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  1. When you get told from your workmate that you are an ass, not sportsmanlike, antisocial, selfish because you asked for the possibility to have a meeting through Skype rather then in person...

    feels so hated right now d0b2b55c304f2745342f738d219da1ad.jpeg

    I need a hug.

  2. I attempt to write my thoughts and I often suck at it getting it right or understood the way I mean it. I often defend the side that I don't support and so come across as being on the other side then what I really am on. This is an example of what I suck at XD I still attempt it and keep failing at it every so often. I know a lot of us have met people with similar characters to previous once they permad and might have the thought cross our mind that its wash rinse repeat the same character. Do you go and report it? They are seriously trying and failing miserably just like me trying to get my opinion across at times. Its near impossible for us to get out of our own skin with things we personally struggle with and those that struggle with this are usually the ones that do it. They don't perma because they know they are not able to do much more. They don't perma because they tried and they just can't different. I wish to say it is ok. Its ok to perma and suck at trying to make a new character that is different and it is also ok to not perma and just keep playing that character because that is what you want to do. I will react according to my character as best I can to your choices. But a new character will have to start over getting to know and find that trust. Yes you may wright it in a backstory that we already know each other. You will get very different RP from IC build trust or trust that was written in the background of characters both can have its perks. Perma or don't perma. Just whatever your choice maybe try to consider what would be most fun for both sides and I would always want to keep RPing with you and promise to try my best to do the same to my ability.
  3. If I decide to perma my bandit character to allow other people to get progression. I can't create a carbon copy character but I can make a bandit again right? When is my character different enough to my previous one that I am allowed to play my bandit? And if I perma that bandit too... my next character is it ok to be like my first bandit character again that I permad or does it yet need to be different again? If i perma 20 bandits or more I will have trouble making different enough bandit characters to my previous ones to not be a carbon copy to any of them.... if I already can't change my voice then they will definitely all at least sound the same. I also can't talk in a different accent. Plus if I wish to create more bandits as a leader to a group but I keep to perma then I don't know how creative I keep having to get to still be able to play with my friends XD. Can I still join my friends on my new bandit characters? I would encourage people to try something new yes XD but some won't and idk we can encourage but that is all. Rules and limits would keep going too much into detail of what is to similar to another character. XD I would love this however we already had a similar thing where people had to add to their character how much hostility they allow and it was removed. Not exactly sure why but I know a lot of people when they met someone new would constantly check character pages for how much they are allowed to do to them if it came to it XD imagine you constantly needing every ones name so you can go and check on their character page for all the permissions.
  4. ^ yes encouraging to perma for progress if it makes sense. I was trying to also offer solutions for the ones that won't perma since plenty will not perma and more often the non progress is seen as a problem. But the progress can often be reached through other means too, that people don't seem to consider often. For those cases where people don't wish to perma. and can't be encouraged to do so. Maybe the other people can be encouraged to try and find progress through other means too? Just a thought I like that idea, I do have a question. People that perma a Hostile character. Are they allowed to recreate a new hostile character acting just like the old one? or is there a follow up rule to that? Otherwise a group leader could perma and the new character replaces that leader and does the same thing XD a lot of perma death servers I played on had to add follow up rules to the perma cause things like that would keep happening otherwise.
  5. @Taryn I like to add I agree with you and personally I would wish for much more realism to be played out. However just like a lot of rules are in play to make the game experience more fun and relaxing Example: (No Rape Rp on the server, even if all parties agree) . I agree meeting them again after they got killed is not fun and I personally have Permad quite a few characters for any death that wasn't just a KOS or rulebreak (even permad to rulebreaks too XD) The sad problem is that yes we can tell them to suck it up and try something new. Sadly as much as we wish for that to happen the reality is they would just not do it and instead just not play. I hope they will try something new too but I just don't think we can force them to try something new while they don't feel up for it themselves just yet. Till they are ready, this is just a way to get consequences by pretending they are someone else when you meet them again. or talk to them about ideas that work for both sides till they are ready for that perma. We want both sides to have fun after all.
  6. If someone was only able to RP as one character and everyone thinks they should perma.. but they wish to keep playing. Does that mean they should perma and then wait for the new lore to happen so they can play that character again? or should they just make a copy character since that character is all they are able to RP well? in that case it would be same character with new name? Would that be preferred? If someone really just wishes to play that one or not play. Do you prefer people stopped playing then and perma? Or find a way so they can keep playing with all of us without just creating a copycat character over and over?
