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  1. (If the rule was you can get force permad if you did something hostile yourself first.) I would have more the problem with the forced perma people put on you, by first forcing you into being hostile. We see often enough people getting baited to initiate, so if you do something hostile and get forced to perma for it, then people would just first force you to do something hostile, so they can follow up with the perma. Suddenly your character story is just what other people want you to play and has nothing to do anymore with the char you created and what you created it for. Like often people give certain traits to a char and try to build up long stories with people over long periods, where it matters that they play out ic how they get close. Forcing themselves to go through all the boring meet and greet. Walking around the cities/places where you actually had some ic history, [people right and left leave (maybe ooc break)] you meet new people and walk around with them, you actually get to tell them true ic stories of your past, as you go to places you had things happen before, all the feelings of that emotional time return and you can immerse so much in it, but that is only possible with a long lived char. Remembering long forgotten stories as you return to places of your past with the same character, giving your char real reason to get emotional and break over the memory again even. Then you have the other side of people making chars, that just write it in the background. We were friends already before the apocalypse... Its simple to do, so why not? We all enjoy playing with our friends that we trust ooc already, so ic our chars know and trust each other already. Its easy but doesn't take much effort and when you get in game, the immersion is not the same, as with someone, you actually have ic history and you meet ic. The whole trust thing is different and a lot of people are more easily tempted to just sit and talk in TS instead of in game and again loose immersion. Then you already have a char. and you wish to join a group/friend or have your friends join you and your new idea of a group or just combine two on an ooc level. So again just written in to fit, so you and your friends don't put ic much effort in to have rp go that way and so need to waste no time on it. yeah we are friends and totally trust each other over anyone else, even tho we just met and before I was in like 10 other groups that would totally have killed this one you are in, but we trust each other, lets go kill people together. (easy to make and recreate as wash rinse repeat char., even if this is permad no trouble to you just join with another.) Bog standard chaotic neutral bandit character created. Bad childhood or you know i am just that way. Selfish like we all are, so i rob people, no need to know them. friends? no thanks, don't want to loose anyone. That is all they care about, go rob someone to get more bullets and guns to go and rob or shoot more people, you don't even remember who it is after you rob them cause fuck getting to know anyone. My char needs shit to shoot and ooc people i trust to shoot with. Time to make some enemies (even if they are peaceful, we annoy them till either they or us initiates) and the game can roll yay ? but those dammed people just keep coming back alive breaking my immersion. I forced firefights with them over, you know, they farted the wrong way in town, uncountable times and then because we have that history, that I just don't like them, but they just won't stay dead. Is it too much to ask for my character to get some immersion by actually getting to kill people that stay dead? Your typical homeroom Mass-murderer you would introduce to your mother that has 20 friends. Hopefully like at least 2 a day to kill, because I am playing a secret mass murderer that craves kills and has no feelings since I am a psychopath, totally got no issue chopping a kids head off. Nightmares? nah I sleep fine, no dark rings under my eyes, no physical effects, Taking that gun and shooting the next person, like there is no tomorrow and I could die any-day, but I won't of course, I am a mass-murderer bandit, I have people to rob and kill, the people need to perma so I get immersion 'selfish bastards'. How am I suppose to stay true to my char, if no one ever perms? Normal standard survivor, nothing to it, good neighborhood average guy/girl. (easy to recreate, however...) You meet and turn your char uniquely, good or bad depending on how other people act towards you. You hand over a lot of control and just go with the flow, add quirks as you make experiences ic meeting people. You develop fears and triggers by things that happen to you ic. You act out no matter what happens to you. (high immersion, loss of control and can get easily boring for some that don't have the patience. Results however in something no one else has, your char is changed by experiences OTHER people controlled and put on you, you just allowed the char to get changed by it, getting new morals or loosing some old ones.) Normal standard bad guy/girl. Average I care about myself and just doing what I need to to survive. (easy to recreate, however...) Same as with the standard survivor, just you are starting out, with the traits of already doing robberies and bad stuff, due to character past. You care who you rob and build a history with. You learn about your target before you take things. You don't just rob anyone, on the first meet, you get to know them, find out who their friends are, you want to be safe when you rob them, wait for the right time. Which sometimes may never come, because you became friends instead? Takes loads of time. It would be significant to this char to know a lot of people and connections, takes a lot of effort ic and time to get there. You note down what you learn on this char, and even use individual char knowledge about people when you torture them. Long, lots of effort background story, lots of detail and traits, pictures on profile page, nice decorations and hours and hours making the char page look perfect. All this effort I spend, I want something for it. I also would like someone to get behind it all. Slowly build that trust with someone, that cares to ask "Hey why are you this way?" "what happened when you were 5 or 8?" Have people explore your character, slowly finding out more about you, having to earn your trust or just get lucky to be there, at the right time, when one of your quirks gets triggered, so they understand you better. You would know everything and are ready to answer those normal questions. What are my parents names? what