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For the good ol days
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"Do not go gentle into that good night..."

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  1. Ghost of Osku

    Ghost of Osku

    @AndreyQ, @NorwayRP,@Ryan Shepherd

    I see you boys out there slandering my name by saying I TK all the time so I just have to set the record straight. (to my knowledge) I have only ever TKd twice in all my years and countless firefights here. Once double tapping a poor helpless uncon @perqeRP who was laying without an armband in a pile of dead/uncon enemies, and the other time I shot @Challenger purely as a reflex after seeing him charge at me from behind a tree once again without an armband.

    I take pride in identifying my targets and you guys are out there spreading false rumors about me

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    1. Para


      it's okay they all bully me for blowing up @SquirtleKitty

    2. GMAK


      @Challenger "I'm coming up to the church now, don't shoot me."

      *gets tk'd*


    3. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      What can I say, didnt hear him obviously ? As you can see in the video he was talking quietly and over me talking to someone else. Also he was exactly where someone who took shots at us was 1 min prior and wasnt wearing an armband.

    4. Challenger


      @Osku you weren't wearing an armband either pal, please don't use that excuse, you didn't get tkd for not having an armband.


    5. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      That is exavtly the reason why I have a very recognisable orange raincoat on all the time ?

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