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  1. dex day was born in british columbia in a small mountain town he grew up hunting with his father and at a young age started working at a mill he live the first 25 years there and still reside here he always love shooting guns and spending time with his family he doesn't have any schooling after high school but he is good with his hands and can easily repair guns tools and vehicles he always prides himself in making everything run at top performance. his girlfriend and him have been together for 4 years but have not married for family reasons dex day mostly spends his time working and hunting and being with his family dex day may seems like your average man but sometimes he seems a little angry and hates the world and this is because when he was young his father was mugged and shot but did not die so dex takes it personally when he sees people getting robbed but mostly uses word to bring down the situation because dex rather not uses violence but he will without second thought.
  2. MR. Day

    Goodbye and Farewell

    god bless you jim and hodgie
  3. MR. Day

    Goodbye and Farewell

    i will bean u my luv https://gyazo.com/979be40e51883142931cf3bb0ec12ea4
  4. MR. Day

    Goodbye and Farewell

    bye hodeges u were the biggest snake and i talked mad ooc shit about u but i luv u u are my fav i will always talk shit about u but i do it cause i luv u you were what made rp great for me back in anarchy i always remembered jim coming in too comms and saying ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hodgie i will srsly miss u the community wont be the same with out my alt right brother rip you and puddin im happy u chose to say bye to me dont be a fool send me some d pics on snap chat my luv goes out to u and ur fam luv u never forget you gods like u will never leave my heart down with rp godbless anarchy
  5. i dont know what andrew you are trying to get at by calling me things but i will not have a back and forth argument with you i put my pov and i have not lied at all if you want to talk about this i can but in like 6 hours i am heading to work and will not beable to respond
  6. Server and location: S2, right beside rubble and atc Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 02-01-2017, 13:42 few hours before Your in game name: dex day Names of allies involved: rio anderson yury baluvesky Name of suspect/s: none Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none ill see if there is pov i log into kab with rio and run to our guy at northwest he says there is people getting robbed so me and rio try to stay away from it and run across north west and when we finally get close i see a few people just standing around and rio is killing a zombie and i turn around to look at him doing so and when i turn back to the people one guy is beside me pointing a gun at me and says calming and quietly put your gun down i was taken aback at this man and said excuse me he said gun down hands up and i say excuse me again and raise my gun and being fucking dayz my gun jams with pristene ammo so i shoot a round off turn around and run and the man shoots me in the batoosky and i run and tell rio who is almost right beside us he then turns kills the guy with the accuracy of a god i run away go uncon and get a fucking server message so i didnt know if i was dead or not so i waited for my guys to find me and then server restarted sadly i didnt get a vybor spawn my report deals with the same people with mikeits sorry for the inconvinence admins
  7. MR. Day

    S2 RDM 12/29/2016

    The only one to record that i know of was momo according to caution i recorded our conversation the other day but that doesnt have anything worth while just a few things other then that there are no recordings to the event
  8. MR. Day

    S2 RDM 12/29/2016

    dex day pov me and deserteagles were having a boxing match for a item he wanted and he fucken gave me a good ol smackaroo and killed me and well they were all waiting for me to run back up i got fucking smacked around by 2 zombies and 6 wolves and ended up dying so i just ran up to tisy i was never apart of combat only over comms it started out with west hope saying lol puddins shooting me thinking it was puddin hope said the shots were still happening so he waved and they continued so west hope ran up to him and when he got close vartax was shot uncon and hope killed one guy (john dayton) then puddin got vartax up then momo killed desert then shit hit the fan and he wiped all of them the only time any of us talked to them was when felix said to momo why tf are you shooting at us and the guy said we were shooting zombies and felix then got gatted end of pov we just talked to caution in ts he told us that momo has a recording and everything when we asked him to post it he said ye and a few minutes later he said the classic lines of the video is corrupted i recorded our little chat and will post it in 20 well ill pm you dusty
  9. MR. Day

    To the new horizon at bay [43.65 Open Frequency]

    *Dex presses ptt as he looks over a fire where a knife is glowing orange* See you soon friend with you back we can start a new beginning I tried helping but with everything that has happened with those shitty horse things i can no longer hold it together Felix was shot I do not know if he will make it I pray to Minerva he will Its time to change the world again first it was anarchy then the zealots old friends have betrayed me the only ones who have not are felix and that old russian from back in anarchy i forget his name lets hope we can help bring together the world that wants us destroyed and kill everyone who stands in our way Curse bellum pro pace, et sit Dominus miserere nobis. *Dex Day signals Rio* *Rio picks up the blazing knife with a oven mitt and starts to burn off the FOX on dexs arm* *As dex releases ptt the groans of pain can be heard*
  10. MR. Day

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    where was ur block my dood
  11. MR. Day

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    yo why is everyone still going at us we never wanted gear we love why does everyone abuse the white name army
  12. MR. Day

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thats your opinion lol dood this would have been fucken lit seeing someone in the church doing this
  13. MR. Day

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    the deer
  14. MR. Day

    Gangs of Chernogorsk

    the only real winners of the event