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"His name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him."

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  1. OskuRP

    Movies / TV series you'd recommend.

    I have been watching The Haunting of Hill House on netflix and oh boy is it good. It was recommended to me by someone and I thought "how good can a netflix horror mini series be?" but I have to say it surprised me. I havent finished it yet but its much better than any horror show has the right to be. Its one of the best acted, most interesting and intense show with the most real feeling characters that I have ever seen. In the end its not even just a horror show and sometimes feels more like a drama but unless the end fucks everything up its well worth a watch. Its also only 10, hour long episodes so you wont lose much if you dont like it.
  2. OskuRP

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Didnt you guys fly back to Ireland and bomb England with a dirty bomb or something?
  3. OskuRP

    I just spawned a B95 with a spraypaint ?

    But yeah I think this glitch has been in the game ever since .63 came out because we saw the same thing lying on the ground in stary on day one with the muzzle flash glitched like that. Another "feature" added by the developers. You could report it to Bohemia.
  4. OskuRP

    I just spawned a B95 with a spraypaint ?

    Reported for duping and using hacks.
  5. OskuRP


    This fucking guy...the ultimate troll. 😄 How he holds a straight face through all this I have no clue.


    1. Falk


      oh for fuck sake. 

    2. OskuRP


      Very rarely does something I see online make me laugh out loud but this video truly desrves a "lol" from me.

  6. OskuRP


    Welcome back @Pepboy. The sniper/spotter dreamteam is back!

  7. OskuRP

    Final moments.. or so I thought

    Nice pic! The blood makes it look like you were seriously injured and dragged yourself to the roof for a final stand with the shotgun.
  8. OskuRP

    Initiations in BETA

    After seeing how many avoidable deaths have come from the voip issues I give this a fat +1
  9. OskuRP

    Bullet stun lock

    100% agree with this. Im sure people will start arguing here that "its realistic" but lets be honest its not...a bullet going through you is not going to make you get thrown back and flinch for a full second. It will either incapacitate you for way longer, or you will be able to continue fighting with all the adrenaline pumping. Its even possible that you might not even realise you were shot. Sure you might jump and drop your gun for example but usually a hit like that will remove you from the fight all together. People can continue running when being shot multiple times without seemingly reacting at all to the bullets penetrating their body. The game is not realistic in many ways and this sure doesnt add realism in the game especially with the animation being so clunky. It would be more realistic and worth a test run maybe if you would only flinch when taking a hit to the plate. When you get hit in the plate the plate itself absorbs the impact and transfers all the bullets impact energy to your body throwing you back a bit. This would also make the plate carrier a bit less overpowered.
  10. OskuRP

    Base building rules.

    Sure, but the rescue party has nothing to bargain with. The hostage takers can literally demand anything and the other group has nothing they can use to leverage or negotiate with. How a normal realistic hostage situation would go is that the rescuing party has to weigh how much the hostages life is worth to them. If the demands arent reasonable and exceed the value of the hostage they can and will either find an alternative solution or attack the place and risk the hostage/hostages getting killed. With an impenetrable fort the hostage takers can demand anything and if the demands arent met they can just kill the hostage, wait their 30 and log off.
  11. OskuRP

    Base building rules.

    The thing is, in a house the hostage takers have a reason to negotiate and not kill their hostage since they are most likely surrounded. If they are in an impenetrable base they hold all the cards. If they kill the hostage in a normal house the other party can "rainbow 6 into the house" as @Shanoby put it and kill all of them. If they are in their base on the other hand they have no reason to negotiate and they can just wait it out with no fear of anything or even kill the hostage without any repercussions.
  12. OskuRP

    Base building rules.

    Thats where you are wrong Shanoby
  13. OskuRP

    S1 - RDM Grishino 5/11/18 22:00

    Oscar Pushkin POV: I know this comes quite late but I felt that I should post this since I was involved and you can hear me in a key part of the video evidence. I spawn in the house next to the pump and immediately hear that Kamenichi are in town. I quickly take off my armband to avoid being recognised as a House membe and leave it on the floor since I have no space in my inventory. As I start walking out of the building I hear an initiation being dropped right next to me along the lines of "Everyone put your hands up and come where we can see you". The initiation I herd seemed to come from double red if I remember correctly. I comply since im alone in town and just spawned in. I walk into the little open area around the pump with my hand up as ordered and stand around there with Kenneth chatting shit about whats going on etc. At first I thought the initiation was a joke since no one except Kenneth put their hands up even though they were right there within 20 meters from us. At 0:40 in OPs second video you can even hear me saying: "wtf is going on? I thought this was a joke since no one was reacting" I hear some shots and as I see some people in and around the shop not complying with their guns out I start telling them that they were ordered to put their hands up and walk onto the street because I had a feeling they didnt realise that an initiation was dropped. You can hear all of this in the OPs video evidence. You can also see the OP comply for a few seconds before deciding to put his hand down and hide in an outhouse. Even if he didnt hear the initial initiation he clearly heard me relaying the demands multiple times. After some people refusing to come to the street as asked we stand there in the middle of the road waiting and eventually after hearing nothing for a while and seeing no kamenichi we decide to lower our hands and go about our day.
  14. OskuRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Fucking cracked me up hearing the sound of what apparently was you blowing bubbles into a glass of water (or more likely an alcoholic beverage)!
  15. OskuRP

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Oskar Pushkin POV: Were were rolling to the airfield from Kab but we get word from @JoshRizzo that he is being harassed by Kamenichi who are building some sort of camp at Vybor industrial. We decide to wait at the crossroads for the server restart before rolling up and initiating on them. I decide that since there is like 10 minutes till restart I have plenty of time to circle around from the south side of VCM to avoid @Eagles eagle eye and get to the west side of town to flank them. While im trying to flank around Josh gets initiated on granting us kill rights and since the people at crossroads had already been spotted someone goes "fuck it, lets do it live" and the people at the barn and crossroads open fire. When the bullets start flying im not in position yet but im only about 200 meters south of vybor. Since people are saying in TS that they are holding the factory buildings I decide to just run into the industrial area and I start clearing the south side of it. As im clearing it I stop for a sec to 3rd person peek around a container and get killed by the fiddler on the roof @groovy tonyRP.