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  1. The origin of her family name Navratil (returned) came from her ancestors travelling and returning to their country. Every time a family member leaves to learn something new, her family would have a tradition of celebrating the "Navratil" return. Their kids were brought up as free as they could which is how Kaja (free woman) got her name. She enjoyed going hunting with her father and showed skill in her task of tracking. Early on her parents would allow her to venture out and stay in Germany for school exchanges and holidays, she spend so much time there that she picked up a bit of an unusual accent. . (to be continued) . .
  2. Yes! Was awesome to get to run into Eddie @Eddie one last time was my last night I could play before LoreWipe away for surgery now and recovery takes weeks... Hope to meet again on new Characters next time I won't play a kid.
  3. Oof ready for the invasion... let it start! Nice work! Wish I could help somehow.
  4. @IvarTheNarrator Thank you It is fun! @HayLeigh more sugar for the end of days lol doing that taking care thing. She is still alive. @Lindse looked like you just tried to get away first. Did we seem scary? Thanks for the RP
  5. I WOULD LIKE TO CALL EVERYONE IN WITH THEIR FULL POV AND ANY VIDEO EVIDENCE THEY MAY HAVE! It is just outrages that some of this can't be found as a recording, and requesting @Eddie to please explain your NVL suicide? We all understand the emotional pressure of having killed someone, everyone please make sure to go for your regular scheduled psychiatrist after the shootings. To enhance everyone's enjoyment I really hope @Stagsview has his stream recording somewhere for future reference Thank you for the event and really hope to join one in the future!
  6. Looking forward to that I know what you LMs and GMS+ can do Yeah I still got my last days as a kid to play and wrap her up lol so maybe see you around!
  7. When you can really feel how this song fits in a strange way. Heartbreaking ❤️ 

    I look forward to more RP. 😄

  8. Lol um you scared me too! @Fae I found your lost wife @RiZ



  9. A female voice says: "Hi Depressed Cowboy from Redwood Radio. I knew someone that used to be with you a while ago. Would it be possible to meet you somewhere? Or reach you on a more private frequency?"
  10. As someone that used to stream herself in the past I know about the problem of metagaming. I can say I was lucky enough that people seemed to have mainly metagamed me to a positive outcome. For example I directly asked for something I would wish for to happen in game (back then I played on public servers) and I would ask for something unusual specific and not long after I run into that because someone would set it up. I was also lucky enough to have loads of coincidences happen to me when I wasn't streaming and they couldn't have possibly known. So I know how it feels when you think someone must have meta-gamed this and it just feels fishy. I can gladly say when things felt like it must be meta it was pure. Like I logged in and constantly ran into the same person out in the middle of nowhere, on different ends of the map. On different servers. Back then no tools like now where you could check position logs. If I had been streaming or them, both of us would have been sure to claim the other must have been using meta. The only times I am scared in RP is to run too often and strange looking, into streamers. I have been there and know how it looks and feels... I am glad as hell when I accidentally run into them and find out they were not streaming after XD example @Aron73 when I ran into Peter he wasn't streaming. So I can be sure they don't feel fishy about the meeting. Sad as it is as a streamer, its a lot on your mind that they might use information you give. Like for example I ran into @AlkisLR a few times in strange places and it was fun but say if he had been streaming or me... maybe we would have thought oof this is a strange place to coincidentally run into each other. Even a stream stalker that was found guilty, could after truly by accident run into you XD The main meta I experienced is people treating a character differently because of who plays that character because of who they are on the forums. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to advertise that people are watching for people to change direction because a streamer just came on and showed their location. It might be enough to scare them of from doing it without that you actually have to have someone do it. But I would be REALLY careful of accusing anyone of Meta on stashes or anything really. I placed stashes in off locations that were found within an hour.. I sit in off locations sometimes for hours and find people... And sometimes you run into the same people because you just think a like and have similar ideas.... example a LOT of people that suddenly decide to hide from a larger group pick the Khelm summer camp or Belaya Polana or Msta or any summer camp as a "hiding" spot.... My own group did XD and loads before too... Honestly we make it easy for the other side to find us. lol Example I guessed my own groups hiding location, before they even told me where it was, before and walked there.. no need for a stream XD so other people can do that too... Chernarus isn't that big. If for some reason people are needed to do this job of checking I would totally volunteer cause I know I would not lightly accuse someone of it, if this is done I would want people to look at all the possibilities from a guilty and innocent perspective. Unless there is really plenty of evidence including even them admitting to guild or multiple others independent to each other confirming it. Not just someone mad at them lol I mean if death row was a thing would you not rather have a guilty party stay alive, than falsely have an innocent get the needle? Yeah I might be too soft but I love believing in peoples innocence unless the evidence is over-rolling them from multiple sides. Example a while ago I had my character pretend to be on something they could not possibly be on through normal means... I didn't tell anyone but one person that I knew would not share this information and no one would ask them if they knew about it. I knew I would probably get accused of power gaming so I made sure to have video proof and the person that knew of the plan from the beginning for the day it comes to bite me. Sadly I had to share it cause the trust in this community is not that high understandably. I try and keep proof of everything I can in case it could look fishy to anyone later and I might have to proof my innocence, its an exhausting bit of work and sad that its needed. I love the community and its normal to be suspicious. Lets just try not to get it out of hand. I like to make a bet at this point. Since staff let the community know they are checking on people that die if they returned to their bodies with position logs even if they are not being reported and no one has seen them do it in game, I would bet less people do it now then before since they know they might get caught for it? Its a scare tactic and on occasion someone gets busted, honestly got to feel bad for the poor soul that gets made an example out of for everyone else to be scared but it works for a while at least till people forget about it again.
  11. Well I voted Yes and then I read @Camo comment.... Now I wish I could change to voting No. Cause good points I didn't think about that.
  12. I really enjoy being so much in my character and to feel as she would... so yes a LOT of sad things happen in the apocalypse that I always cry alongside my character. Being so immersed that you just have to cry is the best feeling in RP. I am so glad I got to experience that and feel sorry for anyone that didn't yet, hope you get your chance!
  13. Thank you for the great gift of Chocolate El Presidente @Roland 😄


