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  1. Dodge

    New Moon Media Thread

  2. Dodge

    favorite initiation lines?

    Has me dead every time XD
  3. Dodge is 26, born in central Texas. He was honorably discharged from a 6 year term in the Air Force as a weather technician. During his time of service he found a passion for meteorology and in the later parts he was offered a larger position in a corporate company willing to support his ambition earning a master's degree. That is, as long as he was willing to go through contract by signing with a team of experienced meteorologists who acquire meteorological and atmospheric data in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Dodge, being an adventurous person as is, was very willing to accept this offer. His first assignment with the team was a frigid two week trip to Antarctica. The team's goal was simple and didn't require Dodge to do much of anything except absorb everything he saw. Several notes were taken and many observations were conducted. Two weeks quickly came to an end and before he knew it there was another assignment ready. This time, a remote mountain top just north of Severograd, South Zagoria. They're expected to stay in the thick of the woods for the next three months collecting climatological data and conducting mass research. Not only that, they're in a country that is not known for its hospitality in the past few decades. Many locals are reclusive and highly reluctant to any foreigners. The team, (all prior military) set on a flight headed for a civilian airport just west of the town of Olsha. There they meet with a small group of military personnel that will escort them through the city of Novodmitrovsk and then taking a dirt path leading high into the mountaintops north of Severograd. They are dropped off at the peak of the mountain and begin to set up their camp. Weeks go by collecting data and taking dozens of notes for further research into their operations. Meteorological Team
  4. Dodge

    favorite initiation lines?

    "Can I PLEASE grill my chicken?" https://plays.tv/s/LveRmg0YJ8fe
  5. Dodge

    Pins and Needles

    Not once have I made a thread for anyone else in the community that's been banned. Being biased is an understatement here because once in a new moon will I actually post something relevant. But I know that when I do, my intent will be made clear. It is to point out where I feel like something should be brought to immediate attention because it's apparent to be unjust and should require an explanation. However, I understand, Rolle, how the staff must act like robots now due to the increase in population on the forums. I understand that it is difficult to look at every situation with a good eye and see the best form of action possible whether it be negative or positive to ensure the most necessary outcome for all. To have everyone look at something the same way is totally impossible, look at Trump, then look at the world. I did not post this thread expecting to get Siorre unbanned. I posted it to show you where this community is heading; therefore, I think I can confidently say that the majority of your community is livid with some of the recent decisions made and it will only get worse at this rate, look at the leaving threads. I have respect for you, Rolle. Though whether you know it or not I disagree with you several times; however, that doesn't mean I don't understand where you're coming from. Before I make a response directly towards someone I always put myself in their shoes and imagine what it's like on their end when making a decision like this. And again, like I said, to claim bias is totally irrelevant here. The main topic is how someone could walk on pins and needles for posting harmless internet chatter. And sure, he was permabanned before, but under his request. So to use this argument towards my response is inapplicable. Basically, the circumlocution in your response will show at one point or another.
  6. Dodge

    Pins and Needles

    Point made. Changes need to happen.
  7. Dodge

    Pins and Needles

    @Alex @Aiko @Jamie @Oliv, If you have the time, mind telling us what your POV's are?
  8. Dodge

    Pins and Needles

    This is not a rage thread. This is not something I'm pointing towards anyone. I am not out to get anyone. I am simply voicing my own opinion because I gave good money to this community. Therefore, I'm not sugar-coating anything, this is black and white. Facts are facts that rules are rules here; however, leniency is absent just about anywhere on DayZRP. I do not know where to begin with my opinion on how the staff handles certain situations so I suppose I will get right down to the nitty-gritty of what (to my understanding) has happened to an individual in this community. Siorre has been permabanned for saying "issa knife" in response to a previous post from another user, Rocka. I understand how you may justify this by saying "Well there wasn't enough to this response and therefore is legally irrelevant to the topic.". Where, yes, you are in fact correct; however, like I said before, leniency is absent. What I mean by this is that you don't take the scope of the situation into consideration and you simply look at the smallest thing that could be considered illegal and jump the gun by permabanning someone for not even an almost minor offence. What about just telling the person verbally like "Hey dude, you're on final and I really don't want to perma-ban you for something as saying 'issa knife' so please watch what you post, thanks.". Where is that kind of attitude? Where is the "I want people to look back on me as a fair and just staff member who aimed to make the community a better experience for all." Now it's like this "I want people to look back at me as someone who got the most permabans and was feared by those who dare say a few harmless words on the internet.". Take a moment and realize what you just did by perma-banning this player. Siorre is a well known player in this community and is liked amongst several people. And when you erase him from the game completely you not only piss the player off, but those who liked him as well. Knowing now that anyone could potentially be perma-banned for saying something like "issa knife" has now led me to believe that the majority of staff are essentially intolerant of anyone with nothing being taken into consideration. Not only that, you shut out someone permanently who gave over 200 euros to this community because he cared enough to share some of his hard earned money to you. At this point everyone may as well be walking on pins and needles. So take this thread as you will. If you're triggered, sorry dude I'm just giving you feedback and not targeting anyone because I give a fuck about this place because I put money into it and I want my opinion to be heard, not snipped. Thank you.
  9. Dodge

