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  1. Yah the whole "dragging wolves" thing is obv a joke. Also maybe I can change it to local legend or even take that part out all together. I put this character together this morning without much thought in it. Mainly its so that I can live off the land and hunt and whatnot because I like that play-style.
  2. Lmao no this is like 97% serious, just gives me an excuse to drag a pack of wolves into a large crowd and act like I meant to do it.
  3. Aye there, I've got another one for you - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6633/
  4. I was about to post my character in General Discussion to ask for ideas when I saw this. Good shit my dude, keep it up!
  5. Looking for some help on this guy - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6624/ Edit: I'm trying to go into a lot more detail with this character than I have with previous ones.
  6. A New Start

    Why wait? The staff are probably busy with other things right now. I say, why not get some guys together and start fleshing things out and then once you have a rough outline you can pitch it to the staff and community. There's no point in waiting really as there're no lore masters.
  7. Help make DayzRp great again

    tru dat
  8. Help make DayzRp great again

    He already has come back
  9. What has this come to?

    I wonder this all the time
  10. haha #Mrmoon

    I'm feelin' some second hand embarrassment right now.
  11. haha #Mrmoon

  12. haha #Mrmoon

    Aaaaaand hes dead..
  13. A New Start

    This is a pretty good idea, at least in my eyes. From what I know, there're very few people in this community that are good at creating objectives for themselves within the RP environment. Most people (including myself sometimes) simply join the server to run around and loot. People don't join the server with the mindset that they're gonna accomplish something with their character. They just hope to run into people and maybe have a chat and sometimes engage in some mindless hostilities. With your idea, people could look at the map and see that Group A has taken over Kabanino. Now they have an IC reason to go to Kabanino; to check out the situation, to find survivors, to take the town back... etc. Or they could hop on the server and instead of saying "oh, I'm low on ammo, lets go loot NWAF" they could say "lets go to the trade outpost to see if they have any ammunition." It would allow for more chances to create decent RP. All in all, what I'm basically saying is that its much easier for someone to RP if you give them an objective instead of expecting them to create one for themselves. It'd cut down on the whole "I'm bored, lets go rob someone" scenario. Another point I'd like to mention. If you have a constantly updated map on the website that shows hot spots and points of interest; #1. Loremasters (or whoever updates the map) could easily add in points of interest on the map allowing them to guide the players to different locations instead of having them all bunched up in the triangle. And #2. People looking for RP would have a much easier time finding other people to RP with. But what do I know?
  14. Scorch's Media Thread

    Every DayZRP interaction in a nutshell^