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    Let the people talk (Lyrics translation):

    Have you done something that no one else does?

    Do you own high heels or even a hat?

    Or did you dare to wear a too short dress,

    Without asking your neighbors for permission first?


    Of course, now you will be punished with contempt.

    You're a disgrace to the whole neighborhood.

    You don't even know their names exactly,

    while they are already running their mouths gossiping about you.


    Let the people talk, and don't listen to them

    Most people just don't have anything better to do.

    Let the people talk, during the day and at night

    Let the people talk ... that is what they have always done.


    You've certainly robbed a bank;

    How else could you afford to pay your rent?

    And you aren't allowed to return to the United States

    because you're the lover of Osama bin Laden.


    Do you shave your women's-beard daily?

    Or do you have a few corpses buried in your backyard?

    The neighbors have implied something like that,

    So don't be surprised when the detectives ring your doorbell soon.


    Let the people talk, and don't listen to them

    Most people don't have evil intentions in their minds.

    It's their monotonous life that tortures them,

    And the day gets more interesting ... when you tell fairy tales.


    And probably, they do not feel ashamed of this;

    They are lacking any insight

    And once again it shows: that they are petty,

    and inevitably xenophobic


    Did you hear?, and tell us, have you already known?

    That, it is said: you earn your money with prostitution.

    You allegedly stand mostly in front of the bus station,

    The colleague of a brother-in-law saw you recently.


    Let the people talk, just crack a smile with them as well.

    Most people got their education from the 'Bild' (Bild = well known gossip sheet in Germany)

    and which consists of, who didn't know already:

    of fear, hate, tits, and the weather forecast!


    Let the people talk, because this is how it is:

    As long as they talk, they don't do anything worse;

    And a little hypocrisy, you can definitely afford that.

    Stay polite and say nothing ... that annoys them the most.

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