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  1. People are complaining almost like you can now just huff and puff on a base and the whole thing will fall over. 15 minutes is still quite a long time to just sit and hold down your mouse so I dont think people will just tear into every base they see. If you really feel like protecting your RP-rifles build a double or triple wall. 45 minutes of chopping should be long enough to ward off most raiders. One idea mentioned that didnt sound too bad was to have the destruction timer be longer but have a rare item that can do it much faster.

  2. 6 hours ago, RolandTheAccuser said:


    I refuse to believe that this guys^ name and this post:

    7 hours ago, Roland said:

    I'm hearing rumors from multiple unrelated sources as well as unaffiliated newcomers to the community that this group has become House v2 and the hostilities and rule breaks involving rule 2.3 continue to happen....

    are just a coincidence...I was a 100% sure this was someone trolling Roland by changing their forumname 😄

  3. 50 minutes ago, Falk said:

    @Osku for saving me that one time.

    Shame that they ended up killing you immediately after I log off anyway... 

    And congrats on approval

  4. 14 minutes ago, Horse said:

    Maybe whenever the capture sets free the hostages and the hostages want to log out, he or she should ask permission to do it?

    Sure, you can ask for perms to log but sometimes you wont get the chance or you might forget and sometimes when people don't particularly like someone OOC they might not even give perms out of spite and pettiness.

  5. +1

    Suggested the same a while back

    There is no proper argument against changing the rule. That part of the rule was never enforced before even though the wording was the same. Either the GMs should go back to not enforcing it or even better, we should change the rules wording to represent how it should be (see link for exact wording change that would work)

  6. +1

    The linked mod looks fucking great with the crashed ship etc. and I have no doubt our skilled dev team (not counting @Watchman obviously) could make it happen. The only real argument against it in my opinion is the fact that we would have to RP that the bridge was always there but I don't think that would cause too much trouble. I doubt that the lack of a bridge to the island has been an integral part of many peoples character and stories so roleplaying that it was always there wouldn't really affect much.

    Also, against the realism argument: its not like people have never built bridges to islands. Just a quick google search comes up with this for example. A famous island prison in New York that has a bridge. A long bridge like that wouldn't be that hard to guard against inmates trying to escape.

    take me back to the days when you lost half your shit swimming to prison island

  7. 28 minutes ago, Jackfish said:


    Lies!! Deception!

    You cut out the part where you put the bag over his head and shot him...

  8. Oscar O'Doyle POV: 

    While this does not excuse anything that happened, I would like to preface this by saying that I was slightly tipsy during the incident because I had been out for some drinks before hopping on later in the evening.


    image.png.f6307e5e2443457c3ad0985d0c540793.png image.png.4bb74829bc2594468393c7abe724c9bc.png image.png.919f6d5d1f0ef0cd5557c5af3f0c731b.png

    Basically what happened was everyone from the Jackals hopped off and I was AFK in Vybor. I come back and decide to roam around solo for a bit and see who I bump into. East of Vybor on the road, I come across a large group of people and we have a little chat. The sun starts to go down and we see a flare/fire and some people in the barn next to Trap House and we decide to go and see whats going on and take shelter for the night. As we get close I realise that half the server is there with alot of people I know very well and more people keep coming. What follows is an hour or so of just messing around as can be seen in the video. Eventually I log off and hit the hay.

    Im the one in the orange raincoat and boonie hat

    In my opinion the situation was comparable to what always happens when there is a popular hotspot, there are too many people around to have meaningful roleplay and you can hardly hear what people are saying with everything that's going on around you so people get bored and start messing around by jumping all over the place and rolling on the ground etc. To say that this was done  "intentionally to ruin other peoples roleplay" as was said in the thread is a very misinformed accusation. In my case atleast there were so many people in the barn most of whom I knew very well OOC that I simply forgot to think about the other people in there and just started having fun with my friends by doing a bunch of silly stuff. I wouldn't say it was troll RP but it got pretty bad with the whole Mexican standoff and "The Group Hug Incident of 2019" beginning at 01:43:20 both of which I was responsible of starting...

  9. @Major and other LMs at the time used to have a list of current groups, what they had done and what their role in the servers powerstruggle was but I dont think its been updated for a long ass time.

  10. From the title I thought you were posting this:

    But yes, this is a problem that comes up alot when playing. I've personally had put down people who kept following us and going OOC in voip just so that people can continue with normal roleplay. Asking them: "what do you mean with 'logging off' and 'discord' " doesn't work forever.

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