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  1. I like to add to my time trying to find this Passphrase I got screwed over looking for a full phrase as in sentence but it was just a word out of it that i needed XD so I put in the full sentence that had the password in it. Yeah only put the one word XD unless you like to find it again lol
  2. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    Thank you for sharing DrMax good interview.
  3. Creative Art had to watch it all. Nicely put together, great laugh
  4. I general I agree with dying to good RP. However most of us only see the story we have with said person. What if they created that character to experience a certain RP or story that maybe only this character in its unique situation and skill set and connection can live out? Say the RP is build up over month to one day get there but you don't plan your encounters so you hope and wait for it to happen naturally. Now just Before you get there, you get the best cannibal interaction anyone could possibly give to anyone on the server and they wish to kill you for it, but if you follow that death everything you build and worked for is gone and to just make a similar character with similar skills seems so cheap plus you would still have to do the build up again. With the possibility of doing all the work for nothing once more. Now if you did follow that death the consequence is they run around and tell people they killed you and you are dead.. but people get mostly just as mad with others when they farted in your face as if they killed you. SO if you played out they just farted in your face instead of shooting it? What would really be different for them? Would they suddenly miss out on that I killed a real person RP? because those that perma people... seem to more or less just shrug off the experience and never mention all their murders or show a different act for the character they murdered with.... so all your effort ruined for the little trade of the other party just feeling a bit awkward if they see you again? All that good rp still happened between you two, just because you didn't die doesn't make that not happen. People do not IC need to die for something to end or OOC be banned from the forums. Maybe our mindset should go to how can i get along with the person instead of remove them, one or the other way or even ignore them because they don't show me the behavior I think they should?
  5. I am a little surprised at how much of this seems to come with the pure assumption of unreasonable hostages. You can still ask for execution rights. Trouble is if you ask for those rights and get told if the RP leads there, I don't think I have EVER seen the RP NOT lead there after that question. Which does seem very pushy towards that winning mentality of only if this ends with one of the other side dead my side has won... strange to me though that it feels more like we either all won or we all lost... cause if the RP is not enjoyed by all parties which should be the goal to work towards then we all suffer that consequence. It sometime can give the impression that unless a reason is found that someone dies to, this rp is pointless? Build up takes time, it needs encounters of stand off and encounters where just nothing happens too to make the finally more meaningful. The end is short and we all know it. The end is death, its no surprise to anyone, we all die one day. But the way we get there should be exciting, fun, sad, full of emotion and twists and turns and not rushed. Just because no one was ended this time during this encounter doesn't mean the RP went nowhere, rather opposite even since the encounter can actually be remembered. Warn people for the next visit and actually give them that time. Maybe actually just have that scare visit where you really just come to say hello and feel the air. Most visits end up being normal "boring" visits that are seen as stale or not furthering rp can in the long run further it by making the therefore more rare actual hostility a treat rather then a 4 times a day normality.
  6. So far because the hostage takers had all the power only we had most reports be on them for possible invalid executions... with this new interpretation of the rule, our future reports may go the other way of mostly being reports of unrealistic hostage bad rp.... if that is actually something you believe happened report it and you should be fine and not get hit with false report. Then maybe in the report you can find out their reasoning or maybe that they just really didn't have that answer you were seeking... obviously best would be to first ask that player and reach out to them about the problem... I think this system could lead to more talk and cooperation between the community and more care for one another to have a good experience on both sides. Try it for a bit and see if your hostage behavior is actually that different to before... and maybe you find out that the person you thought should have given up actually really believed differently and wasn't giving bad RP.
  7. A hostage is still supposed to act realistically so if you find that superhuman that survives all maybe talk to the player about their reasoning or report it? So far the main thing changed here is that you can't threaten them with a visit to the coast and forgetting the experience and possible NVFL if reported. You can still drive them to the coast. Doubt that is the point though. You can also on the way to said coast slowly make them give up more of their stuff for not telling the truth till they end up on said coast with nothing like a fresh spawn and beaten up like crazy. You can still threaten them with the same stuff as before and they should still consider their situation just that where before you would have send them to the coast you know beat the hell out of them and end it there.... if before they would have rather visited the coast then telling the truth (which they might actually be telling and you may just think they know something. Unless you asked //is your character lying? no clue if that question would have to be answered either way) and If you actually watched someone unlock a gate code just before and capture them it would seem you could still force them to just open said gate as long as it is still in their ability to do so.... (locks could still be changed) given the options of lying about certain answers of locations... hostage takers have long outsmarted that system by having the hostage show them said locations in person... so not like you could tell them a location and they would not know...
