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    I wish you all best of luck and fun. I would join if I could however I will be working at the time of the event.
  2. GreenySmiley

    Group Implemented base too OP

    As someone that really doesn't care about all the gear in those bases, I am a little baffled about the need to get into the base in the first place XD. Like I don't store stuff in a base myself nor do I take any out. If I get into a base I try to RP my way in and not break in. For RP they seem to be only good to separate people to have conversations behind locked doors and to feel safe for a while behind the walls. No one ever only wants to sit in a base, (they get bored too) so people can still get picked off when leaving their safe zone. Bases outside of the RP reason seem to otherwise just become a big gear thing either for those wanting to rob it for that gear or use it to store. I think any base with far too much loot stored is over the top however when people rob a base and take every last bit of said base is the same thing and clearly too much. If people were on both sides a little more respectful we might all have a bit more fun. Like don't loot store too much and if you find such a place that has too much stored don't clear it out to nothing cause then you just proof them right to store even more. Take what you need and leave the base with something more for the next robber to come along or the owners, So they don't feel driven out of the area and you don't have to go and search for their new place again complaining not to find anyone. Idk I personally am not to bothered with bases so If someone has something good I feel like why not let them enjoy it. Plus whenever someone has something good it attracts loads of attention of people wanting what they have so I rather not have it XD not worth dying for lol.
  3. Best of luck I love stories hehe hope you make it so maybe we get to hear some!
  4. Well to be fair if one point can get across we all win. If we can RP that the other person has fun, Rp with them as we would like to receive RP. And if you realize they do not have fun with it to try something different so they might. We would all have won at the RP and if everyone enjoys it then its less likely any rules are broken since the rules are for us to all have fun together and be fair to each other.
  5. "We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves." Galileo With that said, I see a couple issues. A) I heard in the past the mentor program even if offered people decided not to show up, so the mentors might not be as overrun as we think. B) Those that mentor, need to keep reminding themselves to not teach their fellow community member to become an exact copy of themselves but while teaching to leave them their freedom to do what they want as long as it stays within the rules. C) As a mentor for those wanting to be one, can you see yourself not overly promoting the RP you enjoy and not overly talking the RP down that you do not enjoy? Since as someone teaching new people you will have an impressionable rank its easy to abuse. Little comments that might mean nothing to you will shape the new people remember that when you drop a sentence in a negative sounding tone. Example: a lot of people don't like kids IRL and often don't enjoy child rp either. Or those that do not enjoy Hostile Rp or main in the subject and so on.... D)Trying to guide someone without taking over is difficult, allowing the new people to try themselves and to stay in the rules while they do it. Not many have the patience that takes so mentors if they feel like they have a day they can't, they need to make sure to not work that day. We are all human and need our breaks. I love this community does wish to help and I would like to myself as well, take a bit of the load.
  6. In this case you misunderstood a little what I meant by short term.... its short term if all is wrapped up and done and the RP ends there... like if you had killed the two women during the robbery and nobody around to know and they would not remember having been robbed... like short term for me is if the RP is completely wrapped up that there could not be a follow up unless it is your own character running around and showing signs or telling people that you robbed and killed the two women. So your encounter with the two women could be preparation for long term like you said just let what happens, happen . I would since they were let go and run around to tell the tale class this under long term or medium term depending when you and them wrap this up, but yeah everyone lived to tell the tale. If Either side had killed the other during the encounter so one side had to forget it then I would class it as short term, since it can't be used in further RP.
  7. I like all three kinds of RP, each has their perks of course just wondering what the rest of the community thinks currently, like what kind of Rpers do we have? Are we currently a more short, long or medium story building community? I believe all 3 are great however my personal order is: Long Term is the one I love the most, then Medium and last short term Rp. Long term story building: I prefer to have small things happen during encounters, take my time to build things up over many weeks or month. Example: for many month it was a thing between Alkis and Penny to randomly once a month run into each other. Each time they would just see a little more of the others character, slowly notice changes. Be someone that knew them before things happened and changed and this way become also a special constant to each other by still being around. It creates a special kind of bond that only grows over a long period of time. Medium story building: I prefer to deal with my Rp as I come across it in the next few days or weeks. Trying to push to get somewhere and get progress to build my character and change it. Example: Often done through groups, example I was with WolfPack and got to experience relationships change between each other and the other groups and with them becoming more powerful them also changing and becoming more hostile, they used to be a good group but nothing is just pure good or evil. With them experiencing more hostility and more power they also started to rob people themselves and overpowered smaller groups. Then changing back, trying to keep the moral compass and redeem themselves in some way returning to their roots and back. Like a constant struggle to find their place in this new apocalyptic world. Its like every set back is a gift, fights lost changes the way they approach things and changes them. They stay and rise and fall in a place and move to the next. Sometimes within a few days others in weeks. Short term story building: I prefer to wrap up my RP quickly within the same day or RP session. Putting effort into meeting whoever I need to get things settled quickly. Action is my life, not playing running simulator all day. Example: I ran into someone and get robbed. Who likes a loose end? Time to go and hunt them down. Lets see what tortures things come across my mind, before I wrap this up and kill them at the end of the session. Today is the day I want to have fun and who cares about tomorrow? The only way you get progress is if you make things happen and not just run around pointlessly all day. I would love to ask what other people feel like which type of RP is for them? Which do you enjoy the most and why? Maybe you even have an example for the type of Rp you prefer the most? A story you had happen to you in RP? What was it like? Quick or build over long time? What made it so memorable? Hoping people share some stories they had fun with in RP I have so many I love to think back on. Maybe a discussion why anyone prefers one over the other.
  8. When you spend the day with your mother's cousin's 7 year old daughter and she is exactly like me right now XD even running around making the same happy sounds as I do hahahahha I love mini me 😄    

