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  1. Nathan Fielder Reaction GIF by Super Deluxe

    Welp I fucked up, o7

    1. Rover



  2. Well that's some bullshit to come home to

    Animated GIF


  3. Unique style of RP comes along that's never really been done before on the server? Yeah nah let's trash it. -1
  4. Just some pics from the graveyard shift
  5. Lynching @ChrisW and @neom
  6. What so two bags on the waist..?
  7. Good to see it back, see you on the streets comrades o7
  8. Apparently power went off weeks ago so not sure why still on +1 plus laggy
  9. SGRU after receiving a tip for an illegal weapon stash 2020 colourised
  10. I'll be beanzing you for that right there
  11. I mean have you seen Russian/Eastern armies? Literally balaclavas for days. Like you said black/green ski mask and three hole should be common in military but not these edgy american designs
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