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  1. Osku

    Appeal KOS - 7 Days

    Hello @Jewell The verdict indeed incorrectly classified your kill as an Invalid Kill - on sight. As seen in the video there clearly was roleplay between the two of you leading up to the kill. Invalid Kill - on sight is reserved for people who kill someone without any previous roleplay interaction and you shouldn't have received a 7 day ban. What comes to the kill itself, while the RP was fine in my opinion, the kill wasn't. For you to have gained DEFENSE RIGHTS on the OP of the report, what he did would have to be something that is considered a hostile action. As the rules say: While you could argue that "you were forced to do something under the threat of violence" and the violence was implied in the OPs voice, we can't allow people to be shot just for demanding something in an aggressive tone of voice. If that was allowed people could get killed for simply demanding someone to leave a place and the "tone" that would constitute as implied violence would be an impossible task for the staff team to judge fairly. Outcome: /appeal accepted 7 day ban revoked, 3 day ban issued for Invalid Kill - roleplayed
  2. Osku

    Combat Logging Rule

    If this is your opinion, why did you vote no?
  3. Osku

    Combat Logging Rule

    Do you mean like we have two different kill rules for defenders and attackers? In my opinion the subjects of a hostile action should have more rights since they dont choose to get in to the situation. Also it makes little sense for them to have to wait since they havent done anything. I get the whole point that the hostage takers might still want some RP after breaking line of sight but in that case you should also have a timer always when finishing roleplay with someone because they too might still want to roleplay with you after you leave. What im getting at is that there is no reason for the rule to extend to the hostages and it benefits no one. Hostages log out after leaving the situation all the time and as far as i recall we havent enforced the rule and punished someone for it except for that one time when I posted the thread I linked and even then it was a more complicated situation.
  4. Osku

    Combat Logging Rule

    I agree with this a 100% and even made a thread about it a while back: This part of the rule has never really been enforced and it makes no sense for a complying hostage to have to wait their 30 after breaking line of sight. The whole point of the rule is to give people a chance to retaliate after having been subjected to a hostile action, why would someone who no one has kill rights on have to wait for their "combat log" timer?
  5. Osku

    Report Title requirements.

    Also feel free to report appeals/reports that have invalid titles to draw the staff teams attention to it. Its easy to miss an incomplete title when focusing on the content of the report.
  6. Osku


    Sitting here drinking my morning coffee reading about how two nuclear powers are at the brink of war...this is fine GIF

    1. Randy


      You're drinking your coffee, I'm having another beer at 1am

    2. Voodoo


      I love the smell of a nuclear apocolypse and fresh ground coffee in the morning

    3. Gaylaxy



    4. Osku


      @Gaylaxy nice meme but you misspelled allies you dumbo...

    5. Kieran


      Meh. Border conflicts over the Kashmir region is nothing new, and neither side has the balls to go to war over it when both of them have nukes.

    6. Osku


      @Onyx very true

      Loved the pic Pakistan used to show that the captured pilot is ok, the mans beaten the fuck up and so swollen he looks like a fucking tomato 😄

  7. Osku

    POV - Ban appeal

    Aight, goodbye /closed
  8. Osku

    Remove Radio Forums

    Even though the radio forums are too often used for useless big dicking they also serve an RP purpose and many people still use it to create and enhance RP. If someone doesn't care for the radio forums they can do what I do and completely ignore them, problem solved. Also, @Sam Fields
  9. Osku

    Malcom Grey Ban Appeal

    Hello @GorrilaGlue33 After talking with both the OP of the report and your supposed ally in the situation, there seems to be no evidence that you were ever a part of the reported situation. Due to this we will /accept your appeal and lift your temp ban. It was unfortunate that you took your break just when you were called in for a POV but now that you are playing again, keep an eye on the forums so that we can avoid this sort of situations in the future.
  10. Osku

    POV - Ban appeal

    If you want this appeal to go somewhere, you will need to give us a full and detailed POV of the situation seen in the report.
  11. Osku


    /approved Good luck boys!
  12. Osku

    Current Bugs in Testing.