job? Their hobbies? What was I doing when i found out this outbreak happened? You would answer, anything a normal person would just know about their life, without having to think long, cause while you play, you are that char and think as that char, not as yourself sitting behind a desk and talking about your own real life in TS confusing which is which, cause suddenly someone asks you ic. You would run around by yourself and get bored ic crave talking to someone ic because you are human and don't get interaction through TS, since you are your character. Meeting someone after hours of running by yourself, you would be in heaven if someone just answered you back as you have been talking to yourself to pass the time and just be able to use your voice and not loose it. (These are just 8 examples of character types, there are of course many more options to types of characters and of course combinations are possible too. Just need a few to use for the following.) So of all the 8 character examples above, who do you think would get punished the most? Probably the more effort and unique characters that take time to build. Yes a good death is hard to come by but you should be able to choose something good for your effort. The less effort you put in, the less it matters if you get permad, you can just redo in no time, what you lost. See example characters (2, 3, 4, 5 ) (2, 3, 4, 5) Making chars like that and you get permed over something, people would just keep wash rinse repeat making that kind of char again and suddenly no one will create any in depth chars anymore because why bother? you never get to finish the story you truly care about, cause everyone else wants to be allowed to do a perma on someone. (1, 6, 7, 8 ) These chars take time, perm them, for a bs reason, they would have wasted so much time and effort, which is not worth the very tiny amount their death would actually affect the chars of (2, 3, 4, 5) or would it? Like mostly they would probably not even know your name. And carry no consequence over having actually killed you? you might just be a number somewhere for them to say 'yeah i killed this many... dam i am great'. Yes occasionally you get someone that would actually take it to heart in character if you died and permad to them, but mostly in RP you can feel who would give a shit, to RP something out. Plus from past kills of theirs you can often see how little, being allowed to perma some great char had meant to their character.(Near nothing or nothing at all) like 1 min later forgotten (if even remembered that long) then its just like, yeah i killed some dude. -Being killed over a long and in depths story with someone that is a (1 ,6, 7, 8 ) and being one yourself is super rare but those are more often the permas people enjoy, look for and are hoping to get. They are just naturally rare, as they should be, since we actually don't kill easy and don't want to kill easy. -Killing one of the (2, 3, 4, 5) chars you would think would perma more often, especially when they have been bugging one of the (1, 6 ,7, 8 ) chars and exchanged a lot of history of evil hurting and torturing even killing them and their friends. They would not loose that much but still have issues to perma themselves, instead want the other side to go down. It would be an honor to go down to the long term stuff where clearly both sides were active and enjoyed the RP with each other, but a real waste to something with little to no effort, which usually is one sided in the RP... one side trying to build that history for the soul purpose of perma killing the other char, not for the rp. If it was for the RP. it didn't matter if the other permas, at the end. The RP was great and it doesn't have to always end with a death. You can end with a fresh start instead, where no one dies. Everyone does the Negan "we have to kill someone to proof we are serious" thing, but what about the "we have to forgive and get along and restart together" thing? '"There are not that many left of us after-all, lets start over for once and not kill what doesn't need to die, I hope we learned our lesson.'" Or just go separate ways, each staying out of the way of the other.
  2. There are a lot of things that would make sense in the apocalypse, that is not allowed here due to it ruining fun for some people or it not being up to social acceptance because we rather pretend that stuff doesn't exist in our perfect world. With that in mind, if you want to rob someone for the RP and robbing experience go ahead. In this case however you would spend more time on thinking about the interaction and what would be fun for both sides, however if you catch yourself just thinking about that nice vest of him/her and can't even focus on any RP because you just want the vest and not interact with the person and just be gone to keep on looting, in that case sorry but skip the robbery, it will just be shit and go find your own.
  3. Bit late but I really enjoyed the hostage RP from @TReed99 and I am not sure who was the second Savior, maybe @MoodyOG? Just wanted to say ? it was fun. Didn't know who you were IC or OOC lol till you got mad at @Onyx when he mentioned a bad rumor about The Saviors, loved how that was a trigger. Sorry to @Onyx I tried so hard to understand you XD , hope you weren't too bothered by Elly , didn't want you to feel like you have no choice but to stay and help her, she has no issue being on her own. Was fun to try puzzle communication and fill in the blanks with you ?
  4. totally didn't expect to meet anyone, careful I laugh a bit loud in it, watch your ears XD
  5. I don't ever do this so forgive me if I screw up, but I really enjoyed the RP tonight with @RossGodds from Medics and members of the unnamed @Lyca, @Aeryes, @Arcarius, @RedSky and towards the end, amazing to meet Clandestine members @STAN, @Castiel, @Ragnar, @Harvard, @Jadeboat, @Aislingand at the rest of the group who was there and I don't know their names XD I was the 13 year old teenager Elly (Penny Ashlin) acting far younger then her age a lot of the time. Hope to see you all more ?
  6. Was amazing to meet you all! Really enjoyed the RP ? can't wait to get to know more of you individually in character!
