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  1. Your using the exact same badge, and you page is not much different at all. Uh, yes. Infact, it is. I'm not using any fancy photoshop shite or 'Facit Omnia Voluntas'. So if you're trying to say I stole your idea, or even stole your clan-page, then you're really, really, really wrong. And I don't have this application format. [color=#9400D3]IGN:(In Game Name)[/color] [color=#9400D3]Age:[/color] [color=#9400D3]Country:[/color] [color=#9400D3]Experience with DayZ:[/color] [color=#9400D3]Previous experience with clans: (if any)[/color] [color=#9400D3]Preferred role:[/color] [color=#9400D3]Reason(s) for joining:[/color] [color=#9370DB]Brief character background:[/color] Or the backstory. Or your requirements. Or your roster. I'm fine with you using the same badge and whatever with this clan because they're based off a real group, but don't insult what my group was. You're being incredibly childish with the "photoshop shite" comment. Facit Omnia Voluntas is the motto of the KSK but whatever. The reason "it went so far" was because I left DayzRP pretty much 2 weeks after posting that thread. Anyways, good luck with this. I would've liked for you to message me first, like I did with the last guy that did a KSK clan before me but what can you do.
  2. What a shitpost if there ever were any, accidently pressed U twice instead of S.
  3. [video=youtube] I love this video and just had to share it with some others. Great if you're into History.
  4. Alec

    Important community announcement

    PERP is too serious and to be honest is quite dead. At least people will enjoy themselves on DarkRP and it would bring way more players in. Perp is not dead brah and ye its serious but if you like grav gun spamming kids there is always darkrp for you lol Disable grav gun manipulation. EZPZ fix.
  5. Alec

    Important community announcement

    PERP is too serious and to be honest is quite dead. At least people will enjoy themselves on DarkRP and it would bring way more players in.
  6. Alec

    Important community announcement

    YAY! Probably not likely but SAMP would be AWESOME!
  7. Aight, so you have the same beta? Are other people playing on the same server that you're trying to join or can no one join it?
  8. he have 1.62 i have the same I'll ask again, what BETA version do you have, not the ARMA version so which one of these builds do you have: http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php edit: It should tell you which beta you have within DayZ commander if you have that, also shows it within ArmA's server browser.
  9. What beta version is the person hosting on, and what beta version are you on? edit: I'm assuming you're trying to join them playing armory? Are they port forwarded all fine and can others join?
  10. Erm, not changing engine completely, just the name. http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/27umee/before_everyone_loses_their_collective_shit_omg/ The engine is in the process of being changed, and has been for a while now.
  11. I don't see much demand for shotguns really, they're rather useless to most people as a lot of people prefer not to be in close encounters. Although, this would save a lot of people in close quarters situations.
  12. Alec

    New feature: spoiler tag

    How can it get abused?
  13. Alec

    Gunner Games

    Chloroform is just DayZRP
  14. I used an extreme example, but I remember one time my character was at the end of the rope (Been robbed, then someone else tried to rob me), so I ran up to them and just shouted "Do it, just end it all" with some tears for effect. Thanks for the advice guys.
  15. I used the shoot me as an extreme example, but thanks.
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