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  1. The Howl [Open Freq - 173.8Hz]

    *Samchowski finally gets his radio working and holds down the button* Ondrej, I don't know if you can hear this..is your camp still there? I'm in desparate need of food and supplies, I don't have much but I can trade for any help you can give. *Samchowski sighs deep* I hope you're still there...that someone's still there...over. *Click*
  2. The Last Bastions of Hope...

    @Rogério SkyLab thanks for the response. Totally understand about using forum-based intelligence leading to meta-gaming. The head North technique is one I'm currently employing so I'd say it'll only be a matter of time before I bump into someone.
  3. The Last Bastions of Hope...

    Hey everyone, So I believe what I'm about to ask here is within the realms and bounds of the rules however if not, of course admins, feel free to take it down, no worries. I'm just wondering how to find pockets of civilisation in Chernarus? I know there are a few groups of survivors out there who are creating outposts but for new players to the server it can be a little daunting/ difficult to hear about them or know where they are. The main problem I had when I started the server was that it was incredibly difficult to find resources, most hosues I went were looted and it took me a few attempts to get set-up. I eventually ran into a player or two but it took quite some time, I'm just wondering is it permissable for groups of survivors to post here on the forums that they're active? Perhaps give details of what their ethos is? Even writing this I can forsee how it could affect RP but I was just curious to see what our thoughts were as a community on it. S.