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  1. Was fun meeting today. Thanks for showing Elly around a bit, enjoyed the sudden lessons of life and death.
  2. GreenySmiley

    The Asylum

    lots of luck and already really enjoyed the RP the other day
  3. Charly grew up in California with her sister Emily Diana Halland. Charly: Charly didn't make friends easily. People would think of her as cold, and couldn't connect to her. They had lost their parents in a car accident when they were young and were given to foster family after foster family. Mostly had to switch because of Charly. Her unusual manner of conduct with her foster parents or their friends became quickly too much for the families and they didn't want to keep taking care of her or have her around. Each time the sisters were send to a new family, Charlies need to be close just grew stronger. She had become a sexual huntress for close physical contact. Trying to get men or women to share her bed. Which quickly didn't satisfy her enough. She needed more, a challenge, she started to train those not fitting her ideal. She didn't want a "low life". She became a personal trainer. Interested in the German language, she spend a year in Germany between 18 and 19. Finding new targets there to satisfy her needs. She heard of some strong men and women in Chernarus after the infection broke out. Word traveled around of groups in Chernarus talking about their strong countrymen. She studied the language from books and made her way to find her newest prey in this country, realizing anyone alive now must be strong now, but its only the strongest that really peak her interest, even though she might take a lesser being here and there, to pass time. Someone she sees at least potential in to become more then they are. The body wants what it wants.
  4. +1 from me too, would be awesome to be able to see all the other chars. people have in store if they wish to show them to the public.
  5. I really enjoyed tonight's RP a lot! Thanks to @Cookie @BrianM @Eagle @ItzTyler that switch you did between you all, was a fun game of who is boss! (Still not sure who is actually lol) amazing RP good games and talks. I did not expect to travel so far tonight, was worth it! @Lyca always more fun with you around.
  6. GreenySmiley

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    GreenySmiley - Penny Ashlin (Elly) POV: @Lyca, @Oisin and I were Rping outside the hospital waiting, while the old man Pasi @Isaiah Cortez was getting medical care from Beth @RogueSolace. Suddenly a guy in a gas mask shows up and after reloading his gun, demands to know where the old man is. We ask him questions about his reasons. He keeps repeating his question and threatens with consequences if we are lying. Elly didn't answer his question, the other two gave him an answer. He threatens to turn us into food for his men, just before they show up and tell us to put our hands up. Trying to start conversation with the people holding us up (after finding out we are both Chernarussian) we quickly get moved in the building, stand in line and get searched for radios. Letting them do their thing, sorting out what they want from us, we wait with our hands up for their next demands. We get moved outside the hospital, where Beth (despite first being shushed) is allowed one question on the way. She asks them about being friends with somebody. They tell her they have not heard about the person. Lyca and I ask what is going on and why they are doing this. We are met with a short reply of: "He (The old man) has his own problems, he is an old man who has been a liar and a thief and many other things". We get put to wait in line again, where they decide to rob our weapons. Talking only about what to drop for them and what not; then hands back in the air; then we now switch to one hand up; then jogging to the apple orchard. Where Beth follows her character as she is pregnant and easy out of breath. @Lyca attempts to get into conversation with them again asking "Where are we going?", when she is met with a threat to lose her tongue if she happens to ask another (in their eyes deemed) 'stupid' question. We follow to the location of their choosing. They confirm with each other that we got checked for radios again. And warned not to try anything like pull a weapon. We kept complying, waiting for them to be sorted. Carefully @Lyca attempts again to start conversation, asking "what are we doing here now?" She is met with one guy answering: "Handling business, you wait here and be quiet" another tries to explain they have no problem with us and they just don't wish us to get hurt, so just don't be stupid and we would get out fine. We get told again "Just stay here while our business is being handled and once we are done you guys can go on your way." We felt a bit like toys being stored on a shelf, till they wished to play with us another time. They try not to interact with us, but just have us be there and not bother them, while they do their thing of keeping their lookout for danger. @Lyca asks if we can at least talk, or if that is not allowed. Since we did repeatedly get told to just stay quiet before, she must have hoped it wasn't a stupid question. We were told we can talk, just not shout. So we attempt to start talking between ourselves as we get told to sit down and the server restarts. After restart we get told there will be a game and it will be fun especially for the child. This is the first time one of the hostage takers actively gets involved and starts talking to us instead of us attempting to make all conversation. This made sense to me, they were trying to get sorted in their chaos before, this can be difficult. We have a bit of conversation with one of them. Another comes to ask us in the circle what we were doing with the man in the hospital and what was wrong with him. We get assured again they have no wish of harming us, with also having Chernarussians in company. One leaves again. We wait some more. One of them comes and threatens us about not telling on them, if we did he would find us easily again and kill us. Asking if we understand to which we respond in the affirmative. Get threatened again and ask to confirm our understanding. Affirmative again. Suddenly he says, "Here is a little something to make you realize", and decides to shoot @DrMax in the leg. We get advised to have that looked at and they leave. We complied and realized as asked. We realized: we were bothering extras to their business and only in their way of having their deal go smoothly. There was no game they wished to play with us or generally really interact with us. We realized: we just got collateral damage robbed, because we were there and collateral damage shot because, why not? You asked what went wrong? Considering your purpose in his case was: Go in, get the guy, keep the situation under control and hold potential hostages together, make sure no threats arise. You did your job to the point, as efficiently as you could have. However: You asked what could you have done better? I hope I could help clear something up a little on what went wrong, (if my grammar didn't kill you reading this). I still enjoyed meeting you and getting hostile RP. I got no beef with any of you and do not know you. I do not wish to shit on you or claim you did all wrong, you did what you got hired to do. The way you go about it, should be worked on. I would as well be happy to talk things out in Discord, to hear thoughts about it too, so next time we can have more fun. Maybe even hear your suggestions, on things we could have done better as hostages.
  7. GreenySmiley

