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  1. GreenySmiley

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    Maybe after a few pills you would get the cannibal twitch, then next stage you would start loosing 1/5th of your health per pill. So if you keep taking too many you would loose health and eventually be slowed down by health loss and then death, if you don't stop taking them and running on them.
  2. GreenySmiley


    Best of luck! Wonder how it will be to meet you!
  3. GreenySmiley

    NLR Suggestion

    Ok so Situation explain because me stupid XD help please: Situation ALPHABETA fight: Group Alpha and Group Beta fight each other in Kabanino. Person A from Group Alpha dies. The firefight moves from Kabanino all the way to Elektro where A happened to have spawned and was still looting. The firefight is still on going. Question: 1. Is A allowed to return to Kabanino? 2.Is A allowed to sit on Electro Church and watch the firefight from the hill? Thank you for taking the time.
  4. GreenySmiley

    NLR Suggestion

    "You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after the situation ends. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit." With this say you died in Kab, the situation moves to Vybor. You are still not allowed to go to Kab, but you are allowed to go to Vybor and be part of that situation. Since it only tells you, that you can't be part of the situation in the area you died in. Would groups have to give out radio messages when situations are over or something so we all know when that hour starts or is up? I like the idea to make it easier still maybe add a little more to the rule. "You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after the situation ends. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Do not rejoin the same situation you died in even if it moves elsewhere. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit." Again a longer text but XD just my thoughts...
  5. Welcome and best of luck in the community. Hope you have a good time.
  6. Nice bonding moment with the people in the room in WP camp, we are all in this together XD getting that song stuck in my head lol. @RiZStream Hutch and Elly talks are making my night thanks for the RP and thanks WolfPack for allowing me around and yes definitely voting @zsmith1111 Sunny and @Alkis Alkis for new parents for Elly hehe too adorable to watch you two go at each other
  7. That moment you get a random message from your boss on your phone about a funeral on Saturday morning 11am and you are like um... Who died? o.O

  8. If I ever don't speak with you, its not because I think I am better then you. Its probably because I feel like you don't enjoy being around me and I don't wish to say anything that makes your day worse or the situation, instead give you the free choice to approach me, should you wish to interact with me at all.

    1. Malthis


      The problem with this is that if they share the same viewpoint you do, then you'll never talk to each other.... 

      Recently a lot of people have the mentality that people should make more of an effort to contact them, but people need to remember that communication is a two way thing, if you get upset someone hasn't reached out to you in awhile, remember that you're just as capable to reach out and initiate a conversation! (This is a general statement, not directed at you Greeny ❤️ )

    2. GreenySmiley


      Yeah XD just if you do make the effort and it seems the other person just reacts annoyed to be contacted, blocking or not at all, then maybe its time to give them some space? 

    3. Alkis


      That's why we are going for a coffee silly.

  9. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    Nice interview, Enjoyed reading the answers
  10. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

    I like these interview. Kind of reminds you everyone else is just human too and so makes them seem more approachable. Enjoyed the read
  11. Hope you keep enjoying your time then Nikki A late Welcome!
  12. Really enjoyed the RP in the WP camp today, especially the little chat with Hutch @RiZStream by the gate. Was exciting to watch and learn how all came together.
  13. GreenySmiley

    If you could meet 1 person.

    Everyone XD I just like visiting people! But have a place to play DayZ ready for me. Proud to say I may get to see @Lyca soon.
  14. GreenySmiley

    What do you think?

    Considering they made the rule for combat logging count for victims and aggressor to make it more easy to understand. I doubt the NLR will get exceptions either. XD
  15. I was actually thinking the same as a lot of you about "why should you NOT be allowed to kill them anymore after you gave them RP"? Playing this through in my mind, if you end up executing them anyways, they will forget the encounter and it won't further their RP either way. For them it would be the same as a KOS, just that before they spend a few minutes humoring you. This scenario only furthers your story, to near the same outcome as a KOS, unless you use this to extract information from the person that they then are forced to forget they gave you. I can see the accusations of "Hey you ratted out your group" "Um I did what? I was on the beach that night" *Looks innocent with no memory* so a plus +1 and minus -1 from me XD
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