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  1. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I really [email protected] , @warmr and the CDF captains rp but sadly the rest of the rp going on in cherno was mostly really bad with two random suicides in kovars and a huge 2 hour clusterfuck of a firefight and mass rdm with our guys getting shot at aswell. Im actually amased how no reports have been filed yet.
  2. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @IAmJackBandit, @warmr, @Vito , @Buster, @Elliot James , @gizmomec and the rest thanks for making the cold rainy night fun and breaking my favourite bars window...whoever was the one who broke it. Also @Vito the AA meeting was great! Thanks to all who participated although i had to leave early
  3. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Fun times in Cherno today @Phoenix hope the bar becomes a thing @Samti nice to see you after all this time...thanks for "cleaning up" that problem for us @gizmomec shame that we didnt get to kill the imposter ourselves
  4. Osku

    S2-Bad RP/NVFL-Cherno- 6pm

    POV: So it went down exactly as described by everyone...we were just standing and talking next to the market and this guy RPing as some WW2 japanese soldier comes up and starts talking to some of us. He starts walking off after going on about some honor thing and I hear someone shout at him something like: "go commit seppuku" so he stops and just shoots himself. I do think this is at the very least bad RP
  5. Osku

    s2: cherno; rule 1.13 23:00

    I might also add that we interrogated him for a long time just less than an hour before we met him with CDF and then he was playing as Frank. The fact that he played two characters who talked about eachother and knew eachother both of who we were trying to catch made the RP bad for the situation -one of the "NATO guys"
  6. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some great RP with the CDF and Val also...interesting... RP with @N-Tox. Ofcourse great internal RP with @Isaiah Cortez and @gizmomec
  7. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Not much going on down south but enjoyed the long talk with @PCJames alot!
  8. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Quite enjoyed VDVs roleplay today at the meetup allthough I crashed halfway through it especially @Joffrey
  9. Osku

    A Brief patrol from NATO

    The meetup of the four great military factions...shame I crashed in the middle of it with 20 people in que for the server
  10. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Meeting @Lyca and @Tony on the way to the new UN HQ. You two made the long walk enjoyable with all the great songs and rp...I still think that you should make that album of f*cked up childrens songs. Also nice rp on the medical checkup in the UN HQ from whoever was the WHO/UN nurse.
  11. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Some good RP in the UN camp @Phoenix @Honeybee whoever plays Johny "5aces" and especially from the person who plays Oliver!
  12. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great RP with the irish militia in Kabanino...i shall never forget our meeting with the legendary "youtube wolf hunter" and the drunk russian black man who claimed it was just his accent!
  13. Aleksi was a squad designated marksman in one of the two Jaeger companies from Finland doing a joint exercise with the CDF in Chernarus when the infection hit. The two companies got stuck when they closed the borders and as the shit hit the fan and Russia started bombarding they retreated in to the woods close to Myshkino. With no intel coming from anywhere most of the finnish troops decided to head for the border to go across. Some of the soldiers did not wan to leave and decided to stay fearing that they would all be shot and killed by the russians or the CDF without even having the premission to shoot back. After living in the woods for a while with maybe a platoon worth of soldiers left the infected found the camp and Aleksi fought his way out of the camp with a friend of his but later he found out his friend had been bit and after he started to get a fever they both came to the conclusion that he was infected with the same virus that made people into these things so Aleksi was forced to kill him. After that Aleksi wondered into the chaos that is the populated areas of south Zagoria not knowing what he should do next... Later he joined the NATO forces working in the area to help them bring stability to the country...and himself. After a long and painful journey of death backstabs and hate the NATO command has let the soldiers down and Hauki has completely lost his faith in NATO higher ups (not including Yuri) and he now just wants to protect the original brothers he has shed blood sweat and tears with. Sgt.Hauki executing a Russian "civilian" after reliable intel proved that he was a spy
  14. Osku

    Banana Crews Media Thread

    I will get that gun back you hear! You combat logging sonofabitch!
  15. Osku

    Getting some revenge for CJ

    [attachment=3474] [attachment=3475] [attachment=3476] [attachment=3477] [attachment=3478]
  16. Osku

    Message to Francis bayne (private freq)

    *Oscar sits in the camp smoking a cigarette* Well you are taking your sweet time getting here...we have been waiting for a long time to get to play with you *Oscar blows a smoke ring and puts the radio in his vest pouch*
  17. Osku

    Survival Games Event

    Forum name: osku197 Forum profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-osku197 Not sure if the waiting list is still going but if so im in!
  18. Osku

