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  1. What an absolutely fabulous roster of hostile RPers and all around great lads (not including that one foul goblin ) this group has. Best of luck with this and life in general boys.
  2. ❤️

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Miss U GIF

      We had some damn good times back in the day? 


    2. Watchman


      We sure did ❤

  3. A ghost now, I see.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      animation morph GIF by Chris Piascik

      And you got your place in staff again now I see...congratulations

  4. Ah yes, the Danish military...renowned for its bravery and putting up a hard fight when defending Denmark ?
  5. If someone from The District crowd should get staff its not Ryan, its @GMAK Just look at this adorable lad
  6. Im offended.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      *would look at the event forums* what do you do again? ?

    2. Stagsview


      Should be ig more my dude, i do mini events for the community ?

    3. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Those were always the most fun to do and you can make some really interesting situations to spice up someones RP with just a few people and the tools. I bet with your dedication and RP experience you come up with great ones 

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Takes me back to that one time me, @KennethRP and @Samti (i think) tried to do a mini event in GM but it happened to be occupied by two people doing some hardcore ERP with handcuffs and other toys...good times ?

    5. Stagsview


      This praising..i do not like


      Please flame me.

    6. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Loremasters are useless pieces of shit and do nothing for the community except write long boring lore essays on the forums that no one reads. Also dynamic events can and have been done by normal actual staff members. The only reason you want to be a LM is so you can lurk around in #staffgeneral and feel important about being in the staff team of an internet roleplaying community. @Rolandshould have just stuck to his guns and kept the LM team disbanded.


    7. Stagsview


      I think i just came..

    8. Samti


      @Osku do not remind me of that shitty erp xD

  7. Its a good thing that staff members reply to this important and divisive topic with well thought out professional answers. Just because youre only an LM (no offence to @StagsviewRB ?) doesnt mean you dont have to follow the standards of forum behaviors expected from all staff members.
  8. Last time this was implemented the whole server died for a long time. How about we learn from our mistakes and not make stupid unnecessary rules like that again.
  9. Just like in real life, there are people who will fuck you over if you are weaker than them. I dont know what is so "immersion breaking" about it. Are you saying that there arent cunts in real life? As has been said, if someone goes OOC as you claim these people constantly do, that definitely is against the rules and is a bannable offense. I also dont know what you are trying to say with this: I can see that youre a great writer with classic lines such as: "characters who are so morally grey they emanate FOG" but being a writer has nothing to do with the quality of roleplay p
  10. Hofer trying to cover his back so that his friends dont see him voting against them all the time ? But seriously, in theory I dont see anything wrong with having staff sign warnings but in practice it isnt as easy as it sounds. All this "sign with only the name of first two so that someone is left to deal with the appeal and prioritize mods except when its a large amount of points" system would make it quite the logistical nightmare by itself especially with how chaotic #staffgeneral sometimes is. Then there is also the problem with verifying the signing. In verdicts there is a great and s
  11. Good to see all of you lads back in business. Best of luck!
  12. I could think of a couple things...
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