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  1. Advice taken, thanks. While I like the idea I'll try to shoot for something simpler.
  2. Thank you for the responses. If the idea is as common or overused as it seems to be I might take the advice and go with a different idea. As for how he survived this long, I should have made it clear that the idea was not for him to have been in Chernarus the entire time. My current draft of it is that he had been in a military hospital in Takistan since the injury that is now day serving as place for remnants of combined military forces and civilians to live in. I suppose if anyone is interested I could make a more detailed post in the character section. A big reason why I was interested in a character like this is that I like the idea of someone having to cope with "Survivor's Guilt". My favorite forms of post-apocalyptic fiction are the ones that deal with the struggle between giving in and fighting on and I feel that a character who survived this long while in such a condition who is dealing with that struggle has the potential for a lot of growth and development.
  3. Hi, I'm currently at the character background stage of the whitelisting application and a little bit into the writing process I looked back at the Lore to double check a date and was reminded of a section stating that your character should be familiar with the situation in Chernarus. The character that I had been thinking of is a, now former, US Army soldier who due to an injury during combat in Takistan fell into a coma some months before the infection began in Chernarus and has now woken up, alone, in an abandoned hospital with no knowledge of what has happened and must now try to learn how to live in this new world. Would a character like this, given that there is a realistic lore-friendly reason for his arrival and appropriate roleplaying for such a situation, be allowed? If not I totally understand but I do like the idea and wanted to check first.