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  1. Osku

    DayZRP 19.4.1

    How would that work? Since they dont seem to be craftable would they be somehow linked to group CPs in the item shop? And if so would the ones that arent claimed by an official group still be available for people not in groups?
  2. Osku

    DayZRP 19.4.1

    @Roland will the new armbands be added to the item shop?
  3. Osku

    The Collins Gang [Recruitment Strictish]

    So you havent met the "jackles" or the "sentinals" yet but you already met "pontis cras"?
  4. Osku




    with: @MrPanda@Kricket


  5. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    After I heard about what you did I can say that you sir are a fucking legend! Following us all the way from traphouse to the edge of the map even when we all split up to like four groups and some of us got lost and shit and then dropping that radio and trolling them. Its a shame I missed it because I was roleplaying inside the compound with "Steven" and @EclipticBolt Shoutout to mac&cheese fella in VMC-field with the burning dog story, whoever you were
  6. Osku


    The new full auto FAL is an absolute beast

  7. Osku

    • Osku
    • ZorullRP


    yeah yeah we know seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


    1. ZorullRP


      Toxic man

  8. Osku

    Where is all the loot?

    AKs natural spawn is in the ALICE backpack of a supersoldier and it comes with a free engraving of "to sgt. John from grandpa"
  9. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    So it WAS you jumping down and killing me while I bandaged I thought it was just someone else pushing up, you absolute madlad.
  10. Osku


    1. ToeZiesOG


      Dirty god damn fins. Speak English ya freaks! Hurgy Durgy jibber jabber is not allowed!


    2. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      @arttu @Ouromov some more finns

    3. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      @Oskuwe would soon have squad ful of finns

    4. Osku


      Oh yeah @Kuljukka too

    5. ToeZiesOG



    6. arttu


      saatana perkele

    7. Kuljukka



    8. Kerkkoh



    9. ToeZiesOG



  11. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Jannik really enjoyed the RP during that firefight, mid firefight RP rarely lasts that long and is usually just people screaming insults.
  12. Osku

    Are you a Normie?

    I wouldn't say this is accurate but I can't say im not flattered, some weird fucking questions in there...
  13. Osku

    • Osku
    • ToeZiesOG

    GG man...the dumbest death I've ever had in this game 😄 

  14. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Found a pic of you:
  15. Osku

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    I'm in no way saying that the group is doing something wrong in general. Quite the contrary, the one time I had a soldier from the group as a hostage the RP from him and his lieutenant I talked to over "the radio" was excellent and it even progressed more later through the radio forums (which I normally avoid like the plague) with @J1988Dizzle. What i'm saying is that if, every time one of their soldiers is captured, the only RP the captors get from it is "name, rank, serial number, thats all I will say, so you might aswell kill me" it will get really boring really fast. The RP I got from my hostage (whose name i've unfortunately forgotten) in that barn near Severograd a while back was great and we really progressed the whole coalition against hostile groups storyline and that situation still affects my RP today. In the situation from the video, I personally wouldn't have shot the hostage immediately and would have still tried to get something out of him but at the end of the day what he said was pretty much "you wont get any RP from me" and it was borderline NVFL. I was also pointing out your extremely strange statement about not being able to have engaging conversations with soldiers.
  16. Osku

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    Also, this server is in no way actually realistic and even if this: was true (which it isn't), you still have to abide by the server rules. Simple example: If we were being realistic my character would kill @MoodyOG on sight (and vice versa), but I cant, because the server rules don't allow it.
  17. Osku

    • Osku
    • DaRsnn

    Who though this was a good idea....congrats!

    1. DaRsnn


      Tell me about it haha, Cheers mate

  18. Osku

    How do you have your coffee? (Poll)

    Straight up pot brewed coffee over an open fire, thats the good shit.
  19. Osku

    How do you make your tea?

    You should add option 5: I dont
  20. Osku

    AWM Bullets, Have they left us!?

    Youll think theyre gone untill one takes half your head off 40 minutes after your last hostile encounter. Also known as "The JFK paradox"
  21. Osku

    • Osku
    • Princess Aurora

    miss u come back GIF

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


    2. Osku


      dont leave me here alone lord of the rings GIF

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


    4. Major


      *waves a fresh copy of Atlas around*

    5. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      *waves a fresh copy of old lore from 2013*

      hehe got 'em


  22. Osku

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    @Watchman is the most useless dev...
  23. Osku

    S1 - No Value for Life

    Oscar O'Doyle POV: Im the one in full green with an orange taloon backpack, a helmet and an M16 who follows OP when he backs off into the field. We were at VMC when we run into OP and his friend. He insults one of our boys (something about HIV if I remember correctly) so we decide to rough him up a little, he tries to leave VMC and I follow him into the field with atleast @Mak and @Dew with me. He pulls out a UMP and we obviously pull out our weapons too. He starts waving his gun around and pointing it at all of us while backing away constantly saying something along the lines of "back away or I will shoot you". We give him multiple chances and plenty of time to lower his gun and I tell him atleast 3 times to do so but he doesn't so he gets shot. I don't know where the NVFL accusations against us are coming from. There was around six or so of us and we were all armed to the teeth. Sure, we were coming after you with no guns in hand but the second you pulled yours we had three assault rifles out within 20 meters of you and more inside the compound. I don't think you, a person who was alone with a UMP would have stood much of a chance. You are saying we should have been "phased" by you pulling out your UMP, but that doesn't really make sense in my opinion. If someone should have been scared in that situation it would have probably been you, there were 6+ cold blooded killers all with ARs within easy shooting distance from you, three of whom were standing fanned out with you in the middle in perfect crossfire and you decide to point your SMG at us and threaten to shoot us.
  24. Osku



    Wait a second, does this mean logs aren't working atm?🤔

    Animated GIF

    1. Randy


      No they are working just fine

    2. Osku


      Suuuure 😉 

    3. Randy


      They are I swear lol 


    4. Aisling


      Better KOS someone to find out!

    5. Osku


      @Aisling I would never! Im loading the shotgun for...roleplay

    6. Isaiah CortezPVE

      Isaiah CortezPVE

      Bad, no. Mosin is way better for that

    7. Banshee


      12 gauge premium roleplay

  25. Osku

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    6/10, maybe 7/10 now that he is the only one on the forums with weird hearts around his posts. Wants to be 9/10 and migh event hit it one day once his soundcloud rapping career starts turning a profit.
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