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  1. This is the personal journal of Tahsin Akurgal. If found, leave it where you found it. shove it up your ass. November 7th Five days on foot. Still can't get myself to sleep. It's still raining. Hike back to the overturned United Nations truck near Ortahisar? After my blisters heal, maybe. Looks like there was someone staying here before me. Apparently they left with a rush, leaving their equipment behind. I've to sleep. I still have a few days ahead of me until I reach the Georgian border. November 8th Honey, I must've said this out loud a thousand times while walking here. I should've come with you. I was camping in the Belgrad Forest when you were packing. Would've been home the next morning. I'm going to find you, bring you back home. If you can call it a home anymore, anyway. November 11th I've found a car yesterday. It was nice to travel a few kilometers while sitting. The road was blocked with empty cars when I've reached the border checkpoint. No guards, no civilians. Besides the corpses and the infected, I mean. I don't want to think about you getting hurt. Wasn't there to hold you, protect you. I should shoot myself. What I fucking deserve. November 27th I've met with a Georgian trader today. I've traded eight cans of beans for a treasure map. "It's the chance of a life time!" he said. The location of a military stash, according to him. He even said he'd return the cans if the stash wasn't there. It's an eight hour hike from here, more or less. November 28th He was telling the truth. The stash was there for me to take it. With a horde of fucking infected along with it. Didn't even bother to go back to him. Well, at least I've bought a road map of Georgia along with it. I'm gonna follow it until I reach the Russian border. December 5th Just got back. I'm tired. Ended up dragging back a cart full of stuff to the camp site. I'm gonna sleep now. December 13th I count 15 of them. 6 adult males, 5 females. 4 children. They're packing some rifles and pistols. Probably in bad condition. December 14th I got close enough to hear them talk. Georgian, probably. Couldn't make sense of it. They seem harmless. One of the kids have a fever. I think. December 21st Haven't written anything since I packed up the camp. I've left some medication for the kids near their setup on my way out. And a chocolate bar. Kids'll probably love it. I won't be writing regularly like before, starting today. I've got to gain some speed. I want to reach you before the new year. Celebrate together, maybe? I know it won't be happening. Maybe next year, heh. January 1st Happy New Year. I'm observing an increase in the infected numbers. The more I get close to the border, the more the horde expands. Great way to start a new year, right? January 5th I stumbled on some sort of a checkpoint. It was pretty crowded. Counted more than 20. Men and women. Armed to teeth. I'm gonna observe the site until I make a move. January 6th Another group reached the checkpoint. Men, women and children. Motherfuckers lined all the men up against the wall and killed them. One shot to the back of the head. At least it was a swift one. They took the women and children alive. They're keeping them in a pen. Slavers? I could've warned them, maybe. Maybe I can go in at night and free the women and children. Too fucking risky. But I have to do something. I have to. January 7th I've been observing their structure. They're well organized, that's for sure. Co-ordinated patrols and sentries nearly everywhere. It's going to be tougher than I expected. They're keeping the women and children at the same pen. I don't think they're moving out soon. I might try to infiltrate the perimeters tomorrow. Also, happy birthday. January 8th Motherfuckers ate them. January 11th Ambushed one of their patrols. 3 men squad. Probably scavengers. I've the necessary supplies to advance. I'm not really fond of sleeping near cannibals, anyway. I want to do more. I can't. I have to leave. January 21st I've passed the Russian border. Following the coastline. I've to obtain some kind of a road map. Don't really know where I'm heading. Saw a few United Nations trucks along the way. All of them were looted. No signs of peace keepers. There isn't a peace left to keep, anyway. January 28th It's a late Christmas gift! Found myself a good ol' motorbike. You know, always wanted to get my hands on one of these babies. It's not the perfect time for it, I know. But who cares? I still have to find a road map. February 8th Engine died. Bike just stopped. It was fun while it lasted. Back to walking again, welcome back my lovely blisters. February 10th Had an encounter with a trade caravan. Lovely folks, really. Got myself a road map finally. It costed me a few cartridges. But the dinner was free. I decided to accompany them since we're all heading north. February 13th Our caravan got ambushed. We've managed to push them back, but there are casualties. This is going to slow them down. I'm gonna part ways with them. February 14th Happy Valentines Day. Found a teddy bear for ya. February 17th I've met a new friend today. He kept following me. Looks like he was pretty hungry. Fed him some "Dinki-Di". The Russian version of it. I'm gonna call him Sirius. You'd like