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one shot, one kill
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  1. Osku

    GMAK Staff Application

    You had me at "I think I'm a good guy" what were those two warnings given by me though?
  2. Osku

    S1 False Innitiation, KOS

    Since the report is going to stay up let's just cut the back and forth, write our full detailed POV's of the situation if involved and wait for the GM's to pull the logs.
  3. Osku

    S1 False Innitiation, KOS

    You can see the little red wolf symbol under all our profile pics which shows that we are a part of "DISTRICT" and if you click the icon it will bring you to our CP where you can check all the members. Unfortunately not a matter of belief.
  4. Osku

    S1 False Innitiation, KOS

    Oscar O'Doyle POV: I was set up a bit further south on the road from where the initial conversation happened with a sniper and clear line of sight on all of the people on the road. The plan was for the boys from our side who were talking to them to initiate and the rest of us had our scopes lined up ready to take out all of the ones who wouldn't comply. Unfortunately the people from our side who were talking to them were muted in Discord so we missed the opportunity and the group started moving away from us and out of our line of sight. As they start to move away from us @tosstheball runs and initiates on the group. As seen in the video they hear the initiation and decide to not comply, even saying out loud "guns out". All but one who complied get killed almost instantly before I even get to close the distance and join the fight. At this point the server crashes and when we log back in we are not sure if we killed them all or did some of them escape or not even log back in at all (logs will show I guess) so we clear the whole town and I go and RP with the hostage we had, eventually letting him go. The kills were valid as we gained ATTACKER RIGHTS on the group because instead of complying with our demand of surrendering and putting their hands up all of them decided to pull out their guns and take cover and/or run around. There was even a text initiation by @Challenger but admittedly it's after some of them had already died. TLDR: We hear tosstheball initiate and double mic it and then they all turn around, pull out their guns and take cover which in our eyes looks like they clearly heard the initiation and decided to not comply so all but one of them get killed. I didn't fire a shot because the situation was over too quick and I was too far. We are still willing to talk this out over Discord to save everyone the hassle of the report if you change your mind.
  5. Osku

    Blocked means blocked

    Honestly, I personally dont even see the need to block someone unless they are actually harassing you etc. and in that case they should be punished for it by staff. I dont know what would make a person hate someone online so much that they couldnt handle seeing a post by them on the forums, but since the feature is there and people use it might aswell make it complete.
  6. Osku

    S1 KOS/invalid initiation Novaya industrial 13/07/2019 1Am and 2am

    I would like to clarify that even though I was mentioned, I had nothing to do with this situation and wasn't even online at the time.
  7. Osku

    Item Shop for Groups

    @Roland aint gonna miss on those sweet microtransactions from the item shop by allowing just the leader to buy an item for the whole group amirite Although group skins would be awesome and were talked about a while back.
  8. Osku

    The War between Campfire makers vs Military LARPers

    Oh, it's that time of the month again...this thread literally pops up every single month and the only thing they ever accomplishes is a few people getting warning points.
  9. Osku

    31st NBC Protection Troops

  10. Osku

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    I hardly ever give group feedback but after spending my first few days playing in Berezino after a long break from DayZRP, I gotta say that this group comes probably as close to the feel of a real military unit as possible on a dayz roleplaying server. Many groups (some even with mostly real military personnel in them) have tried but you seem to be the first one to actually pull it off. As much as I hate being told what to do ingame and I feel like I should talk back at you and start trouble, the militaristic atmosphere you bring is so good that it would just feel wrong to go against you as a rando civilian weirdo in an orange raincoat. Every single member seems to act in a realistic way without losing their individuality while atleast seemingly enjoying the RP even if they are playing a shitty recruit that gets bossed around and has to stand guard on top of a crane for long periods of time. Its small things like the way all of you talk and act with the whole hierarchy of the unit and the way you react to situations that arise that add up to a great realistic feel to the whole base and the surrounding areas. Keep up the good work lads!
  11. Osku

    • Osku
    • groovy willsky

    i see what you did there jake gyllenhaal GIF

    1. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky


      @Osku KappaKeepo don't reporterino

    2. Osku


      Thought I was having a stroke reading that 😄

  12. Osku

    So DayZRP saved me from getting mugged

    Someone should make a 2 truths and a lie forum game if there isnt one already. I personally dont see any reason that this couldnt have happened. Stuff like this happenes all the time. If someone was to make up a story like this you would think they would add a bit more coolness and heroism to it other than the somewhat quick thinking of hiding your valuables due to learning something from an internet roleplaying game.
  13. wirpy

    • wirpy
    • Osku

    Hey hot stuff, hows it going? Heard you were free tonight xx

    1. Osku


      Are we finally going public? Great timing, last day of pride month and all!

      gay pride GIF

    2. wirpy


      Hell yeah, saw you over there at the corner shop. 

      You were looking pretty slim in those shorts 😉

  14. Osku

    Add Castle Doctrine Rule?

    Obviously as with every kill you will have to follow rule 4.3 and you can get punished for ruleplay over roleplay but the way I understand the rules you would still have the kill rights even though "obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations."
  15. Osku

    Real life picture Thread

    Looking hot. Youre the one in the middle, right?
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