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  1. Hello @Pep A team of staff members has reviewed your application and decided to accept it. There has been considerable improvement in your overall attitude and even though due to obvious reasons you haven't been able to get in game as much, you have remained active on the forums. We hope that your attitude and behavior remains good, now that your final is removed. As you know, amnesty only happens once and there is no "second final warning". /appeal accepted
  2. Seeing as the report is very old and the details of the situation must be hard to remember + the fact that without evidence the report will go nowhere if we would look into it again, we have decided to lift your ban. People already complain that it takes too long for the staff team to verdict reports so we would appreciate if you would take less than 2 years to respond next time. /appeal accepted, ban lifted Solved by me with notes
  3. As you have fixed your character we will be removing your temp ban. /appeal accepted, ban lifted
  4. Hello @JamieBoy It seems that the report was closed prematurely. /previous verdict redacted & report reopened
  5. First of all we would like to apologise for the time it has taken to close this report, now lets get to situation itself Recap: @Thrash goes up to the tower at GM and gets into an argument with @Mykoli and @gr1ves, as the argument escalates Trash ends up punching Mykoli. Mykoli shoots him twice and backs off. At that point @Mak and @Stannis open fire on Mykoli killing him. Gr1ves comes around the side of the tower with his gun raised and gets shot by Mak and Stannis, but manages to survive and eventually surrenders. Rulebreaks: First of all lets address the punch. This is something that falls completely within RP, you two had an aggressive conversation which led to Thrash punching you once. Your decision to shoot him twice for it was not justified. While someone punching you multiple times can sometimes be considered a hostile action therefore granting you kill rights, but this was not the case here. Trash did not threaten your life and he only punched you once. Instead of continuing the hostile roleplay you two had going, you decide to open fire which put an end to the RP for both sides. You say that you did due to instinct kicking in, but that is not an excuse for breaking the rules. As for the kill on Mykoli it was completely justified since he had shot one of their allies twice only moments before. Verdict: @Mak& @Stannis | Invalid kill/Attempted invalid kill - not guilty @Mykoli | Attempted invalid kill - guilty - 2 day ban + 5 warning points Signed by me with notes
  6. I hate your signature....
  7. Before closing the report we would like to say a few things about the situation. @Big Blue, you were initiated on by six people and you decide to first comply and then suddenly pull out your gun out of nowhere and try to kill all of them. If this report would have been seen through, you would have most likely been found guilty of NVFL, BadRP and even possibly even AOGM. Your explanation of "your character not being right in the head" does not give you the right to break the rules. You had no chance of surviving that situation and you knew it, but you decided to go out in a blaze of glory regardless. You also claim that you didn't hide your gun on purpose but even if that would be the case, you took advantage of the situation and pulled it out to kill your captors. We would also like to mention the attitude of "all they wanted was my gear" so I didn't feel like complying. You can receive great hostile roleplay when getting robbed but if you go into a robbery with that attitude it will never be enjoyable for you or the people robbing you. We suggest that the next time you let the roleplay play out before judging people and if you truly receive horrible RP you can always report them for BadRP. With that being said I will /close this report.
  8. image.png

    Congrats on the sex change. It's really empowering to the LGBTQ community to see you go public with this.

  9. Oscar O'Doyle POV: I'm running with Vox, messing around in the airfield heading slowly towards Novaya when I hear the word that the Saviors are back at it causing trouble. I leave Vox in the dust and double-time it to Novaya to link up with our boys. I lurk around the Saviors compound and they initiate on all of the people outside the compound and take some of the lads hostage. One of the Saviors spots me and rushes towards me so I kill him. I continue around the compound and see two Saviors and try to spray them down but Novaya being Novaya I have >5 fps and end up getting knocked out. I somehow manage to survive and when I regain consciousness, I grab my gun and try to limp behind cover on red health with bullets landing all around me. It could have been a heroic cinematic moment, with swelling epic music but alas, this is the apocalypse and heroes don't always make it, so just before reaching cover I get shot in the back and die.
  10. Osku-chan


    With that roster the rest of the server doesn't stand a chance...
  11. You're only temporarily banned....for now. If you want us to lift that ban I would suggest you give us your full detailed POV of the situation like requested.
  12. Reminds me of the time we were holding the Stary church with @Cuteboi39 and some others during that patch where you could only see peoples breath in the cold and the silhuette of the skyline during the nights and I rushed out to kill the attackers and then couldnt find my way back to the church even though I was literally 10 meters away from it. Good times...
  13. Recap: The French Foreign Legion is having a firefight with The District at the NWAF and @JHontz1917 is caught in the middle of it. After hiding around the airfield for a while the OP gets spotted by @Apache who mistakes him for one of the enemies and shoots him. Rulebreaks: The OP claims that he was shot out of the blue with no warning but the accused side not only claims that they initiated on the airfield with a megaphone, but also that the OP shot at them with his rifle. Since there is no concrete evidence backing up any of these claims and we can't take one members word over another, neither of you will be punished. @Apache We would like to stress that in the future you should be absolutely certain that someone is an enemy before opening fire on them to avoid miss-id's. @JHontz1917, if you find yourself in the middle of a large firefight the best course of action is to put away your gun and slowly walk away with your hands up to avoid getting shot by accident. If you purposefully run around in an active firefight you can be found guilty of not valuing your characters life which is against the rules as seen here: Verdict: @Apache| Invalid Kill - firefight | inconclusive @JHontz1917| No Value for Life | inconclusive Signed by me with notes
  14. Recap: During the peace negotiations @Sassy calls @MoodyOG a pedophile and Moody threatens to kill Sassy if he says this again. After the negotiations end a group of Saviors is jogging away when Sassy opens fire on them hitting @Puncture twice but not killing him. Rulebreaks: @Sassy, since Moody directly threatened your life by saying he would kill you, you had DEFENSE RIGHTS against him, but those rights were only against Moody since he was the only one threatening you in the situation. This did not give you the right to kill any other Savior but him, not to mention that Puncture isn't even a member of the group (although wearing their armband would make him a prime target for miss-id especially in a firefight, which would be completely his own fault). Due to you not having rights on any of the other Saviors and opening fire on them regardless you will be found guilty of an Attempted invalid kill. You are also guilty of CL since you logged off only 28 minutes after shooting at puncture. Even though it was only 2 minutes, it is your responsibility to make sure that you wait atleast 30 minutes before logging and we suggest you wait a bit longer in the future to avoid situations like this. Verdict: @Sassy - Combat Logging + Attempted invalid kill - GUILTY 3 day ban + 10 warning points Signed by me with notes
  15. The fucks up with those quotes on the forum banner?

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle disgust gif

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