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  1. GreenySmiley

    The Unnamed Media Thread

    totally didn't expect to meet anyone, careful I laugh a bit loud in it, watch your ears XD
  2. I don't ever do this so forgive me if I screw up, but I really enjoyed the RP tonight with @RossGodds from Medics and members of the unnamed @Lyca, @Aeryes, @Arcarius, @RedSky and towards the end, amazing to meet Clandestine members @STAN, @Castiel, @Ragnar, @Harvard, @Jadeboat, @Aislingand at the rest of the group who was there and I don't know their names XD I was the 13 year old teenager Elly (Penny Ashlin) acting far younger then her age a lot of the time. Hope to see you all more
  3. GreenySmiley

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Was amazing to meet you all! Really enjoyed the RP can't wait to get to know more of you individually in character!
  4. GreenySmiley

    S1: Troll RP | Nadezhdino 03:40 to 04:30 Server Time | November 12 2018

    Detailed POV: [It's a bit blurred since I am trying to forget this happened.] (Ender) Allison and I came to Nadezdhino after we just fought a bunch of scary infected, we stood on the road thinking about where to go to sleep. I spot a person behind Allison first thinking its maybe one of her friends but the person had nothing on them and looked sketchy so i just called "behind you!" in a panicked voice, Allison got her knife ready turning around ready to fight another infected but found a women approaching us, so she put her knife away. Despite having just looked threatening by raising the knife towards her/him the woman approaches us, rag in hands, without apparent fear saying (in a sounding young male voice) "Hello friends", asking us "So do you like human meat too?" Then took a few steps back and forth acting confused asking "Um? where am I?" telling us "My dad died in Vietnam" he continues to inform us that he is sorry he is traumatized and to please help, in a sort of casual apology tone. Both me and Allison told him "Nadezdhino", me in voice and her in typing. Which seemed unclear if he was able to see that or notice that. Since he also ignored Allison asking OOC //did you accidentally spawn as a girl? I had the feeling he had somewhere he wanted to be so I pointed out to him where North and South are so he would move on to where he wants to be and leave us alone from this awkward encounter. He asked for food or water and Allison provided, which he took a small amount of and proceeded to ask "Do you guys have a gun I could have?" I explained I don't use guns and Allison shook her head right and left. He started to eat the food in front of us. After eating an apple and the second still in hand he paused, looked around and asked "Do you have something I could commit suicide with?", informing us, "I am sick of living." he looked around waiting then moved close in front of Allison requesting "Shoot me please." saying I am going to feed you this apple and then starts trying to force feed her. She steps away from him, he takes steps towards her again, then continues to threaten: "Shoot me please or eat this apple." He looked at the food on the ground again begging "Please shoot me." Now walking towards me as I am walking away to avoid him coming close he demands again: "Eat this apple." takes a few bites of the apple himself as Allison aims her gun at him/her. He then suddenly wants to live again and steps away backwards saying something like "wowowow" to not get shot. Asking "lets just calm down ok?" walking backwards and to the sides to get out of Allison's aim. When Allison told him in typing to "Stop" and "Fuck off" still aiming her gun he seemed to get some respect. I told him there are lots of infected in town since he seemed crazy and my char would rather not see another person die in front of her if not needed but if he really wanted to die, that's a way. He moved further away from us and then started to sit and stand and sit repeatedly, looking around turning away from us running further in the city North away from us. We turn around to head away from him toward south side of the city. He suddenly comes back chuckling casual: "Hey guys, how do I spell the town name of the city?" I told him if he follows the road south the first big town he hits is Cherno. He seemed good with that and proceeded running south saying "ok". Thinking he is finally gone this time, we still stood baffled about the encounter on the road. OOC had no name to report at that time so we were a bit lost for what to do IC and OOC. As he suddenly again comes running back to us, this time with an infected behind, leading it to us to kill it for him. Screaming "Help me! It wants my balls!" as he comes running with it. Allison shoots the infected, as soon as it's dead he yells out "Hands up or die, Hands up or die, Hands up or die!" while holding up his firsts with an apple in his/her hands. Then threatened "You have 5 seconds to put your hands up or i will .....(some word I could not understand)...... you with an apple." We heard a strange dog growling and then he started to count down loud "5, 4,....." as Allison unloads a bunch of lead into him from her gun to finally end the encounter for good. IC and OOC he made no sense to me. So we waited the extra 30 min to log, since he was just killed by one of us, then left the game.
