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  1. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Shit! That's actually epic. Love that SOS emote. 0.61 hypeee.
  2. Sam Bauer's Story (Season 4)

    Can't wait Roach! Super pumped.
  3. *George hums to himself merrily, squatted prone on top of an apartment building in the complex North East of Chernogorsk, looking at the activity below before taking a swig of coca cola from an old can and flicking on his radio* Yeah bro! What my boss said eh? Just get in contact and put us to work. I think you met Soup and one of your mates put us to work, already on it don't worry cuz! *he releases the PTT and bobs his head up and down humming a song in his head before he hears a spray of gunfire and shouts "Oh shit!"*
  4. Honestly it was probably when I was making this campsite for a screenshot, it was great RP. And I was just by myself, it was really calming. I had all these supplies and different cooking equipment, books, foods, you name it. Just survival gear, I actually felt like I was in the apocalypse. Then I heard gear shift changes on a car and I kinda got paranoid.
  5. .61 Current Issues and Information

    I was showing this around earlier, I absolutely love the roads. And THOSE FORESTS look fantastic, that overgrown, grey-green. Honestly can't wait for what the next few patches bring.
  6. Lovec Group Lore: Our Story

    Cowboy hat is ded? :troll: Nice man, finally you update it. <3
  7. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Agreed, gonna be reaaaal interesting when 0.61 hits and everyone has to start dealing with zombies instead of eachother, zombie killing groups in bound. Honestly can't wait to see how the community changes in game.
  8. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Distant gunshots sound so good, imagine an urban firefight in the fog of Cherno and you're just hearing it all from the apartments.. Ahh. Can't wait for my SAW, 0.61 right?? (
  9. Holy FUCK new graphics are B E A U T I F U L.
  10. .61 Current Issues and Information

    I'll just stick to small villages thank you Anyone who had played EXP will know.. Small villages, big hordes.
  11. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Finally something for all the biker gangs and badass bikers of Chernarus, eh? :troll: Tbh I kinda want to just go around on that.. Zip through Kab on my single gear, Hehe.
  12. Was a blast, glad you were there cause it took all the attention from us. But it was a massive shock to be walking along the road to Kamensk and then I see the name Grisha Petrov in the line of hostages. Shat my pants after Horsemen rolled up and you yelled at us.
  13. [Open frequency] Kamenka has fallen

    *He flicks on the radio, casually strolling along the roads leading into that Southern region.* I would be interesting in meeting you very soon, hopefully within the next 24 hours or less. I have a friendly proposition, I will present you no hostilities, no strongarming, no pushing you around. My intentions are strictly friendly, just to talk business. Don't worry about a location, I'll find you and we will speak then perhaps. Thank you. *he switches off his radio and breaks into a light jog, his heavy pack and attatchments bouncing up and down with each step*
  14. Damn nice. Plus one to your Kiwi avatar. Rep NZ.