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"With spit and patience the elephant fucks the ant-common proverb"

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  1. OskuRP

    Real life picture Thread

  2. OskuRP

    Kinda planned group idea. Share your thoughts.

    Its a cool idea and we need new groups right now. These sort of "behind the scenes" groups have been done before and you run a big risk of accidental/deliberate metagaming but if you are willing to take the risk go for it!
  3. OskuRP

    DayzRP = gone?

    I think new things being added to game slowly like it looks to be happening now will be enough to keep people interested in regularly hopping ingame. Who wouldnt want to be the first one to find, fix and promptly crash a helicopter once they add it to the game? Also with modding and admin tools on the way they will allow for alot of cool new stuff, events etc. that will also incentivise people to play on the server.
  4. OskuRP

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    Next time dont let a little rain scare you from the airfield Good luck with the group!
  5. OskuRP


    1. Eagle



    2. KyleRP


      All those bright colours for your angsty emotions

  6. OskuRP

    Anarchy Revamped media page.

    The Oompa Loompa squad is unstoppable!
  7. OskuRP

    Character locked in database

    Yeah I was just about to put a support ticket aswel after struggling with trying to figure out how it works for like an hour and then I decided to try one last time to get on the server and suddenpy it worked. Id suggest you just wait for the next restart...
  8. OskuRP

    Character locked in database

    I had the exact same problem and it just sort of fixed itself. Someone told me that you have to wait for server restart and that could have been it since just after restart I tried again and it worked just fine.
  9. BurpsRP

    • BurpsRP
    • OskuRP

    my my look how big you've gotten, so grown up

    i've been a terrible grandma, but don't worry that's all going to change

    1. OskuRP


      A terrible grandma? The fuck?

    2. KyleRP


      Fuck up razz 😂 

  10. OskuRP

    Returning :)

    Welcome back. You picked a great time to return as standalone just had a huge update and we have a DayZRP mod server running again.
  11. OskuRP

    • OskuRP
    • Ghost Of Pado

    Operation INSIDE MAN is moving forward as planned, im in. Instructions were to follow.

    Meet me at the top of the clocktower at noon tomorrow.

    As usual we will confirm identity with me saying: "Its a beautiful view from up here."

    And you will reply with: "It would be a shame if someone would fall to their death."

    After this I will leave to the safehouse and you will follow from a safe distance.

    And as always...no names.

    1. Dew


      *Would wipe a tear from his eye*

      That was beautiful.

    2. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado

      Take me down daddy

    3. OskuRP


      Follow up operations are as follows:





    4. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado

      Haha what that @Roland guy said in slack im dead CLASSIC

  12. Svenne

    • Svenne
    • OskuRP


    tenor (1).gif

  13. EndeavourRP

    • EndeavourRP
    • OskuRP

    Don't let us down

    1. OskuRP


      Ill try my darndest not to

  14. Gaylaxitive

    • Gaylaxitive
    • OskuRP

    I thought you were sniping people but it turns out just members ;( 

  15. Para

    • Para
    • OskuRP

    Tbh this was a good decision, i give the +1

    1. OskuRP


      Lets hope so