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  1. On 8/25/2019 at 1:12 AM, OldSchool said:

    Let's be real here, the reason members combat log is usually because they're afraid that an encounter might have them lose their preciously earned gear.

    Is it though? Thats the "campfireRPer avoiding RP - combat log", which from my experience is alot more rare than the "I just PvPd/had a hostage and either forgot to set a timer or just couldnt be bothered to wait my 30 - combat log"

    But yes, wiping a character for rule breaks might be an alright idea but I dont see why CL would specifically be the one rulebreak that should get your char wiped. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Isaiah CortezPVE said:

    When you take damn amphetamine, your body goes into overdrive, and starts burning energy really fast. So, food and hunger meters should go down faster.

    Wouldn't make much sense considering amphetamine specifically removes the feeling of hunger

  3. Historically amphetamines have been used by soldiers to stay awake and move extremely long distances without getting tired so if were thinking about "absolute realism" there is nothing wrong with it and the amount of pills in the bottle isnt unrealistic either. If something, the effects should actually last way longer. But since its a game and we need to think about balancing too, what about decreasing the spawn rate drastically and making the item super rare.

  4. *Oscar hears the transmission and grabs his radio*

    " "I remember when Wolves shepherded the sheep, not hunted wildly"? Is that what you just said? *he chuckles* I don't know that much about wolves but i'm pretty sure they have always hunted wildly...that's like their whole thing right? Isn't it the dog that has shepherded the sheep? Maybe go with a different allegory next time."


    4 minutes ago, OldSchool said:

    Now you just made me sad. 😞


    Looks fucking awesome. I wouldnt mind going into combat with this. @Watchman or @wirpy can you make this just to spite @Ducky?


    Disclaimer: even though we completely and fundamentaly disagree on the topic, me and Ducky have no issues with eachother and love eachother very much. This isnt flaming.


  6. 5 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    The only civilian gorka styled jacket available online is a cheap japanese knock off in neon colours meant for hype beasts.

    And it wasnt made until 2019.


    I believe it is silly, atrocious and completely pointless since we already have windbreakers in the game.

    Why not retexture those instead of Gorka Jackets? Its nonsensical

    Look at the images of the reskinned ones and tell me what exactly what makes them "Gorka" in your opinion now that they don't have the pattern anymore. What is the "gorka styled jacket" and how exactly does it differ from other jackets. From the looks of it, its just a bit more wrinkly...thats it

    Just now, groovy stannis said:

    use civi jackets so that colourful jackets arent mixed up with military spawns, if devs separate the two thats chill

    Now here is actually a good argument against them, that I can get behind.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Ducky said:

    Except it doesn't, it is SYMBOLIC of eastern militias and military.

    Additionally, if we start mixing and matching like this expect to see a full set of neon pink camouflage and plate carriers

    Without the camo it isn't really SYMBOLIC to anything. Are you saying that no other jacket in the world has a similar looking design apart from the color. I'm not invested enough in this to search for one but i'm a 100% sure they're out there. Why does it offend you so much? You're not a part of an eastern militia or military and even if you were I don't see why it would offend you so. If someone would resking the model of a Finnish military uniform to look like a civilian one in a videogame (which would be a bit harder) it would not offend me in any way.

    The second argument of "if we allow this what will be next" is just silly. No, this will not lead to pink plate carriers and you know it.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Ducky said:


    Also, this isn't really a good example at all. First of all its the complete opposite of what were talking about (civilian clothes in military camo). Also this is just the most ridiculous one you could find to try to prove a point. I myself have a BDU style hoodie which doesn't look nearly as ridiculous as this.


  9. Looks like a normal hiking jacket to me. If you didn't know it was a reskin of a Gorka jacket you wouldn't think twice about it. Nothing really screams military about the design of it, just a jacket. What exactly is wrong with it? Is it a matter of principle? And if so why??

  10. 50 minutes ago, Shanoby said:

    It is investment, the profit was brag rights of having money to buy DayZ clothes from shop - 😎

    Now everyone gets them for free... I could have waited and get clothes free aswell then, but now I wasted my money...

    So now it was a bad investment.

    So you're voting no to free stuff for people who play alot on the server and make up every other character in your "storylines" just because you can't feel speshul about having the ability to spawn virtual clothes on a roleplaying server anymore?

  11. In my eyes the part from the rules that could be used as an argument to say flashbangs arent allowed is this part:


    Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is

    Throwing a flashbang isnt really specific unless the people you are initiating on are far from everyone and it isnt personal since you probably wont be standing right infront of them with the flashbang but throwing it from behind something. Also there is the problem of them not being able to see or hear the initiation properly when flashed.

    I dont think it should be considered an attempted kill and I dont even know what to respond to the whole "you arent really allowed to punch people in RP without an initiation and you just have to hope they are ok with it and dont report you because you will be hit with attempted invalid kill" deal

  12. Just now, Roland said:

    No hostile actions are allowed without initiations. You can't run up to people and punch them randomly, you can't throw in flashbangs into crowds, you can't shoot at people without initiation.

    Rule 4.1

    I see that sneaky "punch randomly" in there 😉 You are allowed to punch people though. If a situation escalates and you punch someone its a hostile action and the person gains defence rights on you. Why should a flashbang be any different.

    Ive heard that @Zanaan had told someone that initiating on someone while stun locking them with punches is AoGM which is understandable but a flashbang shouldnt be because disabling someone for a few seconds is its intended purpose in the game. Using it to initiate when outnumbered is just a smart move in my opinion.

  13. 1 hour ago, Realize said:

    Throwing a flashbang at someone prior to an initiation, would mean the initiation is invalid, as it is a hostile action.

    You are allowed to do hostile actions without initiating though, right? You can punch someone and thats a hostile action. Shouldnt a flashbang fall under the same category?

  14. 49 minutes ago, Combine said:


    Highly doubt that the military or any government institution would, in an apocalypse scenario, spend resources on updating the trail maps of a part of the country that is run by bandits and PMCs 😄

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