  8. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    @Jackfish funny you said that cause she got me too. o.O I was like what could this be about???
  9. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    Nice interview loads of things I didn't know about you, always amazing RP whenever I get to run into you you are one amazing person to have in this community. Just wish to meet you more often ic but I get it, make yourself rare so you can be missed. lol
  10. Recently more executions happen over people accused of lying When told if you lie again I will kill you. Problem is people get killed for not complying to the demand of not to lie. Since most lies are not clear cut, I have a few questions. ALL THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS HAVE THE PRESET OF DON'T LIE TO ME OR DIE AS A DEMAND If you ask a person to not lie in their answers or be shot. The way it seems at the moment you just need to dig long enough to find something you can take as a lie and they are dead. 1. Example: Ask a color blind person what color does this have? Their correct answer is dependent on a different world view or your specific clarification of the question. Since if you ask them what they see and they tell you its probably different from what you see.. Is A OR B a lie or neither? A) They tell you what they see B) They tell you what they think you see 2. If you ask them to tell you what happened during a situation... we all know our brains work incredible but if you had 20 people watch an accident with a quick hit and run, you would get 20 different descriptions of the way everything looked like from possible variations of the perpetrator wearing a white t-shit to maybe even a black Jacket. Is it considered a lie if they tell the wrong facts but tell what they think they saw? They could not know if they are giving wrong facts if they tell in their mind the truth... but say one of yours was one of the 20 people so all the other 19 would get killed for lying since they would not be able to produce the same story, independently of that one person even getting it right themselves. 3. Does your IC character have to have knowledge of the truth to execute you for it? 3. 1. Like what if you OOC disagree already on the truth? 3. 2. before they execute you for a lie do they need to ask //is the character lying? 3. 3. If they kill you because they just think you were lying would it be invalid execution? like miss ID a target in the field? If the person lies or not, after all still depends on if the person tells you what they believe to be the truth and not the truth itself. People can only to their best perception of the truth tell you what said truth is, as long as they don't know better they are not lying. 4. We all know the earth is round... but there have been times people believed differently.. if you met someone that believed the earth was flat and they asked you to tell you what the earth looks like, you have to say round. They would say that is not true the earth is flat. Then they ask you again what is the earth shaped like? I will kill you if you lie. If you now followed up telling them what they want to hear that it is flat you would actually be lying but telling them in their mind the truth they wish to hear. 5. What if you ask them what shape has the earth and they answer: I don't know. Is that a lie? Since after all you are asking them for something they can't really proof to you right then and there without a doubt and if they fear on the wrong answer they will die. And all of us don't truly know anything but only go by how things are perceived. 6. What if they ask you to tell them if you killed one of their friends? They know OOC you did but IC they have no way of knowing... 6.1. now if you lie and say you did not... can you be killed? 6.2. What if your answer depends on your interpretation if said person was their friend? Maybe you said NO because you killed many people but didn't know IC anyone of them was a friend of theirs that you had killed? Would they still have a right to execute you for it then? 6.3. They say: "You killed my friend John". I say I killed a few people in that fight idk if any was your friend John... The answer is the truth, you IC do not know if any of the ones you killed was John. Now they rock out execution rights for killing John on you and kill you for it even though they don't know IC either if you actually killed John... Does that matter if they can kill you for it as long as OOC the facts are straight you did it? 6.4. What if you have killed John and know IC too. They catch you and have execution rights on you for killing John. Now they ask you if you have killed John and you die if you lie. No matter what answer you give you are dead. Is now either answer considered NVFL or just if you lie? Since they also execute you if you say you killed John for that action and execute you too if you lie about it. 7. What if they always answer I don't know. To no matter what question because they are scared to give you a wrong answer depending on interpretation of the question? Does that in itself count as a lie to say I don't know the answer? When you do but not giving it because then they might think you lie and kill you for it? I feel horrible to ask all this, thank you to anyone taking the time to help answer all those questions. I think a lot of us would answer differently on them so maybe we can get this a bit more cleared up.
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    The Whyos

    Best of Luck
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    “Comfort” drug item

    Rose hips come kind of close, could they be used?
  13. Alright sit back and enjoy the ride. Ps: excuse the bumpy road... haven't really been keeping it clean and cared for, with you know apocalypse and all.
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