  7. If the person agreed to perma and then doesn't. I can see that people might be upset. However the 20 plus people that executed someone. If I was one of them, I would still RP it like I saw the execution and was part of it... however if I meet the person again in RP that was executed I would treat them like they are a different person that I know but all the stuff that person was executed for previously is not part of them... because the negative part was executed and died. So it would be like that person didn't do the things they got executed for... practical considering if you execute him/her because she had killed your brother, then meet the person after they are innocent of that crime. You may even forget the name of the person you executed for that crime .... plenty options if you deal with someone that wants to stay with a character.
  8. Should they die and stay dead? Depends. A lot of people struggle to make up a lot of characters or are really only great an playing one character type. So of course after a lot of time on the server deaths keep happening and pile up. I don't think them not staying dead is really the problem. I think its more the no changes or consequences that people struggle with and really bothers them. After people die for example in a firefight. There should be some kind of consequence following that in the RP. Any conflict where one side or the other died should be followed up with the reason for that conflict being solved or forgotten or counted as dealt with. So the RP can keep moving on and not just repeat to another firefight with the same exact people in it again fighting over the same exact thing. Just like people can only be executed one time for a crime. It doesn't matter if the person perma's to the execution or not the conflict that person was executed for should be counted as dealt with after so the RP doesn't circle. If people accepted to move on or forgive or simply see things as done and dealt with after major deaths to any conflict, then it wouldn't matter if the person perma's as much. Example 1 Execution option instead of perma: 1. John killed Jill and now John got executed by Jill's friends... if they see John again after the execution and all sides agree to have moved on then it would be like as if it is a new John that is innocent. If you wish to keep the conflict going between you and John I would recommend to just not execute him for the crime and just keep torturing him only to your satisfaction. Example 2 and 3 mass death in firefight where one side got wiped out: 2. If the attackers got wiped, consider to not confront them on it if you see them, whoever attacked you is dead and dealt with. If you are one of the attackers and you attacked and lost then don't attack for the same reason or the same group again. accept the loss and do something else. If you are not sure to win maybe don't attack or retreat while still alive. 3. If you die as a defender and got wiped consider why you got attacked. If you did something, with your death and wipe out, the conflict should be dealt with. Maybe setup negotiations for dealing with the loss of the situation. Theoretically all your fighters have died in that firefight maybe its time to do something different and not regather to have the same people defend again. Accept the loss by accepting negative consequences for the group. For above reasons, I don't believe the problem is that people do not perma. Its more that people aren't often enough ready to accept any consequences to a loss.
  9. 1. If you got killed and your murderers had execution rights, with your death the situation has ended and they can't kill you for it again. I would even recommend to forget the whole reason why they had execution rights in the first place on both sides. Considering you can't be executed for the same thing twice and rp would just keep going in a senseless circle if you keep getting hated for something after you got killed for it. 2. If you get killed in a firefight it seems remembering might just keep causing more never ending fights... cause then revenge firefights would just keep going back and forth. 3. If you get killed by accident and you wish to continue the RP (accidentally killed during torture, or ran in the way of an infected and your ally shoot you but you don't wish to perma) and everyone that saw you die, wishes to also continue the RP, you should totally be allowed to remember. Points 1 and 2 definitely forget the memory, Preferably everyone forget it if it was to end a situation. Point 3 remember but you can probably talk that out with the people anyways no need to change the rule for that.
