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  1. DamonWebb

    Constant robbery

    You should be careful with that kind of character, do your research and what not. Its a common choice for new RP'ers and generally comes off as bland and un-creative, its a bit of a stereotype really. Don't act irrationally in a hold-up because you're SF either. If you get capped in an escape attempt you could still get slapped with NVFL. I guess I should clarify. What I mean is not so much refusing to play along and pretend like nothing bothers me that I'm not scared or anything like that, but more refusing to offer up information about locations or groups or anything like that. As far as escaping goes, that would be situation dependent I guess. I will do my best to role-play realistically and in the confines of the rules.
  2. DamonWebb

    Constant robbery

    One thing I will say is I probably never be fully compliant. Why? Because my character is a US Army Special Forces Captain and our general orders teach us not to fully comply and to try to escape and evade. Should make for some good RP if I run across some good RPers.
  3. I definitely hope Bohemia puts something out there where trading posts are a viable idea. I would love to have the option. I think having lockable gates or stone "T-Walls" like in Iraq to protect them when no one is online would be awesome. I think they would also need to make it so breaking in would be possible but very very hard. That way the bandits would have something to strive for in their RP and the owners would have to work at it to protect it without it being completely impossible. Maybe auto turrets or somethong of the like that kills zombies or someone that attacks the base.
  4. I am from St. Louis, Missouri.
  5. I definitely will make another post. Just waiting until I have something constructive to add or post :-)
  6. Greetings I have recently been whitelisted and am excited to see you all in game. Any questions just ask!