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  1. Dodge

    Any jeep people out there?

    I'm changing my differential this monday as well as replacing the seals >.>
  2. Dodge

    Any jeep people out there?

    I've got a 1998 TJ, had it for awhile. It's the inline 6 model and sounds like a champion. I love it (when there's not something wrong with it) Share your jeep or jeep stories.
  3. Dodge


  4. Dodge

    Removal of buried stashes

    I agree with @AlanM, with more modification. Let's lower the rate of spawn for sea chests and dry bags that way if you are going to store something you can only find maybe one or two dry bags/sea chests per every 3 or 4 towns. (or however the rate is modded.) However, with this a wipe may be necessary to rid all of the current stashes. I'm in hopes (whichever way it turns out) that it is for the better in this community because everybody wants a gun, a good gun.
  5. Dodge

    Hi Guys, Looking forward to returning to RP

    Welcome back
  6. Dodge

    Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    When @Squillium says he can drive
  7. Dodge

    Failed Robberies Thread

  8. Dodge

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Sergei Krasnov IFF
  9. Dodge

    [Open Freq]: Anyone copy?

    ** Sergei looks up from the table after hearing the chatter over the radio ** ** He picks it up and presses the PTT and speaks with chernarussian accent* "Hey random man on frequency, have you heard the northwest has been liberated from nationalist scum? Many big name groups have banded together to form a democracy. Our borders begin west of Severograd, north of Bashnya, and further north from Lopatino. Most reside in Novaya Petrovka and others don't like so much publicity and settle further north. Come up sometime and see what this is all about, we need defenders. You can call me Sasquatch, I don't give name on open frequency." ** Sergei releases the PTT **
  10. Sergei was raised on the outskirts of Novygrad by his mother and father. He belonged to a poor family but a thriving community outside the city. His father taught him all he needed to know to survive off the land from hunting to farming nothing was left unlearned. When Sergei turned 11 he began to work on a farm in Kabanino where he tended livestock and acquired a plethora amount of knowledge about hard work and dedication at a very young age. When Sergei turned 15 he met a girl named Anna from Austria. She was adopted by a wealthy family in Novy Sobor when she was 2. They fell in love and worked together on the farm tending the cattle and herding the sheep. One day, Sergei took Anna to see the dam near Pustoshka. They climbed in an old VW and set towards the southwest. On the way, Sergei failed to yield to a pickup truck and took a shot to the passenger side door. Anna was killed instantly and Sergei suffered memory loss with a deep laceration across the chest from a large shard of glass. Sergei made a full recovery and still recollects memory of Anna moments before the crash. 2 years later Sergei joined the Chernarussian police force. There he adopted several skills in mixed martial arts and firearms training. He spent 20 years in the police force. After his retirement he settled in a comfy log cabin in Lopatino. There he collected a nice pension from the government and a steady income in wheat production. 6 years later an infection breaks out wiping the local population and causing a rupture of panic throughout South Zagoria. Sergei took his duffle and shoved everything he needed from the local grocery store and wrapped an AKM to his side and headed for the eastern hills of Grishino where the infection was less present. (according to him)
  11. Dodge

    S1: KoS, Kabanino 2018-11-01, 01:48

    Dodge POV: Ran from Vybor to Grish an hour before the firefight. In Grish we spot several Kamenici members in the town and hold up in the PD. One of the members came in and I initiated on him giving their groupmembers KOS rights. They initiate on a civillian in town giving us dynamic KOS rights on all of their members now. Several callouts are made, Brandon Young kills one and 2 push the PD where I'm at and kill me. That is all I remember.
  12. Dodge

    S1: BadRP 25/10/18 3:10

    It started on the road between stary and kab. I spotted two guys in the southeastern field 100m off the road. I jogged towards them and they began to run towards stary. Suspicious as this is, I chased them into stary church. They quickly locked the church door and barricaded inside. I waited for my guys to show up and I initiated on the whole church (only 2 people inside). Negotiations were attempted by several different groups (mentioned in other's POV's). They utterly failed especially after someone in the church shot and killed a man whom they did not have the rights to do so. Shortly after we began to peek the church and proceeded to engage hostile action towards the men. Then, our group member in charge at the time planned a rush where 2 of us on the left and 3 of us on the right of the doors storm in at the same time. We ran in with confidence and I was the first one to die so I do not remember anything after I was killed.
  13. Dodge

    New Moon Media Thread

  14. Dodge

    favorite initiation lines?

    Has me dead every time XD