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    Let the people talk (Lyrics translation):

    Have you done something that no one else does?

    Do you own high heels or even a hat?

    Or did you dare to wear a too short dress,

    Without asking your neighbors for permission first?


    Of course, now you will be punished with contempt.

    You're a disgrace to the whole neighborhood.

    You don't even know their names exactly,

    while they are already running their mouths gossiping about you.


    Let the people talk, and don't listen to them

    Most people just don't have anything better to do.

    Let the people talk, during the day and at night

    Let the people talk ... that is what they have always done.


    You've certainly robbed a bank;

    How else could you afford to pay your rent?

    And you aren't allowed to return to the United States

    because you're the lover of Osama bin Laden.


    Do you shave your women's-beard daily?

    Or do you have a few corpses buried in your backyard?

    The neighbors have implied something like that,

    So don't be surprised when the detectives ring your doorbell soon.


    Let the people talk, and don't listen to them

    Most people don't have evil intentions in their minds.

    It's their monotonous life that tortures them,

    And the day gets more interesting ... when you tell fairy tales.


    And probably, they do not feel ashamed of this;

    They are lacking any insight

    And once again it shows: that they are petty,

    and inevitably xenophobic


    Did you hear?, and tell us, have you already known?

    That, it is said: you earn your money with prostitution.

    You allegedly stand mostly in front of the bus station,

    The colleague of a brother-in-law saw you recently.


    Let the people talk, just crack a smile with them as well.

    Most people got their education from the 'Bild' (Bild = well known gossip sheet in Germany)

    and which consists of, who didn't know already:

    of fear, hate, tits, and the weather forecast!


    Let the people talk, because this is how it is:

    As long as they talk, they don't do anything worse;

    And a little hypocrisy, you can definitely afford that.

    Stay polite and say nothing ... that annoys them the most.

  2. Good luck and have fun
  3. GreenySmiley

    Metagaming changes

    In terms of immersion it is something for the people around you, not really for the user. Similar to talking ooc in voip is taking immersion from the people around you and therefor punished. I doubt you get punished for ooc voip because it takes your own immersion. How deep you are in yourself is your own choice, but taking it from others is the problem.
  4. GreenySmiley

    Metagaming changes

    Radios would be a rare and important item to have and not everyone would have one. Being robbed of your radio would actually mean something and not just you running into the next house and suddenly find a radio. People would have to find someone owning one and borrow that creating more rp. Yes it makes the game harder but it would make it more immersive for everyone around you, to actually hear you talk rather then suddenly stand there silently and you and your people decided ooc (yes take this guy hostage or no) or mind to mind conversation when he would clearly hear you. In extreme situations like this you would have to consider that your group is not aware if you wish to take this person hostage so if you have not set up previously that you do, you might think twice about it and maybe not rob someone when it doesn't make sense.
  5. Since the last wipe/update I have not seen a single person running around with this brown carrier bag, not talking about the self made one out of burlap and rope. I would like to know if there is anyone that currently owns this bag? I met easily over 80 people since the update and searched multiple cities to the last house and have not seen anyone currently owning one. Anyone that has one right now, I would love to see a screen shot as proof of right now. Or did it become super rare to find/still in game? Anyone has this bag right now?
  6. @Aeryes thank you for the RP I am still learning and you were really helpful, plus you made it easy yourself to RP with you, wonder if I will hear him speak one day. Enjoyed the RP. @Oryx was fun sleeping in the barn together. 10 out of 10 do again LOL Thanks a lot for the RP.
  7. Cool idea can't wait to see it in game good luck!
  8. when you come out of your dead uncles house and see the ghost of your uncle https://gyazo.com/8c35994ba15dd2c33ac27a45d15d08d6 the coincidence of all people that could have walked up to me headless.

