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  1. Ghost of Osku

    Ghost of Osku

    Now that rule 2.3 has become a normal thing to report hostile roleplayers for we should look into fighting back by making rule 2.4 reports.


    2.4 Don't be a sore loser. Items in game can be replaced, there is no need to be angry and hold grudge against someone just because someone was better. Keep in mind that it is just a game. Take regular breaks from the game if you have trouble separating In Character events from Out of Character real world.


    1. Rover


      In my limited experience typically breaks of rule 2.4 fall under 'False Report' when its obvious that there was no basis to the report in the first place and it was placed solely out of salt. I'm not sure what else 2.4 would actually fall under... 

      Most cases I've seen are handled as flaming and points are issued that way, not really through reports.

    2. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Why does reporting someone breaking rule 2.3 result in full groups being put on final but a 2.4 report would be "false report" though?🤔


      This was meant to be a humorous status update not a real suggestion...


    3. Rover


      I am terrible at picking up on humor, apologies.

      Also,  case by case.



      (did it work, did I do the humor?)


    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Ah, the classic "case by case" also known as "bias" 😄 


      Well Done Good Job GIF by SuccessionHBO


    5. Voodoo


      I think we should just enforce directive 4.6

      No military grade weapons for anyone on the server

    6. Banshee


      pee pee poo poo


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