  5. GreenySmiley

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    I LOVE IT! Amazing group idea.
  6. I was born in Chernarus in Elektro, my mum died at my birth and my dad couldn't face to raise me on his own, so I was send to grow up at my rich grandparents in Europe. My dad didn't visit often until I was 5. Then I was suddenly send to spend a few month with him in Chernarus. They said they didn't want me to fully forget my roots. My dad still had trouble looking at me since I reminded him so much of mum. I always felt like I was unwanted, not home anywhere. My grandparents were good parents but I couldn't help but feel like I did something really wrong towards them, something I should apologize for, they gave up a lot to raise me for a long time. At first one of them would travel with me back and forth, but after I turned 8 they send me to travel alone. It was easy for me since I had done the trip back and forth between the countries so many times. When things hit I got stuck midway. Not knowing where I should head to I stayed and waited for news. When I heard none I first went to find my grandparents. By the time I found them they were sick and died shortly after, I promised to take their ashes back home. I am not a child anymore at 13 I am on my own. I finally made my way back to Chernarus with their ashes and spread them as they wished me to do. I heard my dad was gone, I believe he is dead.
  7. Too bad I fail at the accent and the sounding 20-30 XD good luck with your search Roach.
  8. Good luck, Hope things work out.
  9. GreenySmiley

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Congratulations hope things go well.
  10. POV as shown in the video a hard to understand initiation is dropped at 1min. 11seconds. we comply but no further instructions are given and no one to ask what to do other then wait around for an indefinite amount of time. This shows my POV better than anything I can say and the last part is covered by Malet's video above.
  11. GreenySmiley

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Rain Valentine Character Age: 20 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? no Does your character have a mental disability? Mentally f... by Anarchy Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) no Does your character have any phobia? Austin Does your character have a love interest? Compass/Markus Letter Does your character have any addictions? Currently on detox from Heroin towards the end Does your character do any drugs? Used to be on Morphine, then got forced on Heroin but had to go off cold turkey cause her supplier left suddenly Is your character overweight? Normal low weight Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Whatever you feel like. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Can't think of anything right now.
  12. (Adopted sister) - She helped to raise Luca. - Original Rain was stillborn. Mother replaced her with another child. Colt and Jaxon know, but never told her. They found the adoption papers. - She doesn’t know. - She went to Chernarus with Luca, Alexa, Mother and Father on a journey to find Jaxon, Colt, Angelina and Jay. - She couldn’t stop dad from beating Luca. - She was alone in Chernarus with Luca and Alexa for 2 months looking for Jaxon, Jay, Colt and Angelina. Dad was the first dying because of a bite. Mother was affected but she found the courage to go on. We were travelling weeks and people were getting a bit suspicious. The amiability of people turned to distrust, hate, pain. It was question of time that we would be robbed, and it happened. The violence of those guys finished with the knife at our mother’s neck and her life. We reached a check point and we got information about our siblings. People told us about a group of Italian siblings, so we got on the way. We decided to stick together and continue trying to reunite with them.
