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one shot, one kill
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    • Osku
    • Princess Aurora

    miss u come back GIF

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


    2. Osku


      dont leave me here alone lord of the rings GIF

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


    4. Major


      *waves a fresh copy of Atlas around*

    5. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      *waves a fresh copy of old lore from 2013*

      hehe got 'em


  2. Osku

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    @Watchman is the most useless dev...
  3. Osku

    S1 - No Value for Life

    Oscar O'Doyle POV: Im the one in full green with an orange taloon backpack, a helmet and an M16 who follows OP when he backs off into the field. We were at VMC when we run into OP and his friend. He insults one of our boys (something about HIV if I remember correctly) so we decide to rough him up a little, he tries to leave VMC and I follow him into the field with atleast @Mak and @Dew with me. He pulls out a UMP and we obviously pull out our weapons too. He starts waving his gun around and pointing it at all of us while backing away constantly saying something along the lines of "back away or I will shoot you". We give him multiple chances and plenty of time to lower his gun and I tell him atleast 3 times to do so but he doesn't so he gets shot. I don't know where the NVFL accusations against us are coming from. There was around six or so of us and we were all armed to the teeth. Sure, we were coming after you with no guns in hand but the second you pulled yours we had three assault rifles out within 20 meters of you and more inside the compound. I don't think you, a person who was alone with a UMP would have stood much of a chance. You are saying we should have been "phased" by you pulling out your UMP, but that doesn't really make sense in my opinion. If someone should have been scared in that situation it would have probably been you, there were 6+ cold blooded killers all with ARs within easy shooting distance from you, three of whom were standing fanned out with you in the middle in perfect crossfire and you decide to point your SMG at us and threaten to shoot us.
  4. Osku



    Wait a second, does this mean logs aren't working atm?🤔

    Animated GIF

    1. Randy


      No they are working just fine

    2. Osku


      Suuuure 😉 

    3. Randy


      They are I swear lol 


    4. Aisling


      Better KOS someone to find out!

    5. Osku


      @Aisling I would never! Im loading the shotgun for...roleplay

    6. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      Bad, no. Mosin is way better for that

    7. Banshee


      12 gauge premium roleplay

  5. Osku

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    6/10, maybe 7/10 now that he is the only one on the forums with weird hearts around his posts. Wants to be 9/10 and migh event hit it one day once his soundcloud rapping career starts turning a profit.
  6. Osku

    The Battle of Vysotovo

    *Oscar hears the broadcast, shakes his head and grabs his radio* O captain, my captain! I though I made it pretty clear in that barn what the consequences would be if you continued with this silly coalition against *imitates the captains voice mockingly* "hostile human groups" Seeing that you have decided to show your complete lack of integrity by going against your previous broadcast where you so wisely publicly condemned the coalition, those consequences will be coming....*pauses dramatically and whispers* See you around cap'n... *Oscar chuckles to himself a little, places his radio on the rock he is sitting on and continues smoking his cigarette*
  7. Osku

    Hello gents and ladies

    Welcome back Boris.
  8. Osku

    Blame Canadia

    Your hockey team is good ill give you that.
  9. Osku

    New DayZ Cinematic Trailer Discussion

    Looks like the motorcycle helmet duo in the beginning are doing some cringy carving letters into people shit like @Nik and The Yackals
  10. Osku

    God bless Finland

    Hell yeah!
  11. Osku

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    We had a term for doing exactly that in the finnish army
  12. Osku

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    @OxeN is the one and only African Rebel
  13. Osku

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

  14. Osku


    Getting kicked out of staff for going against the popular opinion, yikes!


    Im only kidding ofcourse. Thanks to the staff team for all the fun we had. Ill miss the good times in staff hangout.


    1. DrMax


      That’s what happens when you go against us... You did great work my friend! 

    2. AlanM


      No why daddy.

    3. FalkRP



    4. Mademoiselle


      😞 bye Osku

    5. Kieran


      bye osku 😞

    6. Osku


      Calm down, im not dead just yet 🙂 

    7. Major



    8. Phoenix


      what the....

