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  1. Paddy Murphy

    Born on the 24th of July 1997 in Southern Ireland. With a father in the IRA, it was only natural for him to follow him in his footsteps and get involved. His father was all he had growing up, so in a way he had no other choice. Everyone knew that Northern Ireland belong to the Irish and not the greedy British, but no one would do anything about it. After being in the IRA for two years he realized he was going to die if he didn’t get out soon, after his father was killed he decided his best option was going far far away.
  2. Real life picture Thread

  3. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Saw this on reddit, thought I'd bring it over here to get more opinions. https://trello.com/c/xkhafFGd/114-compact-civilian-sedan-sarka-120 I really hope that we can use Sedan tyres on this, or else it's going to be quite a hassel getting tyres for the vehicles you want.
  4. Milwaukee

    The people aren't "protesters" they're racist vandals. Targeting white people is exactly the type of thing you don't want to do when fighting for racial equality.
  5. I had a ton of fun at the outrun camp, super enjoyable to watch people settle differences in the bus lot.
  6. Epic Counter Initiation

    What a guy.
  7. G2A

    Never had an issue with it, sorry that it was shitty for you my man.
  8. I walked into an open closet, instantly broke my legs and had to crawl to find some sticks for a splint.
  9. I completely agree man. I like to play as a friendly guy, and it can be really annoying when you come across people who don't want to do anything except be an arsehole. After spending a lot of my time in Kabanino and Stary you quickly realize how many people go out of their way just to be rude. A big problem that I've noticed is people in larger groups targeting lone wolfs / people with no friends on the server (such as myself) and just bullying / harassing them with a mob mentality, and I get the whole RP side of out completely, I just wish people would be more considerate.
  10. I had the pleasure to meet some lad named Connor Forfield. We met up with his friend in Kabanino where we adventured to Stary and then returned to Kab. Once we arrived back there was some commotion where some guy was accusing someone of eating human flesh, it was at that moment that the person being accused and his group told everyone to put our hands up. I ran off got shot at, took down one of his clan members but happened to meet a unfavorable fate as I tried to get a better angle. I'm not sure how it ended for Connor and his friend Liam, last I saw they were walking down the main road with their hands up.
  11. IGN: Paddy McMurphy Age: 19 Country: Ireland but live in the USA. English skills: Spoken all my life. DayZ Mod Experience: Been playing the mod 2 or so months after the release. DayZ Standalone Experience: Since it came out. Roleplaying Experience: Roleplayed on many games, good amount of experience. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Don't take my kindness for a weakness. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on this server, but in general I have a lot of experience in working in groups. Additional notes: Very experience at DayZ also at Role Playing. I'm sure I could benefit any group greatly. Best way to contact you: TeamSpeak. I'm often on Backstory: The names Patrick "Paddy" McMurphy. I was born on the 17th of March in Kilkenny, Ireland and that's where I've always lived until my father and I moved to Berezino looking for work. It's always been us two, or atleast it has been for as long as I can remember. I've always lived in rougher areas, so moving to chernarus was no worry for me. My father was a Sergeant in the Irish Army, and growing up around guns and the military was no issue for me, it was a part of our everyday life to carry a pistol on us. This lifestyle was all that I wanted, and my plan was to eventually go back to Ireland, join the army and make my father proud. It wasn't a great plan, but it was mine. Berezino wasn't a bad place, I had a stable job working at the docks, made some local friends, despite the huge language barrier there weren't better friends I could ask for, if it was fights at the nearby pub or just helping me out Alexei and Boris always had my back. Life wasn't bad, until the outbreak happened. I was working late as usual, it was the busy season the docks were constantly exporting and importing goods 24/7. While driving home I turned on the radio to listen to some of my music, only for it to be interrupted by the local radio station. They were informing everyone that there seemed to be some sort of virus outbreak and to stay in your homes. I rushed home to see my father, oddly enough the house seemed to be empty, I walked into my living room, turned on the lights and saw my father standing in the corner foaming at the mouth. I tapped on his shoulder only for him to charge at me, attempting to bite my neck. I shoved him off and tried to reason with him, that's when it clicked this virus had turned him into some sort of zombie. I locked him inside the house and got in my car, I knew from this point on I'd be on my own.