  13. Childhood: Phoebe was a quiet child, apart from when she screamed in pain, her father cheated on his family and she was the product, after her real mother died, he had to take her in. She had 3 older step siblings that constantly used her to take the blame for anything. First she tried to defend herself, but soon realized that made things worse. Whenever their parents were out, she was placed in her room, then they started to ask her questions. "What did you tell?", trying to withhold something caused her pain, usually nothing that could be seen. If a scratch happened, they would claim she fell, was clumsy or even did it to herself. She learned to keep her mouth shut. When she got bullied at school, her siblings however would defend her if they saw it happen, she was theirs and theirs only to be hurt and toyed with. Sometimes they would asked her, when she came home with a new bruise, "who did this?" Again she wouldn't tell. She thought they can't kill her, they can't cause her permanent damage to her body, it would show too much. The pain she could live with, got used to it. Then one day, Linda the oldest, tried to stop her from leaving the house, when Phoebe had promised to meet a friend. She blocked the door of Phoebe's room to keep her there, she was their toy, why would she be allowed to leave? have fun? when the rest of them are bored?, so Phoebe tried to climb out the window in the 3rd floor. They found it rather amusing, clapping, watching her struggle, telling her to hurry, she doesn't want to be late breaking her promise. Suddenly Phoebe slipped for a moment they thought she fell, the 3 ran to the window realizing what game they played. Linda got there first, saw that Phoebe was hanging just below, barely holding on. She stretched out to grab her, bend outside the window to far and quick that she lost balance and fell out herself. Sandra and Erin got Phoebe up, but they had lost Linda, she died later that day on the way to the hospital under a lot of pain. Things got worse, Sandra and Erin blamed Phoebe for everything. They forced her to claim she had pushed Linda out the window over the threat of cutting one of her fingers off. First she denied not believing they would go that far. But they were serious, they stretched out her left hand and started slowly cutting into her small left finger. Phoebe screamed "Stop, I will not deny I pushed her!" they let go with a smile. In that moment their parents came home. Sandra and Erin played their roles perfectly, telling how Phoebe would have pushed Linda out the window, over a Teddy bear, they had fought over for years. Phoebe was only 12 years old when Linda died. Her father died to a heart-attack shortly after. Now Sandra and Erin were way worse then before. Phoebe knew whenever they started looking at her, watching her, they were making plans for another cruelty they picked for her, for the right moment. Whenever they were with others, they would act a perfect role and Phoebe learned to act with them. They wanted others to believe they were close and would never hurt Phoebe, on the days they acted especially nice towards Phoebe it would mean later they had already something big in mind. On Phoebe's 13th birthday, they told their mother they had the day planned and would take Phoebe to a party so she would leave and go about her own typical evening business. After the mother left, Sandra decided to cut Phoebe's hair while Erin would hold her down and later sell it. There was a struggle at first, but then Phoebe gave up, it will grow back. Sandra holding her prized freshly cut hair, waving it in front of Phoebe, still holding the scissors in the other hand, she tripped and fell right into them stabbing herself into the spleen, struck with shock Erin and Phoebe stood in their sisters blood, there was so much of it so fast. Sandra died before the ambulance arrived clutching to the prized hair of her sisters "No one will want you now" were her last words. Erin told their mother later, it was all Phoebe's doing. However without the knowledge of their kids the mother had installed video cameras and the whole scene was recorded. Things were set aside as an accident. Teenage years: Phoebe was taken out of school, her step mother decided she was not strong enough to be out, if she lets her step sisters toy with her like that. The broken marriage the family dying, everything was Phoebe's fault, in her stepmother's eyes, she didn't want her in the family. Phoebe was now "Home schooled" her stepmother would use this time to teach her useful things, like forcing Phoebe to learn to make her clothes, to work in the garden and grow food, she used her as a personal slave. The happiest time for Phoebe was when she was left to herself, she enjoyed the work in the garden. They got little money from the clothes Phoebe made, it was used so that Erin and her mother could go on a holiday, of course leaving Phoebe behind. They burned the inside of her hands before