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  1. I was born in Chernarus in Elektro, my mum died at my birth and my dad couldn't face to raise me on his own, so I was send to grow up at my rich grandparents in Europe. My dad didn't visit often until I was 5. Then I was suddenly send to spend a few month with him in Chernarus. They said they didn't want me to fully forget my roots. My dad still had trouble looking at me since I reminded him so much of mum. I always felt like I was unwanted, not home anywhere. My grandparents were good parents but I couldn't help but feel like I did something really wrong towards them, something I should apologize for, they gave up a lot to raise me for a long time. At first one of them would travel with me back and forth, but after I turned 8 they send me to travel alone. It was easy for me since I had done the trip back and forth between the countries so many times. When things hit I got stuck midway. Not knowing where I should head to I stayed and waited for news. When I heard none I first went to find my grandparents. By the time I found them they were sick and died shortly after, I promised to take their ashes back home. I am not a child anymore at 13 I am on my own. I finally made my way back to Chernarus with their ashes and spread them as they wished me to do. I heard my dad was gone, I believe he is dead.
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  3. I have days my butt hurts because I RP too much. That day was not such a day. I was asleep and my butt is fine. ❤️ love you @Lyca ❤️ 

    1. Lyca



  4. Lets entertain the idea...

    -1) I could go to Miroslavl and do whatever, say blow up a bomb and then come back and it happened

    -2) I could go have a wedding over there too and it happened

    -3) So you say I can't go on another server to actually play said wedding out that after, we would act as if it happened in Miroslavl?


    3.1) Since it happened in Miroslavl and its not a location on our server so where is the rule that says I can't go elsewhere to RP out what would have happened in Miroslavl?

    and now one step further.

    4) Is it depriving other people of RP if I have an event like a bomb explosion or wedding in Miroslavl without asking each and everyone first what they would be doing or if they wanted to join?

    To my knowledge so far, it has not been done this way, so why would it be a problem now?


    5) We are allowed to make Radio calls while being in Chernarus and those radio calls can go on the forum, however its not seen as depriving someone of RP if someone is neither actually in the server while doing the broadcast nor talks out loud in the server where it could be interrupted.


    A) Therefore if a wedding that is done elsewhere taken into the server as RP afterwards is supposedly depriving others of RP then every single Radio Broadcast on the forums that wasn't done on the server is also guilty of the same thing, since it didn't happen in game no one could RP intervene or stop or interrupt said broadcast or wedding. 

    B) If that is true, we better all get our reporting fingers out, on every single person that dared to deprive us of RP with their radio broadcasts or weddings.

    Any thoughts? 🙂 ... I just can't stop wondering...

    1. Farmer-BorisRP


      ...idk how many times ive read the answer today

    2. SlimmDusty


      Couldn't have said it better.

    3. YaBoiParantoid


      You have a RP server to roleplay these events, you have textRP via slack, website etc and you have rules to protect events on our RP server. Why go elsewhere? 




    4. Jman14102


      I'm out of beans for today, but I would give you one if I could.

    5. Eddie


      Just got back into town and read over everything, Imho I think it's all ridiculous but hey what can you do.....  Lmao, it's 2018 everybody gets offended by everything and reports go up! 

    6. Malet


      I'm not too concerned tbh. There is no way to monitor what happened on the server and what was agreed on OOC'ly. Keep on using Steam, Discord or freaking smoke signals if you feel like it. Its been always like this and there is no rule in place forbidden it. And if years of how it was handled suddenly lose their meaning I'm excited for many more hilarious reports 🙂 

    7. Dirty Dan
  5. Too bad I fail at the accent and the sounding 20-30 XD good luck with your search Roach.
  6. GreenySmiley


    Good luck, Hope things work out.
  7. If anyone has something to say to me, I will happily believe it if it comes in person. 🙂 Not going by whisper post one to the next, then pass to me. I don't believe in second hand information that just leads to rumors. ❤️

    1. -Chow-


      People should always be able to confront someone if they decide there's a problem. Life would be easier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. GreenySmiley


      Unless one is not allowed to contact them, then once own preference and advice is useless sadly XD

  8. GreenySmiley

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Congratulations hope things go well.
  9. Individual RP should matter to the RP experience. Nobody likes to be random target 57 because someone has cannibal in their background or keep getting hugged as one of many because they didn't get enough love in their past. People want to feel their own RP adds and influences the way the RP goes and that its not just one sided. Like no matter what one would have been like the result was unavoidable cause it has nothing at all to do with the own character.

    Ok with no sleep XD time to go to work now. Hope for some fun RP tonight ❤️ if I am not to tired after work.

  10. If we all just gave RP we would enjoy being on the other end of, and go a little towards individual preference no one would have a reason to complain. I think we have a lot of great RPers when they want to and put their mind to it its awesome! Just occasional its sadly not so much. Its not easy to try and pass feedback for those occasions without being put in the naughty corner for it as if one was just trying to get rid of the people.    

    I have seen two presumptions a lot:

    1)  You die to something = you report because you are salty

    2) You didn't die = you report to get the person banned


    I like to remind there is option 3

    You report = to teach and improve RP and want to RP more in a better way then before with the same people and not trying to be mean or getting rid of them.

    I am sad if I have to give bad feedback and hate it, I would rather just tell everyone how great and lovely the RP was. If I think something was off I like to go and ask about it but even that can get received as just trying to find a rule break and get someone banned for it.

    1. Lucky1911


      if only more people thought like you


  11. POV as shown in the video a hard to understand initiation is dropped at 1min. 11seconds. we comply but no further instructions are given and no one to ask what to do other then wait around for an indefinite amount of time. This shows my POV better than anything I can say and the last part is covered by Malet's video above.
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    Talking with you be like:


    1. Para



    2. GenjiRP
    3. Malet


      @Genji: In the meantime you and @NateRP


    4. GenjiRP


      Fae and David:

      Image result for mr and mrs smith gif daddy

      There's love there... deep.. deep... DEEP down.

  13. GreenySmiley

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Rain Valentine Character Age: 20 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? no Does your character have a mental disability? Mentally f... by Anarchy Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) no Does your character have any phobia? Austin Does your character have a love interest? Compass/Markus Letter Does your character have any addictions? Currently on detox from Heroin towards the end Does your character do any drugs? Used to be on Morphine, then got forced on Heroin but had to go off cold turkey cause her supplier left suddenly Is your character overweight? Normal low weight Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Whatever you feel like. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Can't think of anything right now.
  14. Malet

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    Markus and Rain right now. :ph34r:

    1. Clumsy


      D’aaaawwww I wish @Para put cute gifs like that on my profile. xD (in before I get banned)

    2. GreenySmiley


      awwww cuddles! :D

  15. (Adopted sister) - She helped to raise Luca. - Original Rain was stillborn. Mother replaced her with another child. Colt and Jaxon know, but never told her. They found the adoption papers. - She doesn’t know. - She went to Chernarus with Luca, Alexa, Mother and Father on a journey to find Jaxon, Colt, Angelina and Jay. - She couldn’t stop dad from beating Luca. - She was alone in Chernarus with Luca and Alexa for 2 months looking for Jaxon, Jay, Colt and Angelina. Dad was the first dying because of a bite. Mother was affected but she found the courage to go on. We were travelling weeks and people were getting a bit suspicious. The amiability of people turned to distrust, hate, pain. It was question of time that we would be robbed, and it happened. The violence of those guys finished with the knife at our mother’s neck and her life. We reached a check point and we got information about our siblings. People told us about a group of Italian siblings, so we got on the way. We decided to stick together and continue trying to reunite with them.