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  1. Ah yes, the Danish military...renowned for its bravery and putting up a hard fight when defending Denmark
  2. If someone from The District crowd should get staff its not Ryan, its @GMAK Just look at this adorable lad
  3. Its a good thing that staff members reply to this important and divisive topic with well thought out professional answers. Just because youre only an LM (no offence to @StagsviewRB ) doesnt mean you dont have to follow the standards of forum behaviors expected from all staff members.
  4. Last time this was implemented the whole server died for a long time. How about we learn from our mistakes and not make stupid unnecessary rules like that again.
  5. Just like in real life, there are people who will fuck you over if you are weaker than them. I dont know what is so "immersion breaking" about it. Are you saying that there arent cunts in real life? As has been said, if someone goes OOC as you claim these people constantly do, that definitely is against the rules and is a bannable offense. I also dont know what you are trying to say with this: I can see that youre a great writer with classic lines such as: "characters who are so morally grey they emanate FOG" but being a writer has nothing to do with the quality of roleplay people can provide. This isnt a textRP community and thats just a silly insult to throw at someone.
  6. Hofer trying to cover his back so that his friends dont see him voting against them all the time But seriously, in theory I dont see anything wrong with having staff sign warnings but in practice it isnt as easy as it sounds. All this "sign with only the name of first two so that someone is left to deal with the appeal and prioritize mods except when its a large amount of points" system would make it quite the logistical nightmare by itself especially with how chaotic #staffgeneral sometimes is. Then there is also the problem with verifying the signing. In verdicts there is a great and simple system to make sure the people put down as signers actually signed off on it. its easy and simple through notes and no one could put someones name as a signature without them knowing about it but with a warning you cant use the same system. The only way to confirm the signatures would be to go through discord archives to find the conversation about the reported post.
  7. Good to see all of you lads back in business. Best of luck!
  8. I could think of a couple things...
  9. Welcome back lads! This will be interesting. Some good times were had last time you were around.
  10. Here are the pictures you asked me to take:
  11. Now that rule 2.3 has become a normal thing to report hostile roleplayers for we should look into fighting back by making rule 2.4 reports.


    2.4 Don't be a sore loser. Items in game can be replaced, there is no need to be angry and hold grudge against someone just because someone was better. Keep in mind that it is just a game. Take regular breaks from the game if you have trouble separating In Character events from Out of Character real world.


    1. Rover


      In my limited experience typically breaks of rule 2.4 fall under 'False Report' when its obvious that there was no basis to the report in the first place and it was placed solely out of salt. I'm not sure what else 2.4 would actually fall under... 

      Most cases I've seen are handled as flaming and points are issued that way, not really through reports.

    2. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Why does reporting someone breaking rule 2.3 result in full groups being put on final but a 2.4 report would be "false report" though?🤔


      This was meant to be a humorous status update not a real suggestion...


    3. Rover


      I am terrible at picking up on humor, apologies.

      Also,  case by case.



      (did it work, did I do the humor?)


    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Ah, the classic "case by case" also known as "bias" 😄 


      Well Done Good Job GIF by SuccessionHBO


    5. VoodooLR


      I think we should just enforce directive 4.6

      No military grade weapons for anyone on the server

    6. Banshee


      pee pee poo poo


  12. @GMAK muting in discord and forcing internal roleplay on people.
  13. Oscar O'Doyle POV: Pretty simple really. We were at Grish and met this lad who wasn't the most polite of folks. He gets a bit hot and bothered and suddenly without a warning raises his weapon and blows poor @BandsRP to kingdom come. I proceed to immediately put him down like the rabid dog he turned out to be. We had had no interactions with him or anyone he associated with prior to this and he definitely didn't initiate or even threaten us in any way before trying to kill us. I personally am not too sure about the NVFL seeing that it was just two of us who had guns out (even though we had him in a perfect crossfire) and the rest were holding backpacks in their hands so a better PvPer could have managed to kill us especially with the element of surprise firmly on his side. While I think his character deserves to be permed, I would hate for this report to set a precedent for what was basically a 2v1 to be considered NVFL.
  14. *Oscar picks up his radio* Wait a second...this sounds just like a protection racket targeting traders... *He chuckles and puts his radio back into his vest pouch*
  15. This deepfake stuff is getting out of hand:

    Damn he is good but there is something very unsettling about those face changes 

    game of thrones jaqen hghar GIF

    1. Hofer


      This is not what I was thinking about when I saw the word deepfake.

  17. Heard you were getting bullied and being called names by whitenames

    big hero 6 friendship GIF by Sky

    Its ok, were here for you...

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