leaving to make sure she wouldn't try open any doors to run away. On the way to the airport Erin and her mother got in a car accident with a petrol loaded truck. They got trapped, the car caught on fire and both burned to death. Phoebe was 16 just a month before she turned 17 when that happened. She was given to a foster family, that kept asking her questions about her past. When finally she decided to give the truth, again she hit on disbelieve. They send her of to Chernarus to learn some manners in a camp for difficult teenagers. She would be allowed to go home or where ever she liked when she turns 18 and she stopped telling lies, otherwise she would be kept till she would turn 21. One of the camps helpers decided to use her being known as a liar and paid her visits at night, he told her he would make sure her stay would get extended to her 25th birthday, if she ever told a soul and no one would believe her anyways, he was the man every girl there wanted to be with/ had a crush on, if she had claimed anything negative, no one would believe it. Phoebe stayed quiet, all her live she was used "how would this be different?". He made sure that she stayed healthy, she had everything she needed, like a large supply of extra soap on her request. Phoebe felt like she was dirty, like no matter how much she cleaned herself, how much soap she used, that feeling didn't go away. He sorted her day, everything was on his schedule, when she would eat, when to sleep, when to be alone with him. He would take her with him out on errands for the camp, she used that to secretly sneak some medical supplies, like painkillers "just in case" she thought. At first it wasn't so bad, he made sure no one would bully her, she started to tell herself this is how it would be to have a boyfriend, "everyone wants him, so why don't I?". She couldn't stand the looks he gave her, how nice he would act, when others were there, how caring. Maybe that is what made her dislike him? It was the same niceness, she got from her sisters before they planned something horrible. When they were alone, he wanted her to tell him, how much she likes him, how great he is. If she said anything he didn't like, he would treat her more roughly. He was a guy, that will open a truck door for a girl, take her hand to help her out, if he was mad at her he would squeeze that hand harshly as he pulls her out his truck. It was like a warning to her "you are on thin ice, wait until we are alone, I control you." Or she would get a look from him, staring at her if she sat with others during lunch and accidentally smiled at someone over a joke they made. She could feel his stare in her neck, turned to see where he stood and his gaze went under her skin saying "you are mine! You smile for me! You are to make me happy and me only! I will see you tonight!" She tried to hide once on a night like that, "if he can't find me, he can't hurt me". The camp was fenced in, she had no way to escape, nowhere to go. She thought to sleep outside, or snug into one of the other camp dorm rooms. He wouldn't dare, wake everyone to find her would he? To her surprise, he made all the staff look for her, claiming she had a secret boyfriend, so she needs to be found and separated. It would get her brought right back to him and he said "I will take her on a trip so Phoebe will get some time away, since the liar she is, she will not give away who the secret boyfriend is". He spend the week camping with her out in the woods, teaching her to hunt, make fire. How to get the pelt of a deer. He enjoyed the killing, it calmed him. After a successful hunt he didn't treat her so roughly. Seeing him kill, she felt bad for the deer at first but it was means to an end. The death made him happy, the pelt kept her busy making clothes, he would not bother her while she was busy working on it. So she learned to feel good about watching him kill. Knowing it would make him happy and so her. "This won't be forever", Phoebe thought, "I will get released, latest at 21, I just have to hold on." "Hold on!" Young adult life: When the outbreak happened she was 20, he came to get her. He wanted her to be his, now no one would stop him, he wouldn't have to come up with excuses to be alone with her any longer. She nearly wanted to be taken out by the infected, he brought her to a summer camp, threatened her to stay and never try to run. She knew to listen, "it's over, this is as good as life gets, I will never be free" her will to fight was gone, she was broken. He had her fetch water from the well, do everything for him. He would hurt her if she didn't do it right or quick enough. He had a small silenced gun, showed her how to use it to keep the infected out. After roughly 2 month living this new live, she found a shot gun probably hidden by previous owners of the camp he found for them, she picked it up and it went off. The noise attracted a lot of the infected, trying to safe Phoebe, her captor Mr. Westen as she was