  9. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: G19RP

    Nice to know more about tya thanks for sharing.
  10. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: Mademoiselle

    Good Interview totally understand the wish to get along with people. Sadly 50% is not in our hands but theirs. I had good times meeting Hope and it was fun the fear Diadora brought to the server. Thank you for sharing so much.
  11. Her point number 1 XD I couldn't agree more lol I got to experience the other way around having lived with polite people in New Zealand for 8 years and it drove me crazy to ask a question and not to get the honesty I am used to from Germany. Instead people just tell you whatever they feel is polite to say. Culture shocks XD


    1. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Truth is hard thing. Also, when you role-playing again 🥺 I need my moral support.

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      I think when this cough is finally fully gone, bronchitis is no fun *stomps her foot grumpy* 

  12. Kenzie was a week away from celebrating her 13th birthday when the outbreak occurred. She was hanging out with her friends up in her room when she heard Conner's(her dad's) beeper go off. She ran quickly to the banister to ask if he was going to work. He told her that something bad was happening and that she should pack a bag and take her friends home with her mom. She worriedly asked what was going on but heard the door slam shut below her. She watched from the window as her father drove away very fast without so much as another word. She was getting scarred but she knew that she should do what she was told. Ellen(her mom) yelled from downstairs "Girls its time to go home, get your stuff and get in the car!" She ran to the downstairs bathroom to pack a toothbrush but when she turn the corner to head for the bathroom the back door lay open to her house. A man with a sallow face stood in the threshold. He had angry eyes and looked insane, and just as she was about to scream he lunged at her and bit her on the arm she rose to defend herself from the blow. It hurt badly but she managed to kick the man in his junk, she was surprised when he did not double over in pain, instead he seemed to not even notice. screaming for help her mother Ellen came around the same corner brandishing a metal pan from under the kitchen sink. She hit the man in the head until he released his hold. The man then stumbled back and began to bleed from every hole in his head. Ellen quickly grabbed her up and took Kenzie to the car. She told the other girls in the back that she would have to drop them on the street near their home so that Kenzie could go to a doctor as quick as possible. After dropping the other girls off, Kenzie was surprised that the wound almost didn't hurt at all anymore. The towel which wrapped her fresh wound was drenched in blood and growing redder but the pain was not as bad anymore. She looked up as she heard that her mom was getting a phone call from her dad. she knew it was him because of the stupid ring-back tone that he insisted on. Its Frank Sinatra's "My Way." She hated that song but right now it meant that her dad was calling and that meant that she was less scared in that moment. That's when she began to hear chopper blades directly above her head. The helicopter did a dangerous landing maneuver and landed right in front of their car. They both screamed as 5 men with black military outerwear on and riffles jumped out onto the street and pointed their guns at her and her mom. She could hear her father yelling on the phone after them but the men were on them in seconds yelling at them both to step out of the vehicle. Her mother told her to just do what they said and so she did. And then the worst thing in her life happened the men pointed their guns at her mother, her mother seeming to struggle, and they shot her. Seeing her mother die in front of her Kenzie screamed out in pain and fear. It wasn't long before they shoved her into the helicopter and a German doctor with a full set of protective gear on stuck her with a needle and the world faded away.
  13. Well before you find no one else, it sounds like this would be a shame to fully get dropped.... I might be ok to offer talking about it and see if I could match a little or even enough what you would be looking for... however I warn you I can't do accents at all... XD I am sure you will find someone more suited then me though but if everyone else turns out busy, I can offer a conversation about your ideas and see if I could make an offer give it some time and I bet more will present themselves.
  14. I tried XD the later slightly lower voice is so hard to keep up XD


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      You're so fuckin' cute 🙂

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      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Doesn't matter. Still cute. Just be you

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      I feel responsible for that clip.

