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    Born and raised in Russia, Moscow to be precise. At the age of 13 my parents divorced, my mother left the country for her own country, I stayed with my father who at the time owned a lumber mill at the very border of Siberia.I learned things the hard way... how to take care of myself. I remember sneaking off into the woods to just relax...enjoying the silence.I saw my old man destroying himself. He got addicted to alcohol, always drunk.When I turned 18 I enlisted in the Russian army. National guard to be precise. Safe to say I know how to handle a weapon if I need it.After my years of service I took up on my father's offer to head down to Chernarus and expand the company name.Березино(Berezino) I started the Banner Logging Site right above this wonderful city. Overlooking the sea and staring into the woods.. life was already perfect then and it got even better. I met a local woman and I for the first time I fell in love. We have plans to start a family soon.I heard of a new guy in town starting a lumber mill somewhere north, some ex marine named Prince, Jason Prince. We had a few difficulties. But after 1 strong bottle of Rum and 2 Vodka bottles and his personal gun range, we became best friends.A call came in not too long ago from my wife. Something strange is happening to people in Berezino, I was at Jason's place at the time and I didn't even have to ask. He drove me to the gas station right above Berezino, if only he knew what happened here.I'm heading North to Zaprudnoe to find Jason. He needs to know."A ride with my ride" as Jason always said. Stupid quote but it does get to you...