  7. Detailed POV: [It's a bit blurred since I am trying to forget this happened.] (Ender) Allison and I came to Nadezdhino after we just fought a bunch of scary infected, we stood on the road thinking about where to go to sleep. I spot a person behind Allison first thinking its maybe one of her friends but the person had nothing on them and looked sketchy so i just called "behind you!" in a panicked voice, Allison got her knife ready turning around ready to fight another infected but found a women approaching us, so she put her knife away. Despite having just looked threatening by raising the knife towards her/him the woman approaches us, rag in hands, without apparent fear saying (in a sounding young male voice) "Hello friends", asking us "So do you like human meat too?" Then took a few steps back and forth acting confused asking "Um? where am I?" telling us "My dad died in Vietnam" he continues to inform us that he is sorry he is traumatized and to please help, in a sort of casual apology tone. Both me and Allison told him "Nadezdhino", me in voice and her in typing. Which seemed unclear if he was able to see that or notice that. Since he also ignored Allison asking OOC //did you accidentally spawn as a girl? I had the feeling he had somewhere he wanted to be so I pointed out to him where North and South are so he would move on to where he wants to be and leave us alone from this awkward encounter. He asked for food or water and Allison provided, which he took a small amount of and proceeded to ask "Do you guys have a gun I could have?" I explained I don't use guns and Allison shook her head right and left. He started to eat the food in front of us. After eating an apple and the second still in hand he paused, looked around and asked "Do you have something I could commit suicide with?", informing us, "I am sick of living." he looked around waiting then moved close in front of Allison requesting "Shoot me please." saying I am going to feed you this apple and then starts trying to force feed her. She steps away from him, he takes steps towards her again, then continues to threaten: "Shoot me please or eat this apple." He looked at the food on the ground again begging "Please shoot me." Now walking towards me as I am walking away to avoid him coming close he demands again: "Eat this apple." takes a few bites of the apple himself as Allison aims her gun at him/her. He then suddenly wants to live again and steps away backwards saying something like "wowowow" to not get shot. Asking "lets just calm down ok?" walking backwards and to the sides to get out of Allison's aim. When Allison told him in typing to "Stop" and "Fuck off" still aiming her gun he seemed to get some respect. I told him there are lots of infected in town since he seemed crazy and my char would rather not see another person die in front of her if not needed but if he really wanted to die, that's a way. He moved further away from us and then started to sit and stand and sit repeatedly, looking around turning away from us running further in the city North away from us. We turn around to head away from him toward south side of the city. He suddenly comes back chuckling casual: "Hey guys, how do I spell the town name of the city?" I told him if he follows the road south the first big town he hits is Cherno. He seemed good with that and proceeded running south saying "ok". Thinking he is finally gone this time, we still stood baffled about the encounter on the road. OOC had no name to report at that time so we were a bit lost for what to do IC and OOC. As he suddenly again comes running back to us, this time with an infected behind, leading it to us to kill it for him. Screaming "Help me! It wants my balls!" as he comes running with it. Allison shoots the infected, as soon as it's dead he yells out "Hands up or die, Hands up or die, Hands up or die!" while holding up his firsts with an apple in his/her hands. Then threatened "You have 5 seconds to put your hands up or i will .....(some word I could not understand)...... you with an apple." We heard a strange dog growling and then he started to count down loud "5, 4,....." as Allison unloads a bunch of lead into him from her gun to finally end the encounter for good. IC and OOC he made no sense to me. So we waited the extra 30 min to log, since he was just killed by one of us, then left the game.
  8. I was born in Chernarus in Elektro, my mum died at my birth and my dad couldn't face to raise me on his own, so I was send to grow up at my rich grandparents in Europe. My dad didn't visit often until I was 5. Then I was suddenly send to spend a few month with him in Chernarus. They said they didn't want me to fully forget my roots. My dad still had trouble looking at me since I reminded him so much of mum. I always felt like I was unwanted, not home anywhere. My grandparents were good parents but I couldn't help but feel like I did something really wrong towards them, something I should apologize for, they gave up a lot to raise me for a long time. At first one of them would travel with me back and forth, but after I turned 8 they send me to travel alone. It was easy for me since I had done the trip back and forth between the countries so many times. When things hit I got stuck midway. Not knowing where I should head to I stayed and waited for news. When I heard none I first went to find my grandparents. By the time I found them they were sick and died shortly after, I promised to take their ashes back home. I am not a child anymore at 13 I am on my own. I finally made my way back to Chernarus with their ashes and spread them as they wished me to do. I heard my dad was gone, I believe he is dead. I found a group of people, I was allowed to stay with for a while, feeling happier and being cared for better, I gained 1 kg making me now weigh 39kg. After sometime some split of and others left or died, I got the chicken pox and while recovering from being sick, I lost the weight I gained before. A strange family, a mix of broken people. What makes us family? How can you feel close, when you can't even watch thru a window, as your family bakes Christmas cookies? Why am I not invited for the experience? They tell me about it, but I wasn't there, I was sick. Not their fail but mine. I have to find a way to make my own. I turned 14. I found some ingredients. The cookies aren't fully what I thought they would be. Maybe I just need some practice. I remember when I was 5, things were better then, easier. I sometimes wish time could just turn back. I have my moments I feel I am back there. But they are slipping away, its getting harder and harder to remember. I lost it. I think. Maybe its time to go. I need to find my way again. Seeing what is happening all around me, I don't know if i agree. Its ok I think i found a replacement. I won't be missed while i am gone and yet still be here. After today,... I guess I can't leave mom, she still sees me, the other can't take over that part for me.
  9. I have days my butt hurts because I RP too much. That day was not such a day. I was asleep and my butt is fine. ❤️ love you @Lyca ❤️ 