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      shoot it

  14. I wish to thank everyone that answers this always had a feeling more people enjoyed taking hostages more then being taken hostage. I enjoy being a hostage, even far more if its done with a good reason and it feels naturally that you would be taken as hostage in that situation. But I am always scared if I were to take someone else hostage that others might rather not get taken at all and that I would just be ruining their day XD Thank you everyone that is sharing their thoughts its much appreciated its a route I would like to explore more if I knew people had fun with it.
  15. I am wondering how people feel about being a hostage or taking hostages and what do most people enjoy more when it comes to RP? I want to be clear this has nothing to do with OOC in terms of if you enjoy being taken hostage in IC or take hostages in IC, doesn't mean that same person wants to go out in the real world and do either there. When it comes to RPing is it enjoyable to you to pretend to be a scared hostage or rather the powerful hostage taker? Or maybe its more fun for you to try and find a safe way out of a dangerous situation as a Hostage. Or to find a way to get your hostage to do as you want? What makes it fun for you? I am curious what the majority likes and what we might have a minority of. This way people can see what is hard to do and maybe some will try more of the characters that are not liked as much as a role.
  16. Imagine if stomach capacity was decreased and you really had to hold someone up for the food and water. With the current rules lets run this scenario. "Hey put your hands up and give me your food and water" Person complies and gives you their food and water. You eat and drink it all. Now to let them go from the hostage situation you have to leave them with food and water. So what do you do now? Take them on a hunting trip with you and accompany them to the next well?
  17. We will always have a lot of new people trying to deal and get used to surviving. For experienced players its rather easy but we need to cater for everyone and if every new person constantly dies struggling with survival we might have a lot less people sticking around and just give up instead.
  18. Yup but from an RP sense its disgusting lol XD yes and OOC I could easily spend two days without food if I ate that XD lol the place I work at does the 16 hours of no food and then 8 hours of eating diet. At the beginning its hard to get used to but you can get used to eating more in a short time and then nothing in long stretches.
  19. Example if I prepare my character right, I can usually go through a full hostage situation without needing any food or water during the 1-2 hours they have me. And still come out with plenty of time to get to the next well to restore my water lvl to 2000... but that is the ideal. You can't count on everyone you take hostage to be prepared like that at all times. BUt it does make a hostage situation easier if you are prepared and looked after your own character and don't put all on your hostage taker... theoretically with the current rule-set if you are starving you could try find someone to take you hostage and suddenly you are in their "care" they can't let you die of thirst or starvation while in their care so you have to let them know of course lol but theoretically they are then responsible to feed you. However if you are 3 seconds from dying as they take you there was nothing they could do XD lol you would have to make sure to talk early enough to let them know in time.
  20. You can't in one go, but say you eat a can and wait 2-3 min before you eat the next. Walk a few steps. IRL You can't eat too much at once either you would through up but with a little time in between eating you can store plenty and gain fat in pounds or kilogram that way. For example you can safely drink a full canteen each time you get to a well, between the wells is enough time to drink again without throwing up. But actually use a canteen or water bottle. However if you eat in between too, just make sure you didn't just have 2 cans of food right before. Just eat and drink with a bit of distance to see if the food or water makes the body full... if you eat and drink slow enough there is a full stomach indicator that does tell you to stop and you can avoid throwing up. But if you are to fast it won't have time to tell you until its to late.