  10. Dear beloved and incredibly busy staff team, I thank you for your hard work and I mean no disrespect. I believe you all work hard to your best believe in doing what you feel is right. I have noticed something that concerns me a little: In the following I will give an example, (I don't believe I know the player or at least didn't have interaction with them myself to my knowledge). I like to add I think I can see why it was ruled in such a way. I am just still a bit worried about the ruling of a report to false report when the OP didn't get to show his/her full POV with video especially when the report has to do with in game mechanic. No matter if the person was reporting false or not. Even if the person has spite or negative feelings towards the other side their reporting can still be fueled by a true believe that a rule must have been broken and without their point of view in game it seems difficult to me to judge their intentions to be completely without grounds and therefore a false report. 1. A lot of players approach this RP environment with a wonderful mind of thinking everyone plays fair and always wishes to prefer RP over killing the player if they can. This mindset causes great disappointment very quickly since even our self with that mindset can have trouble letting a situation pass where we can get one over the other in game and "win" by killing someone initiating on us. With the current game usually one on one initiations have been mainly ruled as fair game to not comply and not seen as anything wrong with. However the believe the person had and seemed to have been reporting was himself being in a position where in real life a person would not be able to do this kind of quick move as his opponent used the game the way it is to move quick around him and shoot. Most experienced players know you can easily deal with someone if they are close enough to run around them and shoot and I don't think its ever been punished, but I can also see how someone that doesn't keep a LOT of track on what gets punished in reports and has only read the rules would be lead to believe that you can not do this move within the rules. I think in this case video evidence is crucial for the ruling if this person could have really thought they were in a position from their perspective where the person should have had to comply. The report in this case would be: In this case yes the player was made aware the report might not go anywhere by staff without his video evidence shown which the player clearly seems to believe would make the difference to his case (Not saying it does or will but the player does seem to believe his video shows his point better than his words can). I also like to add there have been plenty of cases in the past where even the full staff team were not completely aware that something would result in a rule break (let me give the lie and execution rule as a primary example until even the verdict came out and was re-looked at). I have also seen plenty of cases where some staff members made people aware a report might not go their way or the way the OP may think it and it turned completely different in the outcome to what was believed before. I don't think the staff had ill intent to make to OP stop a report so they also believed it would be best to stop and not waste anyone's time. So neither would be false report or false attempt to stop a report. 2. Now I would like to ask once again with a personally completely made up example what the staff team thinks of the following and how it feels this would or should be ruled even? Example preset: Jane a normal skinny office worker with 0 experience in combat or any type of fighting sport. Another person John plays a muscular combat experienced strong and tall person trained in one on one combat. A) John emoted while standing behind Jane that he is holding Jane with a knife to the throat in a strong grip. To avoid power gaming lets add the John://Does it work? and Jane://yes Now by current game mechanics Jane could easily turn around pull a gun and shoot John (with just a knife in his hand, by in game mechanic, he would have little chance against Jane). However in real life Jane would have no chance against John. B) John holds a shotgun directly to the stomach of Jane facing her he would be able to see if she were to try and move if this was real he would long shoot and notice her moving and she had little chance to live. The game however is full of lag and buggy and you might not notice someone moving until they are already out of range of your gun. C) John holds a gun to Jane from a few meters away I assume it would matter what type of gun so Jane could decide if she can take her chances (think of John holding the worst case scenario gun for Jane to make any tries) and run around him pull her own gun and shoot John. D) Now Jane holds a gun to John from a few meters away I assume it would matter what type of gun so John could decide if he can take his chances (think of Jane holding the worst case scenario gun for John to make any tries) and run around her pull his own gun and shoot Jane. If any of the situations did come to a report I believe video evidence would be rather crucial to see if there was a false report intend or if the person truly believed the other should have played along. Mostly its more a know your audience type of situation and you will find people that would not comply in any situation and in all due to preference or RP and or combat experience and wishes. Even if none would get ruled as abuse of game mechanics I can't seem to think the person reporting would or should get a false report. I feel horrible for the poor staff team but if people truly believe and there is any evidence that way, should they not get the benefit of the doubt that they didn't intend to false report? Thank you for all your help, I just hope to make everyone feel more comfortable in this community and sorry for putting more work on the staff team. To Elmo: I understand your point and from your perspective that you think this way. We might miss a lot and it could well be on my end and to me this case is just putting a bad light on things from my perspective. I love you to correct me if you please take a look at how I see it without all the extra that staff may or may not see that I do not have at my hands. I see a community member that first ran into a situation where he was IC desperately trying to safe his friend and not loose any more time so he had loads of motivation to go against two people trying to hold him up because for him this time spend might mean the death of his friend. He felt that they should have to care about his friend too over OOC wishing to take his stuff or hold him up right there and he stood corrected