told to call him, got bitten between his legs and bleed out in seconds while being further eaten by the infected, she would have saved him if she could have, he was the only person that was close to her, it was difficult, she could no longer imagine a life of her own. But then eternal justice she thought, everyone that ever mistreated her was taken down one day, not by her hand but some strange justice, even causing them to suffer in punishment first. She picked up the gun and smiled for the first time in a long while, the world was funny to her, she started running away laughing hysterically at the coincidences of death, that found anyone that hurt her sooner or later, then the laughter turned to breaking down in tears, then relieve. She ran, enjoying the first time in her life her new found freedom, no one to tell her what to do, no one to hurt her and if they would, they would be punished by the world sooner or later. She would just have to wait........ be patient she told herself it will be ok. "Hold on, just hold on" she whispered and smiled. After the Outbreak: Phoebe stuck a lot to the woods, campsites, little cabins she found and places Mr. Westen had shown to her. She tried to stay away from people, sometimes watch them from a safe distance, see them interact. She had time to herself in the past but never like this, she was never free to pick what to do and when to do it. She knew well how to grow food, hunt, make fire, even make clothes from pelts, but she always did it when she was told to, not of her own choosing. She struggled to keep a healthy rhythm of sleep, watching her own back always alone, a lot of time in the woods, places she has never been to. On one of her recent adventures out, she tripped and fell in the river. Since it was raining that day, she couldn't make a fire until much later, when she found shelter. Phoebe caught a light cold, nothing serious as long as she gets enough rest, but she still has to get supplies or medicine, after-all she has no one to take care of her. First people: After sneaking around towns and scoping them out from far away, Phoebe finally saw a woman. Watching the woman run into a man and them interact, Phoebe decided she dares to approach. The man turned out to be have a small library and the woman , well Phoebe wasn't sure if there was something off with her or the woman. It seemed hard to communicate with her. More people showed up. Hide seemed nice, she saw him put his hand on top of his girlfriend's hand. It reminded Phoebe of how Mr. Westen used to act nice but his touch would mean control. She wondered if the relationship was real or like hers was? She felt the need to clean herself. Slowly people were leaving or going to sleep after a long time of storytelling, which was rather enjoyable, Phoebe wanted to hear more. James asked to speak with Phoebe about something and offered her to follow him to his place, Phoebe noticed a woman was with him, she thought "if he has a girlfriend he won't be interested in hurting me." So it should be fine. On the way to his place she found out they had also just met, to embarrassed to admit her error she kept following. It seemed safe enough. He didn't try to force her to do anything. Phoebe is used to her heart beating strongly because she is scared around people. "Is it right to trust tho?" Phoebe wondered. He said this is her chance now to live her life to go out and do as she likes and he would be happy to help her if she liked him to. He showed her a place to be alone if she wanted to be, very considerate of her love for water to clean herself. She couldn't stop her heart from beating scarily fast while she was alone with him. He gave her a way to get in touch with him on the radio and let her be by herself again, till she decides to contact him. The moment he was gone, Phoebe realized she didn't want to be on her own anymore. But to join permanently? She doesn't know if she can do that. What if her heart keeps beating like this all the time? She doesn't think she can take that, but what can she do about it? She contacted James on the radio, he welcomed her to see him right away. When she got to his place, she was shocked to see he got hurt. Some wedding of his friends gone wrong and that the Black Fangs were the cause of the trouble. is all she got and the woman that got married is called Rory. Phoebe was trying to act as calm as she could, suddenly her heart raced again more then usual, "am I just that scared?". For the first time Phoebe felt worry to lose someone else. She felt the urge to just rap him up in something fluffy, so he won't get hurt again. "Please stay safe" the last thing she thought after he went to rest. She left to go outside and explore the world like he suggested. "Tell them you are friends with James Black if you like" Phoebe hasn't yet accepted to join him but they are friends if anyone asks. Lone Adventure: Out on her own Phoebe tried to find a barrel just to use not to take