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  1. Ouch Both arms that sounds rough XD hopefully it heals well. Good luck!
  2. YAY Congratulations!!! 🎉🎊

  3. Was exciting and WOW I don't wish to jinx it but the server was full, even had a queue and you know what I see not a single report popped up! What a lovely day when we Rpers get along and have fun together! Looking forward to more. Also over 7 hours in game and I remember it was all fun!
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  5. when you use voice in game does it even show you anything? like can you see that your key-bind is working?
  6. PliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdminPliktCharacterApprovedByAdmin
  7. Kaya was born on the road. Her parents lived in different settlements somewhere in Germany for a while. When she was about 8 years old they heard a broadcast from up North about a safe place that sounded promising. Over the next 2 years they slowly made their way there to the City of Nyheim. They travelled slow for many reasons. They were careful and tried to listen for news on the way, if it was still safe to go. During travels Kaya learned to read many of her mothers books and fell in love with fantasy novels about the times before industrialisation and before electricity. She projected
  8. This will be super useful thank you for taking the time to write it!
  9. Nice to meet you welcome and I hope you will enjoy your time here
  10. Been here for a long while myself, probably ran into you on the one or other character. Rain Valentine, Phoebe, Elly/Penny... many possibilities.
  11. I will seriously miss this group. It was fun to hangout and was awesome to have some neutral group around that could make it work and be a trader. All the little trips in the cars and helicopters were awesome Be safe you will be missed!
  12. lol if they made new characters those same people would probably be none the wiser if they can't come up with a good reason.
  13. Going to post what my hopes would be: Lorewise: Some group either NBC or others comes and rounds up as many as possible of the last survivors in Chernarus and moves us all to this new city/map. This way people could choose to keep playing the same character by having been moved/forced over or followed their friends there. And people that wish to do something new, can play that their character managed to escape the capture. Leaving everyone with free choice, ergo all happy, da! We are all going to end up in the Czech Republic this new city is Prag.
  14. I really want to thank everyone that was on today for RP we make those last days count from hypnosis session to just hanging out it was a wonderful day. We will have to use those last few days while we can
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