  21. I think what he means is: say if filling your food bar one time is 1000 units. same with your drink bar one fill 1000 units. Currently you can "store" food past the one time fill of 1000 units. It seems you can store roughly 5000 units of food and 2000 units of water. 5 times the amount of your food indicator and 2 times the amount of your drink indicator. (These are felt estimates not something I know for sure) So when you have less than 1000 units of food in your character your food bar starts to go down but your food bar stays the same while you have between 1000 and up to 5000 food units in your character. The problem I have if you lowered the amount of the food bar to store a maximum of say 2000 instead of 5000 units of food, you would need to eat more frequent and generally carry more food in your clothes rather then inside your body. IRL we can life 2-3 days without water so 2000 units for drinking makes sense to me and you can survive month without food which is why I think 5000 units food make sense too and should stay that way. Once the food bar goes down and we start to notice we are hungry it goes down too quickly already. We IRL know long before we are dying of starvation that we are hungry, in game however you start to notice not long before you would loose health and die. I vote to leave it as it is and do NOT make it worse. I do enjoy having to take care of oneself, but I have been around a lot of new folks too and they play adults in game but I see them struggling with the survival with the sickness enough and getting used to how to survive. Most new people fill up their water only till the 1000 full drink indicator and not past that to the 2000 max. So they go for two three hours looting and die of thirst because they didn't notice how quick their water depleted and have little map knowledge to find the next well in time. (even if they knew, it would be impossible to reach for them in time). Similar with food.
  22. Don't forget to hit safe after you select the map for your character.
  23. I wish I could sneak peak on other people running around alone to see who else Rp's when they are alone too XD

    I hear therapists in Germany asked people to not call because they have started to talk to objects like walls, their clothes, vases, cuddly toy animals.... that is normal! They ask to only call if these things answer you back.

  24. When you get told from your workmate that you are an ass, not sportsmanlike, antisocial, selfish because you asked for the possibility to have a meeting through Skype rather then in person...

    feels so hated right now d0b2b55c304f2745342f738d219da1ad.jpeg

    I need a hug.

  25. I attempt to write my thoughts and I often suck at it getting it right or understood the way I mean it. I often defend the side that I don't support and so come across as being on the other side then what I really am on. This is an example of what I suck at XD I still attempt it and keep failing at it every so often. I know a lot of us have met people with similar characters to previous once they permad and might have the thought cross our mind that its wash rinse repeat the same character. Do you go and report it? They are seriously trying and failing miserably just like me trying to get my opinion across at times. Its near impossible for us to get out of our own skin with things we personally struggle with and those that struggle with this are usually the ones that do it. They don't perma because they know they are not able to do much more. They don't perma because they tried and they just can't different. I wish to say it is ok. Its ok to perma and suck at trying to make a new character that is different and it is also ok to not perma and just keep playing that character because that is what you want to do. I will react according to my character as best I can to your choices. But a new character will have to start over getting to know and find that trust. Yes you may wright it in a backstory that we already know each other. You will get very different RP from IC build trust or trust that was written in the background of characters both can have its perks. Perma or don't perma. Just whatever your choice maybe try to consider what would be most fun for both sides and I would always want to keep RPing with you and promise to try my best to do the same to my ability.
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