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  1. IC Name: Dan Larson IC Age: 26 OOC Age: 19 Time Zone: Central "Normal" hours you are online: Early morning, late afternoon/night What role are you interested in pursuing: Combat Ranger By answering "Yes" I understand this is not a bandit group: Yes On a Scale of 1 to 5, what is your survival experiance in DayZ SA: (This is so I can gauge were I need to start with you for survival training, you will still have to take the test regardless of the answer here) 1) I die from starvation/thirst 30 minutes after spawning in. 2) I loot the first city I find and am able to get off the coast. 3) I can't remember the last time I died from not having food or drinks. 4) I don't even need to loot structures for my food and water. 5) I'll be showing you how to survive! Previous Groups: None Why would you like to join: I would like to join because I like the values behind this group. My character's background is all about surviving on his own out in the hills and it would be great to be in a group with like minded players.
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    Man that sounds awesome, I can't wait to get on for the first time tonight and to start exploring.