    1. FalkRP



  9. I heard its totally ok to be 30.
  10. GreenySmiley

    Death Match

    Lyca cause I would not want to live without her. @Kordruga vs @Bot Elmo
  11. GreenySmiley

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

  12. GreenySmiley

    S1 - RDM - Field between Kabanino and VMC - 2019-05-10 - 21:53

    My (Penny Ashlin - Elly) POV (Point Of View): Elly was running with @Respisek (as Jack Micley). We had a lot happen to us and he had just faced over an hour of accusations against him of things he was not guilty of. Due to him and his 2 friends hanging with Elly, people accused him of doing wrong things to her, really without grounds originally and then because Elly was forced to claim they wanted to do bad things to her and had kidnapped her. After finally getting out of all that and finding each other again, he protected her from one of his own friends that was going to hurt her over the things she said about them by force. He promised her to keep her safe and they ran away and finally stopped on the field between Kabanino and VMC. When they were trying to decide on what to do next, she told him that her plan just went as far as to apologizes to him. As then @Jackfish (James Black) shows up. Instead of a greeting @Respisek (Jack) warns him (James) of not coming here saying "If you want to be alive, don't come here. We are in danger." to which @Jackfish (James) asks why and Jack explains further that some guys just robbed this girl (referring to Elly) and those guys are "going to us" so he dropped his backpack to get away faster. James pointed out that we are not smart standing still in the field now. To which Jack agrees "Yeah we need to run". Now James says there is no need to, because he could keep Elly safe and started to try turn Elly against Jack. Claiming he is probably one of the men that tried to hurt her and she would be better off coming with him (James) instead of Jack. Jack tries to explain he almost died trying to protect her. To which James agrees that he is a hero but can't keep her alive much longer. So he claims it would be better for her to come with him now. Now Jack took out his gun and aimed it at James demanding "Don't do that.". To which James only held his gun not raised saying "yo don't do that". Jack demands, to let Elly go, still his gun raised at James saying its her decision. James in a warning tone says "don't point" then more lightly "I can point my weapon too, look heh? (now both point/aim their weapon at each other) Are we going to point weapons?" James asked. Now Jack asks "Let her take the decision ok?" James tries to talk to Elly again, that the man pointing his weapon at him like that, would get her in bigger trouble. Jack puts his weapon down and says to James to put his down too because of what he just did. James stops aiming and Jack puts his weapon on his back. James talks more to Elly about not being safe with Jack and starts accusing Jack of being a crazy one because of Jack's mask, telling her he has seen people like that and that he would do horrible things to girls. Jack asks "What are you talking about?" after a short moment of silence James apologized in chat ///sorry and the rp continues to James claiming more bad thing about Jack. They argue a bit and Jack says again to let her (Elly) make the decision. To which James attempts to strong-arm and intimidate Jack saying "Its not her decision now body!" as he walks up into Jack's face. Jack demanding he wants her to say it. To which James says: "and I don't trust a (little girl?) with a crazy fucker like you, so what about you jog on? huh? to which Jack says "Right now you are crazy." James just repeats his suggestion "What about you jog on?" More arguing between the two, then James attempts another strong-arming suggesting "What about you piss of." as he cocks his gun. Shocked and outraged Jack says "What?". "What about you go?" James asks again, "I will take her, to a safe place." Then Jack says something along the line of "I absolutely don't know whats your (problem?)? James just ignores him now and in a big motion turns around and walks to Elly "come on sweetheart" as if it would be natural for them two to leave now. "come on, you need to (start?) that walking, its not safe with him, he is going to hurt you" (Jack raises his gun at James) James keeps on talking to Elly with his back turned to Jack, "He told me when I met him before". Here Jack shoots James dead in the back of the head and tells Elly "Run!
  13. I was worried to impose too much XD as you long as you had fun too I really enjoyed walking with you, was good natural feeling RP. I think if you had not taken her with you I would probably have stayed hidden in that house for a few more hours before daring to come out XD I was just relaxing there a bit lol.
  14. GreenySmiley

    Funeral Parlor

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