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  1. My name is Alex Lutz. I'm 23 years old, i'm from Serbia. I immigrated in Chernarus in November '13, to my step brother Vratzlav who lived in Stary Sobor with his wife. Mainly i drive delivery van in Belgrade for a pathetic small paycheck, so political and economical situation in Serbia forced me to immigrate. When arrived, i saw not much better situation there, but "brigdes was burnt" so i had no way back. Brother arranged me to work as truck driver fo military, but basically i was hauling unmarked containers from warehouse at Pavlovo mil. base to Vybor airfield where they were loaded on a planes. I was quite satisfied with that job because it payed well and cause not much of a headache. I stayed with Vratzlav and his family in Stary Sobor, and not worried with starting a family - lived on my own. On October 7th of 2014, i trucked as usual. As my way passed Zelenogorsk i noticed some action and concernment in Zelenogorsk mil base and hospital, which was not usual, and when arrived at airfield i overheard some talk about strange man found and brought to an hospital with unusal wounds, and i felt an unusual anxiety and fear in their voices. I've asked my supervisor and my few friend at the base about that, but they kept silence. As the infection spread, the order sixty-two takes action and i as a military man should obey it. I continued hauling special supplies til one day when Vyborg airstrip was overrun by infected. I was lucky to avoid direct contact and so they call it "deserted". I make my way to village Krasnoe where my truck finally broke. Fortunatelly i met there some friendly survivors and with them, also using supplies from my truck, we could withstand attacks till novadays.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): forum post Why the verdict is not fair: Cause there was no intention to kill @MrMegaSheep (ingame name Yvar Makarov) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When i was looting NWAF, i heard heavy gunfire nearby (and saw gun flashes), so i decided to check if someone in need of help, or if that's over i can scavenge something. Should be noted that i heard several different types of weapons shooted (as I thought AK and Makarov), so i reasonably suggested that there is some PVP is going on. When i approached Yvar (it was wery dark) i saw that he's shooting throu hordes of infected, and decided to help him, but unfortunately, mostly beacuse of darkness i unfortunately hit him, and caused his person death. I've tried to use saline bag on him several times, but he was dead. So there was nothing that i can do, so i take some items from him, and left NVAF asap. I left server after (as it seems from logs) 25 minutes cause i have to take my gf to dentist. So i d like to say sorry to @MrMegaSheep for accidental death, but i intent that it was not on purpose. Calling @Andrey to do the justice. And dear @MrMegaSheep can PM me for reasonable compensation for moral sufferings. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to be unbanned What could you have done better?: I should not start shooting from that distance in such dark period.