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Hi, names Dodge. I don't do forums very often but today I'm feelin' it. Have you ever encountered someone in RP where their voice sounds so strong, so frightening, and so alarming that you stop for a minute and question yourself if you're even playing a game? Like, of course you don't cower away because it's so nerve-racking but you still feel a little underwhelmed? Even if it's one person it still might change the outcome of a typical roleplaying scenario. I remember my first time playing I saw a video of someone who got banned when he initiated on someone at VMC and gatted him in like 7-8 seconds flat. That's not the point, the point is that I can still remember the shriek in his voice that just invoked fear into my ears just from listening to it and I wasn't even involved. There have been only rare occurrences where this has happened to me personally; however, I've met some pretty interesting voices in my short time of being here. Like the one dude that had a gas mask and sounded like his voice was going into a fan lmao. What accent has done something similar like this to you?
  10. Dodge

    Goodbye and Farewell

    You were my favorite black guy. Will never forget you bro. Good times. Good luck. o7.
  11. Dodge

    GM Bad Rp 06-01-2017, 07:48

    Dodge POV: We chase 3 people back to green mountain. Nihoolious was the first one at the tower and takes shots, he returns fire and 2 of them scower into the top of the tower. (Keep in mind there is still a third lurking about.) While waiting for everyone else to arrive I open fire at the top of tower with my SVD suppressing them which forces them inside the tower. This continues literally for about 2 hours including a server restart. Finally after some long waiting I take fire from the southern rock at my eastern location from Wumby. He misses and I retreat east and loop the compound from the north back to Wumby's location. I catch him in a tree and I initiate on him, Nihoolious was right there with me. Note that no one else took anymore shots from a third shooter after I initiated which gives clear indication that Wumby definitely attempted to kill me which failed horribly. Nihoolious takes care of Wumby and brings him to the tower compound while I loop back to the northern peak of the compound. There, Eagle spots one on the tower platform and I take a shot to the leg. Not knowing where it was coming from at the time I dip far north into the brush and take cover. While this is happening Eagle shoots Castiel in the face with his SVD. Seconds later I believe Earthwalker knocked my shooter unconscious and Motorcross13 or whoever (he's new) bumrushed the ladder knowing they were down and finishes the remaining hostile. Everyone on top of the tower at this point should be dead. Now then, Nihoolious, Wumby, Diamond, Alex Vivian, and I go up to the tower when some dude with a knight's helmet somehow appears at our location. We initiate and he is taken into custody. After further discussion with him he appears to be associated with the men on the tower and is executed by Nihoolious as seen in the video. Now it is only Wumby left and I take action. Knowing that Wumby attempted to shoot me earlier in the firefight I know I have kill rights upon him. I discuss further with my mates about how he should be executed and I eventually come to a conclusion. I tell him to stand up and walk to the ledge. We ask him for his last words and he says quote on quote "A famous poet once said, "Grow up kids."". ...................................hold on what? Will someone in this report please tell me what famous poet in Chernarus, let alone the entire world, that has once said "grow up kids.", surely someone but definitely not no Edgar Allen Poe or something. Never in my days of this server have I ever heard someone say something so ignorant. In no way does this make RP sense nor does it make sense with anyone in the situation at the time. What fires me up is the fact that we were willing to give you good RP and you chose to turtle in a tower instead. Not even that, it's the fact that Wumby has stated he only gave half of an effort to this situation while we gave him 110%, or at least I did because at the moment I'm pretty sick right now but I'm still willing to talk to you and show you an effort that I care for the reason that we're all here because we simply love this game and server. Therefore, IMO, if you're willing to give half of an effort towards RP it sounds to me like you don't give one single flying fuck about roleplay and you will continue to do things like this in the future and you will further your odds of being a reputable member of this community. I do not want you to take offense to this Wumby, that is certainly not my intention. My aim right now is to show you why you are totally in the wrong here and how you should better your actions in the future (in my opinion). I am not a mod, I am not a gamemaster, and I am not an admin; however, that does not revoke my rightful opinion about the slothful roleplay you have provided amongst not only myself but my friends as well. This is not my report, this is Diamond's report but if he didn't make it I would make it because I want to see justice here. I want roleplay like this to end, I want OOC roleplay to be wadded up and thrown six feet under because it ruins the core of this great game. I want Wumby to know that the lack of effort he chose to give us will dictate whether he should be allowed a second chance or not because I've had it with this era of roleplay.
  12. Dodge

    Terrible Jokes Thread

    What do you call a belt made of watches? A waist of time.
  13. Dodge

    New Moon Media Thread

  14. Dodge

    Server time: 10-12-2016, 08:39 Field between Kab and Vybor RDM and 0 RP

    Initiation was solid. I said hands up, you heard it, you ran, end of story. I will refrain from posting unless requested upon by a GM.
  15. Dodge

    Server time: 10-12-2016, 08:39 Field between Kab and Vybor RDM and 0 RP

    -User was warned for this post-