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"And I looked, and behold a pale horse..."

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  1. Looking at what has been going on in the forums yesterday: 

    Confused Funny Memes GIF

    Why does it seem that always when im not around everyone just says/does the stupidest shit

  2. I need to watch this once again some day soon...

  3. Got a notice from the landlord this morning that due to some rennovation work they are going to have to cut the heating for the apartment for a few days...IMG_20180719_161906.png.cabfe060143cefe0f356afc07c6615a3.png

    Oh no...how will I survive without freezing to death.

    1. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      its gonna be a long one but i have faith that you will make it

    2. OskuRP


      I have been trained to survive in arctic conditions but this will put all the skills i learned from the Jaeger-brigade and from working as a wilderness guide to test...thoughts and prayers are welcome

    3. Brayces


      My damn electric bill was 200 bucks because everyone on my floor shares the same base price which was 125.00 these past few months due to the fact people keep pumping their A/Cs!!! 

    4. OskuRP


      I wish I had an A/C unit...im boiling alive when inside the house and when out and about its just as bad unless im swimming.

    5. Svenne


      We are simply not built for this climate... 


    6. OskuRP


      And its supposed to last for another two weeks! What the fuck is going on with the weather right now?? This is fucking insane especially up here in Lappland.

    7. OskuRP


      Ive completely lost my appetite due to the heat and the only time i can go for a run without dying during the first km is around midnight and even then the sun is still up and its like +25...this is what hell feels like

  4. OskuRP


    This for example would be a big problem for me since I go around alot of different groups channels even if im not in those groups to goof around with people. If I understand correctly I couldnt do that with this new system...
  5. OskuRP

    • OskuRP
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    Truly a sad day. I had a lot of respect for how you handled staff work.

    1. Stagsview


      get off my profile....

    2. OskuRP
  6. How i felt after my last posts on yesterdays report:

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle lawyered

    Big thanks to my team of skilled prosecutors and detectives @Zanaan and @LouieRP

    1. LouieRP



    2. Eagle


      Doesn't take much detective work to look at the date and time of the screenshot reee.

    3. OskuRP


      Im so unskilled and without knowledge about things relating to computers that it didnt even pop into my mind. Also Erik pointed out something else about the logs that helped me make my case.

    4. Zanaan


      Just doing my self proclaimed job 😛

  7. And if all this isnt enough proof here is the timestamp on my steam screenshot of you looting yourself. It shows the picture was taken at 02:37 my time which would be 00:37 server time and that is only 28 minutes after your first death.
  8. And the most definitive proof of your rulebreak is that you died again less than an hour after your first death and this was preceded by us spending a very long time spent at the school which can be confirmed by @Eagle @groovy tonyRP @KyleRP and all the rest of the people who were at the school. You could still try to claim that you were never close to your body but my screenshot places you at the scene of the crime!
  9. I dont have video but I have a witness. Also just by comparing all the logs from the people in the school we could prove that it was indeed directed at you since there is no one else it could be directed at except puncture but it doesnt really matter since you were in the car. All the people who were in Novo could also confirm that I wasnt in a car with anyone after Louie got captured and would have no reason to suddenly type //please use vehicle comms. Honestly I think its rather scummy that you try to continuously lie your way out of this when we both know what happened.
  10. And now that I checked the rules and saw that the timer is actually 1 hour (woops...my bad for not knowing ) there really isnt an argument here. My message about using vehicle comms was directed towards you and @Puncture can verify this and that message was typed only 31 minutes after you died the first time. We hopped in the car less than 20 meters from your body so you did indeed break the New Life Rule.
  11. Im sure that I wrote it but even if it isnt there we can stil look at his time of death (at 00:09) and me telling him in the car on our way to Severograd to use the vehicle chat since his voice was extremely hard to hear in the car (at 00:40) we can reasonably conclude that he did infact break the NLR because my message was preceded by multiple minutes of me and @Puncture talking to him and then hopping in the car and chit chatting for a while until I decided to write the message.not to mention the time he was in the area before I stumbled upon him looting his own corpse. So we can say it was definetly less than 30 mins after his death that he returned to the area.
  12. Unfortunately not. The staffteam will post a verdict on this thread once they come to a conclusion. If you want to see what it looks like just go to a solved report and look at the last post in it. If you had read the caution given to you properly I think you shouldnt have a problem understanding what it meant. Thank you Jamie
  13. @Jamie could we have the logs for Rakeshes previous death that was before this and my chatlogs from the time including the //stamp I typed?
  14. Allrighty then. Im not going to post anymore unless staff asks a question since this back and forth seems useless.
  15. Today while at the beach we had the brilliant idea of swimming across Finlands widest and fastest flowing river. This is something that maybe a handfull of people do every year and we had never done it beforeb14142028ceb7c83f5b34e90a6064c75.png

    All in all it was 690 meters with the majority of it we had to fight against the current to not go too far from where we were heading. It was alot of fun but by the end of it we were fucking exhausted. The worst part was that on the other side we had to walk barefoot to a friends house to hitch a ride back to the beach on the burning hot asphalt that had been heating up in the +32 weather for the whole day. I somehow managed to burn/get a blister on the bottom of my feet from the asphalt.

    10/10 trip. Will do again someday.