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  1. Hector, or 'Hec' as his wife always called him, is a weathered and gruff old outdoorsman from the New Zealand countryside with a now cynical and bitter outlook ever since his wife was taken from him at the end of their Chernarussian hiking trip. More than halfway through and nearing the end of their trek they had no news of any events until too late into the crisis. They were returning from the Black Mountains and down into the town of Stary Yar they were jumped and unprepared for an attack of infected, cut off from his wife during the attack and separated in the escape he still hopes deep down shes out there. Otherwise he takes it one day at a time.
  2. Shit! That's actually epic. Love that SOS emote. 0.61 hypeee.
  3. Mazer

    Sam Bauer's Story (Season 4)

    Can't wait Roach! Super pumped.
  4. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    This sounds sketchy as fuck, and it has all reason to but honestly since I haven't had my PC in ages and my mind has drifted from DayZ a bit from not being able to play it and I haven't really remembered that well. Now this is the truth, as well as I can remember it. I'm pretty sure I actually slowly pushed up into the stairs of the first building while we were waiting for a reasonable amount of time before pushing. I was just about up onto the second floor when the final warning was called, I saw Puddin afk, waited a second or two and ran up to him, took aim and fired then went to the other building and did the same with Nihoolious. Quote Edit
  5. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    He was talking in Teamspeak initially when we all got together a few hours prior. But it got very late for him, as he said in his POV he wasn't talking. He messaged me on Steam, and I was talking in TS while he messaged me, answering with simple yes no's to my questions. So I headed over and the rest is in the POVs. Not too long after the final warning, 10 seconds maybe give or take a few. I apologise for the delay, I made a check on the report and was going to reply later and then the forums went down for the two days and I haven't had access to my PC for the last week and a bit so I wasn't able to go onto Teamspeak and continue it from there.
  6. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    What was your locations when the initiations dropped? Where were you Mazer? Where were you ToeZ? Where were the people you initiated on? Was the door closed? Was it open? ToeZ and I both set up covering the entrances on the bottom floor. I was outside, covering the door directly looking at the stairs, while ToeZ was on the left hand side of the building relative to my position covering that door, and also the door visible on the other side, ToeZ was also outside. We set up there in anticipation for the initition dropping and held those positions until the last warnings were given. Where we then moved in to breach, myself taking point. As Nihoolious posted, door was open.
  7. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    Alright sorry about the invalid RP name, didn't know that was the way to do it. Has been fixed, thanks. No video evidence sorry.
  8. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    Name: Mazer. IG: George T.H. Name of allies involved: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-ToeZ POV: ToeZ was getting into an overwatch position of the street in Kabanino inside the Kabanino piano house, saw someone crouched in the corner of the big room upstairs of piano house when you come up the stairs and quickly ran out, spooked from seeing a player. We got into positions and we made a clear text initiation, about three times with warning before entering and we breached the building. Since we got no reactions prior to breaching, and also no reactions from the warnings and initiations we assumed non compliance.
  9. Mazer

    [Open Frequency] Conglomerate Frequency [99.4Hz]

    *George hums to himself merrily, squatted prone on top of an apartment building in the complex North East of Chernogorsk, looking at the activity below before taking a swig of coca cola from an old can and flicking on his radio* Yeah bro! What my boss said eh? Just get in contact and put us to work. I think you met Soup and one of your mates put us to work, already on it don't worry cuz! *he releases the PTT and bobs his head up and down humming a song in his head before he hears a spray of gunfire and shouts "Oh shit!"*
  10. Honestly it was probably when I was making this campsite for a screenshot, it was great RP. And I was just by myself, it was really calming. I had all these supplies and different cooking equipment, books, foods, you name it. Just survival gear, I actually felt like I was in the apocalypse. Then I heard gear shift changes on a car and I kinda got paranoid.
  11. I was showing this around earlier, I absolutely love the roads. And THOSE FORESTS look fantastic, that overgrown, grey-green. Honestly can't wait for what the next few patches bring.
  12. Cowboy hat is ded? :troll: Nice man, finally you update it. <3
  13. Agreed, gonna be reaaaal interesting when 0.61 hits and everyone has to start dealing with zombies instead of eachother, zombie killing groups in bound. Honestly can't wait to see how the community changes in game.
  14. Distant gunshots sound so good, imagine an urban firefight in the fog of Cherno and you're just hearing it all from the apartments.. Ahh. Can't wait for my SAW, 0.61 right?? (