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  1. Oscar Pahka

  2. A big thank you to @Galaxy, @Spanners and all of jonnys lads for giving Sgt.Hauki a proper end. That was a clever trick you used to get me... "Bushmaster Actual signing out" *static and multiple gunshots*
  3. Wound Guide for Role Playing

    This should be a must read for people who like hardcore medical RP and/or play as a doctor, surgeon or combat medic! By the way where are the pages from?
  4. The Forsaken

    Fair enough. I wasnt involved in writing the lore I was just pocking some good natured fun at you about the only fight i was involved in with you guys
  5. The Forsaken

    I was only there for the second firefight but i have to say we got you guys pretty good that time I got you guys pinned at the ditch next to the gate pretty well for an hour and would have remained concealed if it wasnt for that damn infected that came out of nowhere. Also even if we had alot of people inside the compound the amount of actual people fighting on both sides was about even because about half of our guys were either civilians or people who stayed at the back protecting them and not firing a shot. Its true that we called for backup from other groups but they didnt arrive in time. Honestly it was a good and interesting firefight. Also the way you got inside during the last fight if i undestood correctly was because sylva let you guys breach the compound through the back by removing the tent that blocked it and at that point our guys didnt stand a chance from a suprise attack through the back
  6. Doormats [Open Frequency]

    *he presses the ptt* "Well you must have a pretty fucking bad memory then...you probably added to that number the people you killed on your way back to your hidingplace"
  7. Doormats [Open Frequency]

    *Hauki looks at the 25+ civillians, soldiers and rangers in the compound through his scope from the camouflaged position on the hill* *He spits some blood, presses the PTT button attached to his vest and starts talking, taking a wheezing breath every now and then* "I have had it with you lying cunts! Not only do we have to deal with all the other shit we have on our plates right now but this too! Let me guess? You stages some fucking attack on Severograd just so you can justify your shitty unorganized attacks on our base and the people in it to the civilian populace." *coughs for a while releasing the PTT and continues talking in a more calm manner* "You people now that it wasnt us who did this...and yet you still say these things here for all to hear trying to get people to be on your side. I do not know what your vendetta is against us but im starting to think you people just want to cause chaos because if you actually had a reason you wouldn have to keep telling these lies here. You know that we only have a single soldiers who wears a black uniform and he hasnt been near Severograd in a loong time. What comes to us shooting civilians trying to leave our compound during the firefight, that is a complete lie and you know it!" *curses to himself in finnish and lights a cigarette to calm his frustration. After breathing the smoke in he gets a fit of cough due to his lung having been collapsed two nights ago*
  8. *Hauki lays in the forest looking at the areas surrounding the camp through his rangefinder and shifts his body to ease the pain from his wounds pressing against the ground* I am positive it was you people who took our brother in arms hostage when he was in a wheelchair and beat him so badly that he still cant walk straight. And I trust his word quite a lot more than yours. He also told me that in the same incident you forced the poor girl who is still here under our protection when you attacked us to beg for her life. All this just because they happened to be taken care of by the fucking UN when you guys attacked. Its not like they a had a choice...that place was the only place that gave proper medical treatment. So you attack a hospital because you dont like the owner and beat up the patients...stay fucking classy men...and keep calling yourself the heroes *Hauki turns of the radio and keeps laying in the bushes trying to say perfectly still and silent allthough the pain in his chest is getting worse again*
  9. *Hauki listens to the conversation and after taking a long wheezing breath, coughing up some blood and removing the bandana covered in dry caked blood and begins to speak* Brackets and all of you "gremlings" *snickers a litlle*...its pretty fucking bold for you to talk about us killing civillians. Do you mean the civilian who you forced at gunpoint to charge at our gate and break it down? Or all the other countless civilians you have killed? YOU! The man who beat up a FUCKING CRIPPLE and forced a mute girl to beg for her life in sign language! Also Brackets you people are the worst shooters ive ever seen. I ran 500 fucking meters in an open field with five of you shooting at me for the whole time and not a single bullet hit me...maybe teach your men and yourself how to shoot before you assault our base the next time...yours truly -the sniper who killed 4 of you little gremlings *coughs some blood on the floor* Now i dont know what the rangers have done but we former NATO members have never done anything to deserve this bullshit you spew on the radio. We were fucked by our highest command who now have evacuated the country without us like the pussies they are. And to Rory and the rest of the civilians who for some fucking reason hate us. What the fuck have we done!? You keep saying that we havent helped...NATOs job has never been to help civilians in need. NATO was created to provide defence for its countries against an attack by an external party. Now we have tried to help civilians as much as we have had the opportunity to...but the fact is that was never our job in the first place. Our high command had no idea what to do with us since the world had gone to shit and now they have abandoned us...what the hell do you want us to do... *his voice fades away*
  10. That 400 meter sprint to safety through a completely open field with all of you shooting at me was the stuff of legends even if i say so myself
  11. Had a great time in the 2+ hour long firefight/siege against @Galaxys group of misfits. Good banter aswell over the wall. -the ghillie sniper who got the better of you
  12. Torture and kill for sure!
  13. Thank you to all the people that were involved in my trial for shooting a kid in Cherno...it was great fun. Im so sorry @Jonas Gj you truly looked like an infected when you were running after your "dad". Also @Dew and the rest of the gang...shame our little conversation was cut short with the biggest clusterfuck i have ever seen not ending in multiple reports. It was good we could talk it out.
  14. Fun and suprisingly peaceful times at Cherno today with @Buster @Sivister @deputynutty @[email protected] and all the others involved. Wouldnt call it great RP but it sure was entertaining!
  15. Good the be back in Cherno...especially enjoyed the RP of @Scott Fynch and the sermon in the church and the story sharing session by the pub. Also the prank for @raptorhi was good fun