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Status Updates posted by GreenySmiley

  1. When you get held up and told to follow the Cannibal, then your friends pop out of nowhere but you won't let them safe you. Overall outcome I didn't get eaten, was gifted an apartment instead. Surprise things happen when you follow hostile RP and let it play out 😄


    1. Eddie


      Haha, glad to see you weren't a full course meal for some hungry person and you're still in one piece 🤣. Then you're gifted an apartment, wow, you have all the luck =P .


    2. Blisna


      me when i see chernarussians wearing french camo

  2. When you can really feel how this song fits in a strange way. Heartbreaking ❤️ 

    I look forward to more RP. 😄

  3. Lol um you scared me too! @Fae I found your lost wife @RiZ



  4. Thank you for the great gift of Chocolate El Presidente @Roland 😄


    1. Whitename


      shoot it

  5. I wish I could sneak peak on other people running around alone to see who else Rp's when they are alone too XD

    I hear therapists in Germany asked people to not call because they have started to talk to objects like walls, their clothes, vases, cuddly toy animals.... that is normal! They ask to only call if these things answer you back.

  6. When you get told from your workmate that you are an ass, not sportsmanlike, antisocial, selfish because you asked for the possibility to have a meeting through Skype rather then in person...

    feels so hated right now d0b2b55c304f2745342f738d219da1ad.jpeg

    I need a hug.

  7. When you spend the day with your mother's cousin's 7 year old daughter and she is exactly like me right now XD even running around making the same happy sounds as I do hahahahha I love mini me 😄    

  8. Her point number 1 XD I couldn't agree more lol I got to experience the other way around having lived with polite people in New Zealand for 8 years and it drove me crazy to ask a question and not to get the honesty I am used to from Germany. Instead people just tell you whatever they feel is polite to say. Culture shocks XD


    1. IsaiahCortez


      Truth is hard thing. Also, when you role-playing again 🥺 I need my moral support.

    2. GreenySmiley


      I think when this cough is finally fully gone, bronchitis is no fun *stomps her foot grumpy* 

  9. I tried XD the later slightly lower voice is so hard to keep up XD


    1. TheGlassSpider


      You're so fuckin' cute 🙂

    2. IsaiahCortez


      Doesn't matter. Still cute. Just be you

    3. Roman


      I feel responsible for that clip.

    4. GreenySmiley


      Yeah.. now that I think about it... your fault, I agree. Good take responsibility 😉 

    5. coolman23


      @Roman It is your fault I witnessed it it's okay Greeny you never have to again XD 

  10. When one feels like a miserable piece of feces but still tries to sound happy XD I hope this week ends quickly. I miss RP with everyone but IRL is currently keeping me away. Lots of love. ❤️ its so lonely 👀 miss hanging out.

    1. TheGlassSpider


      *HUGS* You are missed. Please take good care of yourself. We'll be here.

    2. ImLorcan


      Fucking slave get your ass back here. 

    3. MouseWB


      Soon soon.

  11. 6 hours of RP, condensed in 1 hour. From kids just hanging out creating their own game of being Snowmen to meeting harsh reality and death (Snowman meltdown)..... What a long day....


    1. TheGlassSpider


      TFW you're telling the truth but bloodthirst rules the day.

  12. Having a good day everyone? XD Honestly imagining the face off your character at the end makes it worth dying for @Poopslayer

    1. Conor
    2. Eagle


      Welp that's a PK.

    3. Neo


      I was freaking out xD im so sry

  13. Feels demoted when you go from Relevant Super Soldier to just a Regular Super Soldier.... the good old days are gone. But hey I am a regular now, guess I belong XD Hugs for all! 🤗

    1. IsaiahCortez


      hugs to you too!

    2. ImLorcan


      Nah Mate you're sick, Don't want to catch that shit. 😷

  14. Hello my name is Greeny and I am an RP addict... please help.

    1. ChaseRP


      rp is very fun alot better than pvp all the time

    2. ChaseRP


      it can be frustrating though had a few guys who barely spoke english earlier

  15. EEM1MOJVUAAhHqT?format=jpg&name=small

    1. ImLorcan


      WTF is this?

    2. Imation11


      “ it’s not safe for you to come with us 5 heavily armed people. You stay hear alone, in this town, with the infected or worse!.....humans “ 

  16. I don't know... I have seen it all. 


    1. DallasRP


      He bent the knee

  17. That moment you get a random message from your boss on your phone about a funeral on Saturday morning 11am and you are like um... Who died? o.O

  18. If I ever don't speak with you, its not because I think I am better then you. Its probably because I feel like you don't enjoy being around me and I don't wish to say anything that makes your day worse or the situation, instead give you the free choice to approach me, should you wish to interact with me at all.

    1. Malthis


      The problem with this is that if they share the same viewpoint you do, then you'll never talk to each other.... 

      Recently a lot of people have the mentality that people should make more of an effort to contact them, but people need to remember that communication is a two way thing, if you get upset someone hasn't reached out to you in awhile, remember that you're just as capable to reach out and initiate a conversation! (This is a general statement, not directed at you Greeny ❤️ )

    2. GreenySmiley


      Yeah XD just if you do make the effort and it seems the other person just reacts annoyed to be contacted, blocking or not at all, then maybe its time to give them some space? 

    3. AlkisLR


      That's why we are going for a coffee silly.

  19. Dear community member ❤️ 

    I Just like to say:

    - I care about all of us having fun together. 

    - I don't care if you hate me, hurt me, bullied me, or in any way ever wronged me. I wish you the best and that you get happy, I just hope I won't have to die or leave for that to be possible. I won't treat you any different in RP hell I probably won't even know its you in RP because you are a character there to have fun and to rp with depending on those IC things. I look forward to RPing and meeting any of you. 

    Lots of love, 

    community member too ❤️ 


    On a side note, most people in my life that were at some point mean to me became good friends of mine later, so if you are hating me today who knows, we maybe best friends tomorrow. Some good vibes. 

  20. I am looking at myself.... What is a Relevant Super Soldier? o.O Kind of sounds funny. 😄 

    1. IsaiahCortez


      Wait... Relevant super soldier?

    2. GreenySmiley
    3. RavenousRP


      One hour off 1400 wooo

    4. IsaiahCortez


      Ooh! Gz

  21. First gift Jogging pants, second gift firefighter pants. I am clearly meant to wear pants 😄 

    1. Malet


      Multiple gifts?

    2. GreenySmiley


      First was the Christmas gift.


    3. Malet


      Ah, missed that one.


    1. GreenySmiley


      If you can listen to this song and think of a person that fits it, you should consider yourself really lucky! 😄 

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