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  1. Honestly you need to make yourself look and sound like someone that's not gonna comply. Having military gear is fine, having the whole airfield in your backpack is another story. Advice, stay away from enormous backpacks (alice packs, mountain bags, etc). Wear the Molle packs or assault packs. Wear civillian-ish clothes with some military mix. Like a pair of BDU pants and a raincoat. Or even just a helmet, plate carrier, and your gun with a few mags, which is all you need for a fight. I try to always keep my gear slimmed down to almost nothing I want but what I need if that makes sense. Try to carry the necessities and not all the things you want. Also pro tip: Stow away your NVG's during the day to make yourself less of a target for bandits. Couldn't tell you how many people I see alone doing this and they will always get either strong armed or robbed by me.
  2. Dodge

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

  3. Dodge

    Nerf zombies #2

    Honestly no. It’s just more reason to understand you can’t run without your guard up. Don’t run into a town period, low and slow and you’ll win the race. And if you do get caught in a scram remember that you are smarter than the zombie. Herd them up like a red healer, lead them into a building, and lock em in there. It never matters how strong they are it matters how smart you are.
  4. The community already is down that road my dude. To me the server queue priority makes a life and death difference compared to choosing your spawn area. For example, the JACKALS are raiding charity base. We kill the defenders online and they call their friends to log in to help defend. Those who have priority can get in ahead of our reinforcements who want to log in as well and help who don’t have priority; thus giving them the advantage cause they will log in faster than us. Now how does this give a fresh spawn the disadvantage who can’t spawn in a chosen location in comparison to someone who can who is also a fresh spawn? There might be a slight disadvantage if they’ve got friends in the area who can gear them but I mean other than that what else is there? Maybe a few things but nothing like the priority in a 45 man queue. Edit: Sorry for double post
  5. I think a lot of those who claim this to be easy for NLR or too easy to gear are jumping the gun. The rules are always being broken and always will be, this isn’t gonna make that any worse. To clear the air, you shouldn’t have the ability to spawn at a specific location. Just a general area. If your group rolls in the northwest and you keep getting balota spawns it takes you 30-60 minutes to get there and that’s if nothing happens to you. So that’s what? 30-60 minutes you have to spend to get to where you want to go and where the only role play is active? It sucks and it will always suck till something is done about it. And also, to spawn in an area just to collect loot is really not a huge problem. Getting loot in this game is easy and is spread out across the map. There are several military areas other than NWAF. I can get geared anywhere on the map just like I would at NWAF. And the NLR problem already exists and always will exist because a majority of people keep suiciding until they get a better spawn. Who’s to say they don’t break NLR that way? I believe a lot of people who have posted here should think a little more about this idea. There are a lot of ways it can be safely implemented and be beneficial to everyone. And also, the poll stats don’t lie, a majority of the community actually wants this.
  6. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I couldn't find a thread for it. Anyways what if when you die a menu pops up and a list of areas/options are available to spawn to? And you can't spawn where you died prior obviously for NLR. And if that's not good enough make the option available for a certain rank.
  7. "You want it as well big boy? Put your mafukn' hands up!" XD
  8. *Louis presses PTT* "It's Lou, I've got lots of .308, .556, an AR15 with integrated suppresor, Glock 18 with the holster, Mini M14, some other things you might like. Get back to me." *Louis releases PTT*
  9. *Louis presses the PTT again days later* "..Well.. Never got a response from anyone. Looks like most are busy doing the same thing I'm trying to do. I'm still in the market and willing to make some good deals if you're interested." *Louis releases the PTT*
  10. *Louis presses PTT* "..Hey..to anyone who can hear this. I'm Lou and I'm looking for some nails, they come in boxes. You know what I'm talking about, you've seen 'em. I've got lots to trade. Anyways, get back to me." *Louis releases PTT*
  11. Can we pull logs from the lighthouse? Also still want the full unedited video.
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