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  1. raptorhi

    Fairwell To My Favorite People.

    I dont know you but I wish you well in all the health related issues! And I salute you for this choice which must not have been easy
  2. @Scott Fynch for being an incredibly annoying brat. But played it well.. hope to see you plaing more with this kind of play! @osku197 for good calm roleplay as always And everyone else hanging around the pub, I dont remember all of your names or those who I did I didnt play so much with today.
  3. raptorhi

    Just A Quick Thank You

    Thank yuo too for being a part of this community!
  4. This idea sounds amazing and would definitely make good rp. I also think that a moderate group would be better, cults and extremists will come at some point any way. Moderate religioius group would make the world more immersive at this stage of the story I think.
  5. raptorhi

    The Carlone Family (recruiting)

    I am not a member yet, just had initial discussion so please remove my player name (Henry Jones) until we have actually agreed something. Thx!
  6. OK just a hint dont go to that area, you might not even be able to get out because of the game now working there.
  7. My computer is not so good so its hard to play anywhere where there is too much things going on. But I am stuck close to this area because whenever I start to play it really gets so bad I cant even move.. I hope they fix this pretty quickly.
  8. Henry was born in Northern Finland to Michael and Anne Jones. His father was and American military pilot stationed in NATO mission in Stavanger, Norway. In 1986 Anne (original last name Laaksonen) was working in Stavanger and met with Michael. They fell in love after meeting in local pub. Michael decided to leave his career in NATO and settle with Anne in Northern Finland. They got married in 1987 and settled in a village called Inari. Their son Henry was born in 29.2.1988 in a leap day. The local village shaman said to Anne that because of his extraordinary birthday her son would achieve great things one day. Michael got bored to the married life and left the family in 1999. Some rumours said that he joined NATO troops again but Anne and Henry never really heard anything after that. His fathers leaving affected Henry a lot. His school started to go badly and he didn't know what to do with his life. He was bullied in school because of his double nationality. Even to this day he doesnt stand bullies. He started to hang around in a really bad company. in 2007 his mother Anne died of cancer. Her last words to Henry was that he would find a purpose in life if he just kept his eyes open. She also told about what the shaman had said. After his mothers passing Henrys life went dowhill and fast. He started to drink alcohol and taking some drugs. The only time he was living a relatively stable life was when he was in the army for one year. He even got the be a sergeant. After that his alcohol problem got worse. Many times when drinking he got into fights and he quickly became known as a good fighter. He was hanging around in even worse company and because of his reputation he was asked to start collecting drug debts. He was very good in it and he started to enjoy the money and adrenaline he got from it. He never intended anything bad, things just kind of drifted that way. And whatever he did he always had good relations with the common folk and he respected them. He did his utmost to not let his employers criminal activities ruin the life of common folk. He considered this as his own secret duty. However towards enemy gangs he was ruthless and after one gangfight he got the nickname Bonecrusher. He went to prison a couple of times druing this time. After some time the criminal organization he was working for realized the potential in Henry. He was fluent in English so they asked him to start muggling drugs from abroad. Henry had nothing else in his life so he agreed. He succeeded smuggling the drugs a couple of time but in 2016 his pick up was from Chernarus. There shit hit the fan because the group he was going to pick up the drugs from had a mole in it. They had taken the drugs from Russia to Chernarus and Chernarussian police officers with a joint operation with the military arrested the whole gang. The gang was deported to Russia because Russia had requested it but Henry was left in a prison in Dichina until the outbrake. This was because he was considered dangerous. After a few days in to the outbrake his prison guard (who almost became his friend during the prison time) got bitten and opened his cell and told him to go find his luck. He also gave his personal weapon to Henry for his survival. So here is Henry, in a crossroad facing the decision on which direction to go. He himself doesnt know anything else than he is pretty good at killing zombies and now he has a change to find a purpose in life. Whether the purpose is a good one or a bad, he doesnt know yet but will surely find out.
  9. Henri was raised up by a Sami father and a Finnish mother. He came to know much about the traditional folklore of Finnish and Sami mythology. Already from a young age he spent a lot of time in the woods and learned the ways of the nature. He has humble and learning attitude but he has never liked bullies. He is hyperactive and somewhat traumatized. He was on a hunting trip with his parents in a cabin in the West. While his father was hunting her mother got bit and he had to kill her. He is looking for his father and is somewhat traumatized of the events. His father was an army soldier and his mother was a school teacher. Back in home he was not very popular of his mixed breed so he needs acceptance from other people.
  10. Can you please state the exact words you used when you asked him to put his weapon away? Something in the sense of: "Put your weapon away or I wont answer the consequences". I dont remember the excact words but I remember that he got pissed off and asked me not to threaten him. I dont shoot people without reason, you can propably see from your logs that I have met many people and this guy is the only one I have killed. Your tempban has been removed. Please keep an eye on the report in order to answer any questions that staff may have. OK and thank you!
  11. I am playing with a guy who has lost two brothers and has PTSD, that is the reason I was acting nervous. My character had been robbed many times and he didnt want to take any risks. He told more than once to the other player to put his gun away but he didnt and talked in a very hostile manner. He said he is leaving and I told him to stop and put his gun down. I even explained that he might come somewhere again and ambush. I also mentioned that I have PTSD and that I dont trust easily. He turned at me and didnt put his gun down. I am pretty new to this RP server but I played like the character. And I thought that since I said many times to put gun down and he refused, I was according to rules allowed to kill him. Please remove the ban.