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  1. Osku

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    From the title I thought you were posting this: But yes, this is a problem that comes up alot when playing. I've personally had put down people who kept following us and going OOC in voip just so that people can continue with normal roleplay. Asking them: "what do you mean with 'logging off' and 'discord' " doesn't work forever.
  2. Osku

    False Report?

    I think the problem people have with the false report verdict is the fact that very similar reports have been verdicted differently. The fact that it was deemed a false report even though it was relatively reasonable for dusty to put up the report considering there is precedence in favor of the person doing the punching makes very little sense. Shouldn't false report verdicts be reserved for people who put up reports just out of salt against someone when there clearly wasn't any rule breaks? Also this^
  3. Osku

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Don't know who will, but the Mormont girl would most likely be a strong and just ruler. Another great candidate would be the most wholesome lad on the show, my boy Podrick
  4. Osku



    took long enough at last GIF

  5. Osku

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Almost forgot, thanks @R3d D3ad for making my trip down to the south coast interesting. Your RP was very good and it would have been a boring trip if I hadn't accidentally broken into your house and almost gotten my face smashed in with a sledgehammer.
  6. Osku

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Just to make clear, I'm not saying that Moody's argument was valid at all, but in my books not knowing the rules properly does not mean you are lying in a report. I was only going of what was said in the verdict and I now know there might be more to it but all the verdict said was: Moody said he hired puncture through IC and they weren't close to eachother ingame -> he was lying in the report. Saying that you hired someone IC could mean a discord message, speaking in TS while in character or even the radio forums. I just wanted this clarified because I was confused by it.
  7. Osku

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    About the same topic, i'm slightly confused about the "lying in a report" part: IC means in character. IC and in game aren't necessarily the same thing. IC could also mean talking in character in Teamspeak could it not? Even the radio forums are "IC". The whole "lying in a report" verdict seems a bit contrived in my opinion.
  8. Osku


    A while back I found out that PlayStation4 has an easy to use video editor thing and since I cant/don't know how to record on my laptop and never have tried editing anything I figured i'd give it a shot. I edited together some PUBG clips I had saved on the PS4. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to put actual songs in the video so I had to do with the shitty stock music that came with the editor. Here are the results:


  9. Osku

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but they fire you because a competent employer wouldnt have hired you in the first place. I wish everyone could just get along in this god forsaken community.
  10. Osku

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    With permission from the GM team to post after the warning, I would like to indeed correct you. When I came to the saviors TS, it was way after the original situation since I was the only remaining survivor from our side through the whole night and was muted in TS to hear my surroundings better. By that point scar had already rewatched his clip and uploaded it and me saying about "moody's cancer scream initiations" (you know its true ) was purely my words not Scars.
  11. Osku


    You know its a spicy report when there is an izurvive screenshot with stuff drawn on it @ZombyOG 😉

    1. Osku


      @Hex should I add a cool drawn battle-report to my POV too? 

    2. Hex


      Of course. 

    3. Zomby


      i do what i can man 😘

  12. Osku

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    Oscar O'Doyle POV: I was rolling with the 24th around Tisy summer camp and when we decide to leave I go up to Stary Yar to see if I can find an orange raincoat for myself. Just before reaching the town I hear in TS that the boys got ambushed south of Tisy. I start hauling ass down south to assist them because the situation started to sound real dire judging by the callouts I was hearing and our boys were pinned down pretty bad. Seeing that I hardly ever go to the north-west corner of the map I didn't know the land very well so I just run south and followed the shots when I started hearing them. I get to the scene of the ambush really late with most of the fighting done and when I approach the field where it all went downI wasn't even sure where exactly I was on the map or the positioning of the fight so I approach carefully. I see @Hex and link up with him and he quickly clarifies the layout of the battle for me. He spots an enemy in a bush to our west across the road and pins him down while I push up and cross the road. From behind a hay bale I dump a full drum mag into the bush where the dude is but later I found out from the man that the bush had absorbed all the bullets as they tend to do. I push up to the guy who was shot by @perqe who also pushed up and was lying unconscious next to him. Since I hadn't heard @perqe saying that he was pushing up with me and he wasn't wearing the 24th armband that the rest of them had on, all I saw was 3-4 bodies without armbands laying on the ground so I quickly double tap all of them to make sure they are down for good killing @perqe in the process (sorry mate). At this point it was only me and @-CML-NorWayy alive from our side so we start clearing the treeline south of the haybale field when @-CML-NorWayy suddenly gets one tapped from somewhere leaving me as the sole survivor from our side. I see someone running on the field maybe 100-150 meters north of me and quickly change the scope on my AK and shoot him once before he disappears behind trees from my position (after talking with them later it turns out that this wasn't a Savior but infact @TheLemon full sprinting through the middle of the fight with a gun in hand and after I shoot him and he went out of my line of sight he had put his hands up and laid down on the field). After I reveal my location in the woods by shooting @TheLemon, @MoodyOG who was also lurking in the thick forest south of the field shoots me once in the leg from somewhere behind a tree. I duck for cover and notice that the sun is going down. After bandaging the night had already fallen and I was left alone in the pitch black forest with presumably multiple enemies still within a 100 meters from me in the same forest. I spend the night slowly creeping around the battlefield trying to find Saviors (who fell back to Novaya church soon after nightfall) to kill but the closest I come was seeing @MoodyOGs dark silhouette for a few seconds next to the house on the road but losing him when trying to get closer. I even drop a flashlight in the woods trying to attract them to it but find no one. When the sun comes back up I assume that the fight is over since I hadn't seen or heard anyone in about 15 minutes. I stop next to the northern house on the road, take my damaged pants to my hands and start to repair them with duct tape. This is when @MoodyOG, who had return after daylight broke literally catches me with my pants down and tries to spray me down from maybe 30 meters to my left. He hits me a few times and I drop the pants and hop a fence to try to get my naked ass into cover behind a log pile. I get behind the pile and pull out my AK only to be sprayed down again by @MoodyOG from a different angle finally killing me. Here is an awesome hand drawn battle-report:
  13. Osku

    The wholesomeness of this community.

    @MrPanda and @DallasRP were the real ones who got this ball rolling.
  14. Osku

    The wholesomeness of this community.

    Faith in DayZRP restored...
  15. Osku


    Go drop this wholesome lad a follow everyone!

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