home. She really wanted to make some leather, with every person she met things got a little easier. Mostly just one person at a time on the road safe. She kept travelling between the place James showed to her, his place to check on him and a couple of towns around. She was worried to go to far away, what if he needed something? Silly thought, what could she possibly have to offer? She sat at the edge of Stary looking down from the hill there were a couple people there by the church, seemed peaceful. She had recently picked up Black Beauty from the library, seemed like the perfect place to sit and read for a while and every now and then see how the people in town interacted. The moment she took her book out she heard a voice outside her little cabin. Seemed the person was on some kind of phone, Phoebe tried to walk a little closer staying safely behind the bushes not to be seen by him, when above her another person seemed to do the exact same. Phoebe froze in place, she saw him too late to hide, if she moved she would draw attention for sure. She sat there scared praying he wasn't going to look her way, she wasn't ready to meet someone yet. Usually she had time to prepare, to decide what to say, how to approach but too late. She stared right at him and he looked back at her. His name is Alan and the guy talking on a radio is his friend Skip, they were trying to see if a friend of theirs (Emily) needed rescue. They were worried that people may be getting forced married down at the Stary Church. After watching the people at the Church for a while it didn't look hostile. Phoebe noticed she was getting watched. Every time she moved they wondered where she went, they seemed very interested in asking her questions about herself. As if they were scouting her and a little as if they were toying with her. They were a little pushy trying to get her to do things for them, like going down to the Church to see if Emily was alright. Phoebe was getting really uncomfortable and overwhelmed by their attention. It seemed like they were trying to push for something. Offered her food they wanted to see her eat and then they suddenly decided it was time to run. They told Phoebe to get out with them and follow, she is still used to doing as she is told from her past, so she started to run with them. Phoebe thought about James, he told her she doesn't have to follow anyone, she can do what she wants. It seemed after running through some bushes they were looking for her again. This is a good time as any, Phoebe stood next to the bushes in the open, "If they see me, I will follow. If not, I am not meant to" They kept running out of there, in the direction James is too. I can't risk going that way, I don't know how either side would react meeting the other and me in the middle. Phoebe decided to go back to her lake for the time being and try and see James as soon as possible after. A new life: Next time Phoebe saw James. They took sometime to just hangout, drink and get to know the people around him (Group: Black Bear Garage/Camp). Sang songs, told stories and drank a lot more. James decided to have Phoebe take lead, so they went on the long trip together. Phoebe used to hang around the woods in the south and southeast a lot. She wanted to show one of her hiding places to James. He told her to live, but how does one do that exactly? I guess more than just survive, enjoyment? James sometimes makes Phoebe feel like her heart may jump out of her chest any moment, they had some really amazing time together. He liked her place in the south and it seemed to inspire him to think about making more out of his group down there. However suddenly Phoebe felt like her world was getting ripped away from her, as she saw James fall unconscious in front of her. Thankfully they were at home and a lot of people were around to help out. They took care of him as good as they could and he finally woke back up. He was different after he woke, determined to get up and go out there in the world, ignore his own sickness. James got into a lot of arguments with everyone at the camp, to a point that Oleg was leaving. Phoebe couldn't help herself but felt that James was hiding something important from her. Something that made Oleg return, she heard him ask James if he had told the rest of us and that he should do so, soon. Phoebe expects her new found life to break any moment, none of this will last forever. She doesn't see James as someone that will stay by her side forever or be hers. Everything is temporary. Whatever it is he is hiding, it might be something that will take him away from her. Just the other day, he got himself shot again, fighting with an ex girlfriend of his (Jade), another guy tried to help out by pulling his own gun. It got the other guy killed and James shot twice in the chest. After a long exhausting back and forth between James and Jade, James told Phoebe that she can ask him anything and he will tell her the truth. All she wanted