    Message to all traders scavenging [Open Frequency]

    *Oscar sits by a tent smoking a cigarette* I happened to find a box of old cigarette packets. *makes a smoke ring* Most of then were too wet to use so I separated the tobacco and rolled my own from normal paper. I have enough to last me for a while but i could still trade some...the problem is I dont believe you have anything I need at the moment. *drops the radio and gets up to see whats going on in the camp*
  19. Osku

    Message to Francis bayne (private freq)

    *Oscar sits by a campfire skinning a rabbit when he hears the discussion* Well mr.Texas I am not sure what i should say here *pauses* the whole situation wasnt really up to me and i didnt have anything against you but now that you threatened francis that might change. See i kinda like francis and if some other folk at the camp. So let me make this clear if you hurt anyone from our camp I will hunt you to the edge of the world. *says silently almost to himself*: i've allways wsnted to hunt a human. *chuckles* And when i will find you *starts growling through hes teeth* i will shoot you through the heart, skin you and make you into a vest! Ofcourse if you stay calm and do nothing stupid nothing bad will happen. *continues skinning the rabbit*
  20. Osku

    To anyone who migh know me (public frequency)

    *Alex sits by a fire alone and broken holding hes M4 tightly* To anyone who might be listening and knows me. Im leaving Chernarus *he pauses* Ever since everyone in silverlining *hes voice breaks*..is gone, I have been hunting that son of a bitch *he spits out the words with contempt* mr.Black but I havent been able to find him. This past week I have been taken, tortured, interogated and beaten and ive come to realise that without Sam and the group im nothing...and im slowly losing my sanity. *Alex gets up and starts to pace around the campfire* Im going north...far north and if i never come back that means *you can hear a slight smile in hes voice* someone has ended my life...or i have ended my own and I have joined Mike and Sam. Maybe someday i will come back to check how this god forsaken country is doing and maybe even get my revenge. *Alex lowers the radio transmitter knowing deep inside how he will probably never see Chernarussia again*
  21. Osku

    Broadcast on an open frequency

    *Alex sits by a campfire clutching his gun with white knuckles* *he grabs the radio and talks in a slow monotone voice* Coy...*he stops and takes a breath*...we will find Mr.Black and we will make him go through such pain *swallows* that he will beg us to end his miserable fucking life. *start to pack his stuff while talking in the radio* Im 2 days out of Kabanino. If you find him before i get there *smiles* make sure I still have something to torture. *Alex packs his stuff and starts to run south at full speed* *When he runs he fully realizes that he will never see Mike and Sam again and a single tear runs down hes cheek*
  22. Osku

    S1-Veresnik-badrp and killing a compliant hostage 30-8-2016, 22:40

    UPDATE2 we talked on teamspeak with the accused and he told me that he had ordered me to get up and when i didnt he shot me. He also said that he knew i wasnt uncontious but hes character wouldnt have known that anyway. I believe him but apparently i didnt hear the talking since there was gunfire and shouting. Ofcourse I cant know 100% that he said it since i didnt hear it but he seemed like an honest guy so i dont know. Now that all the facts are told Ill just leave it up to you guys to decide. Here is a video on the incident from another report. The shots in the end from the bathroom (6:43) was him killing me. Im sorry Valhalla but I cant hear you saying anything before shooting me. Either you didnt press the talk button (unlikely) or you just lied...
  23. Osku

    S1-Veresnik-badrp and killing a compliant hostage 30-8-2016, 22:40

    UPDATE: apparently the clowns ran pretty early in the incident after some of them got shot. So the whole rest of the time it was another group. They were clearly trying to help me and seemed to know me. I have no idea who these guys where but there were many of them and they apparently knew who i was. I was uncontious alot of the time but i didnt recognise them by voice. When i was awake they didnt say what group they were. They talked like they knew me and they were the people who were negotiating most of the time. I thought it was the clowns all the time but now it was confirmed that it wasnt.
  24. Osku

    S1-Veresnik-badrp and killing a compliant hostage 30-8-2016, 22:40

    For the record i was RPing when i pretended to be uncontious because my character thought that it would make it easier for the clowns to breach if i was on the ground instead of being used as a human shield.
  25. Osku

    S1-Veresnik-badrp and killing a compliant hostage 30-8-2016, 22:40

    I would like to stress that he absolutely didnt say anything like that! He didnt say a word and also the fact that he thought i was still uncontious and still claims that he shot me for "not responding"!
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