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  1. * pushes the PTT* what town are you in clayton *release the PTT an waits for a response*
  2. zombienerves

    [Open Frequency] Goodbye.

    *presses the PTT* This sort of action is very... *clears throat * retarded. No man or woman should be killed just for no reason or another. We are all humans trying to survive in this shit world. *pauses* I may just got here but murder of any sort good or bad shouldn't be the answer. *releases the PTT*
  3. *Presses the PTT* Alright, i guess. What about you? *Releases the PTT* *presses the PTT* Alright walking around a military base right now. *releases PTT*
  4. *presses PTT* Thanks I will keep that in mind *releases the PTT then hears a other voice* Hey how is it going? *releases the PTT*
  5. *Mike Swart clicks the button on his radio* Hello? Is... Is this on? well if it is this is Mike Swart I'm looking for some people to talk to. *Mike sighs as he lets go the button*