboys and Indians with his friends. Throughout his school career he kept good grades and even played some High-school football his Freshman year, while also working part time for his fathers company, but everything hit a standstill the night of the accident. In October of 2014, after a football game in which Evan shined a drunk driver smashed into his car from oncoming traffic, both of his parents died on impact and because he was the only one of his friends to be wearing a seat-belt he wasn't flung completely from the car like they were. The two other boys died days later in the hospital. Evan was orphaned instantly. And with no family within his own country, his father was just over 50 so his grandparents were passed, he had no where to go but his mothers family out of country, his mother, Lenya, was originally born in Chernaurus in the small town of Guglovo, it's where she grew up her whole life until going to study abroad in America, where she met Evan's father, only being 35 when she died, she fell in love with Vernon because of how well he treated her, she decided to stay in America to marry him but still frequently wrote and called to her parents. Evan was given a plane ride to Chernarus by the State of Texas through the Orphaned Children of America program, and was left with all of his belongings and his fathers house to decide what to do, he decided he would leave the house to a close family friend to care for until his return when he was much older. Evan had learned a lot throughout school, including the Spanish language in Middle school and German in High, but nothing prepared him for Chernarus, The vast country side of Texas versus the Forests of Chernarus. He was as homesick as could be, but it was the first time he met his grandparents. Evan loved them dearly and was very happy with his new home, he learned all sorts of new things, and even got new tricks in his shooting. Evan had shot and loved guns his whole life, and the only thing he loved more than his own father, was his father's gun collection, he was given two of them in his dad's will, his two favourite, a good old 1888 Winchester repeater rifle and a Colt python sidearm. He loved those guns growing up and the Winchester was the first he ever shot. His dad taught him everything he knew about hunting and shooting, and his grandpa taught him some great tricks too. Evan attended high-school in Chernarus attending a multi language school for foreign children and was coming into his senior year when the outbreak began. The outbreak really went unbeknownst of Evan when it first began, his grandparents weren't tech savvy at all nor any kind of well off, so the news didn't get to him till by word of mouth when his school was shut down. Evan feared for his grandparents and his small town, knowing it was partly his job to keep them safe. He tried getting them back to America but the Travel ban had already been set in, the best Evan could do was hunker down in the town keeping everyone close and not doing anything to disturb what peace they had left. For the first month of whatever the hell this thing was it worked out well for them all. But once the dead started roaming hell broke lose, Evan ran like hell when the first house was engulfed in flame, grabbing his belongings and his guns he told his grandparents to stay put but didn't find them after his return. Evan had stayed in a self created camp sight in the forest close to the neighborhood for a few weeks before his supply runs into the town became scarce and he couldn't find enough food. Evan tracked for miles trying to find civilization or in hopes to just find food and water, when he came across a new town he decided it would be best to hunker down until either someone or something came along to give him hope, or take it all away, bringing him to present day, where he survives off of hunted meat and a nearby water source, hoping someone will come soon to restore him to his former self.
  2. Before the outbreak, Ajax Saitana, I, was a hard man. Hard on people, hard on myself, hell I was hard on my own family. I never married, never wanted to. It would have been too hard with how much I moved around. I was Military Police, it was my job to protect and serve in my own country, the United States of America, and those we had embassies in. I was put into a different country every two to three years. That was until my last embassy, but let's get down to basics. My name is Ajax like I said before, I'm writing and sending this in a bottle hoping it reaches someone in the outside world, if that even exists anymore. I'm around six feet two inches and weigh about one ninety-five pounds, I've lost a lot during this whole damn thing but weight I've lost more than anything. I have, or had a family with two brothers and a single mother. I grew up on the northern side of Chicago where the only thing you could bet on was that it would be cold. My father died when I was fifteen and I am now twenty-three my birthday is October twenty fourth nineteen ninety-three. We grew up in an apartment where there was only room for me and my brothers to share a room so our mom could have her own, most the time I took the couch. Life was hard, but it was damn near heaven compared to now. I joined the military at nineteen, wanting not only a way so serve but to get away from home too, I visited my family less than I should have now when I look back on it. When joining the MP my top priority was to travel, I liked traveling, it brought me peace almost, who would have known it would also be my demise. In the MP, I was taught multiple languages, even if just a little of them ranging from, German, Russian, I even learned a bit of Chinese, but that’s just extra. All that aside let's get down to when the shit hit the fan. I was stationed in Peru up until two thousand fourteen and then relocated in twenty sixteen to a country called Chernarus we had just built the embassy there a few years back after some disputes went down there. Anyway, it was just like any other normal military police station, I guard people, stay safe and then I go home and move countries in another two or three years. It was all fine and dandy until this year, it was going by fine, everything at its normal state until the beginning of July, July 7th is when I think this shit started, when we started hearing about entire cities falling to some unknown virus. Everyone in that embassy including myself knew that our number one priority was getting our people out of there which was a great idea besides the fact the fucking country wouldn't let us out all airports shut down no way out but by fighting, we contacted all known American vessels close to our shore to try and get us the hell out of here warning them of what was here, they of course couldn't give to three fucks in a pod and told us to stay put until it was dealt with. Needless to say, it was never fucking dealt with the thing spread like wild fire even through all the countermeasures we took with the Chernarus military. Time went by pretty slowly, rumors of a CDF base built up, but not allowing anyone in, Russia dropping out and then dropping bombs, other rumors of that same CDF base falling. It was hell and after about two weeks of moving people from one "safe" town to another, it seemed hope was lost, food was scarce, people getting sick with no medicine, I didn’t like it, so that’s when I left. Went on my own in this country, I knew most of it from the time in the embassy so it didn’t take long finding my way around it. With my trusty M9 at my side, and a small bag of supplies on my back, I headed for the border, I had heard the north may be safer so that’s where I went, it wasn't. Everywhere here is equal hell. I stayed mostly to myself in the forests and only came into cities for things like food or information, my mistake was staying in cities too long. The first time I was attacked was in a city called Stary, four dead ones, what this virus makes people, came at me, I was able to take out two of them but the other two overpowered me, one bit me on the shoulder before I could throw it off, this was about the worst thing that could happen, you see, the infection spreads by contact, I killed them both and ran to the nearest house, closing the door behind me, I held that gun to my head for an hour, waiting for if I started to feel a change, but never did, that’s when I found out I'm immune to this shit, but doesn’t mean I can't die. Knowing this information, I thought I could use it, I tried not coming into contact with many people after that, I wanted to find a place and get a way to get out. That brings this to the bombings, day and night they happened for a while, I stayed far from the blast radius after being lucky enough to not get hit by it, kept on my track. And not that brings us to the present, when I write this it is 20 days after the outbreak. I don’t know what life may have in store for me at this point but I do know that I still have myself, this gun, and God. And you can bet your ass I'm surviving with those. I don’t know if this will ever reach anyone out there but if it does, know this, I'm a survivor and there are more out here. Do with this information what you will. -Ajax