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  1. Michal was born in Moscow, his family were firm communists, so naturally he was brought up the same. They lived a simple life, worked hard for little reward, but they were content. Following the USSR's collapse in 1991, Michal, along with many others, still held onto the glorious ideologies that his father had instilled in him. Life was tough and finding steady work proved challenging and they barely scraped by. In 2009, Michal saw an opportunity within the Chedaki movement to finally give communism a foothold in the world again. In the wake of the Civil War, Michal enlisted in the Russian Armed Forces and became a soldier. Following the 2017 Outbreak, Michal returned to Chernarus in an attempt to keep fighting for his cause.
  2. Hey Jimbo ❤️

    1. JimRP


      hi? long time no see

    2. Mazer


      Yeah man was just looking back on all my old screenshots and stuff and there you were

    3. JimRP
    4. Mazer


      Anarchy times, not sure what version it was

    5. JimRP


      Ahh I barely remember those times. Welcome back nonetheless. 

  3. Mazer

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Congrats everyone!
  4. Yeah you can claim any building in Chernarus if you'd like. Obviously if you say all of NWAF's is yours you will get shut down pretty damn quick and even when large groups make claim to certain compounds/zones they also get mad conflict. But I mean it's different if you just privately live in a house out in nowhere, for starters if you don't go telling people and antagonizing people you will be fine, and I don't think you would be of interest to any big groups anyone, provided you don't act big like Wong said. Only trouble I can think of occasionally happening is a whitename dynamic trying to have some fun with you but just be confident and trust in your walls/lockpick, or call some buddies. But no totally fine dude since it's just you, you probably won't even be touched. But if you ask for trouble you get trouble.
  5. Mazer

    Settlement Protections

    I was in the Northern Alliance and we got pounded daily, we were able to hold our ground at first but eventually succumbed. And I mean it makes sense, we couldn't hold our settlement so we couldn't hold it, I really disagree with rule armour cause nothing should be off limits to anyone. Obviously the settlement RP takes a toll because they don't like PVP and it puts them all off but in turn you do get some pretty great conflict between groups and it can be pretty fucking excited just waiting for them to come and then shit goes off, I know we had some pretty great battles in the day. Like others have said, make some IC compromises, deals, alliances whatever you can do to survive, it can be really interesting for the group, like how you said about how the Commune had to deal with the Free Territory and look how well that turned out for RP. Otherwise the only issue I would possibly have is with frequency, daily attacks are fine but when there's really a chance to get set back up again throughout the day it can be very demoralizing and then the RP starts to get affected. And no griefing after attacks cause that's pretty low.
  6. Dragan was born in the Czechoslovakia, under communist rule. Life was tough for non-socialists, and they lived with a poor quality of life; However when the Velvet Revolution happened, it meant the Cemerek family were finally free of oppression. Although his home country was finally independent in 1991, his family ended up moving to Chernarus to the city of Chernogorsk, an upcoming land of opportunity. Dragan and his family prospered and had founded a really good life there, in 2009 when it all came under threat he was fiercely devoted to defending his new home, enlisting in the CDF immediately he fought bravely in the conflict. After the CDF victory, the country of Chernarus was really doing well, to call Dragan a patriot was almost an under statement, even today after the outbreak he still proudly defends his homeland.
  7. Isaac was born in Singapore to a native mother and an Australian father, which sort of explains the accent. Isaac was sent over to Chernarus as part of a some relief initiative, previously having trained in the Special Operations Command branch of the Singapore Police Force, a challenging course but someone that made him into the man he is today.
  8. Lewis comes from New Zealand, he is a keen bushcraft enthusiast, a passion he shared along with his Dad. He often went on hikes and bush expeditions into the forests of home. He absolutely loved the outdoors, anything to do with camping he was all for, even enjoying some light hunting from time to time. Unbeknownst to him, this prepared him extremely well for when he would be stuck in Chernarus during his European backpacking tour. Surviving by himself since the outbreak, he's traversed all across Chernarus and has gotten to know the lay of the land extremely well. He tends to try and avoid high traffic areas plagued by infected and ill minded individuals alike. He favors the Northern forests and towns, finding it peaceful there. That was the area where he calls his home, if campsites and a nomadic lifestyle included such a thing.
  9. Hector, or 'Hec' as his wife always called him, is a weathered and gruff old outdoorsman from the New Zealand countryside with a now cynical and bitter outlook ever since his wife was taken from him at the end of their Chernarussian hiking trip. More than halfway through and nearing the end of their trek they had no news of any events until too late into the crisis. They were returning from the Black Mountains and down into the town of Stary Yar they were jumped and unprepared for an attack of infected, cut off from his wife during the attack and separated in the escape he still hopes deep down shes out there. Otherwise he takes it one day at a time.
  10. Shit! That's actually epic. Love that SOS emote. 0.61 hypeee.
  11. Can't wait Roach! Super pumped.
  12. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    This sounds sketchy as fuck, and it has all reason to but honestly since I haven't had my PC in ages and my mind has drifted from DayZ a bit from not being able to play it and I haven't really remembered that well. Now this is the truth, as well as I can remember it. I'm pretty sure I actually slowly pushed up into the stairs of the first building while we were waiting for a reasonable amount of time before pushing. I was just about up onto the second floor when the final warning was called, I saw Puddin afk, waited a second or two and ran up to him, took aim and fired then went to the other building and did the same with Nihoolious. Quote Edit
  13. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    He was talking in Teamspeak initially when we all got together a few hours prior. But it got very late for him, as he said in his POV he wasn't talking. He messaged me on Steam, and I was talking in TS while he messaged me, answering with simple yes no's to my questions. So I headed over and the rest is in the POVs. Not too long after the final warning, 10 seconds maybe give or take a few. I apologise for the delay, I made a check on the report and was going to reply later and then the forums went down for the two days and I haven't had access to my PC for the last week and a bit so I wasn't able to go onto Teamspeak and continue it from there.
  14. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    What was your locations when the initiations dropped? Where were you Mazer? Where were you ToeZ? Where were the people you initiated on? Was the door closed? Was it open? ToeZ and I both set up covering the entrances on the bottom floor. I was outside, covering the door directly looking at the stairs, while ToeZ was on the left hand side of the building relative to my position covering that door, and also the door visible on the other side, ToeZ was also outside. We set up there in anticipation for the initition dropping and held those positions until the last warnings were given. Where we then moved in to breach, myself taking point. As Nihoolious posted, door was open.
  15. Mazer

    S1 Ruleplay RDM Kabinino 12-11-2016, 05:32

    Alright sorry about the invalid RP name, didn't know that was the way to do it. Has been fixed, thanks. No video evidence sorry.
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