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Characters Comments posted by Osku

  1. *Ahem* Hello there Brayces. After looking at your character page I have noticed a few things that could be improved. First of all we do not allow WIP characters and spamming to reach the minimum character limit on your background is not allowed. Your character also seems to have a very unrealistic weight. You describe your character as "lean, but fit" and judging by that and the picture id say 115kg is not a proper weight for your character. We would like for you to fix these issues before playing your character on the server.

    -Your friendly support member Osku

  2. +1 for the first character I ever had a hostile encounter with. Unfortunately it ended up with you shooting me and reporting me for NVFL ? Thankfully we talked it out in TS

  3. These goals dont follow our new S.M.A.R.T goals and this character wont be approved unrill you update them to follow the new goals system you can find here. Other than that it looks good to go.

  4. Keanu Wick...that sounds kinda familiar...maybe not the same guy I was thinking of since I dont seem to remember him weighing 1000 kilograms.

  5. An absolute backstabbing cunt! :D Do not trust this character under any circumstance! Only positive is that he is willing to shoot his allies for you if he really loves you ;)

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