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  1. Hi this is shawn. It is true that I used the purple smoke and that was the cause of my players actions. now as far as us jumping off the building me and morgan both knew we was gonna die but we have too much pride to be held hostage and be killed so we were going on our terms so we killed ourselves. I don't see this as bad roleplay but as following the was my character is. the man named William was a real man I met near the airflied
  2. MisticalKnight

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    Sure I'm game
  3. Well if your wanting to enter unseen into a town the first thing you'll want to do is do overwatch. go to the highest point you can get to and look out over the town if you see zombies spawning in over 200-300meters away there is a person in that town because zombies wont spawn away that far from one person.
  4. Hello, I am MisticalKnight or as others know me as Shune. I hope to have a great time playing DayZ with you all as we try to survive the zombie wastelands together. if you need a mate or a battle brother or just a friend to keep you company as we run 20 miles down the road I'm your man.