that. February 18th Kept encountering infected groups. At least Sirius wasn't making any noise. Got past them without a trouble. Good boy. Running low on food. Might go shopping. February 23rd We've found a supermarket. Along with the infected. Gonna take our chances. Wish us luck. February 24th It went ok. Managed to get a few week's worth of supplies. One of them jumped Sirius. It seems fine, just a scratch. February 26th Sirius is behaving strangely. He's also limping. Maybe we should take a break. A few days won't hurt anybody, right? February 27th I had to put him down. Buried him next to an oak tree. I'd blow my fucking brains out If it weren't for you. I know you're still alive. March ? At the Chernarus-Russia border. Heavy artillery, tanks. Piles of corpses. What the fuck happened here? Most of the dead were robbed. Especially the military personnel. I hope you're safe. March ? More corpses. Even saw a heli crash. April 19th I've been travelling the coast line. I've seen a few overrun United Nations checkpoints. No signs of United Nations personnel. No sign of you. May 4th Met with a group of survivors. Haven't heard anything good. Looks like there aren't any "functioning" UN camps left. Doesn't matter. September 15th More than four months of captivity. I've lost nearly all of my equipment and supplies. Took the opportunity and booked it during the labour hours. I'm fucking done. November 10th It's been, I don't know. A year now? No sign of you. Why the fuck am I bothering? I've been so naive. Wasn't there to hold you. You died without me. I'll never touch you, never see you again. I think I can finally do it. Blow my fucking brains out. November 11th Couldn't get myself to pull the fucking trigger. Coward as usual. Maybe later. June 2nd Happy birthday to me! Happy 28th. What do I get for a present? A 12 gauge slug to the head! Not really. Maybe next year. July 21st I really don't know why I'm still keeping the ring. To remind me of you? The good times? It's not helping. Happy Anniversary. August 9th Met with an old friend today, outside of Elektro. It was nice to catch up. We should bring the band together, again. Just like old times.
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    [SPOILERS] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    Please no. I don't want to remember Kyle in the same timeline as helicopter lightsabers and laser slingshots
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    [SPOILERS] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    If they're going to steal the Death Star plans without Kyle Katarn... There'll be a disturbance in the force.
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  5. Hello, I was one of the two guys Henry Bones killed in this situation. I'd like to post my POV. Approximately 15 minutes before the event, I met a guy named Edward (the second guy) on the road pretty close to the bridge the killings happened. We've had a long conversation and mutual introduction and started to move inside Cherno. We've met another player whose name I don't recall there and we've been attacked by the infected. After I shot the infected, Henry Bones approached us sprinting and making buzzing sounds trough the microphone. He started to sprint around us, circling us. I told him to back off, step away from me and I raised my rifle and initiated. He said he was friendly and wanted to do no harm. Me and Edward retreated to the bridge with our backs turned to the bridge. While we're retreating, he kept walking and also sprinting towards us, stopping inches before us and retreating back. I held my rifle up again and told him to step back once again. After that I noticed a black guy with white clothing and probably a purple helmet behind me which was probably Doctor. After that Henry Bones said something about my white armband and told me that he met a hostile guy with an armband exactly like that and asked my connections and the meaning of the armband. I told him that the armband symbolized neutrality and I didn't know what he was talking about. After that, he kept running back and forth and sideways, and I told him to "Stop it and step back" one more time and I said "I would do it, I swear to god." After that I raised my rifle once again and while I was typing (Was Text RPing) he raised his rifle and shot me. I don't know what happened afterwards. That's more or less what happened.
  6. I'm surprised that no one said... [video=youtube]
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    Don't talk to me or my gasoline canister ever again
  8. I didn't think it would be a problem since we were walking out of Cherno trough the woods with no one in sight, so I don't have any defense about using OOC excessively, sorry about that. Will not happen again.
  9. Hello, I was indeed with Kozak at the Cherno Police Station. We've had an encounter with you before with you with a chainsaw and us with me a Bow (aka Robin Hood) and Kozak with the rifle. After our encounter at the school I glitched to the first floor and came back to Cherno after dinner (and also respawning). There, I met with Kozak again and walked trough Cherno. When we encountered you again at the Cherno Police Station, I didn't shoot but watched you and Kozak. Hope that clears and sums it up.