by staff that there was no rule break. This same community member now once more went into a deep IC story or at least something that he put a lot of thought and effort into wishing to play out something more then just robbing the person, some actual revenge ic. Now that person turned on him in a 1 v 1 situation where he thought he had set things up that the opposite party was sure to have to comply. Once again filled with disappointment of this story also ending with death instead of rp.... he goes to try and reach out on multiple occasions unsuccessfully. Everywhere he looks he gets told if he thinks there might be a rule break to report it, even in the staff help desk. His situation without seeing the set up with video evidence might not get across correctly as he believes and seems to have hope to maybe still be able to play out some of this in RP given the chance to talk to the person which still was denied to him so far. He finally took his last chance and opens a report where staff asks him critical on his reporting rule break which he states he is unsure of in his first line in his report right of the bat. He tries to answer the questions of staff to his best ability with literally his last statement: "So let me get things straight to and check my reasoning here is valid or not. Maybe we should wait until i'm able to upload video evidence." ^This to me shows someone really unsure of their actions and not someone trying to push for punishment, but for clarification. Then the report seems to get its usual logs posted by staff so we see who is the other side for the first time with that person also giving their POV to him for the first time. The report from being opened to closing was all done within 24 hours. If it had just been closed without any punishment for anyone I would only have said ok I would really recommend A) give him a big chance to speak with a mentor in RP that he clicks with and B) to maybe give them a chance to talk which wasn't given before. Considering there was a punishment that harsh dealt, it feels a little rushed from my perspective and it honestly scares me a bit to even attempt to report something unless I have Everything ready right of the bat including all evidence uploaded and even then the moment a staff member shows any doubt I would run and hide in my corner after seeing this and we all know just because a staff member has doubt on a report going through its not always not going through. Yes the actions after weren't honorable and not professional. The community can see that too. A lot of us become like that when we feel unfairly treated or hurt and rushed with. Or have trouble accepting when our dreams get crushed. I always felt safe here and that I could report for a believe of someone else having wronged me. I do prefer to try and reach out and actually be able to speak with the person and even if it turns to nothing it is something that can make all the difference to change your heart about the situation. It might be good for the rest of the community to also see more of what may have been the motivation of staff to have come to such a quick harsh verdict. I do feel there is a little more here to this than what the community can see and I know we have very smart staff that didn't fall on its head.
  11. Hi Welcome sounds like you lead a busy life. Can't wait to see you in action in RP, best of luck here and hope you will have an awesome time!
  12. People travel all the time. From imaginary cabins (places that are no where on the actual server) to other countries and text RP or radio RP while not on the server anywhere. If I ran into someone IC that for some reason feels the need to mention that 5 min ago they were in Chernarus my character would probably just think they have a place next to the border they call that or just are not quite right in the head with the memory or they meant it felt that way... But that would be it and move on with the conversation... like logging out and going to sleep we don't linger that much on where people are all the other times.
  13. I don't really care if anyone switches between the servers as long as its not overly mentioned in RP not like my character would check on them if they really travel between the countries. Similar to people having to log out as long as people don't constantly feel the need to talk about it the rp just keeps going and no one cares that you "log" or "server switch". We ignore away a lot and that is hardly much more to ignore... the amount of times people log out and 'sleep" but while in their "sleep' people hang in the imaginary in between world of NO country and do all sorts of things on the radio while being untouchable, haven't heard anyone have a problem with that.
  14. Well due to the server queue priority making any queue pay to play I prefer enough servers at any time so there is no queue XD (I know I am selfish) If there was no priority queue I wouldn't care much about a queue but the way it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and since there are more then 80 players during the night combined on both servers I would prefer if both stay open untill priority queue is not a thing anymore so forever
  15. Chernarus will always be my home, sometimes people just enjoy a holiday and this time we went to see Livonia but its a holiday and I wish to be able to come home anytime too
  16. This ^ just means whoever volunteered first gets to pick the rest who joins too. To be fair no one stops anyone from creating a second mentor program and dealing with the leadership of that and spending their free-time to write it up, advertise it and then talk to people that apply to become mentor and work with them yourself. When you realize that having to already deal with 13 other people is difficult enough and costs already enough time it doesn't mean you have to pick more to work with you. ( I didn't apply officially myself but was going to however was already made aware they have their hands full with the current team and not everyone wants to work with everyone or for that matter works with everyone well)... I am sure they will do great and anyone that also wishes to help can grab some initiative and build a second program I am sure depending on how you advertise it you may get a different crowd applying to be helped. And if you decide to share the work and make one program just to help understanding the rules only and the other helps with actual Rp difficulties. A lot of us are not the best readers and to learn the rules by doing can be more encouraging and fun. Plus that doesn't hit on some people's pride as a role-player if its just about learning the rules themselves that doesn't mean you need support with your actual Roleplay. Lots of love and good luck.
