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  1. It's no biggie, I get it. The guide was more about the extra F keys than it was the script. The script was just my little bodge job to get them to bind to my mouse. Can't blame you for being cautious though.
  2. If you don't want to download the file just download AutoHotkey and paste in my code.
  3. I don't really know if anyone else has this issue but I figured I'd make a guide here just in case. I have a gaming mouse with buttons on the side which allows me to bind keyboard keys to my mouse. It makes it easier to press certain hard to reach keys when playing games. Usually I would just bind my number pad keys to the mouse buttons but sometimes I still need those number pad keys for other things. I found a way to use the hidden F keys as keybinds. Windows actually has 24 F keys but normally keyboards only have F1 through F12. I wrote a simple little script that allows you to use those keys as macros on your gaming devices such as joysticks gamepads and mice. Here is a step by step guide as well as a video for you to follow along with. Step 1- Download my script. Windows is gonna say it's a virus and whatnot but trust me it's not. I'll show the source code down below if you want to take a look. #If you don't want to download the executable, download AutoHotkey and paste in my code shown below. Step 2- Run the script. You should be able to see a green H in your tray as well as in task manager showing that the script is running. Step 3- Open whatever software allows you to change your device assignments. I use Logitech Gaming Software as shown in the video. Step 4- Prepare to bind a key in your software. Step 5- Click on your desktop to defocus the window. Step 6- Press the corresponding F key you would like to bind. F1 = F13, F2 = f14, F3 = F15 and so on. Step 7- Within 1 second of pressing the F key, click back onto your device software window to refocus it. Step 8- If you did this correctly one of the hidden F keys should be bound to your device. Step 9- End the script by clicking exit in the tray or end the task in task manager. Step 10- Delete my script if you don't want to use it again. Program source code- Congrats! You now have 12 extra keys to use for whatever you want! If you have any questions please post them down below.
  4. I was all excited to hop on the server because I haven't played since last summer. I made a new character but then realized I spelled its name wrong and went back to change it. It wouldn't let me change the name so I deleted it and started a new character. Now it's saying there's a cooldown to set it as my active character. How long do I have to wait?
  5. An Adventure Begins- An avid survivalist and mountaineer, Cal Leclerc began his two month hike in late April of 2017. He began his journey in Belozersk and planned on hiking the entirety of the Black Mountain Range spanning the northern border of Chernarus all the way to the coast. During these two months Cal lived entirely off of the land. With nothing but the clothes on his back and the gear in his pack, Cal managed to not only survive, but thrive in the Chernarussian wilderness as he made his way to the coast. The Confrontation- Toward the end of his hike, Cal was confronted by a patrol of CDF soldiers. Cal waved and greeted them using his limited Chernarussian vocabulary. One man, who seemed to be the leader of the patrol, said something in a harsh tone that Cal could not understand. Cal tried to communicate with the man in English as well as French but to avail. Seemingly frustrated, the CDF soldier yelled something and then struck Cal on the side of the head with the butt of his rifle. Cal fell the the ground and put his hand on the side of his head. Dazed and confused, he stood up slowly. The soldier yelled again and pointed his rifle at Cal. Cal turned and ran deeper into the forest and left the patrol far behind him. Suspicion- Cal made camp that night and sat down by his fire. He tended to his wounds while trying to figure out what had just happened. He eventually came to the assumption that he may have strayed too close to a military base near that area. Why else would the patrol be so aggressive? Cal wanted answers. However, those answers would have to be uncovered another day. The Attack- A few days later Cal looked down at his map to see that he would be nearing the end of his adventure. "A few more miles" he said to himself. Later that day, he emerged from the brush to find a small town who's name translates to "Belaya Polana." Cal walked down the hill into the town. All of a sudden, a terrible shriek came from behind him. Cal spun around to see a woman running towards him. He stood there confused. The woman's tattered clothes were covered in blood. Cal had seen the aftermath of a bear attack before, back in Canada, but it wasn't nearly as bad as this. The woman kept running. As he was about to ask her if she was okay, the woman dove at him. Cal narrowly avoided the blow by jumping to the side. The woman turned around and began to come for him again. Cal dodged another attack. As the woman came back around for another attempt, Cal pointed his walking stick at her and yelled "GET BACK!" The woman continued running at him. She took another dive and impaled herself in the chest with the end of Cal's walking stick. Cal dropped the stick leaving it inside the woman's chest. He looked down at the woman, horrified, as she struggled in pain. The True Beginning- This is where Cal Leclerc's story truly begins...
  6. BACKGROUND: Emmett Murphy grew up in Chicago, Illinois with his mother and father, Amelia and Roger. As an only child, Emmett kept to himself. in his free time, between school and little league baseball (which his parents forced him to play), Emmett would read books and take apart his toys and put them back together to see how they worked. As he grew older, Emmett began to take apart more and more complex things such as alarm clocks, radios and telephones. This is where his love for radios truly began. Emmett was an incredibly smart student who ended up graduating high school three years before his class. As life went on, Emmett went to college in New York City where he got his bachelors degree in Broadcast Engineering. After college, Emmett managed to land an internship at GNN (The Global News Network). There, he worked for a few months until he finally got his first real assignment. INTRODUCTION: Emmett Murphy as well as the rest of the team departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport following reports of conflict in South Zagoria. Their assignment was to report on the conflict and relay any information and footage of the conflict back to HQ as soon as possible. The team was made up of a famous investigative reporter named Kenneth Roswell, a camera and microphone operator named Cal Rossi, Emmett, who was the broadcast engineer tasked with relaying the action, and a bodyguard and driver named Dan McMillan. Their flight arrived in the capital of Novigrad where they met up with their translator Pasha Vodnik. He told them about how the conflict had turned into an all out war with the Russians bombarding northern towns. He also mentioned that the main base of operations for the CDF was an airfield near the town of Balota. Dan rented a car from the airport and drove the crew for four hours along the coast into the heart of the conflict. THE FIRST 24 HOURS: The crew met up with some CDF soldiers near the main base of operations at Balota Airfield. They set up their equipment and proceeded to interview some of the soldiers. Much of what they got was the usual anti-Russian outrage but one soldier caught their attention. He was sitting on a cot in the main administrative building with bandaged wounds on his head. He told the crew about how he had escaped from his fellow soldiers after they attacked him. He said that they had turned into some sort of zombie-like monster according to Pasha. The crew continued the interview until the soldier fell unconscious. After which, the drowsy crew decided to find a place to sleep for the night. Pasha told them about a hotel in Chernogorsk where they could stay. The crew woke up at the downtown International Hotel early in the morning to mass hysteria. THE INFECTION: TO BE CONTINUED
  7. Yah the whole "dragging wolves" thing is obv a joke. Also maybe I can change it to local legend or even take that part out all together. I put this character together this morning without much thought in it. Mainly its so that I can live off the land and hunt and whatnot because I like that play-style.
  8. Lmao no this is like 97% serious, just gives me an excuse to drag a pack of wolves into a large crowd and act like I meant to do it.
  9. Aye there, I've got another one for you - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6633/
  10. I was about to post my character in General Discussion to ask for ideas when I saw this. Good shit my dude, keep it up!
  11. Looking for some help on this guy - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6624/ Edit: I'm trying to go into a lot more detail with this character than I have with previous ones.
  12. Why wait? The staff are probably busy with other things right now. I say, why not get some guys together and start fleshing things out and then once you have a rough outline you can pitch it to the staff and community. There's no point in waiting really as there're no lore masters.
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