    4. GreenySmiley


      Yeah.. now that I think about it... your fault, I agree. Good take responsibility 😉 

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      @Roman It is your fault I witnessed it it's okay Greeny you never have to again XD 

  15. GreenySmiley

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Yay time to learn how to puppy bark again if Penny is still allowed to be a puppy. She has been learning to sit in a cage nicely.
  16. GreenySmiley

    Nights Chapter [Lore Faction]

    I love that this is a thing! Nice work everyone involved and making this happen!
  17. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: PhoenyxxRP

    Was fun to read I wish the community had more of a switch around where more people got to play in a different group for a bit but that would be hard to achieve, not everyone can have a day in anarchy to see how it is. Honestly think it would be fun to do a switcher thing lol. Anyways thank you for sharing miss rping with you!
  18. When one feels like a miserable piece of feces but still tries to sound happy XD I hope this week ends quickly. I miss RP with everyone but IRL is currently keeping me away. Lots of love. ❤️ its so lonely 👀 miss hanging out.

    1. TheGlassSpider


      *HUGS* You are missed. Please take good care of yourself. We'll be here.

    2. Lorcan


      Fucking slave get your ass back here. 

    3. MouseWB


      Soon soon.

  19. I like to add to my time trying to find this Passphrase I got screwed over looking for a full phrase as in sentence but it was just a word out of it that i needed XD so I put in the full sentence that had the password in it. Yeah only put the one word XD unless you like to find it again lol
  20. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    Thank you for sharing DrMax good interview.
  21. GreenySmiley

    Roleplay compilation of the amazing events that happened today.

    Many thought about it. Andrey did it... LOL nice XD
  22. GreenySmiley

    Meet The Chad: AndreyQ

    Creative Art had to watch it all. Nicely put together, great laugh
  23. I general I agree with dying to good RP. However most of us only see the story we have with said person. What if they created that character to experience a certain RP or story that maybe only this character in its unique situation and skill set and connection can live out? Say the RP is build up over month to one day get there but you don't plan your encounters so you hope and wait for it to happen naturally. Now just Before you get there, you get the best cannibal interaction anyone could possibly give to anyone on the server and they wish to kill you for it, but if you follow that death everything you build and worked for is gone and to just make a similar character with similar skills seems so cheap plus you would still have to do the build up again. With the possibility of doing all the work for nothing once more. Now if you did follow that death the consequence is they run around and tell people they killed you and you are dead.. but people get mostly just as mad with others when they farted in your face as if they killed you. SO if you played out they just farted in your face instead of shooting it? What would really be different for them? Would they suddenly miss out on that I killed a real person RP? because those that perma people... seem to more or less just shrug off the experience and never mention all their murders or show a different act for the character they murdered with.... so all your effort ruined for the little trade of the other party just feeling a bit awkward if they see you again? All that good rp still happened between you two, just because you didn't die doesn't make that not happen. People do not IC need to die for something to end or OOC be banned from the forums. Maybe our mindset should go to how can i get along with the person instead of remove them, one or the other way or even ignore them because they don't show me the behavior I think they should?
  24. GreenySmiley


    I am a little surprised at how much of this seems to come with the pure assumption of unreasonable hostages. You can still ask for execution rights. Trouble is if you ask for those rights and get told if the RP leads there, I don't think I have EVER seen the RP NOT lead there after that question. Which does seem very pushy towards that winning mentality of only if this ends with one of the other side dead my side has won... strange to me though that it feels more like we either all won or we all lost... cause if the RP is not enjoyed by all parties which should be the goal to work towards then we all suffer that consequence. It sometime can give the impression that unless a reason is found that someone dies to, this rp is pointless? Build up takes time, it needs encounters of stand off and encounters where just nothing happens too to make the finally more meaningful. The end is short and we all know it. The end is death, its no surprise to anyone, we all die one day. But the way we get there should be exciting, fun, sad, full of emotion and twists and turns and not rushed. Just because no one was ended this time during this encounter doesn't mean the RP went nowhere, rather opposite even since the encounter can actually be remembered. Warn people for the next visit and actually give them that time. Maybe actually just have that scare visit where you really just come to say hello and feel the air. Most visits end up being normal "boring" visits that are seen as stale or not furthering rp can in the long run further it by making the therefore more rare actual hostility a treat rather then a 4 times a day normality.
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