to know was what he was hiding from her that Oleg said he should share with the rest. Finally he told her that he had a brain tumor before, which had the same symptoms of nosebleed as he has now, which made him believe it must have returned. With that information Phoebe knew James was lost to both to Jade and to her or to any other girl out there. She is trying to get his medicine from a doctor, anyone that can produce it. However she also has something she needs for herself, she wants to find someone that can make something specific for her and she will keep searching for that person that can make it. Dealing with loss or just the thought of it is hard, as Phoebe started to realize. James assured her he will be fine, his friend Dan even found him the medicine he needs for his tumor. He is planning big for his Black bear camp, our camp. Of most people she met, he is still one that doesn't try to force her into a role, doesn't force his own morals on to her, at least so far. What if he finds out about her search and reasoning to get a drug? Will he judge her? Try to stop her? Change her mind? So far on her search, she hit against hard rock, when it came to other people and trying to get their understanding. It seems suicide to some is better than taking a drug, that is seen as weakness or cowardliness. She has no plans to kill herself, one for the body to numb the pain if needed and one for the mind if all gets to much and she wants a break. To keep it on her and no matter how tough it gets, to have the option and choose against it, that's what Phoebe thinks strength is. Meeting the Moretti family: Micheal Smith came to the Black Bear camp and spoke of some larger group he met. Phoebe took the chance to ask if he knows someone that could make her the drugs she was looking for. He helped her get in contact with Ian, who stayed up North in Sinistock with the Moretti family. Up there she looked to talk to Ian for 3 days during the time she meet Kyle and talked to a lot of the members of the Moretti family, slowly getting to know them. She also found Hide and Moxxi again, which gave her a chance to ask Moxxi if she was happy and their relationship real. She said Hide was a good guy and she wanted the marriage, it wasn't forced. Kyle and Micheal both tried to get Phoebe away from the idea to hold drugs in her pockets. But Phoebe was determined to feel more in control and to get that she needed to have those drugs. Ian finally met with her and her hopes were high to get something from him soon. However he didn't want anything in return from her right away, just the I owe you. Phoebe doesn't like to owe anyone, considering how much this means to her, she owes him a lot. During her time up there she gotta know Kyle a bit more, they brought in a guy named Wes, by the way people talked and acted, you could be sure they tortured him to death. "Probably deserved, wonder how far these people went with it" is all Phoebe thought. Kyle seemed to try and keep her busy while they got busy with Wes at the other side of town. Phoebe felt though as if she was keeping him from something he did want to attend. He was nice and if it hadn't been for James at this moment Phoebe would have ran. Nice to her even tho he wanted to be elsewhere? Scary what he may want. Well overtime he made it clear that he thinks very good of Phoebe and wants to be there for her. The Moretti family ended up in a fight with the Black Fangs and PCC (People’s Collective of Chernarus), which drove them to a town up North. From past experiences people only go up there if they plan to leave the country. Phoebe wanted to make sure to say goodbye to those that choose to go and in case Ian was there, see if there was anything she could do to pay her debt before they are gone. Her discomfort of owing someone is growing painfully. She had been given a blue pill (to numb the body) and a red pill (to put the mind on holiday), which Hide passed on to her from Ian. Ian wasn't there with them, most left up North to go to Russia, Kyle too. Two decided to stay in the country and accompany Phoebe home to the Black Bear Garage. They asked her what she was doing there, she answered "Nothing really, I am just there, to be with James" A moment with James: That question didn’t leave Phoebe’s mind “What am I doing here?”