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  1. I just hope I dont have to do it again, I dont understand why it has to be long and complicated, seems unnecessaire to me.
  2. Havent played for a while but nice to see that the community is still active
  3. I watched the videos and I think they are all pretty cool, but I also think non of the posted videos classify as trailer. they look like intros, montages, shortmovies. I dont know, when I hear trailer I expect something else. Maybe even though the contest is over I will give it a shot myself and creat what I think a trailer should be. It should showcase what DayzRP is, what makes it different and it should make the viewers wanna join in themselfes.
  4. Same here I cant join and when iam finally in I cant find food anywhere . . . But I would love to give it a try, depends on how long we have to make this, creativity takes time^^
  5. i just hope i can find some food somewhere loot i hard to find these days . . .
  6. I played 3 days and met CDF, it was great, I can just urge you guys to play it as well Great Job!
  7. Yeah sounds good, now i can worry about food again and more crafting Nice!!!
  8. Oh that sounds good, I think we will give it another shot then, for us the constant robberys were too much frustration after beeing killed for klicking on the backpack twice while wanted to lay it on the ground and bullshit like that. I think now we could have fun again without beeing robbed 3 times a day for no reason. After weeks of searching and playing we finally found a car and managed to repair it and after 1 hour it was stolen from SVR and we were four guys just cooking meat at a campfire beside our car. Meeleweapons in hand. SO yeah i think now we give it another try with the new rules it sounds way better! (SVR should go play bf4 or csgo instead of looking for reasons to shoot people here, i appreciate good RP when beeing kidnapped and whatever you want to do, but beeing killed AFTER SURRENDERING all weapons is kidshit i dont want to deal with)
  9. Hey man I love this magazin maybe you could feature my DayzRP Series. One Episode is out atm and the second will be up in a week. Its planed like a TV Show Style Series not just normal videos. I think the community would be interested. Teaser for Episode 2 is online. I dont want to spam links or advocate my youtube so if your interested I would appreciate it and you could send me a message for the links. Keep up the good work! Quardox
  10. I had a broken leg and crafting a splint didnt work, this patch literally saved my life THANK YOU!!!!
  11. This newsletters are quit proffessional Love it keep up the good work!!! Maybe someday I will be in it
  12. I love this Idea!! I hope it makes it ingame, I would love to integrate it in my VideoSeries. Make it epic inside!
  13. Thx I will try as you said! Thanks for telling me! Okay downloading after deleting! Lets See. Seems to work my friend THANK YOU!!!
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