    Old mans diary (rambles of an old man)

    You have given Elly something to try out... A Journey She took you with her to places today. Sort of XD
  8. I did too. It was so much fun to get a chance to go more into detail with the characters. And to see you talk to @Lyca 's character. Really loved the RP with both of you.
  9. Server and location: S1, Woods in the North of Novaya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:15 - 23:20, 2019-04-01 Your in game name: Penny Ashlin Names of allies involved: @Lyca Khandra, @Ender Edward Name of suspect/s: @sighguyy Zac Stark Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/e92e7a6f95c844361b69a853a7723709 Detailed description of the events: Build up to the event: A guy @sighguyy I had never seen before asks me for any kind of drugs in the clinic in Novaya. Lots of bullets start flying, most of us crash. After logging back in, we ( @Ender, @Lyca and I together with the random drug asking guy @sighguyy) run from Novaya, through the Woods up North, to escape the shootings in the city, we were not involved in. Trying to reach the summer camp of Tisy, about which we told @sighguyy and he was really keen to go there and showed no suicidal thoughts. Event itself in details: On the way North we start talking a bit in the woods, asking him about the drugs he is interested in and if it matters to him what they do. Khandra describes him a drug and its effects, plus conditions under which he can have it and a contact to get more. He happily takes a pill and immediately swallows it. The effects are again described OOC with // (as seen in the video) so he can RP it out correctly. He asks how long it takes for the effects to hit him, but suddenly says "Holy shit" and sits down relaxed. Khandra @Lyca attempts to keep communicating with him but he stops replying to her. Suddenly he takes out his gun and F11 kills himself in front of us, without any explanation. Our attempts to contact him were unsuccessful (as seen in the screenshot above) and he has returned to playing the same character on the server after killing himself.
  10. I get your point, but for that you would have to add to the rule that, you only have kill rights on someone initiating on you, if you actually break the demand they made. Like for example the door guy A says to B "stop! I will shoot you if you get past the line!" Say in this case the demand is to not pass the line... (so by current rules, B can just shoot A now without anything else needed), if we added, only if the demand is broken, means if he puts a step past that line both can shoot each other but not before. @Roland would love to know what you think? Would not change anything to the normal hands up or I shoot you, since in that case the demand gets broken unless they react within the time anyways.
  11. GreenySmiley

    New NLR Rule Question.

    I would guess as long as A is not gassing you and he is just a bystander to the situation and not involving himself again. For example walk away like any innocent bystander would if the people they are with get in a fight they don't wish to be part of. I think there would be no issue... different area long time later just if its the same conflict they need to walk like its none of their beeswax.
  12. I hope you take good care of her purple Jacket. Was fun to see you roll up suddenly, kept us on the edge a bit lol Enjoyed today's encounter in Grishino.
  13. What a night It was a lot of fun running and joking around with you all tonight. Elly totally didn't worry about Fred being worse with the drugs after @Mademoiselle checks him out and right after talks to @Imation11 in private XD. @ElmoYour Chars always surprise me. I can never predict what you do. Enjoyed tonight! To the 24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria I hope you enjoy her purple Jacket. Was fun to see you roll up suddenly, kept us on the edge a bit lol @Eagle and @Cookie well XD Idk what to say, good to have become your children. Was unexpected and surprising RP I am sure Elly could learn a lot from her new parents. Enjoyed the RP with everyone there, I don't know the other's forum names. @Hunter good to meet you at the end, nice chat we all had about our experiences. Of course @Lyca the best sister! I can't forget you saving my butt from those drugs.
  14. GreenySmiley

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Really enjoyed the RP. I wasn't around much for the group, but it felt like a good contrast in your group, that you have moral issues within your own, is something not many groups display that much. Its great to feel like your interaction as a hostage and depending on who you talk with can make a difference. Looking forward to meeting you again and get more feedback, lol but here the video if you want to see it from a "Hostage" (wasn't really one since no one initiated) perspective.
  15. I really had fun running around with the old man @Isaiah Cortez. You play him so well, he could be a Grandfather to Elly. Played out nicely on those drugs @KohlSkaal imagine it difficult to have to suddenly RP side effects of something. Yes I agree amazing RP @Crim didn't expect to be taken aside and talked to like that o.O You surprised her when you got loud, telling her to look at you, during the conversation. That actually scared her hahahah XD. Really enjoyed meeting the Dead Batteries today @Stagsview @Elmo @Para are the names I know, you all made it different from the usual. Like one was really immersed in the RP due to you not discussion your actions on third party comms but actually in game and even fight in game with each other and voice your opinions there. Really enjoyed the hostile RP where not everything is set in stone and decided out of game, but instead by everyone's actions in character.
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