. While she was still asking herself that, James wanted to speak with her. Her heart raced as usual, when he gets close to her. “To be with James” Phoebe thought, “I am happy, when I'm with him”. Right then he told her that he loved her and before she knew what she said, the words came out of her mouth too. Like they were just waiting to finally be said. They went upstairs in the house together and right as they wished each other good night, Phoebe saw a bunch of visitors through the window, she recognized as the Black Fangs. Visit from the Black Fangs: The Black Fangs came over to the Black Bear Garage before, when only Phoebe and a trader were there, to ask them to join the commonwealth in a "friendly" manner. Phoebe was scarred to the bone, because of that. If they had been taking things, putting there guns up anything would have been less scary but instead they came to ask "nicely". They made it clear that when they come back, she has to make sure to tell James about their visit and the answer has to be, yes they will join, right then or things would be very much, not so friendly, next time. A shiver went down Phoebe`s spine by the thought of their return. She passed it on to James as they asked. Now they have returned. James had talked to different members of the Black Fangs and made some deals. However they didn't want to hear about any deals when they came back to the Black Bear Camp this time. All they wanted was to hear from us "Yes we join the commonwealth" and nothing else. Of course James tried to talk with them first, but soon, that was seen as grounds to teach him a lesson. They decided to use Phoebe to teach James a lesson, they made her come with them to Stary Church and tied her up. Louie their leader told Phoebe to lie on the ground in front of him said "I want to make this person a weak person, so this person can't contribute when she gets back, to fully break her" then said to his men to kick her. They kicked and stomped on her, put a cloth in her mouth, poured water over her so she was nearly drowning, hit her head on the ground so she passed out, then woke her to shave her hair off, apart from a few patches and smeared her face with infected Blood. They tried to make sure she had what she needed food water but Louie told her to start running out of there. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmjKTFtgyUE&feature=youtu.be ) First she tried to get up, but fell down to the ground again from the sudden pain of moving, with bullets flying around her head she pulled herself together a last time to run, they kept shooting around her head adrenaline went through her body and she moved despite the pain as fast as she could. They kept her black hat so she couldn't hide her hair cut but on the way home she stopped to get her green one out before she reached home and broke down on the ground with pain, exhaustion and bruises all over her body, she kept going in and out of consciousness. She only picked up a few sentences and words of the conversation between James and the rest of the Black Bears Camp. He picked her up to carry her, she passed out again from the pain of being moved and exhaustion. She heard they were going to Russia leaving the country to be safe. James carried her all the way in his arms.
  14. My name is Caroline Green. I am from Germany and 29 years old. I fell in love with a Chernarussian about 9 years ago. We met online playing games and soon started to visit each other. I had everything packed to finally move to Chernarus at the age of 21. However the same day, I was to quit my Job at the Hotel and my studies at University, to do the final step before moving, I was informed that my love was killed at his Job as a police helper/contractor. He used to be a trainer of drug dogs and was hired regularly by the police. After a squad went through a house and called it clear of people, he went in with his dog to find the drugs. However instead of drugs, his dog found a last hidden addict, which started immediately shooting around him, thinking he was getting attacked by a monster in his delirium. So I stayed longer in Germany trying to finish my studies in Programming languages. I ended up switching my major a few times instead, became best in class every time, then got bored and finally gave up without a degree at 24. Germany didn't feel like home to me any longer. I traveled the world, but no country stopped my craving to find a new home until I got back to Chernarus one day. I moved to Vybor where 'He' used to live. I worked many little Jobs like waitress, nanny or Doctor's assistant, while hanging out and visiting an old rich friend of his in Vavilovo. "When one is really upset, just sit on the hills and shoot" he said. Sometimes I went to shoot far off in the mountains, so the town people wouldn't complain, it had no meaning at the time. The outbreak happened and I could hardly care. I never found another love like the one I lost so I had no one to loose, no family left. But I was close to being killed and had never been so scared in my life, I felt like it rekindled my feelings. I realized that I had felt a hole inside of me that slowly started to fill and it filled with anger and fear and lust for danger. Anything scary just to feel something, to feel alive! I could care again! Maybe even find a new partner one day! I picked up an old hobby of sniping cans (my dead fiance showed me), just this time it was at infected instead of cans.
  15. Enjoyed meeting Chief, The Marshal, and Chaostica today Can't wait to meet more of you soon! I was the red barrel girl lol I am Greeny:) Currently playing as Caroline Green