    9. Watchman



      Was a good run fam

    10. BrianM


      Well at least you aren't gonna mess with me no more. 

      You were a great staff member ❤️

    11. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE


    12. Osku


      @BrianM you think ill stop messing with you even though im not staff anymore? Cute...

      Same goes for @Onyx 😄 

    13. BrianM


      @Osku we at least have a chance now!

    14. Randy



      Rest Now

    15. Eddie



      You did good Osku!

    16. Banshee


      o7 Osku-Senpai, I'll miss you in staff ❤️ 

    17. Eagle


      Only MVP damm boi that's stoopid. o7

    18. lukaszxe


      O7 Osku thank you for everything! You're still a weeb though deep inside

  15. Osku

    VAC BAN | Appeal.

    Seeing that there is over 3 years from your last VAC ban we see no reason for you to be blacklisted anymore. /appeal accepted - BLACKLIST removed
  16. Osku

    James Brothers Gang {Recruitment Closed}

    /approved Good luck lads, time to get those CP invites out there.
  17. Osku

    South Zagoria Defense Pact & Peace Treaty.

    *Oscar hears the broadcast and and presses the PTT with a faint smile on his face* I'm glad to hear that cap'n. I wouldn't listen to the dumbo telling you to fight back and hang bodies. You and I both know whose mutilated flayed bodies will be hanging from every building in Severograd if you keep on fighting. A foreign military power has and will never hold power in Chernarus for long. More experienced fighters than you have tried and failed.
  18. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was fun, I had to focus on the negotiations with your lieutenant by the end, but it sounded like the others kept you good company.
  19. Osku

    S1 - Invalid Execution/BadRP - 2019-03-10, 04:00

    Considering this is a counter-report and the original report is still up I will /merge this with the original. @Lego next time you want to counter-report someone please do it by saying so in the original report instead of creating a new report and then asking for it to be closed only 3 hours later.
  20. Osku


    Got caught in a blizzard/snowstorm on the last day of our downhill skiing trip with 26 m/s winds:Snapchat-620065904.jpgSnapchat-1010447612.jpg
















    Was rather interesting trying to get down from the summit with visibility at 15 meters and winds that almost blew us off the cliffs multiple times. They eventually shut down all the slopes and sent a bunch of rescue parties up who kept going past us looking for people that might have gotten lost or fallen down a cliff etc.

    Also went drinking to a Game of Thrones ice bar that was pretty fucking cool:



    1. Watchman


      That looks like hell of a time

  21. Osku




    1. Randy



  22. Osku


    April cant come soon enough!

    1. Banshee


      I have not seen a single episode of Game of Thrones ever, should I watch it?

    2. Osku


      Yes you should, quickly binge it before s8 comes out!

    3. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      I'm still waiting for the next book 😐


  23. Osku

    D7 Mercenaries [OPEN (STRICT) Recruitment]

    /approved Good luck lads!
  24. Osku

    Conercening last night.

    None of this really matters, its a game and if we would think about stuff like this hyper realistically people who would get shot in the head during a firefight and survived due to the game mechanics not being completely lifelike would have to either kill themselves, or RP a disabled person for the rest of their characters life. Also in real life things arent that simple. People survive the craziest shit and sometimes die due to the smallest thing. A friend of mine survived falling on concrete from the fourth floor balcony but then again I know of a case where someone died because he got punched in the face once and hit his head on concrete.
  25. Osku

    Conercening last night.

    As fucking hilarious as it would be to RP out that after all this time fighting him Moody died from falling off a roof, I find it very peculiar that he was hit for NVFL and his char PK'd when he didn't even die ingame. It has been standard procedure for as long as I remember that if you don't die it can't be NVFL. People who have been initiated on by 10 people and killed all of them have not been punished for NVFL because they survived. BadRP, sure but even then when you are just among your own group all in the same OOC comms just waiting for something etc. this sort of "badrp" fucking about happens all the time.
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