    @Pontiff post the list here
  13. Osku

    S1 | RDM & Meta, Novaya Petrovka | 2019-02-25, 23:20

    Oscar O'Doyle POV: I headed up north to help Mak kill some Saviors and when I get there i'm starving to death. I try to link up with Mak and find a top to switch out my very recognisable orange raincoat. The only clothes I end up finding are two more orange raincoats... Mak tells me to get into the church so he can give me food and we can move out from there. I wait in the church for him and he arrives eventually. He gives me some food and while i'm eating we hear people running outside. 3-4 Saviors burst in and run up to us. They say something like "hello there, we recognise you" and spray me and Mak down. I hop in their TS to ask why the shot me since I hadn't done anything (yet) and they apologise and we have a laugh about the situation. I give them perms to log before hopping off.
  14. Osku



    Test server death squad @Watchman @Pontiff @BrianM @Grim

    1. Watchman



  15. Osku

    S1 KOS NVFL Vybor pump 22:10-23 25/02/19

    Oscar O'doyle POV: We had been RPing around Vybor for a good while and there were a bunch of groups there. Generation Zero, D7 mercenaries + friends and New Moon. We all end up gathering around the well for some dancing, banter and a touching speech by @OxeN. I am about to leave the well with Gen Z but I get called back by the boys and we continue chatting. This is when everyone who were huddled around me get hit with a full mag of 7.62 killing a few and hitting many more (including me). I run behind the shed where I saw the muzzle flash coming from to kill the shooter. As I turn the corner I see someone I don't recognise laying on the ground and I assumed it was the shooter/one of the shooters and that @Watchman had just dropped him so I put a few in him to make sure he isn't just uncon since in this patch everyone seems to always go uncon instead of actually dying. Well turns out it was just some random person who happened to be behind the shed and was killed by the accused before we turned the corner (I think I also hit @Challenger with a few stray rounds there, sorry mate). The situation ends when Watchman kills the accused when he runs out of the shed.
  16. Osku

    Appealing blacklisted

    To play on the server you will need to create an original backstory for your character. While you are allowed to pull inspiration from works of fiction and there is no way to avoid being influenced by movies, games and other media when creating your story, it seems that your story was almost exactly copied from somewhere. If you read our lore you will know that it is very different from the Metro universe so I suggest you scrap the idea of making a Russian character based on the Metro series and go with something completely original. Appeal accepted - blacklist removed You will need to re-submit your whitelist application
  17. Osku

    Unnecessary post Appeal

    Your post not only breaks this community rule: It also breaks the rules stated about the group threads seen here: Wongs post was a good example of solid feedback that added to the thread and while the last part that was directed at you added nothing by itself it was fine, because the rest of the post was on topic and constructive. Your reply on the other hand literally just said: "Wong XOXOXOXO" which added nothing whatsoever to the thread and therefore is considered an unnecessary post. Appeal denied - points stay
  18. Osku

    Group feedback

    /closed upon request
  19. Osku

    Optical art illusions

    Interesting story, good that you finally embrace your true nature...
  20. Osku

    Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation [Recruiting]

  21. Osku

    The Final Judgement

  22. Osku

    Annabelle Smit Ban Appeal

    As was said in the original verdict, there are no exceptions to the CL rule. What you could have done is approach a member of staff and we could have helped you contact the person you shot and you could have asked for perms to log. /appeal denied - points and ban stay
  23. Osku

    Annabelle Smit Ban Appeal

    If you claim that you were only trying to fix the glitch by re-logging, would you mind explaining why you never logged back in after trying it once?
  24. Osku

    Terrorist Groups/Other Controversial groups

    Plenty of "controversial" and fucked up shit happens in game anyway, don't see how groups like that should be handled any different. If the RP is good, it should be allowed.
  25. Osku

    Plain black face bandana

    @Watchman could probably whip that up in no time
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