  17. I wish you all best of luck and fun. I would join if I could however I will be working at the time of the event.
  18. As someone that really doesn't care about all the gear in those bases, I am a little baffled about the need to get into the base in the first place XD. Like I don't store stuff in a base myself nor do I take any out. If I get into a base I try to RP my way in and not break in. For RP they seem to be only good to separate people to have conversations behind locked doors and to feel safe for a while behind the walls. No one ever only wants to sit in a base, (they get bored too) so people can still get picked off when leaving their safe zone. Bases outside of the RP reason seem to otherwise just become a big gear thing either for those wanting to rob it for that gear or use it to store. I think any base with far too much loot stored is over the top however when people rob a base and take every last bit of said base is the same thing and clearly too much. If people were on both sides a little more respectful we might all have a bit more fun. Like don't loot store too much and if you find such a place that has too much stored don't clear it out to nothing cause then you just proof them right to store even more. Take what you need and leave the base with something more for the next robber to come along or the owners, So they don't feel driven out of the area and you don't have to go and search for their new place again complaining not to find anyone. Idk I personally am not to bothered with bases so If someone has something good I feel like why not let them enjoy it. Plus whenever someone has something good it attracts loads of attention of people wanting what they have so I rather not have it XD not worth dying for lol.
  19. Best of luck I love stories hehe hope you make it so maybe we get to hear some!
  20. In this case you misunderstood a little what I meant by short term.... its short term if all is wrapped up and done and the RP ends there... like if you had killed the two women during the robbery and nobody around to know and they would not remember having been robbed... like short term for me is if the RP is completely wrapped up that there could not be a follow up unless it is your own character running around and showing signs or telling people that you robbed and killed the two women. So your encounter with the two women could be preparation for long term like you said just let what happens, happen . I would since they were let go and run around to tell the tale class this under long term or medium term depending when you and them wrap this up, but yeah everyone lived to tell the tale. If Either side had killed the other during the encounter so one side had to forget it then I would class it as short term, since it can't be used in further RP.
  21. I like all three kinds of RP, each has their perks of course just wondering what the rest of the community thinks currently, like what kind of Rpers do we have? Are we currently a more short, long or medium story building community? I believe all 3 are great however my personal order is: Long Term is the one I love the most, then Medium and last short term Rp. Long term story building: I prefer to have small things happen during encounters, take my time to build things up over many weeks or month. Example: for many month it was a thing between Alkis and Penny to randomly once a month run into each other. Each time they would just see a little more of the others character, slowly notice changes. Be someone that knew them before things happened and changed and this way become also a special constant to each other by still being around. It creates a special kind of bond that only grows over a long period of time. Medium story building: I prefer to deal with my Rp as I come across it in the next few days or weeks. Trying to push to get somewhere and get progress to build my character and change it. Example: Often done through groups, example I was with WolfPack and got to experience relationships change between each other and the other groups and with them becoming more powerful them also changing and becoming more hostile, they used to be a good group but nothing is just pure good or evil. With them experiencing more hostility and more power they also started to rob people themselves and overpowered smaller groups. Then changing back, trying to keep the moral compass and redeem themselves in some way returning to their roots and back. Like a constant struggle to find their place in this new apocalyptic world. Its like every set back is a gift, fights lost changes the way they approach things and changes them. They stay and rise and fall in a place and move to the next. Sometimes within a few days others in weeks. Short term story building: I prefer to wrap up my RP quickly within the same day or RP session. Putting effort into meeting whoever I need to get things settled quickly. Action is my life, not playing running simulator all day. Example: I ran into someone and get robbed. Who likes a loose end? Time to go and hunt them down. Lets see what tortures things come across my mind, before I wrap this up and kill them at the end of the session. Today is the day I want to have fun and who cares about tomorrow? The only way you get progress is if you make things happen and not just run around pointlessly all day. I would love to ask what other people feel like which type of RP is for them? Which do you enjoy the most and why? Maybe you even have an example for the type of Rp you prefer the most? A story you had happen to you in RP? What was it like? Quick or build over long time? What made it so memorable? Hoping people share some stories they had fun with in RP I have so many I love to think back on. Maybe a discussion why anyone prefers one over the other.
  22. When you spend the day with your mother's cousin's 7 year old daughter and she is exactly like me right now XD even running around making the same happy sounds as I do hahahahha I love mini me 😄    

  23. Good Interview totally understand the wish to get along with people. Sadly 50% is not in our hands but theirs. I had good times meeting Hope and it was fun the fear Diadora brought to the server. Thank you for sharing so much.
  24. Her point number 1 XD I couldn't agree more lol I got to experience the other way around having lived with polite people in New Zealand for 8 years and it drove me crazy to ask a question and not to get the honesty I am used to from Germany. Instead people just tell you whatever they feel is polite to say. Culture shocks XD


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