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  1. Michal was born in Moscow and raised a fierce communist. He was conscripted to the Russian Army when he was 18 and has stayed and progressed ever since, he went to Deer isle to settle down and work as a PMC
  2. I need to run into your character again so badly, the situation they are in considering the talk they had when they met it would be interesting to see how it would play out
  3. Congrats boys, really wanna meet you IG.
  4. I feel like we should just work on improving things as they are instead of effectively dumping over two months of time, effort and storylines in the trash? How many more threads will there be :l I feel like resetting everyones progress again would just drive people away even more rather than bring people back in game.
  5. Congrats guys, you make good landlords.
  6. Big thanks to @Cas and @sung was really intriguing stuff today.
  7. Great session bratrs @SynO, @Duplessis, @Nonplayer, @McSheepface. Was some much needed dog pig catching @Spess and others. Special thanks to @AlkisLR and @zsmith1111.
  8. Mazer

    N1RU's "Art" Museum

    Fake news. On a serious note these are awesome, keep up good work.
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