  10. Lets entertain the idea...

    -1) I could go to Miroslavl and do whatever, say blow up a bomb and then come back and it happened

    -2) I could go have a wedding over there too and it happened

    -3) So you say I can't go on another server to actually play said wedding out that after, we would act as if it happened in Miroslavl?


    3.1) Since it happened in Miroslavl and its not a location on our server so where is the rule that says I can't go elsewhere to RP out what would have happened in Miroslavl?

    and now one step further.

    4) Is it depriving other people of RP if I have an event like a bomb explosion or wedding in Miroslavl without asking each and everyone first what they would be doing or if they wanted to join?

    To my knowledge so far, it has not been done this way, so why would it be a problem now?


    5) We are allowed to make Radio calls while being in Chernarus and those radio calls can go on the forum, however its not seen as depriving someone of RP if someone is neither actually in the server while doing the broadcast nor talks out loud in the server where it could be interrupted.


    A) Therefore if a wedding that is done elsewhere taken into the server as RP afterwards is supposedly depriving others of RP then every single Radio Broadcast on the forums that wasn't done on the server is also guilty of the same thing, since it didn't happen in game no one could RP intervene or stop or interrupt said broadcast or wedding. 

    B) If that is true, we better all get our reporting fingers out, on every single person that dared to deprive us of RP with their radio broadcasts or weddings.

    Any thoughts? ? ... I just can't stop wondering...

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    2. Eddie


      Just got back into town and read over everything, Imho I think it's all ridiculous but hey what can you do.....  Lmao, it's 2018 everybody gets offended by everything and reports go up! 

    3. Malet


      I'm not too concerned tbh. There is no way to monitor what happened on the server and what was agreed on OOC'ly. Keep on using Steam, Discord or freaking smoke signals if you feel like it. Its been always like this and there is no rule in place forbidden it. And if years of how it was handled suddenly lose their meaning I'm excited for many more hilarious reports ? 

    4. Dirty Dan
  11. Too bad I fail at the accent and the sounding 20-30 XD good luck with your search Roach.
  12. GreenySmiley


    Good luck, Hope things work out.
  13. If anyone has something to say to me, I will happily believe it if it comes in person. ? Not going by whisper post one to the next, then pass to me. I don't believe in second hand information that just leads to rumors. ❤️

    1. -Chow-


      People should always be able to confront someone if they decide there's a problem. Life would be easier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. GreenySmiley


      Unless one is not allowed to contact them, then once own preference and advice is useless sadly XD

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