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    • groovy willsky

    i see what you did there jake gyllenhaal GIF

    1. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky


      @Osku KappaKeepo don't reporterino

    2. Osku


      Thought I was having a stroke reading that 😄

  2. Osku

    So DayZRP saved me from getting mugged

    Someone should make a 2 truths and a lie forum game if there isnt one already. I personally dont see any reason that this couldnt have happened. Stuff like this happenes all the time. If someone was to make up a story like this you would think they would add a bit more coolness and heroism to it other than the somewhat quick thinking of hiding your valuables due to learning something from an internet roleplaying game.
  3. Osku

    Add Castle Doctrine Rule?

    Obviously as with every kill you will have to follow rule 4.3 and you can get punished for ruleplay over roleplay but the way I understand the rules you would still have the kill rights even though "obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations."
  4. Osku

    Real life picture Thread

    Looking hot. Youre the one in the middle, right?
  5. Osku

    Add Castle Doctrine Rule?

    Pretty sure you can already kill someone if they are breaking into your base If knowingly stealing from someone is a hostile action therefore giving you kill rights I think it would be safe to say breaking into someones base is one too
  6. Osku

    God bless the Legitimate state of Israel

    Calling @Tom for his POV
  7. Osku

    What do you do for a living?

    During the winter season I work as a wilderness-/snowmobile-/safari-guide for tourists and during the summers i work jobs relating to my studies (forestry). Atm im working for the forestry ministery as a "lumberjack"
  8. Osku

    Capital Vices (Strict IC Recruitment)

    A spot still open for "lust" Interesting idea with the seven sins and all. Good luck with the group.
  9. Osku

    Best guns/ best equipment..... why?

    Pretty much what @Hex said. If you (assuming you are a civillian with no military training) are living in a very violent post-apocalyptic world where people get shot everyday and you would come across a pair of NVGs, an M4 and a helmet that can save your life, are you saying would not take them and stick with your flashlight, beanie and your fathers hunting rifle?
  10. Osku


    These little fuckers make working in the woods this time of year such an enjoyable experience


    I literally have 300+ bite marks all over my body. Looks like I have been shot with a shotgun or something

    1. Azu



      had the same thing in vietnam except with mosquitos.

      So i guess not the same thing.

    2. Osku


      We do have lots of mosquitos too, but clothing and repellent work against them...not these tiny cunts though

    3. Watchman


      damn dude, you turning into Musquito man

    4. Osku


      @Watchman Me tomorrow:

      jeff goldblum GIF

  11. Osku

    Old friends off a Hobo!

    *Oscar grabs his radio upon hearing a familiar voice* "Wassup Kenneth, its been a while. Glad to hear you are still amongst the living amigo. We need to catch up. You gotta tell me all about those turtles"
  12. Osku

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    May The Lady of the lake bestow good fortune on this group
  13. Osku

    Steel Vs Wood Walls

    I get where youre coming from but is it really that rare? I have never built a base myself but most I have seen have plenty of metal parts.
  14. Osku

    Steel Vs Wood Walls

    Arent the "steel walls" in the game just strips of thin sheet metal? That stuff is so flimsy that I think even a wooden fence would be stronger.
  15. Osku

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    People are complaining almost like you can now just huff and puff on a base and the whole thing will fall over. 15 minutes is still quite a long time to just sit and hold down your mouse so I dont think people will just tear into every base they see. If you really feel like protecting your RP-rifles build a double or triple wall. 45 minutes of chopping should be long enough to ward off most raiders. One idea mentioned that didnt sound too bad was to have the destruction timer be longer but have a rare item that can do it much faster.
  16. Osku

    • Osku
    • Roland

    i hate you GIF

    1. Roland


      is ok

  17. Osku

    • Osku
    • Voodoo

    Look at you all green and shit. Congrats! 🎉

    1. Voodoo



  18. Osku

    Metagaming rule trial

    Time to start using codewords to signal that we are going to initiate again
  19. Osku

    The Time.

    I refuse to believe that this guys^ name and this post: are just a coincidence...I was a 100% sure this was someone trolling Roland by changing their forumname
  20. Osku

    Medical Assistance

    // perms to ERP?
  21. Osku

    Failed Robberies Thread

  22. Osku


    This is probably means nothing to people who aren't from Finland, but we just won the hockey world cup for the first time since 2011 last night which is a pretty big deal here. The atmosphere when watching it together with hundreds of people downtown was indescribable and the celebrations on the streets afterwards were absolutely fucking insane. 🇫🇮🎉


    1. Azu


      Canadians are probably angered. A wave of depression flowed across the country.

  23. Osku

    Failed Flirting Thread

  24. Osku

    "Girls Only Thread"

    @kimmylou so does this mean the feminist group is finally happening?
  25. Osku

    The Time.

    Shame that they ended up killing you immediately after I log off anyway... And congrats on approval
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