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"R.I.P guitarman..."

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  1. Unfortunately the community is full of people like this guy right here Not to mention that guy
  2. Stary Yar is where its at. Also make sure youre there during the event to witness some great RP
  3. OskuRP

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    Such abominations are killed at birth
  4. OskuRP

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    I wasnt aware that NATO forces operated in outer space Other than that tiny factual error in the lore (looking at you @Sylva) and the fact that it has so many Swedish people in it (including Rolle) looks pretty good @Svenne
  5. OskuRP

    Battlefield V

    This is like the beginning of a really bad joke: a katana wielding machine gunner, a british female sniper with a prosthetic arm, a viking looking motherfucker without a shirt and "the token black guy" (who has blue "camo" paint for some reason) walk into a bar in nazi occupied France... Doesnt mean the game isnt going to be fun to play even if it isnt historically accurate though.
  6. Well...I will be taking a break for atleast awhile

    Now that my studies end tomorrow and summer starts properly I want to be able to enjoy it fully.

    I will still visit the forums every now and then to see whats up, give anarchy some criticism  and see who has been hit by Rolles mighty ban hammer. I might even visit the TS on rare occasions 

    1. Mademoiselle



  7. 9e813ad6c247d404c77ef871f0527e39.png

    Teletubbies were horrifying enough as they were

  8. That Jordan Peterson fella has to be one of the smartest and most well spoken guy with the most comprehensive worldview I have ever seen/listened to.

    Every lecture/video I see from him makes me appreciate him a little more.

    1. Major


      Used him for one of my psych papers.

  9. OskuRP

    • OskuRP
    • Dakotaen

    Although last nights game was a shitshow I have to give it to you...your boys won


    Smash Television Set GIF

    1. Dakotaen


      Obviously. Denmark > Finland all day, Son.

    2. OskuRP


      Looking at the overall goal situation: Finland at 25:5 and denmark at 7:15...dont get too cocky now

      @Kain @Oliv and whoever else is Canadian here. Youre next and its going to be an intetesting one.

    3. Kain


      Justin Trudeau Stickers | Zazzle.com.au

    4. Oliv


      Yeah, we're pretty good at ringette

  10. BorisRP

    • BorisRP
    • OskuRP


    That was a nice moment

    1. OskuRP


      Twas the best of times

  11. OskuRP

    Does a ban wipe your character?

    This brings up a question: I seem to remember you saying something about plans on implementing gear kits in return for money, being in a lore group etc If so. would a person who gets wiped because of a rule violation still get his/her gear back when respawning?
  12. Good luck with the group. Heres a tip on how to handle the situation if one of our officers comes to question you about the drugs:
  13. OskuRP

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    I get that you are a wannabe loremaster but our two lovely actual LMs put alot of effort in to these events and lore updates so maybe have some more respect towards the work they do. Nobody likes a nitpicky know-it-all.
  14. 0fc5316bcf5dae950267d85a9e30d53b.png

    @Para I think this man needs a TS description 😉 

    1. TehZombyBeard



    2. OskuRP


      Im just kidding...or am I?

    3. TehZombyBeard
  15. OskuRP

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    • Rebel Pado