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  1. ⋆ WIP ⋆ Layla Spear grew up in Dallas, Texas. As a child, her parents made it a point for her to be a successful adult, so they pushed her to overachieve. She attended a private school through grade and high school, skipped a grade, and graduated with honors a year early at 17. This didn’t come without side effects; Layla was tossed between psychiatrists and took antidepressants almost like they were candy. During her senior year of high school, she finally found a psychiatrist that got through to her and taught her the coping methods she needed. Layla was shipped off to Texas Tech University, a college that was chosen for her. Regardless, she loved it and bled scarlet and black. It was there that she met Archer Waters, another student, during orientation. He had a bit of an arrogant and posh air to him, but it was nothing off-putting. They eventually began to date, and graduated together, Layla with honors and a degree in Social Work and Psychology at age 22. After dating for a few years in college, Layla and Archer decided things were working out pretty well and he brought her home to meet his family. They enjoyed her, but her true test was their annual hunting trip. She decided to go after a bit of begging from Archer. At first she couldn’t see the appeal. Eventually she began to enjoy herself. Layla’s first unassisted kill was a rabbit that was fired on accidentally. Archer and Layla, after a year or so after graduation, custom built a cabin on his family’s land with some help. The day it finished, Archer carried Layla across the threshold and proposed to her, to which she said yes. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to begin planning; first thing was the location. After much discussion and both wanting two different things they found a place that covered just about everything: Chernarus. The foreign country had recently made the news due to a rebellion that the United States helped to quell. This was the bit of news they needed before booking a flight to find the perfect spot to be wed. After only a few days there, the infection gripped the country hard and refused to let go. Archer and Layla were left to defend themselves, and defend they did.
  2. Mythical

    Getting a reptile?

    That's the only reason I was scared to get the Leopard Geckos. I'd be so scared if their tail fell off (even though I know it's fine) - I probably would cry. You're definitely a big help ♥ Thank you. I'll look into the Bearded Dragons When one of our Gecko's tail fell off, it was a clean cut with no blood. I think another one ate the tail because I couldn't find it. It's been about a month and the tail is slightly smaller and you can tell it's a new growth, no bumps on it, but it looks totally okay. I did have a pic but it's gone now haha. The tail is unlikely to fall off if you just have one unless it gets stuck. If you go into a store and ask to hold/touch anything, they'll let you. Some stores require you to be 18 and if you're not you need an adult, but shouldn't be a problem otherwise.
  3. Mythical

    Getting a reptile?

    I work at a pet store! And we have leopard geckos, they're very cute but kinda stupid. Their tails grow back if anything should happen to it (happened to us). Every time I've tried to touch one or pick it up, it spazzes out of my grip. Our bearded dragons are not this way. They're fun to look at because they'll follow your movements with their entire head. Ours like to be picked up and petted. They do get big, about 20-24 inches. Dragons like to dig in sand to be cool, and like basically every reptile they need a heat lamp for night and day. Your local pet store can definitely tell you more, or you can ask me lol. I don't really recommend getting a Chameleon because they're not very cuddly, most of them are expert brats. Ours hates everyone except one person, hides, and turns brown when anyone is around except her. Their enclosure needs to be damp almost all the time because they do not drink normally from a dish. Instead they lick up water droplets from leaves. As for the crickets, you don't have to physically touch them. Most pet stores (I know we do) sell gigantic tweezers you can use to pick up the bugs. I hope this helped <:
  4. Mythical

    Post pictures of your pet

    This is my dog, Micha. He died in April, on my birthday, from kidney and intestinal disease. I wanted just one more summer with him, but barely two months after his diagnosis, my mom and I made the decision to put him to sleep. To date it's the worst thing that's ever happened to me. This is my hamster, Cora. I got her from the pet store I work at, and she's perfect. Sorry for potato, she doesn't like to sit still and my phone quality is poopy. My cat, Ella. I like to say that we have the exact same personality (because we do). I also have a 10 gallon fish tank with a mickey mouse molly (male), balloon molly (female), a lyretail molly (female), a blushing longtail tetra, and a kuhlie loach. I love animals.
  5. Mythical

    Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    Forum Name: Mythical Battle.net Tag: girlfarts#11511 Region: USA Main Champions: Pharah, Mercy, Ana, Reaper, D.Va I try to get good with at least one character from each category, just to be versatile.
  6. [video=youtube] Brand New is my most favorite band!! Runner-ups are The Front Bottoms, Pity Sex, and American Football
  7. Mythical

    Biggest Influence in your life?

    I didn't find an influence/inspiration until I started my new job at a pet store. One of my managers has 30+ years of experience in the industry, as well as a degree in Zoology. He's packed full of knowledge and when he talks about something, it can almost seem like he has a God complex, but he really does know so much. And he wants to teach us. I want to be like that.
  8. My name is Mythical, I'm 22 and I work at a pet shop. RPing was a big part of my life but it was recently ruined for me. I'm trying to come back with a fresh slate and no BS 8) So hello DayZRP, hope we get along well <3