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  1. I really [email protected] , @warmr and the CDF captains rp but sadly the rest of the rp going on in cherno was mostly really bad with two random suicides in kovars and a huge 2 hour clusterfuck of a firefight and mass rdm with our guys getting shot at aswell. Im actually amased how no reports have been filed yet.
  2. @IAmJackBandit, @warmr, @Vito , @Buster, @Elliot James , @gizmomec and the rest thanks for making the cold rainy night fun and breaking my favourite bars window...whoever was the one who broke it. Also @Vito the AA meeting was great! Thanks to all who participated although i had to leave early
  3. Fun times in Cherno today @Phoenix hope the bar becomes a thing @Samti nice to see you after all this time...thanks for "cleaning up" that problem for us @gizmomec shame that we didnt get to kill the imposter ourselves
  4. Had some great RP with the CDF and Val also...interesting... RP with @N-Tox. Ofcourse great internal RP with @Isaiah Cortez and @gizmomec
  5. Not much going on down south but enjoyed the long talk with @PCJames alot!
  6. Quite enjoyed VDVs roleplay today at the meetup allthough I crashed halfway through it especially @Joffrey
  7. NATO - CFOR Media Thread

    The meetup of the four great military factions...shame I crashed in the middle of it with 20 people in que for the server
  8. Meeting @Lyca and @Tony on the way to the new UN HQ. You two made the long walk enjoyable with all the great songs and rp...I still think that you should make that album of f*cked up childrens songs. Also nice rp on the medical checkup in the UN HQ from whoever was the WHO/UN nurse.
  9. Some good RP in the UN camp @Phoenix @Honeybee whoever plays Johny "5aces" and especially from the person who plays Oliver!
  10. Great RP with the irish militia in Kabanino...i shall never forget our meeting with the legendary "youtube wolf hunter" and the drunk russian black man who claimed it was just his accent!
  11. Aleksi Hauki

    Was part of the two Jaeger companies from Finland doing a joint exercise with the CDF in chernarus when the infection hit. The two companies gor stuck when they closed the borders and when the shit hit the fan and russia started bombarding they retreated in to the woods hiding. After most of the finnish troops decided to head for the border to go across some of them decided to stay fearing that they would all be shot and killed by the russians or the CDF. After living in the woods for a while with maybe a platoon worth of soldiers left the infected found the camp and Aleksi fought hes way out of the camp with a friend of hes but later he found out hes friend had been bit and after he started to get a fever they both came to the conclusion that he was infected with the same virus that made people into these things so Aleksi was forced to kill him
  12. Banana Crews Media Thread

    I will get that gun back you hear! You combat logging sonofabitch!
  13. Getting some revenge for CJ

    [attachment=3474] [attachment=3475] [attachment=3476] [attachment=3477] [attachment=3478]
  14. Message to Francis bayne (private freq)

    *Oscar sits in the camp smoking a cigarette* Well you are taking your sweet time getting here...we have been waiting for a long time to get to play with you *Oscar blows a smoke ring and puts the radio in his vest pouch*
  15. Survival Games Event

    Forum name: osku197 Forum profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-osku197 Not sure if the waiting list is still going but if so im in!